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EDUC1751 powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Assessment Task ONE: EDUC 1715 Digital Artefact: Edmodo www.edmodo.comBy Nathan Lee & Nick Jorgensen
  • 2. What is Edmodo?Edmodo is a social networking website forthe use of teachers, students and parents.Users can check grades, assignments,and write posts to classmates, teachers,and parents. Teachers can also postgrades and assign homework to students.Students can then submit the homeworkand view their grade as well as anycomments the teacher may have postedabout their assignment.
  • 3. Edmodo uses an interface that is similar tothe popular social networking site“facebook” which positively engagesstudents to use this artefact as moststudents already are familiar with how touse facebook and can log into edmodoand almost instantly begin to use it in aproductive manner whether they areposting homework or reading notes thatthe teacher has left for them.
  • 4. The positives of edmodo are the easy to useinterface that can be taught quickly by the teacherto the students and parents, also this artefactencourages the sharing of work between studentsand teachers as things can be posted back andforth between the two parties. This is an excitingand new system to be available to students nowas before they would only be able to get feedbackon work at school where using edmodo thestudents can get feedback after school hours andin some cases even during school holidays tofurther develop students skills.
  • 5. Edmodo is relevant to the curriculum as itis a good way students can share workthat they have found useful to otherstudents and it also gives the teachers aregood way to assess how the students aretravelling in a given subject as they canview progress made by a student throughthe work that they submit, edmodo can beused effectively to see the consistency ofthe students work that they are submitting.
  • 6. New learning oppurtunities are presentedby the use of edmodo as it gives studentsan equal chance to get availableresources and help from the teacher evenwhen they are not at school as they canaccess edmodo from there personalcomputers at home and even some smartphones can support an edmodoapplication which once again appeals tomany students.
  • 7. In modern day classrooms students level ofconcentration is much lower than that ofprevious generations. Interactive andcomputer based learning has shown toincrease a students ability to concentrate, ifrestricted from access to other sites than thetask at hand. Edmodo is a program whichenables students to grasp the belief thatthey are being given freedom to a socialnetwork which at the same time primarilyfocuses on student learning.
  • 8. Although there are limitations in thisartefact and the most obvious one wouldbe that edmodo is rendered useless tostudents without access to internet whichmay seem uncommon but for studentsliving in rural areas this can be a reality.Another limitation is that it needscooperation from students and parents tofunction to its full potential therefore insome cases edmodo can not be usedcorrectly.
  • 9. Pedagogy can easily be implemented intoan edmodo based lesson. The teachercould post pieces of work on their ownprofile and instruct the students to log onand view the task at hand. The positives tothis process include; saving printing off asheet of paper for each child. It also allowsthe students to interact between each otherand share ideas and their own opinions. Theuse of edmodo gives the teacher totalcontrol over the lesson and stops studentsfrom sidetracking.
  • 10. Edomodo’s familiar web layout is no accident, it has been made very similar topopular social networking site facebook to appeal to the students as most arealready familiar with the layout and design of this social networking website.
  • 11. Edmodo allows the same process of posting updates, pictures, and videos thesame as Facebook does. However the difference being edmodo only allowseducation based topics, generally supervised by the teacher to avoid studentsfrom going off on a tangent of their own.
  • 12. Edmodo at a Glance youtube video gives a 1 minute glance at the style and some ofedmodos important features that make it and a brief overview on how it isused.
  • 13. After watching the tutorial video and briefoverview on edmodo it is easy to see howan educational cross social networking sitecan be extremely beneficial to not onlystudents but also teachers and parents as away of tracking the students progress withassigned classwork and tasks.