Tactics to Increase Ad Copy Quality for Financial Services


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Ad copy testing can help financial services marketers fine-tune search campaigns and discover what combination(s) of words or phrases contribute to performance. In this presentation, the Bing Ads research team share results from an ad copy study conducted across 7 sub-verticals within financial services.

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Tactics to Increase Ad Copy Quality for Financial Services

  1. 1. The key to effective Ad Copyis testing.This results of this study byMicrosoft Bing Ads researchand analytics teams, providesinsights into tactics that mayimprove ad quality. This studyshould be used as a guide,and not as a substitute, forperforming your own AdCopy tests.
  2. 2. A calculation which factors in both the clickability of the adand other indicators of ad quality. Ads with better ad qualitynot only have a better click-through-rate (CTR), they getrewarded with better ad ranking and lower cost-per-click(CPC) than ads with lower ad quality.
  3. 3. We analyzed morethan 200,000 uniqueads in each ofseveral advertisersub-verticalswithin FinancialServiceswithin the January2013 timeframeOne and two-wordphrases wereconsideredPhrases needed toappear in ads fromat least 5 advertisersPhrases weresorted based ona weighted averageof positive ad quality
  4. 4. Dollar signs ($) were usually associated with poorer adquality, with some exceptions (like health insurance). The resultsof the study indicate they should be used with caution.Sitelink Extensions consistently had a much higherimpact on ad quality than any element of the Ad CopyWhat works well for onesub-vertical may perform poorly for another
  5. 5. Ads with Sitelink Extensions had amuch higher ad qualitythan ads without.The ad quality lift with use of SitelinkExtensions surpassed all other AdCopy variables.Without Sitelink Extensions With Sitelink ExtensionsCORRELATION BETWEENSITELINKS AND AD QUALITY+74%
  6. 6. The ad quality of dynamic keyword or paraminsertion varied widely by sub-vertical withinFinancial Services.In other verticals, param insertion provides thehighest ad quality, followed by keyword insertion.Generally, not using dynamic insertion had thelowest ad quality.The difference in ad quality may be related to theway the dynamic elements were used or becausethe higher concentration of queries in a smallerkeyword set doesn’t necessarily warrant dynamicinsertion.
  7. 7. • The term “car” had a positive impact on ad quality, whether in the title or description• “Safe” provided positive lift in the Ad Title, while “fast” and “savings” had positive lift in the Ad Description
  8. 8. The term “safe” performed well inthe Ad Description when pairedwith other high-quality Ad Titleterms, even though “safe”was previously shown to bea higher performer in the Ad Title.Title DescriptionCar SafeCar AutoCoverage Coverage{Keyword} SaveInsurance SafeTOP TITLE/DESCRIPTION COMBINATIONS
  9. 9. Using the term “car” instead of“auto” provided higher ad quality inboth the Ad Title and AdDescription.
  10. 10. Again, SitelinkExtensions drasticallyimproved ad quality.Without Sitelink Extensions With Sitelink ExtensionsAUTO INSURANCE:CAR IN AD TITLE – SITELINK EXTENSION COMPARISON+407%
  11. 11. • “Savings” did not perform particularly well in either the Ad Title or Ad Description• “Online” and “Find” had superb ad quality
  12. 12. The terms “online” and “rate”contributed to many of thetop 5 combinations.Title DescriptionOnline FreeRate FindRate YieldOnline OnlineRate OnlineTOP TITLE/DESCRIPTION COMBINATIONS
  13. 13. • APR and the dollar sign ($) performed better in the Ad Description than the Ad Title• “Approval,” “Bad Credit” and “Fee” experienced superb ad quality
  14. 14. Although the percentage sign (%)was not the highest performerindividually, it contributed to threeof the top 5 Ad Title/Descriptioncombinations.Title Description% ApprovalApproval Approval% Bad Credit% FeeApproval $TOP TITLE/DESCRIPTION COMBINATIONS
  15. 15. Dynamic keyword insertioncontributed to four of the top fiveAd Title/Ad Descriptioncombinations.Title DescriptionInsurance Low CostHealth {Keyword}Low Cost {Keyword}Insurance {Keyword}{Keyword} CompareTOP TITLE/DESCRIPTION COMBINATIONS
  16. 16. When describingcosts, use of theterm “affordable”in the Ad Title provedto be positive. Acrossthe Ad Title and AdDescription theterm “savings”experiencedsignificantly lowerperformance.