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Ring in holiday cheer one click at a time

Ring in holiday cheer one click at a time



Ready for a killer holiday retail season? Let Bing Ads help you prepare your digital holiday retail plans with our how-to guide and industry insights for search advertisers. Happy selling!

Ready for a killer holiday retail season? Let Bing Ads help you prepare your digital holiday retail plans with our how-to guide and industry insights for search advertisers. Happy selling!



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  • This holiday season will show continued growth and will indicate a rebound in consumer spend levels. The increase is directly related to increased consumer confidence as the housing market shows signs of improving; however, inflation remains a moderate risk. (This will most likely become a significant factor in 2014 spending.)In-demand retail sub-categories will include consumer electronics as new gaming consoles and a rumored new version of the iPhone are announced. Gift cards will show increasing demand with redemption occurring soon after the holiday season and into the early part of the New Year. Clothing and accessories will see a modest increase while special outings and experiential gifts will continue to show growing interest by consumers.They key for advertisers this season is to target devices based on consumer behaviors for each device and ensure a seamless experience through the consumer journey be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Promotions and sales are essential to capturing the attention of online buyers, but don’t forget about leveraging in-store pick-up for last minute delivery or to drive incremental sales.How early is too early? There really isn’t a time too early for advertisers to begin their holiday campaign preparations as just under 20% on holiday shoppers will have started shopping in September or earlier with another 20% starting their efforts in October. Capturing early sales can put you ahead of your competition and allow you to test creative early.
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Ring in holiday cheer one click at a time Ring in holiday cheer one click at a time Presentation Transcript

  • Ring in holiday cheer one click at a time Bing Ads holiday guide for search marketers
  • Yahoo Bing Network Drives Value for the Retail Industry Audience Behavior Optimization Strategies and Timelines Audience Insights in Retail Category Must-Haves for the Holiday
  • Holiday Spending • The 2013 Holiday retail season will see a rebound in consumer spending. eMarketer forecasts US retail ecommerce sales will grow 15.1% for the holiday season—defined as November and December—to reach $61.8 billion. • Consumer electronics—newly released gaming consoles, smartphone models (including the new iPhone)—will drive significant demand. • Spending on gift cards will also continue to grow while spending on apparel will see a modest increase. • The 2013 holiday season will be shorter than 2012, which will change spending patterns. Advertiser Actions • Key in on device targeting and optimize your message and offering to match differing customer behaviors by device. • Test ad copy early to capture the 20% of consumers who start holiday shopping in or before September. • Include promotions in your ad copy and promote in- store pick-up to drive traffic and incremental sales.
  • The Yahoo Bing Network at a Glance
  • Audience Buying Power Index more than average online population23% The Yahoo Bing Network audience spends more than Google searchers6% Total Yahoo Bing Network audience spends more than U.S. Google searchers18% Exclusive Yahoo Bing Network audience spends Reach an Audience that spends more than Google 100 116 123 138 Average Internet User Google Yahoo! Bing Network Exclusive Yahoo! Bing Network (Not reached on Google)
  • Retail searchers not reached on Google Total retail searchers Total retail searches of all retail paid clicksTotal retail paid clicks31M 65M 22%117M 510M Connect with Searchers You Can’t Reach Elsewhere
  • Our visitors purchase 23% more home and garden products Our visitors purchase 22% more jewelry and watches Our visitors purchase 15% more furniture, applia nces and equipment Our visitors purchase 24% more apparel & accessories Reach Receptive Audiences Along Their Complex Shopping Journey
  • 20% more likely to spend $2,500-$4,999 on consumer electronics 18% more likely to spend $500-$999 on personal electronics 17% more likely to spend $200-$499 on fragrances 16% more likely to spend $500 or more on gourmet cooking equipment 13% more likely to buy classical music/ballet/opera tickets 9% more likely to buy online audio books (MP3 or other electronic format) Compared with Google, the Yahoo Bing Network Audience is…
  • Optimization Strategies and Timelines
  • • eMarketer projects digital holiday season sales will rise about 15% again this year, matching last year’s gains. US retail ecommerce sales for the holiday season— defined as November and December— will grow 15.1% to $61.8 billion.1 • The top ten heaviest days for online spending in 2012 all occurred during the holiday shopping period.2 • Most retailers expect their holiday online sales to grow at least 10%3 in 2013 and one-third of retailers say they'll begin promotional offers before October 1.4 US Retail Ecommerce Holiday Season Sales The Opportunity Winter holiday season is the number one season for retail sales.
  • When people planned to start holiday shopping in 2012… …and when and how to prepare for 2013 November • Allocate additional budget. • Monitor your ads’ position and adjust your bids. • Prepare and launch specific ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. • Offer additional incentives and discounts. December • Create urgency with updated ad copy. • After last-ship date, drive traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. • Don’t forget post-season sales continue after the holidays. September • Review and analyze last year’s campaign. • Build out your keyword list. • Start testing ad copy. • Familiarize yourself with new Bing Ads features. October • Check your account health. • Launch your holiday keyword list. • Target early shoppers. • Create seasonal ad copy. • Monitor your competition. Planning for 2013
  • Advertisers need to allot sufficient budget to prepare for increasing sales through November and December. $0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 $6,000 $7,000 $8,000 Week 1 (11/4) Week 2 (11/11) Week 3 (11/18) Week 4 (11/25) Week 5 (12/2) Week 6 (12/9) Week 7 (12/16) Week 8 (12/23) Week 9 (12/30) $Millions Week Ending 2012 Weekly Online Holiday Season Spending vs. Corresponding Days in 2011 Y 2011 Y 2012 2013 Key Dates Sep–Oct Early Shopping 11/28 Thanksgiving 11/29 Black Friday 12/02 Cyber Monday 12/09 Green Monday 12/17 Last Ship Date 12/27 Post Holiday Sales 2013 Top Gifts Gift Cards (59.8%) Clothing (49.1%) Books, CD, DVD and video games (45.7%) Electronics (35.8) Jewelry (24%) Home Décor (20.2%) Sporting Goods (17.4%) 2012 Weekly Online Season Spending vs. Corresponding Days in 2011
  • 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 5.50 6.00 6.50 7.00 2012 Holiday Season - CTR by Vertical Clothing & Shoes Electronics Jewelry & Watches Toys Beauty & Fragrance Clothing & Shoes were in high demand on the Yahoo Bing Network last year and delivered strong click-through- rate through the holiday season. 2012 Holiday Season – click-through-rate by Vertical
  • Clicks and click- through-rate spiked across all verticals shown here around Thanksgiving. 11/1/2012 11/8/2012 11/15/2012 11/22/2012 11/29/2012 12/6/2012 12/13/2012 12/20/2012 12/27/2012 2012 Holiday Season - Click Trends by Vertical Clothing & Shoes Electronics Jewelry & Watches Toys Beauty & Fragrance 2012 Holiday Season – Click Trends by Vertical
  • Cost-per-click showed minimal variations within each category but increased for toys and jewelry shortly before Christmas. $0.00 $0.10 $0.20 $0.30 $0.40 $0.50 $0.60 $0.70 $0.80 $0.90 2012 Holiday Season - CPC by Vertical Clothing & Shoes Electronics Jewelry & Watches Toys Beauty & Fragrance 2012 Holiday Season – Cost-per-click by Vertical
  • Keywords • Create holiday keyword list • Use competitive bids • Monitor position • Bid on all Match Types • Identify negative keywords • Solve editorial issues early Ad Copy • Test ad copy early • Create dynamic ad copy • Include pricing and incentives • Match your competitors’ offers • Adjust during season: Target early-bird and last-minute shoppers • Pause underperforming ads
  • Targeting • Use incremental bidding to reach your demographic audience • Physical stores can use radius targeting • Separate search, content, and mobile campaigns for easier adjustment Budgeting • Define your goals • Plan for growth • Increase budget each month • Prepare for peak days Reporting • Monitor your campaigns • Run regular reports • Implement campaign analytics
  • 0.00% 1.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00% 5.00% 6.00% 7.00% 8.00% 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% CTR ClickPercentage Click Volume & CTR by Position Clicks CTR Keyword Best Practices Holiday Action For broad match implement broad match modifier Create specific holiday campaign with seasonal keywords Set competitive bids and increase during the season Bid on all match types with highest bid on exact Why Competitive Bids are Important • Position 1 receives 60% of all clicks. • Click volume and click-through-rate drop rapidly below position 5. Learn More Click Volume & click-through-rate by Position
  • Why Sitelink Extensions are Important • Sitelink Extensions are additional links in your ads that take searchers to specific pages on your website and can significantly increase click-through-rate. • For retailers using Sitelink Extensions click-through-rate improved by 13.3%. Learn More Ad Copy Best Practices Holiday Action Click to Call and/or Location Extensions Test ad copy early to determine which ones perform best Add Sitelink Extensions Use Dynamic Insertion for increased relevance
  • Why Device Targeting is Important • Mobile sales are expected to grow by 55% in 2013. • With Bing Ads giving the flexibility to target by device, advertisers have full control where their ads will appear. Learn More US Retail Mcommerce Holiday Season Sales (billions)1 Targeting Best Practices Holiday Action For physical stores create a radius around your business location Develop and execute mobile strategy Create individual campaigns for PC, phones, and tablets Use incremental bidding to target your specific audience
  • Why Budget Settings are Important • Depending on your settings you run the risk of your ads not showing due to depleted budget. Learn More Budgeting Best Practices Holiday Action Define your ROI goals early and align budget accordingly As competition heats up, have enough budget left for peak dates Decide which budget setting works best for the holiday season Use the ―opportunities‖ tab to get recommended bids and budgets
  • Feature Budget Type Daily- Standard Daily- Accelerated Monthly Allows you to set the maximum amount that you want to spend each day. X X Allows you to take advantage of changing market conditions, such as a holiday season or special promotion. X X Suited for advertisers who expect to make frequent changes to budget throughout the month. X X Suited for advertisers who do not want to monitor their budget regularly X Suited for advertisers who monitor their budget daily. X X X Provides for even distribution of impressions throughout a daily 24- hour period. X Your daily budget will be spent as quickly as possible each day until it’s all gone. X Your monthly budget will be spent as quickly as possible until it’s gone. Bing Ads does not try to evenly distribute impressions across the entire month and there is no daily cap on the number of impressions that can be shown. X
  • Why Bing Ads Intelligence is Important • BAI suggests new keywords and keeps you up-to-date with average bids, click-through-rate and performance by position, match type and device. Learn More Keyword Device Match type Position Clicks Impressions CTR CPC Total Cost Avg Bid buy gift card Desktops and laptops Exact MainLine 01 7 863 0.81% $0.38 $2.65 $0.93 buy gift card Desktops and laptops Phrase MainLine 01 3 212 1.42% $0.77 $2.32 $1.39 buy gift card Desktops and laptops Broad MainLine 01 11 1,210 0.91% $0.44 $4.83 $1.70 buy gift card Desktops and laptops Exact MainLine 02 4 932 0.43% $0.34 $1.37 $1.02 buy gift card Desktops and laptops Phrase MainLine 02 0 328 0.00% $0.00 $0.00 $1.22 buy gift card Desktops and laptops Broad MainLine 02 13 1,839 0.71% $0.62 $8.04 $1.27 Keyword Performance Reporting Best Practices Holiday Action Use keyword reports to check performance and optimize for click- through rate, costs, and position Schedule reports to be sent to your inbox regularly Install Bing Ads Intelligence for advanced insights across all Bing ads accounts Implement conversion tracking to better understand the purchase funnel
  • Import campaigns directly from Google with only a few clicks Bing Ads Express is a new tool to help local businesses quickly and easily launch Bing Ads campaigns. • If you already have campaigns in other online advertising programs, you can import them to Bing Ads, saving you time. Directly import your Google account with your credentials. Learn More • Bing Ads Express is a quick and easy way to reach millions of customers looking for businesses like yours. Just tell us about your business and we will do the rest. Learn More – How it Works | Support & FAQs Quick Tips for New Advertisers
  • The Must-Haves for the Holidays
  • • m-Commerce growth is significantly outpacing e- Commerce and brick-and- mortar stores. • A study of 100 million ―conversion events‖ across 4 major verticals (telecom, retail, auto, and travel) and multiple devices – mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets – reveals that 31% of these conversions took place on a mobile device.1 • The proportion of conversions taking place on a mobile device has grown by 28% over the past year. 1 Q2 2013 Y/Y Retail Spending Growth by Channel2 US Total Device Owners
  • Mobile phones are primarily used for research on pricing and products. But 27% of mobile shoppers also made a purchase.1 Ways that US Mobile Shoppers Used Mobile Retail Sites and Apps During the 2012 Holiday Season Having a mobile site or app this season is crucial for success.
  • Retail ads saw… 49.8% increase in average click- through rate1 Fry’s Electronics
  • • In Q2 of 2013, more than half of online transactions involved free shipping. • During the 2012 holiday season, consumers actively sought ―free shipping‖ terms across all search engines. 1 Percentage of e-Commerce Transactions with Free Shipping2
  • • Free shipping was the most successful online promotion during the 2012 holiday season. • Free shipping offers in the 2013 Holiday season are essential to stay competitive. Most Successful Online Promotions Used During the 2012 Holiday Season According to US Retailers, Jan 2013
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