Heroic PPC Trends & Techniques


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John Gagnon's keynote presentation from HERO CONF 2013 in Austin, TX.

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Heroic PPC Trends & Techniques

  1. 1. Nov 18th, 2012, in Austin… $500
  2. 2. Quick Glimpse
  3. 3. While bringing reality to new levels
  4. 4. Optimized for Windows 8
  5. 5. 45
  6. 6. Random stories that drive results… DRIVE CAREFULLY
  7. 7. Inspired by Applying Psychology
  8. 8. Stories from Psychology DRIVE CAREFULLY Standard Solicitation drove a Standard Solicitation drove a 83% Said “NO” 18% “YES” 3” Windows Sticker week Waiting for a response, 90% before improves response to of the time it was “Good” 76% “YES” New Approach netted 32% “YES”
  9. 9. Ad Copy Optimization Framework
  10. 10. Conversion Sequence C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) -2a ® c Visit = Probability of Conversion MarketingExperiments.com m = Motivation of the user (when) for more in-depth information! v = Clarity of the value proposition (why) i = Incentive to take action f = Friction of elements of process a = Anxiety about entering informationMy personal recommendation as an SEM Professional
  11. 11. Why Buy from You & Not Your Competition?Strategy Tactics MessagingValue Prop Quality • High Quality, Durable, Best Selling Low Price • Low Price Guarantee, Starting at $10, Bargain, Wholesale Pricing Selection • Over 5,000 items, Huge SelectionAnxiety Credibility • Since 1984, As Seen on TV, NY Times No Hidden Fees • No Booking Fees, One-time, No Minimum Time Limit • Ends by Date, Limited Time Highlight Loss vs. Gain • Missing Out, Don’t, WhyFriction Quick Turnaround • Ships Within 1 Day, Inventory Available Return Policy • Free returns, 30 day returns, no hassle Ease of Use • Within Minutes, Quick & Easy, 3 StepsIncentive Discount • Up to 50% off, Save Extra 25% Freebie • Free Whitepaper, Buy One Get One Free Shipping • Free Shipping, Free Overnight
  12. 12. What words in ad copy drive betterperformance? Better quality.
  13. 13. Ad Copy Variables: Travel Edition 250k Ads 5.6 Billion 300M Impressions searches /month
  14. 14. Identified 23 Common Variables
  15. 15. Ad Count with Variable in Ad Title and Ad Description Keyword param Rates Cheap Compare TM Symbols Book now Price Points Fares Official Site # of Occurrences % Off Offers Affordable Discounts Saving Destination Reservation Ad Title Coupon Save now Low cost Low Price Guarantee Ad DescriptionSatisfaction Guarantee - 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000
  16. 16. Quest for Quality Ads
  17. 17. Ad Quality: Ads with Variables in Ad Title or Ad Description have higher quality on average
  18. 18. Performance Heatmap by Ad Combination Ad Titles Low Book Price Coupo Low Price Satis Official Save No KW Rates Fares now Compare Points Offers Discount % Off n Cheap cost Affordable Guar. Guar. Site Dest. Reserv. Now Saving param TM s Variable Keyword Rates Fares Book now Compare Price Points Offers Discounts % Off Coupon Cheap Low cost AffordableAd Description Official Site Destination Reservation Save Now Saving param TM symbols No Variable Great Good Bad No Data
  19. 19. Which Combinations Work? Ad Titles Book Comp Price Discou Coupo Low Afford Low Satis Officia Save {KW} Rates Fares now are Points Offers nt % Off n Cheap cost able Price Guar. l Site Dest. Reserv. Now Saving {Param} TMs None {Keyword} Rates Fares Book now Compare Price Points Offers Discounts % Off Coupon Cheap Low cost AffordableAd Description Official Site Destination Reservation Save Now Saving {Param} TM symbols No Variable Great Good
  20. 20. Top Combos by Travel Sub-vertical Price Points Cheap Price Points Air % Off Coupon Fares DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com Price Points Price Points {Keyword} Car Cheap Book now {Param} DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com {Param} {Param} % Off Cruises Cheap Discounts {Param} DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com Reservations Savings CouponGeneral Travel Discounts Coupon {Param} DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com Price Points Book now Official site Lodging Coupon Book now Compare DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com DisplayURL.com
  21. 21. Top Combinations by Head/Torso/Tail Price Points Price Points Book nowHead Coupon % Off Book now DisplayURL DisplayURL DisplayURL Fares Param ReservationTorso % Off % Off Cheap DisplayURL DisplayURL DisplayURL Fares Cheap Fares Tail Price Points Book now Book now DisplayURL DisplayURL DisplayURL
  22. 22. 3 Takeaways
  23. 23. 47 Million
  24. 24. 1,200
  25. 25. adCenter is now Bing Ads Ad rotation controlsImport Campaign Device OS targetingBid estimation technology Editorial exceptions / appealsImproved location targeting Quality Score impact metricsOpportunities tab Share of voice reportingNew reporting and billing UX Bing Ads Intelligence (Excel)Long Ad Titles IP exclusionsSitelink extensions Bing Ads Editor
  26. 26. Increased rate of platform releasesFrom annual to semi-annual to quarterly to monthly releases
  27. 27. Enable Innovative Marketplace Global ImproveDemand Ad Products Horsepower Readiness Infrastructure
  28. 28. Rich visualization and tools Streamlined campaign management saves timeBing Ads UXAnalytics and transparency More inline management − Search query report in campaign management − Appeal editorial rejections in bulk and inline
  29. 29. Quality Impact Reporting Prioritize Optimization Efforts by Impact Your ads could gain more than 500 additional 3 impressions/dayBing Ads UX Your ads could gain 100 - 500 additional 2 impressions/day Your ads could gain up to 100 additional 1 impressions/dayAnalytics and transparency “Quality impact is a big step toward helping advertisers quantify the importance of improving quality score. And it’s a measure that Google currently lacks.” - Melissa Mackey, Search Engine Watch
  30. 30. Share of Voice Reporting Easily identify impressions and clicks lostBing Ads UX LANDING KEYWORD BUDGET RANK BID PAGE RELEVANCEAnalytics and transparency
  31. 31. Combine QS & SOVSearchEngineWatch.com Article on Bidding Strategy Landing Page Keyword Rank Budget Min. Bid Ad(Budget not enough Relevance Relevance (combo of Bid x or settings) (LP Relevance Score is Poor, (CTR is too low) (Bid too low) CTR is not Impression content doesn’t match) competitive)
  32. 32. Strawberry Pop Tarts & Hurricanes
  33. 33. “Record breaking revenue last week”, the week of _________.
  34. 34. Nov 18th, 2012, in Austin… $500
  35. 35. 117,429 Nov 18th, 2012, in Austin…
  36. 36. More Demand  Fixed Supply = Higher Price
  37. 37. January 21st,2013, in our nation’s capital…
  38. 38. 57th Presidential Inauguration
  39. 39. August 30th, 2012, in Seattle…
  40. 40. Aug. 30th, 2012
  41. 41. All predictable & measurable “micro-events”
  42. 42. 60,00050,00040,00030,00020,00010,000 - Mechanical Turk Apply to bidding
  43. 43. Nov 17th, 2013 ?
  44. 44. We want to meet you & say thank you Coolhaus @3:15 Xbox Giveaway
  45. 45. Thank You