V&M Trend Report For the Home Fashion Industry 2014


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V&M's Bill Indursky, trend expert shares the top home design trends for 2014.

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V&M Trend Report For the Home Fashion Industry 2014

  1. 1. How Do You Come UpWith The Trend Forecast????
  2. 2. Do You Just Make It Up?
  3. 3. Do You Divine It From God?
  4. 4. NOPE!
  5. 5. Follow BasicTrend ForecastingRules
  6. 6. What Exactly Is A Trend?
  7. 7. “…any form of behavior that developsamong a large population and iscollectively followed with enthusiasm forsome period…”
  8. 8. TREND=People+Influence
  9. 9. IdentifyingInfluences
  10. 10. RULE#1Find Out Where You Have Been.
  11. 11. Major Cultural Trends
  12. 12. Major News Storiesfor the Last YearMass Shootings (Colorado, CT, etc.)Presidential ElectionSuperstorm SandyHealthcare reform (Obamacare)Libya (turmoil + Murder)Penn State Sex-ScandalU.S. Economy Comes backFiscal CliffGay MarriageSyria (turmoil)2012Pointless ViolenceFaded HopeNatural DisasterIn-FightingIn FightingSex-ScandalPositive FinancialIn-FightingGender IssuesIn-Fighting
  13. 13. In-Fighting
  14. 14. Top Grossing Filmsfor the Last YearMarvels The AvengersThe Dark Knight RisesThe Hunger GamesSkyfallThe Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2The Amazing Spider-ManBraveTedMadagascar 3: Europes Most Wanted2012Band Together To Win/Sci-FyBand Together To Win/Sci-FyBand Together To Win/Sci-FyPay for Past MistakesBand Together To Win/FantasyBand Together To Win/FantasyPay for Past MistakesLittle Guy Wins/GenderEscapist/Us Against The WorldBand Together To Win/Fantasy
  15. 15. Band Together To Win+Sci-Fi
  16. 16. Top Rated TV Showsfor the Last YearNBC Sunday Night FootballAmerican Idol (Wednesday)The VoiceModern FamilyAmerican Idol (Thursday)Big Bang Theory, TheTwo and a Half MenX-Factor2 Broke GirlsGrey’s Anatomy2012Sports BattleYou Could Be A Star/HopeYou Could Be A Star/HopeIn-Fighting/Band Together To WinYou Could Be A Star/HopeFunny/Little Guy WinsFunny/In-FightingYou Could Be A Star/HopeFunny/Band Together To WinFunny/In-Fighting
  17. 17. You Can Be A Star+Hope
  18. 18. You Can Be A Star+HopeBand Together To Win+Sci-FiIn-fighting2012
  19. 19. Major Cultural TrendsGo Big.
  20. 20. You Can Be A StarThe Empowerment of the IndividualThanks To Computers/Technology1936 - First freely programmable computer.1964 - Computer Mouse & Windows1974 - The first consumer computers/first email1976 - Apple I, II & TRS-801979 - Word Processors1981 - Microsoft MS-DOS Computer Operating System1984 - Apple Macintosh Computer/Domain Names1985 - Microsoft Windows1989 - AOL1991 - First Web Page1993 - First Browser1998 - Google Begins2001 - Wikipedia2004 - Web 2.02005 - YouTube2007 - iPhone
  21. 21. Major Cultural TrendsEconomic5 Year Recovery Mark
  22. 22. You Can Be A Star+HopeBand Together To Win+Sci-FiIn-fighting20125 Year Recovery Mark Individual Power by Technology
  23. 23. Fashion TrendsGo Small.
  24. 24. SparkleLeather everythingSuitingPeplumWedge SneakersDigitized PrintsNeo-NeonBold PrintsCut-OutsLarge/Impact Collars2012Fashionfor the Last Year
  25. 25. Fashion TrendsRepeat Every 25-30 years.
  26. 26. GlitteryEuro-CentricTraditionalDarkOrganic Structure2012Interiorsfor the Last Year
  27. 27. 2012You Can Be A Star+HopeBand Together To Win+Sci-FiIn-fighting5 Year Recovery Mark Individual Power by TechnologyGlittery Traditional Organic Structure Bold Prints Cut outs
  28. 28. RULE#2You Can’t Please Everyone.
  29. 29. RULE#3Home Décor Needs Materials
  30. 30. RULE#4Materials Have Color.
  31. 31. RULE#52 Major Trends For Style/Year1 Major Trend For Material/Year1 Major Trend For Color/Year
  32. 32. RULE#6Trends Have Sub-Trends.
  33. 33. RULE#7From Year To Year TrendsContinue in Various VersionsOr Sub-Trends Shoot Up