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Bindu Dadlani CV English

  1. 1. BINDU DADLANI<br />Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Mentor & Professional Trainer<br />Spain: +34 650514394<br />Website:<br />;<br />Skype: bindudadlani<br />Twitter: bindudadlani, bindupowercoach<br />Linkedin:<br />Facebook: ;<br />Blog:<br />OBJECTIVE<br />To empower organizations live by their mission, vision and values, achieving their highest potential. Inspiring others to find their voice, creating unique business models.<br />EDUCATION<br />BOSTON UNIVERSITY – Finance Concentration Boston, MA, 1995 -1998<br />Bachelor of Science in Business Administration<br />HARVARD UNIVERSITY – E-Commerce Concentration Cambridge, MA, 2000- 2001 <br />Certificate in Administration and Management<br />EESAE BUSINESS SCHOOL Spain, 2009<br />Master in Management <br />EXPERIENCE<br />EUROPE -ASIA DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE COACH February 2011- Present<br />INTECOACH<br />Strategic international positioning through personal networking and social Networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Introducing INTEcoach´s brand in the European and Indian markets. Building partnerships for the first expansion of INTEcoach in India.<br />PERSONAL AND EXECUTIVE COACH 2005- Present<br /><br />Coaching senior executives, business professionals and organizations at regional, national and International markets. Worked with lawyers, entrepreneurs and teams; creating custom workshops, tailored to achieve exponential results; application of interpersonal, communication, presentation and leadership skills. Setting and achieving goals and action plans; time management, stress management, dealing with conflicts; balancing personal and professional life, improving effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace and increasing personal worth. Transformational results.<br />PROFESSIONAL TRAINER AND CONSULTANT 2004- Present<br />Integrating human values with employees and customers in commercial establishments, law firms and hotels. Motivating and managing different business areas within the company to achieve an improvement in behavior, communication, leadership in teams, increased self-esteem and productivity in sales and customers. Training skills: the art of selling, the art of communication, customer satisfaction and retention and enhancing the talents of each employee to bring out the best in the company.<br />PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND MENTORING USA, Spain, India, Japan 1995-Present <br />Self-coaching. Self-Motivator. Presentations to children, parents and professionals in seminars and conferences at regional, national and international levels on topics like human values, communications and leadership.<br />DIRECTOR - CANARY ISLANDS - EICC April 2010-Present<br />EUROPE INDIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – BRUSSELS <br /> / <br />Engaged in most high-level platform for exchange between EU and Indian business and political leaders; leading and managing bilateral relations between Canary Island and Indian companies. Networking internationally and taking to action activities and projects that benefit economically and socially the largest Hindu community in Spain. European delegate in world conferences and business summits in Brussels, Gujarat, London and Madrid:<br />ASPEN Network of Development Entrepreneurs SHELL, London, April 13, 2010<br />Meeting people and diverse expertise that provide for economic, environmental and social opportunities, sustainable prosperity models & action plans for the developing world & emerging markets.<br />EUROPE INDIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Le Chatelain, Brussels, May 29.2010<br />Board Meeting<br />GLOBAL INDIA BUSINESS MEETING Hotel Westin Palace, Madrid, June 21-22-2010<br />An Horasis Leadership event with Casa Asia and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, hosted the Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastián; President of Madrid Community, Esperanza Aguirre; the Prince of Spain, Felipe of Asturias and World Indian Leaders of the year to discuss Global economic Outlook, the sustainable Corporation, globalization; India and Spain; a new World order; India´s next wave of entrepreneurs; strategies for success overseas; renewable energy: India´s next aspiration. Building global firms of Indian Origin and the future of economic growth.<br />IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL AND GIBM Madrid, 23 June, 2010<br />Competitive advantage in a changing world and the euro crisis with Indian leaders<br />GUJARAT Business Delegation CEOE, Madrid, 20-21 September, 2010<br />Embassy of India, Confederation of Indian Industry and Pricewaterhousecoopers provide for business opportunities with the State of Gujarat<br />GOPIO International Conference National Liberal Club, London, 26 October, 2010<br />Indian Diaspora´s role in New Economic World Order<br />GOPIO First International Women´s Conference London, 27 October, 2010<br />GOPIO Delegate Belfast, 28-30 October, 2010<br />Networking with eminent Indian business and international community leaders<br />EU-INDIA BUSINESS SUMMITEgmont Palace, Brussels, December 10, 2010<br />EU-India Partnership opportunities for sustainable development –<br />VIBRANT GUJARAT BUSINESS SUMMIT Gujarat, India - January 11-14, 2011 <br />One to one meeting with Chief Minister Narindra Modi<br />INTERNATIONAL PROJECT LEADER<br />BUSINESS FOR A BETTER WORLD 2009 – Present<br /><br />Creating projects that bring prosperity and welfare into society. Managing bilateral relations in the renewable energy, water treatment and holistic approaches towards the development of sustainable living villages in rural India: Business at the base of the pyramid. Providing leadership, vision and inspiration to a large network of contacts across the globe. Developing links to the Indian Diaspora worldwide. Acted as intermediary and interpreter in 4 languages to facilitate negotiations between companies and organizations.<br />SALES EXPERT Spain & USA, 1992 - Present <br />CLINIQUE – ESTEE LAUDER, S.A. Trainer Marketing Director Madrid, 1992<br />PERFUMERIA HINDU, S.L – Sales Manager & Owner Lanzarote,1993-1994<br />SALOMON SMITH BARNEY – Trainee Investment Bank Boston,Ma, 1999<br />ARYA – Fashion – Executive Manager & Owner Lanzarote, 2005 -Present<br />SVASTIKRT S.L. –Property Owner -Construction Lanzarote, 2008-Present <br />EXPERIENCE – NON FOR PROFIT <br />Education in Human Values 2001-2007<br />USA Delegate –Second World Youth Conference India, 1999<br />Japan Delegate – International Teachers Conference India, 2001<br />Japan Delegate –International Schools Conference India, 2001<br />Parenting and Human Values Speaker & Presentations Spain, 2007<br />Human Values Interactive Workshop Trainer Tenerife, Las Palmas 2001-2007<br />Center Leader & Coordinator Lanzarote, 2001-2007<br />Regional Education Coordinator Canary Islands, 2005-2007<br />Regional Secretary Canary Islands, 2002-2005<br />Group Leader and travel organizer to India India, 2002, 2004<br />Meditation Guide Coordinator Spain, 2001-2007<br />European Conference on Education London & Milan, 2007<br />Spain Delegate - World Conference - Translator English to Spanish Rome, 2004<br />Human Values Conference at Prison Tenerife, 2011<br />Service Projects 1988-2009<br />REIKI – Level I Hong Kong, 1999<br />Rural Area Service Proyect Mumbai, India, 2003<br />Tsunami Fundraiser India, 2003<br />Donation of funds raised for Super Speciality Hospital Prashanti, India, 2006<br />Expositions & Exhibitions<br />Dace and Oil Painting Exposition Lanzarote, 2006<br />Classical & Bollywood DanceSpain,India,Japan,Boston,HK, Bali, Bangok, 1988-2009<br />Values through Hatha Yoga Lanzarote &Las Palmas, 2006-2009<br />Indian Dance & Values -Choreography Lanzarote,Las Palmas, Bali,India 2006-2009<br /> <br />TRAINING & DIPLOMAS<br />CERTIFIED COACH Nº 10275 BY ASESCO Spain, 2011<br />BUSINESS AND EXECUTIVE COACH Gran Canaria, 2010<br />EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH N.L.P. Gran Canaria, 2010<br />COACHING-MANAGING CHANGE IN THE ENTREPRISE Gran Canaria, 2010<br />FRENCH LEVEL I – LANGUAGE SCHOOL Gran Canaria, 2010<br />ACCREDITATION –“THE SECRET” TRAINER LEVEL I Gran Canaria, 2009<br />BUSINESS ANALYSIS AND VALUATION Gran Canaria, 2009<br />PROFESSIONAL PSYCOLOGY OF SUCCESS Gran Canaria, 2009<br />PHOTO RETOUCHING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Gran Canaria, 2008<br />SPREADSHEET, MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 Gran Canaria, 2008<br />WEB PAGE DESIGN - CCE LPA Gran Canaria, 2008<br />INTERNET AND E-MAIL WITH OUTLOOK 2007 Gran Canaria, 2008<br />INCOME TAX Gran Canaria, 2008<br />FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCIAL EXECUTIVES Gran Canaria, 2008 <br />ACCOUNTING AND ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Gran Canaria, 2008<br />NPGC: TOP ACCOUNTING Gran Canaria, 2008<br />PSYCHOTHERAPY TECHNIQUES BY PHYLLIS KRYSTAL Boston, Spain 1997-2008<br />WORKSHOP TEACHER TRAINING Boston y Connecticut,India,Japan, 1998-2007<br />TECHNICAL SKILLS<br />LANGUAGES<br />Spanish, English, Sindhi, Hindi and basic French<br />COMPUTER<br />Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)<br />Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)<br />Other programs (Outlook Express, Dreamweaver)<br />Apple by Mac and IWEB (web page design)<br />Social Portals: Linked in, Wordpress, Facebook & Twitter<br />HOBBIES<br />Internacional Relations, Networking, Indian Clasical Dance, yoga, pilates, painting, reading, walking in nature, swimming, meditation. <br />