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CareEMR's Integrated Ophthalmology EMR solution is designed specifically to address the needs of Ophthalmology centers, EMR features list the Records like Orbit and Oculoplasty, Cataract / IOL Surgery , Operation Theatre Procedures, Uvea Case Sheets, Neuro Ophthalmology Records.

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Ophthalmology Solution

  1. 1. www.binaryspectrum.com Ophthalmology SolutionOphthalmology Solution
  2. 2. www.binaryspectrum.com Ophthalmology Framework • Ophthalmology framework includes: – Visual Acuity – Preliminary Examination – Dilatation – Fundus Examination – Refraction; Devices – Final Examination
  3. 3. www.binaryspectrum.com Workflow: Preliminary Examination – Slit Lamp examination (Torch light & Slit lamp) • Method used to check the various parts of the human eye through a built-in system within the device consisting of an Illumination system & a binocular observation system. • Parts tested: Anterior segment and Posterior segment • Examples of diseases identified: Cataract, Conjunctivitis, Corneal swelling • Preferred cases for Slit lamp exam: – Cataract patients – Intraocular inflammation – Postoperative cases – Eye injury
  4. 4. www.binaryspectrum.com Workflow: Fundus and Final Examination • Dilatation - – The process of enlarging the pupil temporarily is referred as “Dilatation”. – Drugs used: Tropycalmide Plus, Tropycalmide Plain, Cyclopentane • Fundus Examination - Process used to test the inner surfaces of the eye using Ophthalmoscope or Fundus camera. • Refraction - A process in Ophthalmology to determine the eye’s refractive error & the prescription of the best corrective lens with clinical significance. • Final Examination - Provisional diagnosis, Clinical diagnosis, Final Diagnosis
  5. 5. www.binaryspectrum.com Workflow: Description of terminologies – Visual Acuity : The ability of the person to view the object at the rate of distance clearly is referred to as Visual Acuity. – Need of V/A test: • To identify the person’s Distance Vision readings. • Apparatus used: – Snellen chart – EDTA – Finger Counts – Hand Movements
  6. 6. www.binaryspectrum.com Workflow: Devices used – Autorefractometer - For Refractive errors. – Non Contact Tonometer – Eye tension / pressure (IOP) – Keratometer – Measuring the Anterior surface of the cornea, assessing the extent & axis of Astigmatism. – A-Scan – Ultrasonography for IOL, refractive errors etc. – Central Fields – Physical device for the identification of the color blindness etc.
  7. 7. www.binaryspectrum.com Case Study OpthoEMR: How a specialty electronic medical record for caters to the needs of three decade old eye care hospital chain… With the implementation soon to replace the popular chain of ophthalmological hospitals in India, Binary Spectrum provides the apt solution. How?? The major workflow mapping involved dominant imaging modules, protocols, PACS and records like Low Vision, Orbit, Cataract, Retina, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Amblyopic, etc to name a few. The key of the entire solution has been the HL7 integration.
  8. 8. www.binaryspectrum.com Logon to http://www.binaryspectrum.com Email to marketing@binaryspectrum.com THANK YOU!!THANK YOU!!