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No description to limit search engine visibility. Top Secret Marketing

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Bin95 seo-smo-2010

  1. 1. 5/25/2010 Note: Hope to have valuable tips in this area. But first … This PowerPoint and its content is copyright of Business Industrial Network - © 2010. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited . Intro: This presentation is by BIN President Don Fitchett and is intended to be a collection of just the most important Internet Marketing aspects offering the greatest ROI and is in no way to be considered all-inclusive. As the Internet Marketing universe is in a constant state of change, you may want to follow me to keep current and gain more valuable insight. Twitter - via LinkedIn - FaceBook - Training/114801785207038 Business Industrial Network, Don Fitchett or other company employees make no manner of an endorsement, representation or warranty regarding any of this PowerPoints contents. BIN does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or availability of any content or other information offered in this PowerPoint and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of any such content or other information.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 1
  2. 2. 5/25/2010 Definition: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Formatting and selecting your content to maximize visibility on the internet and other forms of electronic communication. Definition: PR (Page Rank) – Is a rank value given to all websites by Google. A value of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. A good website that is SEOed gets a PR3, a great page gets a PR4, a good and popular site PR5, an great and popular site PR6, SEOed .edu sites PR7, Titter PR9 Internet Marketing has evolved to a broad marketing universe to include not only your website, but your website interconnected with social media mechanisms. We are at the beginning of yet another new evolution in Internet Marketing too, smart phones and aps. Many overlook the very important point; old marketing avenues need to be connected to the new also. Website, company email, twitter account etc. need to be on business cards, letter heads, magazine ads, etc. TIP: Do not use free email accounts for your business (, use your company email accounts ( That is why the above SEO definition is much broader than most would define it. Instead of SEOing your ‘website’, it should be “content” to be more inclusive of other forms of electronic communication like social media, smart phones, email, etc. You need to first think SEO with all forms of communication. Then with SEO you do everything from first selecting your website URL to articles you write, to even blog post and tweets.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 2
  3. 3. 5/25/2010©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 3
  4. 4. 5/25/2010 Free content creates, obligation, instant gratification, and trust for your visitors, but your company will benefit even more. Not only will your visitors see you as an authority site, so will search engines. But even more valuable to your company is the viral effect of free content done right. You want pages, the more the merrier, targeting every possible keyword phrase in your market niche. Each page targets 3 primary keyword phrases, maybe 5 or more secondary phrases. So if your research indentifies your customers searching for 300 primary keyword phrases, you will eventually need at least 100 pages on you website, all no more than 3 clicks from your home page. TIP: It is critical that your webmaster have an sitemap.xml page that list all you WebPages on your website for search engines. If you site uses content management software or other special coded pages©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 4
  5. 5. 5/25/2010 It’s not Rocket Science, but 90% of company webmaster miss some aspect of these most important attributes. If not on the company website home page, then on other pages of the website. Also, I did not mention in this presentation basic elements of a good designed company website. But that information in readily available via Google searches. (like always have your company phone number on a shared border of every page, never use free email accounts for company contacts, good navigation, etc.)©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 5
  6. 6. 5/25/2010 Keyword research is the most important part of Internet Marketing. You need to find out what keyword and keyword phrases your potential customers use when searching the internet. One quick way is to start typing in Google Search and Google will list keyword phrase words most searched for. Another way of discovery is to look at the source code of your competitor’s websites, at their keyword tag. (they may have done the research for you.) One of the best tools for finding what keyword phrases are most searched for is the keyword tool in your Google AdWords account, if you have one. Vague and general keywords/keyword phrases are useless when optimizing websites, but are gold when optimizing your YouTube channel. For example, don’t waste valuable keyword space with “engineering” as there is too much competition for that. But “sound engineering jobs” would be great if that is relevant to your webpage. The name of your company as a targeted keyword phrase like “Richardson’s Production” would be an even worse choice. (Unless you are Coke, or BP, people most likely wont be searching for your company name.) A useful tool to check your webpage content for keyword usage is http://www.cyberface- Also Type “Google Toolbar” into your search engine and install Google Toolbar on your browser. This way you can monitor Page Rank of websites you visit.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 6
  7. 7. 5/25/2010 You home page (index.htm) is you most important page to optimize on your whole website. The rank of every page in your website (if the search engine can find it) is a derivative of the rank of your home page. The more clicks from you home page to get to any other page, the less PR value it will be. Your website traffic increases proportionally with you increase in page rank. The example on this page is based on most search for primary (yet not vague) 3 keyword phrases; “Electrical Engineering Books”, “Electrical Engineering Books Free Downloads”, “Electrical Engineering Books pdf”.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 7
  8. 8. 5/25/2010 Meta Tags are mark up language used in HTML. What??? (Ask your webmaster for help if you see change needed.) The way to view in Internet explorer, is … 1. Open webpage you want to view the source for. 2. Click on “View” from pull down menu. 3. Select “View Source” 4. A new window will open with HTML source code for that page. (Meta tags are inside arrow <>)©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 8
  9. 9. 5/25/2010 When the news outlets, print magazines and the government promote social media outlets… you better be on board, or risk falling behind the curve. Especially when the market is just being defined and the rules of the game change weekly. It is not impossible to see social media marketing’s returns surpassing internet and any other traditional media efforts. So if you agree a company website is a must, you must also agree social media presence is a must. Your company website should be tied to your social media presence and vice versa. You need to SEO optimize your social content. In order of importance to your company and professional career, you should at least have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube. All of which are free. Ning networks also have a huge reach, so for $13.95, it is worth it too. With each of these social platforms, the how to setup and maximize the benefits of each would be a day long class.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 9
  10. 10. 5/25/2010 The way twitter works, most people will not scroll through a list of past tweets, but scan the top most current tweets, coming into their feed via those they follow. Even less people will click the ‘more’ button at the bottom of your list of tweets, to see those tweets done a relative long time ago. So what results, is some may check their twitter account once a day, and see just the 5 or 6 most recent tweets from people they are following, who tweeted that one particular time of the day. Some may check twitter a little more frequently. Some may only check once a week. So your important tweets like links to your sites, need to be tweeted often for more than a couple people to see them. But with a balance as not to spam or appear to be doing the same tweets over and over. So a good plan is to have at least one link per day tweeted. But with time constraints and all, it is difficult. For me too, so I use automated software with keywords added to keep a steady flow of tweets. Then I mix my own personal tweets in there as time permits. We also have regular series tweets. There is Follow Fridays, but our own maintenance tips, CNC tweets, weekend fun tweets, etc. We have a lot of free giveaways too.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 10
  11. 11. 5/25/2010 But there are other important aspects of twitter too, like branding. If you can tweet at least 3 times a day (in the morning, afternoon and evening), more people see your tweets. The more creditable tweets, more branding. If your tweets are of interest to your followers (audience), then they may respond to your call for action. Also re-tweet (RT) good and relevant tweets by others. A Big advantage to twitter is you can share your tweets with most all of your other social media outlets. So creating tweets gives fresh content to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, Ning networks, your website, etc. Another advantage is search engines are indexing your tweets. Even the library of congress is saving your tweets. So the further we head into the future, the more who will find your tweets, remember your company, check out your company website, communicate with you, recommend you or your tweets to others. Two weeks ago twitter contacted all those who made friend follower applications (aps), restricting them from allowing mass friend following. So as I warned my advertising buddies, the door for building up followers quick, is closing. Each company makes their own follow rules, but I recommend follow anyone who follows you as long as they are not spamming. Seek followers who would only be interested in your tweets. This combined with valuable tweets will result in the greatest return on your investment of time.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 11
  12. 12. 5/25/2010 Although we do get some sales from LinkedIn presence, the most value comes from new business connections and expertise. Create you LinkedIn personal profile Create at least one group Automate content to both Growing your connections and meeting new people is bit slow on this media outlet, but are more solid than all the others. LinkedIn is dominated by business contacts rather than personal contacts and fans like on Facebook. LinkedIn applications are solid too. You can join up to 50 groups. If you are not a member of 50 groups, you are not using LinkedIn to it’s full potential. LinkedIn allows you to connect to the highest profile people in your industry of interest. Although you still need to craft your approach to successfully get a connection to those high profile people. Besides highly profitable business deals that resulted from my linked in connections, I have also been able to develop a relationship with the top Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook gurus. I help them out my research, techniques, etc. and in return they help me out. A give then take, relationship. I have helped others land a job, introduced others to the right people, helped new consultants start out, new authors, found our company’s newest web development firm, even interacted with our senator.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 12
  13. 13. 5/25/2010 I hate the FaceBook interface, it is buggy and difficult to use. But with more users than Google, it is a must for every company. So you should struggle through the set up process, and then not much effort is needed after that. Another thing I do not like is the way they run that company. Virtually no customer service and they will delete all your hard work with little or no warning if their algorithms think you are violating their terms. (Like gain too many friends too quick. Happened to us once while trying to add our 7000+ customers as friends on FB.) so be warned. :>) After creating your Facebook profile, create a company page, like the one in this slide. This will be you main company page and you can link information in to it like we did. Extended info page has a lot of our featured content from our company website (with links), we have about 20 of our YouTube videos on it’s own tab, another tab for our LinkedIn contact info. Our notes tab automatically feeds our Tweets on to it, etc. The newest feature of FaceBook is their like button that you can actually place on your own website pages. This part of one very good decision FaceBook management made to evolve FaceBook into an Internet wide presence, not just a social media site. Because content is king with social media, just like it is with internet websites, you may consider adding additional Facebook pages. Each will collect it’s own followers. Keyword targeted Facebook pages will most likely gather more follower than your actual main company facebook page. For example, later we will design a “Maintenance Manager’s” face book page. Then invite all maintenance managers to see it. It is likely most will click the like button. The #1 FaceBook Marketing course out there is …©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 13
  14. 14. 5/25/2010 For most YouTube will be the lesser beneficial social media outlets. But you can change that with the right SEO optimization and design of your YouTube Channel and your videos. For us, our YouTube Channel results in the most sales, of all our social media presence. All the text, Channel title, etc. you want to use for valuable SEO optimization. You company name branding can be done in your videos, like we did. (Assuming most the world is not searching for your company name, they are searching for products and services you offer.) Most companies do not know how to set up a Youtube channel properly and get subscribers. As an example, I once met and became friends with the president of They have excellent Engineering News video series they do called “This Week in Engineering”. A nicely laid out channel, great videos, but only 25 subscribers. Half their videos only had less than 100 views, 3 had a little over a 1000. A couple weeks after I fixed this channel up for him (SEO channel, video titles & descriptions, Playlist, etc.), and promoted a little, they now have 265 subscribers and their new videos get over 2000 views in just a few weeks. TIP: SEOed Videos get on the top of page 1 of Google for targeted keywords. TIP: You do not need to make videos to have a great Youtube Channel.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 14
  15. 15. 5/25/2010 •Just like with webpage titles, you have to fist do your keyword research to see what is most search for and what is the competition. • Just like website advertising, content is king. Make an entertaining AND informative video. • Just like website advertising more pages on your site, the better. Some for Youtube, more videos the better. • Youtube is not just a website/page it is a social media outlet. So keep that in mind when creating videos and when marketing your video. Inspire questions and comments as this boost your video rank too. • Your video title comes next in importance. Just like a page title, you want it to target specific keywords. Just like with a website, every page and associated page title should target a different set of keywords. •Rate your video or have a friend rate it. Develop promotional activities, comments etc. to get others to rate your video. •Another very powerful yet unrealized link resource is embedding on other video sites. •Submit your video AND YouTube channel to ALL search engines. In our YouTube CPC programs, 80% of all our paid video views come from single keywords like “electrician”. Those additional views go that much further in ranking our video for more niche targeted keywords like “electrician training”. In Google AdWords you pay about $15 per click or more to get seen in a search for “electrician”, for YouTube it is about $0.11, a no brainer.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 15
  16. 16. 5/25/2010 Warning: Do not get caught up in micro-analyzing statistics for your company website, social networks and paid advertising. Too much analysis too frequently waste your valuable time. For the most part, the benchmarks on this slide will serve you fine. Is your website doing good? If you have it up to a PR 3 or better and on the first page of search results for your targeted keywords, the answer is Yes. Once a month view you traffic stats. Are your Tweets doing good? If you see a steady increase in followers and see some interaction with follows, you are doing fine. Now you can YouTube video stats to see how effective your videos are and learn how to make betters ones. (once you start getting traffic to your videos.) They have a very valuable stat that shows you when most users click away from your video, or if they watch it until the end. That can be helpful.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 16
  17. 17. 5/25/2010 Bonus tip: Use YouTube search tool to find keyword phrases most search for, instead of using Google. (Because what is most searched for on Google, may not be what is most searched for on YouTube.) Bonus tip 2: Place FaceBook [Like] buttons on all your other website real estate. Every page of your company website, your blog, LinkedIn, SlideShare, etc. See for how to. Please don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for more tips and current updates. Also see all the great powerpoints and other documents on the USB drive given out today.©2010 – Business Industrial Network ( 17