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Ulip plan are very popular among customers who look to invest in life insurance as an investment product. This being the most transparent investment options gives you the peace of mind along with providing you an option of customization in the plan chosen.

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ULIP Plans - Bimadeals

  1. 1. IMPORTANCE OF ULIPS Bimadeals
  2. 2. WHAT ARE ULIPS? A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a product presented by the insurance companies that unlike a clean insurance policy offers depositors the reimbursements of both insurance and investment under a solo integrated plan.
  3. 3. ARE ULIP POPULAR AMONG CUSTOMERS? ULIPs are very popular among customers who look to invest in life insurance as an investment product. The Unit linked Investment plans are a medium for customers to opt for a cover and a large sum of amount paid is invested in stocks or debt funds.
  4. 4. Ulip have to be decoded in the form of the cover and the investment portfolio. So once you decide to buy a Ulip you also need to decide what is the amount of cover you are looking at. If the Life cover amount required is low then large sum of money will get invested in stock market. Most Ulips have classification in terms of investment i.e. whether you want to invest in stocks or govt bonds so that it goes with your risk profile.
  5. 5. WHY SHOULD CUSTOMER INVEST IN ULIP ULIP is an option suitable if you want to have: 1. Life cover 2. Tax rebate 3. Returns
  6. 6. HOW TO UNDERSTAND ULIP? Now if your life Insurance company fund managers are good, they will help you get good returns wipe off the life insurance cover cost and still give you a good return. If you invest 100rs in Ulip and 20 is going as a cost for the cover, over the years your 80 will get 12- 15% of returns and will wipe off the cost and still get you good returns.
  7. 7. HOW CAN YOU GET ASSISTANCE IN ULIP Invest in Ulips for long term to be able to get good returns. The fund managers of Ulip life insurance companies invest in long term stocks so expect returns in long term and for short term investment in mutual funds you should have your fund managers more focused to get returns in 3-12 months.
  8. 8. SO WHAT ULIP BRINGS FOR YOU ?  1. Life Cover  2. Income tax rebate  3. Long term investment options  4. Easy to invest PS: Ulips were popular among insurance companies’ esp. private insurance companies in last 10 years. With new guidelines by IRDA they almost disappeared but still exist and are good options for customers who know what they are buying Ulips for.
  9. 9. CONTACT BIMADEALS TO GET BEST PROPOSALS For more info, visit http://www.bimadeals.com/ulips- plan.php Or Write us at customercare@bimadeals.com