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Working with the City to get a recreation center for Far East Dallas

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  • Youth and Family Developmentproviding educational and recreational programs.After School TutoringKids ClubsFamily Kite DayFamily Cultural Field TripsSchool science and math educational workshopsFree eye exams and glassesFamily Domestic Violence prevention workshopsVolunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)Community Empowermentreducing crime and increasing neighborhood safety.37 neighborhood associations and crime watch groupsVolunteers in PatrolLeadership DevelopmentNational Night OutCrime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)Crime Watch ToolkitCommunity ProsecutorCommunity Code ComplianceHeath, Safety, Housing & Financial Wellness FairsEconomic Revitalizationincreasing capital investment in the community.Spraypark at Ferguson ParkSkatepark at Lakeland Hills ParkWhite Rock Hills Branch LibraryWhite Rock Hills Community Recreation CenterRaised $30M in Bond Funds for community projectsFacilitated $200M in private funds for retail and housing
  • The trail ties into FRI's goal of making our community "walkable" and connecting our 35 neighborhoods. It will provide community health benefits of running, walking and cycling. Run it and you’re ready for a marathon!North-south trail that connects North Dallas to the tip of White Rock Lake. Residents N. of Interstate 635 will park at Valley View Park, bike the trail south to the lake, complete the lake loop and ride back for a scenic 25-mile trip. Great for walking, horseback, bicycle, skating, and wheelchairs. Within existing city park land and ONCOR utility right-of-way adjacent to White Rock Creek in far east Dallas. Links Tenison Golf Course, Samuel Grand Park, Lawnview Park and Gateway Park – with our new White Rock Hills Community Family Wellness Center. Connects directly with the East Dallas Veloway South. Access from the planned Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail Lawnview Station. A proposed spur would provide a link to the Ash Creek Greenbelt and St. Francis Park.An active Capital Project for the City of Dallas (PRK06503)
  • ++2013 04 09_fri_mayor_presentation_vjm

    1. 1. Mayor Rawlings FRI Presentation toMike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas Regional Recreation Center White Rock Hills Library 9150 Ferguson Road Dallas, Texas 75228 Tuesday, April 9, 2013 4:00 p.m. 1
    2. 2. BOARD. . . LEADERSHIPVikki J. Martin, President Eric Boon Monica SmithClaremont Addition Doctors Hospital at White Downs Smith, EsquireNeighborhood Association, Rock Lake, Dir. of Business Dev.Resident Ed Snyder Bill Coleman Lakeland Hills Crime Watch,Susan Walker, Vice-President Casa Linda Forest ResidentLakeland Hills Crime Watch, Neighborhood Association,Resident Resident J.T. Walker Claremont AdditionDr. Kenneth Cantrell, Doug Hunt Neighborhood Association,Secretary East Dallas Access Self Storage, Owner ResidentVeterinary Clinic, Veterinary Dr. William “Gerry” JonesMedicine Forest Hills NeighborhoodJerry Clancy, Treasurer Association, ResidentLone Star Credit Union, Ed LeydenPresident Bishop Lynch High School, President 2
    3. 3. ADVISORY. . . COUNCIL ADVISORY COUNCILBobbi Bilnoski Sharon King Richard RoperBusiness Consultant Vice President Development, Attorney for Thompson Knight(Concinnity Network) (Consumer Credit LLP, (former U.S. Attorney ofJeff Cuban Counseling Service) Northern District)Business Leader (VP at Liz Renfro Suzy RuffHDNet/Magnolia Pictures, FRI Resident Civic Leader (Board MemberVP at The Wagner/Cuban (William Davis Realty) of Dallas Zoo/ USO VolunteerCompanies) Mel Renfro at D/FW Airport)Dr. Marc Goldman FRI Resident Marnie WildenthalOrthopedic Surgeon (Former Dallas Cowboy, Civic Leader (Board Member(White Rock Orthopedic Professional Football Hall of of Vickery Meadow LearningAssociation) Fame) Center / Past President ofHelen Holman Phil Ritter TACA Board of Directors)Nonprofit Consultant Executive Vice President (DFW(Helen Holman & Associates, Airport)LLC, President) 3
    4. 4. Collaborative Leadership Builds CommunityVISIONComplete Economic We are accomplishing our Vision and FRI is making things happen: LEADERSHIP Mission because of our strongRevitalization of Building a new library, partnerships. FRI focuses on threeFar East Dallas critical areas: Building a new community recreation center, Developing Youth and Families – Improving the academic providing educational andMISSION recreational programs and activities. performance of local schools,Transform Far East Dallas Community Empowerment – Making the neighborhoods a safer place, andinto a safe, beautiful, reducing crime and increasing safety. Encouraging economic developmentprosperous and for convenient shopping andproud community. Economic Revitalization– nearby jobs. increasing public and private capital investment in the community. All these efforts make Far East Dallas one of the most desirable places to liveVALUES By bringing together businesses, in Dallas!Integrity, Community, neighborhood and Crime Watch groups, law enforcement, schools, nonprofits,Stewardship, Leadership, the faith community, apartments andand Respect. others in Far East Dallas, 4
    5. 5. FOCUS . . .Youth & Family Community Economic Development Empowerment Revitalizationproviding educational reducing crime increasing capital and recreational and increasing investment programs. neighborhood safety. in the community.
    6. 6. FRI Service AreaThe FRI service area covers serves than 73,290 residents,26,980 households and 2,000 unique business entities. 6
    7. 7. community strengthWhat is the FergusonRoad Initiative (FRI)?FRI is a grassroots diversity The FRI service area covers: Asian/Other (5%) andcommunity-based 73,298 residents, Caucasian (30%)organization made up of 26,986 households and residents.more than 30 areaNeighborhood Associations 2,000 unique businesses. Economically diverse,and Crime Watch groups, our community is The FRI area representsnonprofits, apartments, broad ethnic and cultural comprised of high,businesses, faith-based diversity. medium, and loworganizations, schools andother concerned groups and The overall FRI area is income residents. Theindividuals -- all working divided between average householdtowards accomplishing our African-American (20%), income $35,000, basedmission. Hispanic (46%), on the 2010 Census. 7
    8. 8. significantCrime is down:When the White Rock Eastarea joined FRI, the area crime strides Academic Achievement health, safety programs; andrate was among the highest inthe city. and Social Services are social services.Through the DOJ Weed & Seed on the rise!! Our first Safe Haven site, Bayles Elementary School, hasfederal grant funds, FRI FRI works with area schools improved from Lowachieved: and apartments to provide: Performing in 1992 to 61% reduction in violent after-school mentoring; Recognized in 2009. crime and a tutorial programs; 25% reduction in overall cultural field trips for entire crime in targeted areas. families; drug and gang prevention education; 8
    9. 9. 2010 censusdemographics 73,298 26,986 Total residents HouseholdsUnder 5 years old 6,945 (09%)5 to 19 years old 15,835 (22%) •20 to 64 years old 43,545 (59%) Average Household65 and older 6,973 (10%) Size = 3 people Male 35,437 (48%) Female 37,861 (52%) 9
    10. 10. Families in A family of 3 living onPoverty. . . $34,281 year POVERTY 10
    11. 11. Children in 92% of students in our schools qualify forPoverty. . . free/reduced lunch Student Students with Students eligible Special School Enrollment Limited English free /reduced Education proficiency lunch Students POVERTYAlex Sanger Elementary 469 50% 86% 5%Bayles Elementary 611 46% 96% 9%Casa View Elementary 766 59% 95% 8%Charles A. Gill Elementary 764 54% 92% 4%S.S. Conner Elementary 643 32% 96% 8%George W. Truett Elementary 1,052 38% 96% 7%Harold W. Lang Middle School 1,367 23% 85% 12% 11
    12. 12. Community 2 out of 5 Dallas households live in asset poverty! in Poverty . . . Couldn’t last 4 months if they lost their main source of income. POVERTYSource: CFED, Communities Foundation, Thomson Family Foundation 12
    13. 13. successfulDriving Results . . . partnerships Economic Development attractsarea investments and stabilizes $37 million in bondhome values: FRI has facilitatedmore than $200 million dollars of Property funding since 1998investment in high, middle andaffordable housing and retail along Values Have Capital improvements improve quality of life for all: FRI’s Bond Committee, composed of dedicated residents andFerguson Road. Overall propertyvalues have increased by 30% over Increased businesses have successfully secured bond program funds that have improvedthe last 15 years. $200M in 30% our neighborhood streets, bridges, parks and provided flood mitigation. We celebrated the grand opening of the Economic Since 1998 White Rock Hills Branch Library in 2012 and the White Rock Hills Regional Recreation Center is Devlepment in the works! 13
    14. 14. RESULTS . . .2009Governor’s Award award winningSpray ground in Ferguson ParkAquarium Family Field Trip 2010 2011 Greater Casa View joins FRI Mayoral forumBulldozed blighted property to Boy Scout graffiti paint over Community Connectionmake way for a newcommunity recreation center! Annual Gala: Everything’s Fall Community Breakfast Coming Up Roses Winter Social FRI Neighborhood Gatherings Greater Casa View Town Hall FRI Day of Empowerment meeting and Outreach Victims Assistance community organizing Spring Groundbreaking of Greater Casa View Welcome, White Rock Hills permanent supportive Branch Library housing project for Pastors’ Breakfast formerly homeless 14
    15. 15. TOP SIX REASONS TO JOIN FRI!Why Support FRI? WE NEEDWe are committed to EMPOWEREDserving the Far East COMMUNITIES EACH OTHER! Far East Dallas Together we can address crime, safety,Dallas Community. neighborhoods workHere are six top together to advocate for urban blight, under-performing schools, positive change. and business degeneration.reasons why YOUshould join FRI. IMPROVED PUBLIC SCHOOLS By joining forces and building alliances Our schools have greatly with businesses, the City of Dallas, A SAFER COMMUNITY Crime watch programs improved with FRI’s financial the Police Department, other law support and involvement. enforcement partners, the faith reduce crime in the community and promote MUNICIPAL LIBRARY community, schools, social service safety. Our 1995 vision of a new agencies and others, we can empower STRONGER FAMILIES library for our community our community and make it has become a reality! Our social service and educational programs RECREATION CENTER the most desirable place to strengthen youth and their families. $5 million in bond dollars live in Dallas, Texas! secured to purchase land for a Regional Recreation Center.
    16. 16. Neighborhood SafetyCommunity Public Safety Grant• There is a $10,000 grant through Winston-Salem State University’s Center for Public Safety, the evaluation partner of the Dept. of Justice.• The grant funds evaluation of former DOJ Weed & Seed sites after funding cycles have concluded.• The grant will help determine how successful the Weed & Seed program has been over time.• The application process will be open by early summer 2013 and FRI will apply. 16
    17. 17. 2012 AccomplishmentsThe White Rock Hills BranchLibrary at 9150 Ferguson is aLEED certified building andvery energy efficient. Itincludes:• 100 parking spaces.• Meeting/classroom space seating 100 with kitchen and restrooms that can be used after- hours.• 45,000 to 50,000 volume collection of books/media.• Separate public areas: Adults, Teen Centers, and Children’s Area.• Public computer stations and laptops for public use.• Free wireless access.• Two self-checkout stations.• Drive-up access for book and media returns.• Easy access to DART or alternate transportation. 17
    18. 18. Dreams Come True Event Sponsors Thank you to our generous sponsors of the White Rock Hills Branch Library VIP Preview and Grand Opening Celebrations. These sponsorships will also support ongoing FRI initiatives. Royal Event Sponsor, $10,000 Glass Slipper Sponsor, $100 • Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake • Anonymous • Shawn & Alison Ashmore Fairy Godmother Sponsor, $2,500 • Lee Barron • Larry & Sue Ingram, McDonald’s • Eugene & Bettie Campbell • Residential Reservices • Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cantrell • Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association Prince Charming Sponsor, $1,000 • Roberto & Alise Cortez • Anesthesia Consultants of Dallas • Ann DavisSpecial Friends • Bishop Lynch High School • Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan • Resource One Credit Union • Ryan Holloway, Holloway Benefit Concepts • Advocate Magazine • Dub & Gusteen Jenkins • Bobbi Bilnoski, Concinnity Network • George & Debbie Knight Proclamation Invitation Sponsor, $500 • Gary Lawler • City Credit Union • Amanda Buckley • Robert D. Brown & Vikki J. Martin • State Representative Eric Johnson, District 100 • Thomas & Sandra Moton • Café Lago • Chung Tran & Lahn Nguyen Elixir Beverage Sponsor, $500 • • Stacey Callaway Photography Connie Northcutt • Dr. Angela Scheuerle • Dr. AJ Ortega, White Rock Orthodontics • Creative Arts Center • Mel & Liz Renfro Feast Food Sponsor, $500 • Phil Ritter • The Dallas Storytelling Guild • Texas Regional Medical Center at Sunnyvale • Yvonne Salazar • Max & Denise Davis • Mary Scallorn Jester Entertainment Sponsor, $500 • State Representative Kenneth & Michele • Highland Park Cafeteria • Lone Star Credit Union Sheets, District 107 • OMNIPLAN Graphics • Rick & Margaret Sorrells Carriage Transportation Sponsor, $500 • John & Bette Stanford • Starbucks at Casa Linda • HOK • Claude & Frances Thompson • Junior League of Dallas • Veritex Community Bank Sheriff of Nottingham Security Sponsor, $500 • Lynn Vogt • Ed Snyder • Diana Gilbert & Susan Walker • Gerry & Jan Worrall 2012 community tour guide 18
    19. 19. White Rock Hills Branch Library Grand Opening of WRHB Library—June 16, 2012 About 400 people a week use the library!Residents line-up for the Ribbon cutting Grand Opening Parade The White Rock Hills Branch Library Programs 1. English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes 2. Third Thursday Book Club 3. Teen Gaming 4. Library Live! 5. Boogie Woogie Books 6. Baby Bounce Basics Roy Stanley Lodge 7. Fun with Math & Science Preschool Storytime conducted a blood drive 19
    20. 20. A New Ferguson Road VISION20 20
    21. 21. A New Ferguson Road VISION21 21
    22. 22. A New Ferguson Road VISION22 22
    23. 23. Harry Stone ImprovementsThe Harry StoneRecreation Center at2403 Millmar willinclude• A circular, glass- enclosed office,• A 1500 square foot, state-of-the- art fitness center,• A commercial kitchen with adjacent dining,• Meeting rooms,• Landscape and lighting for greater safety• 2 refurbished gymnasiums• A dance studio with special flooring and mirrored walls 23
    24. 24. Community & Family Wellness Center100% Focus in 2013!In 1995, FRI committed to building a Regional Recreation Center 24
    25. 25. Recreation Center Gap Ridgewood RC White Harry Stone RC Rock Hills Regional Samuell-Grand Tennis Cntr Recreation Center Exall RC MLK RC /ClinicEloise Lundy RC Exline RC Fireside RC 25
    26. 26. Vision for the Future White Rock Hills Community Family Wellness Center . . . on White Rock Trail!VISION 26
    27. 27. Vision for the FutureThe White Rock HillsCommunity FamilyWellness Center willinclude:• Modern gymnasiums• Public meeting spaces for all VISION ages/stages• Indoor and outdoor aquatic• Workout facilities• Jogging paths and connection to White Rock Trail• Elegant and casual design to blend in with the community. 27
    28. 28. 5 Step Plan1. Obtain the property.2. Identify potential partners.3. Determine feasibility, the needs and desires of the community4. Formulate plans, programs, and a timeline for construction.5. Explore interim property uses. 28
    29. 29. Obtain the PropertyPotential Site Current Site Current Site 29
    30. 30. Identify Potential Partners • Out-of-School ProgramsPublic Private • • Arts Theater • GED & Senior Programs • Entertainment • Computer TrainingPartnership • Volunteer Service Education • Crafts & Hobbies • Advocacy• Public Partner: • Job Training • The City of Dallas Culture Economic • Employment Housing • Transportation• Community WRH • Assistance Partner: Regional Ferguson Road Recreation Initiative Center Environ- Health &• Private ment Wellness Partner(s): • Developers, • Recreation Physical Health • Water/Air Quality Families & • Corporations, • Land Use Conservation Children • Mental Health Disease Prevention • and Individuals • Energy Alternate Transportation • Medical Access • Early Childhood • Greenbelt Infrastructure • Vulnerable Youth • Trails and Bikeways • Families • Single Parents • Senior Caregivers 30
    31. 31. Plans, Programs, Timeline 31
    32. 32. Interim Land Uses VISION 32
    33. 33. White Rock TrailEst. Funding Needed: $5MTotal Planned Length: 23,360 Linear Feet (4.4 miles) 33
    34. 34. Questions? What questions do you have? Can you help us make THIS dream come true!
    35. 35. accoladesleadership “The Ferguson Road Initiative has spent the last 13 years working to ‘weed out’ crime and ‘seed in’ human resources. FRI is always looking towards the future. They are masters of fusing the pro bono abilities of their volunteers and leaders to find entrepreneurial ways to reshape and restore their community.” Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas 2012 community tour guide 35
    36. 36. accolades“I want to add my congratulationsto The Ferguson Road Initiative for advocates recognizing that this community needed a library and a recreation center. I thank FRI for being suchgreat champions for change in the Ferguson Road area” Carolyn R. Davis, Dallas Council Member, District 7 2012 community tour guide 36
    37. 37. accolades “Our community is stronger, strong our streets are safer and our future is brighter because of the work of the people at the Ferguson Road Initiative. Whatthey have accomplished stands as a shining example to every neighborhood in Dallas and throughout our state.”State Representative Eric Johnson, District 100 2012 community tour guide 37
    38. 38. accolades “Far East Dallas is fortunate to have theFerguson Road Initiative achieve to provide a vehicle to bring residents, businesses, schools, churches and others together to achieve a common goal. “ State Representative Kenneth Sheets, District 107 2012 community tour guide 38
    39. 39. accoladesstewardship “I appreciate Ferguson Road Initiative’s efforts to stop crime and rebuild communities. When communities come together, in partnership with law enforcement, great outcomes tend to be the result! ” Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, U.S. House District 30 2012 community tour guide 39
    40. 40. accolades “Through collaboration with local integrity and federal authorities, FRI standsas a model for all communities who wish to improve their standard of living through hard work and dedication.” U.S. Senator John Cornyn 2012 community tour guide 40
    41. 41. We are FRI! 41