Mediaevaluationpowerpoint final (billy) part 1


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Media Evaluation Part 1

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Mediaevaluationpowerpoint final (billy) part 1

  1. 1. We also used voyeurism to create a romantic relationship betweenthe two characters in the video and also to further create arelationship between the lyrics and the visuals. For example the lyricsin the song state `I lose my cool and I blow it` and the video showsthe male lead reaching out to hold the girls hand but at the lastminute he loses his nerve and pulls his hand away. Another way inwhich we used voyeurism in our music video was through the photobooth scene. The camera shows a shot of the two characters handsto make the fact that the artist pulls his hands away abundantlyclear. We did this to continue to establish the relationship betweenthe two characters in the video but also to create the feel that theaudience were watching a real date.In my digipak and magazine advert I continued to follow the conventionsof the R&B genre. Through researching digipak’s such as ushers `My Way`and Chris Brown’s `Exclusive` I found that generally R&B artists have asophisticated look. I also analysed Chris Brown’s `F.A.M.E` digipak whichwent against these codes and conventions and seemed to fit more in theHip/Hop genre. Therefore I decided to stay conventional with my digipakand magazine advert and to do so I decided that the artist should bedressed in a shirt and tie. Also to conform to the conventions of R&B Iused a number of close-up shots. However I also gained inspiration fromthe Eminem album `Curtain Call` despite Eminem belonging to theHip/Hop genre. I decided to look at examples from Hip/Hop because thetwo genres of music seemed to become similar over the years. Also Ibelieved that the mise-en-scene of a stage with a red Curtain (as shownon the curtain call digipak) seemed to conform more to the traditionalR&B genre.
  2. 2. Throughout the ancillary text the artist is dressed in a shirtand tie on a stage. One reason for why I have done this is toshow the different codes and convention in the R&B genre.For example Chris Brown’s album `Exclusive` features thesong `With you. ` In the music video for this song it shows theartist wearing casual clothes but the digipak shows him in afull suit. Therefore this shows that the codes and conventionsof more recent R&B videos are for the artist’s attire to varyas the traditional values of the genre are kept whilst at timesthe more contemporary style is shown.In the digipak and magazine advert I decided to have the artist in acostume that was more traditional to the genre. I researched otherartists of the same genre such as Ne-Yo and his album `Year of theGentlemen` so that I could conform to the R&B genre. I then decidedto have the artist in more formal wear for my ancillary text. The reason Idid this was to make the ancillary text clear as an R&B product andalso to develop the stars image. By doing this I believe I gave the artistthe image of a post-modern artist as I tried to incorporate alteringcodes and conventions of the genre. I have also chosen Mise-en-Scene to conform to the conventions of the genre as I attempted todevelop the artist’s star image as a showman. The image on thedigipak cover shows a women grapping the artist’s tie. This has beendone to further establish the artist’s star image and also to make himmore appealing to a broader audience. During the music video thereare a number of close-up shots of the artist to give the artist a starimage of sensitivity. We did this to aim at a target audience of mainlythe female market. However by showing the women in the digipakgrapping his tie it creates the persona of a `ladies man` which wouldseem more accessible to the male audience.
  3. 3. Through analysing Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E digipak I decided to use aconventional costume for my artist in the digipak as the F.A.M.Edigipak could easily have belonged to a different genre such asHip/Hop due to its heavily edited front cover. This was anotherreason for why I decided to go with the more traditional R&Bconventions for my ancillary text.I also decided a serif font for my Digipak as I noticed that manyother R&B ancillary texts use a similar font. Also the font that Ihad chosen seems to fit the traditional image of the digipakand magazine advert as the lettering seemed to be elegantand sophisticated. I also chose to keep the colour of the fontsimply either black or white to conform to the suave feel that Iwas trying to create through the ancillary text. I used a yellowstrip behind the black texts to make the text clear however byusing the subtle font it did not take the focus away from themain image of the artist.