Aiim Minnesota Reshaping Your Business With Web 2.0
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Aiim Minnesota Reshaping Your Business With Web 2.0



keynote at AIIM Minnesota Control

keynote at AIIM Minnesota Control



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  • Thanks to the sponsors of 2009 AIIM Minnesota Control

Aiim Minnesota Reshaping Your Business With Web 2.0 Aiim Minnesota Reshaping Your Business With Web 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0
  • Introducing BILLY
  • says, “ BILLY is employee # 81015” 7500 Flying Cloud Drive Suite 500 Eden Prairie Minnesota 55344 BILLY CRIPE Director ~ E2.0 & ECM Product Management phone: +1 952.564.2150 mobile: +1 612.205.3762 [email_address] (work) [email_address] (personal)
  • September 2008 • Oracle Open World • San Francisco Vince Casarez, Billy Cripe, Jean Sini, Philipp Weckerle says, “ BILLY is author of this book. You should buy it.”
  • My mom says, “ BILLY is the smartest boy I know.”
  • My connections say, “… talented and creative thought leader …” “… fun and effective at what he does…” “… master in his area of expertise…” “… an excellent leader…”
  • My connections say… … well some of what they say shouldn’t be repeated in a lunch setting…
  • says I’m someone worth following
  • traffic logs say I’m someone worth reading
  • So Do
  • Because we’re together right now suggests that says BILLY is someone you should listen to
  • My Social Graph increasingly defines who I am
  • “ Man is by nature a political (or social) animal ” Aristotle
  • Think Social Technology Is New ?
  • So what has changed ?
  • Easier for Everyone
  • Bigger Pipes
  • Bigger Pipes
  • Faster CPU
  • Scripting & API Advances <html> {JavaScript} AJAX C S S <xml/> LAMP RPC REST JSON SOAP
  • Ubiquitous Connectivity
  • Think Social Web Technology Is just a Fad ?
  • If Facebook were a country , with 130 million monthly active users, it would be the 10th largest in the world (between Japan and Russia) December 2008
  • Social Websites are Officially more popular than Porn Time Magazine, Oct 31, 2007
  • That’s no Fad.
  • That’s Generation C . It describes a new kind of wired individual … *Social Media, Alex Wong,
  • Generation C communicates in a connected environment, conversationally
  • An Ecology of RELATIONSHIPS & technology
  • If We Focus on Business…
  • Traditional Models Haven’t Changed
    • Established in
    • 1914
    • All Good Ideas
    • Come
    • From
    • The
    • Top
  • Traditional Models Haven’t Changed… (Except, We’ve Changed…)
  • Employees are organized hierarchically…
  • But work through social networks
  • It’s not about talking at …
  • It’s not about talking to …
  • It’s about talking with …
  • Generation C are fans of the collaborative enterprise
  • Generation C are WE US OURS ALL OF US the TEAM Partners employees
  • So, how do you create fans of your employees?
  • Create a Collaborative Enterprise.
  • Implement the technology Create an ecosystem Deliver value. to so you can
  • What does Generation C Value?
  • Control Collaborators Community Connected Creative Cool Conversation Communicate Channel Consumer 2.0 Content Collect Co-Creators Choices Context Convenient Carry Converse Casual Comfortable Crowd
  • How does a Generation C ecosystem function?
  • ME You Information Flow Before Enterprise 2.0… Push Pull requests email, paper, chat room, one off solutions, invitation only, intentional, end point focused …
  • With Enterprise 2.0…
  • ME becomes WE
  • With Enterprise 2.0… Information Flow Continuous Creation Continuous Requests Ubiquitous Availability …
  • What about that technology part?
  • Is it simply Web 2.0 point solutions in the workplace ?
  • no
  • I know! It’s more social networks . It’s Facebook for the enterprise!
  • NO !
  • Public Web Technologies Don’t Scale Up or Down or In to Enterprise levels
  • Enterprises want Platform based Web 2.0
  • Enterprise 2.0 technology is providing information in context Enterprise 2.0 technology is enabling participation
  • So let’s talk about CONTEXT
  • We Operate in an Attention Economy …
  • Distractions are measured in opportunities, revenue, & efficiency LOST
  • Attention is gained & maintained by presenting information in Context
  • Attention Yields Participation
  • So let’s talk about PARTICIPATION
    • Users PARTICIPATE with each other on INFORMATION presented through SYSTEMS …
    • … E 2.0 allows systems to surface content to users in context …
  • Which gains attention Which stimulates participation Which generates new and better content Which is presented contextually
  • The Goal of Participation: Tap the enterprise brain Aggregate inputs Precipitate valuable outcomes Enable employees
  • HOW ?
  • By engaging in the CONVERSATION we call DOING BUSINESS
  • The Enterprise Today Essential Knowledge Hidden in Pockets HR Services Mftg. Finance Sales Raw Materials Retail
  • Social Web 2.0: Tap into key knowledge & passion of every employee
    • The Experts Agree …
    AIIM Market IQ; Enterprise 2.0: Agile, Emergent & Integrated; Q1 2008
  • relax. you are not alone
  • annotations gadl news stand alexkehr crowd f.trainer monk decadence monks racoles flickr social graph cobalt lens ben cooper bookshelf the beast bookshelf, neat chotda Jean Sini • • Billy Cripe • mailto: [email_address] • Vince Casarez • mailto: [email_address] •