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Childrens Hospital AFS Program
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Childrens Hospital AFS Program


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Uniform program for hospitals utilizing our anti-microbial RPET material.

Uniform program for hospitals utilizing our anti-microbial RPET material.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1.
  • 2. What does AFS mean for you!
    • AFS is the most innovative antimicrobial on the market today. Our antimicrobial
    formulas have seven patents pending technology which makes them the most
    efficient and affordable on the market today.
    • It is the first green antimicrobial offered, made from recycled plastic bottles. And
    will meet your company’s green & sustainable policies.
    • Our products eliminate 99.9% of 27 dangerous germs and bacteria including MRSA, STAPH,
    E-Coli, E-Bola, Salmonella and Black Mold. It can also protect against the occurrence of bed
    bugs, head lice and athletes foot.
    • Our antimicrobial never washes out. It is not a coating; the antimicrobials are IMBEDDED into
    the core of the fiber. These fibers can be made into many various threads, which will become
    scrubs, sheets, towels, aprons, shirts or any of your fiber needs.
    • Our antimicrobial uses, USA, EPA tested and approved antimicrobial agents that are
    non-carcinogenic and non-allergenic.
    • Independent laboratory tests will support the efficacy of the germ killing in each of the
    product categories that we produce.
    • At AFS, we offer custom programs that are specific to your needs! We can take any of your
    current designs and turn them into products that are antimicrobial, recycled and sustainable.
  • 3. What Makes us different?
    • AFS has seven patents pending - these are process patents that enhance EPA
    approved antimicrobials and make them more efficient.
    • Because AFS is embedded into the fibers, less formula is needed to achieve our 99.9%
    efficacy. Other antimicrobials are topical solutions that need to treat the entire surface of
    the product with 100% of their solution in order to achieve our effectiveness.
    • AFS is not a topical treatment therefore it never washes out.
    • 4. AFS is GREEN & SUSTAINABLE. By making products from RPET, we keep millions of
    plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans.
    • Companies that use AFS products have a marketing edge; i.e. Our HOTEL is protected
    from bed bugs by AFS. Our Hospital’s scrubs, sheets and towels are protected from
    Staph infections by AFS. Our restaurants aprons and shirts are protected from
    Salmonella and E-Coli with AFS.
    • AFS properties are; AMZ is an inhibitor, first it stops dangerous germs and bacteria from spreading
    or replicating and secondly it then starts eliminating the bacteria and germs that come in contact
    with the fabric and keeps them from reoccurring. AMZ is not a sterilantit does not need to be in a
    liquid or gas form to eliminate bacteria and germs.
  • 5. Cutting Edge technology
    • AFS is one of the most innovative suppliers in today’s market of custom linen, apparel and accessories using an anti-microbial solution in their fibers, killing 99.9% of bacteria.
    • 6. Combined with the latest in technology and the commitment of quality customer service, AFS is fast becoming the leader in the CUSTOM , Antimicrobial fiber in the industry for Healthcare, Hospitality, Grocery and many more.
    • 7. AFS can utilize recycled plastic bottles, break them down to a fiber mixed with our AFS solution that, then can be made into a yarn and produce products such as: towels, linens, scrubs, headwear, bags, apparel, aprons and etc.. eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Non recycled fiber is also available with the same protection.
  • Company Confidence
    • AFS headquarters are located in Southern California. You can be assured that your order, from the first request to final delivery will be handled with care and expertise.
    • 8. Our unique partnership and overseas suppliers, gives us the strength to be confident that the quality of our product will meet your expectations.
    • 9. All our facilities are W.R.A.P certified. Our fabrics are all tested in accordance with the U.S.A Textiles Association.
  • How the Process works!
  • 10. What is PET (RPET)
    R= Recycled
    P= PolyE= EthyleneT= Terephthalate
    Visit this Website for an informative video on “HOW POLYESTER IS MADE”
  • 11. AFS- RPET bottle usage.
  • 12. Recycled Plastic Facts
    • Americans go through 25 billion plastic bottles every year.
    • 13. More than 2.4 billion pounds of plastic bottles were recycled in 2008. Although the amount
    of plastic bottles recycled in the U.S. has grown every year since 1990, the actual recycling
    rate remains steady at around 27 percent.
    • In recent years, the number of U.S. plastics recycling business has nearly tripled. More
    than 1,600 businesses are involved in recycling post-consumer plastics.
    • If every American household recycled just one out of every ten HDPE bottles they used,
    we’d keep 200 million pounds of the plastic out of landfills every year.
    • Plastics in the U.S. are made primarily (70 percent) from domestic natural gas. Plastic bags
    and product wraps (known collectively as “plastic film”) are commonly recycled at the many
    collection programs offered through major grocery stores.
    • Recycling 1 ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.
    • 14. During Keep America Beautiful 2008 Great American Cleanup, volunteers recovered and
    recycled 189,000,000 PET(plastic)bottles that littered highways, waterways and parks.