Enterprise Cloud CRM Presentation


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Enterprise Cloud CRM Presentation

  1. 1. Enterprisecloudvalue everywhere  CRM in the cloud Billy Spamer – New Business Development
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Value everywhere The bottom line Next Steps
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction Value everywhere The bottom line Next Steps
  4. 4. Introduction > who is Enterprisecloud?We provide customers of all shapes and sizes… Enterprise-grade CRM software Over the Internet Rapid time to value Low cost, predictable, op-ex
  5. 5. Agenda Introduction Value everywhere The bottom line Next Steps
  6. 6. Value everywhere > what your business looks like withCRMManage Get more Close deals fasterrelationship leads and sell more saless Deliver excellent service CRM marketing serviceRich, real time Workdashboards smarter, not harder analytics efficiency
  7. 7. Value everywhere > manage relationshipsRelationships1 Stand out from the 2 Track 3 Make it easy for the crowd communication customer to work with youPut the customer experience at the Poor Steve,centre of your business & build betterrelationships – are you easy to work he needs CRMwith?
  8. 8. Value everywhere > get more leadsGet more leads1 Pick your audience 2 Choose your 3 Deliver your communication message channelSegment your database and providetargeted marketing to the right person atthe right time, and generate more leads
  9. 9. Value everywhere > get more leadsDemoLouise Marketing listMarketing Quick campaign Templates
  10. 10. Value everywhere > close deals fasterClose deals faster1 Get control of your 2 Increase sales 3 Follow a defined sales team activity to drive sales process and lead generation close deals fasterSales is about activity – increase youractivity, visit customers, cold callprospects and sales will follow
  11. 11. Value everywhere > close deals fasterDemoMegan PipelineSales Activity list Opportunities Leads
  12. 12. Value everywhere > deliver excellent serviceExcellent service1 Log the call 2 Schedule work into 3 Never miss available resource anything capacityCustomers expect processes, so useCRM to deliver consistent excellentcustomer service that keeps customershappy
  13. 13. Value everywhere > deliver excellent serviceDemoMichael CasesServices Activities Resolution
  14. 14. Value everywhere > real time, smart dashboardsDashboards1 Get real time 2 Drill down into the 3 Take action and insight detail assign work to get Into your business resultsDashboards allow you to get a real timeoverview of your business so that youcan make decisions and take action
  15. 15. Value everywhere > real time, smart dashboardsDemoBrenda DashboardsCEO Insight Relationships
  16. 16. Value everywhere > work smart, not hardWork smart1 Work in Outlook 2 Work mobile 3 Communicate internally through activity feedsWork smart, not hard with MicrosoftDynamics CRM – and it works rightinside of Outlook, so users will get it!
  17. 17. Agenda Introduction Value everywhere The bottom line Next Steps
  18. 18. The bottom line > what does it cost? User training & adoption: Get CRM > Introduction to CRM (1 day) > Sales / Marketing / Service Module (1 day now, R400 each) > Remote Hands Assistance per user per month for 12 months (+R200 for R750 per user mobile) per course R2,000 We can help you get your data in the system per day
  19. 19. Agenda Introduction Value everywhere The bottom line Next Steps
  20. 20. Next steps > where to from here? Sign up now for a FREE TRIAL Get going with CRM today, come for training & let us help you with data Sign up for a Guaranteed Custom Process Managed Success or Requirement? Trial Program
  21. 21. See you in the cloud www.enterprisecloud.co.za