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Learn all about content curation in this second part of a three-part series on content marketing.

Learn all about content curation in this second part of a three-part series on content marketing.

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  • 1. Your Practical Guide toContent Curation Brought to you by Bill Davis Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 2. Content CurationWhat is it?Should I do it?If so, how? Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 3. What is Content Curation?Definition– Finding, grouping, organizing, sharing, and adding your own commentary to the best and most relevant content (articles, videos, pictures, tweets, songs, PDFs, presentations, and other pieces of digital content) on a specific issue online– It’s a GIANT LEAP beyond “content aggregation” (Google, Yahoo News, Bing, etc.) – this is done by automation (machines) rather than by people with no added value Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 4. Should I Do It? Yes! Duh.You create value for your viewers by collecting and sharing variedcontent around a specific subject or topicYou don’t have to create as much content by picking andchoosing quality content that’s already publishedYou save time by sharing the “best of the best” and giving yourviewers the content they seekYou may just “grab” some authority by curating content fromwell-established authors in your area of expertise Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 5. How to Curate ContentFind sources– News, blogs, twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, etc.Collect content by keyword phrase– Google Alerts– Google Reader (DOA)Add your thoughts– Write a blog post, share the content, add your perspectiveHelp your viewers find what they are seeking– They are already looking for it– Why not find it on your site? Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 6. How to Curate ContentPresent the content in an organized manner– The idea here is to add value – it’s not “republishing” – it’s more like “re-mixing” with your personal and/or professional thoughts and considerations addedCall attention to your content– Use visual cues to draw attention to your quoted contentUse the content to corroborate your theme– Use the authority of your curated content to reinforce your positionProper attribution is a must!– Quote and credit your sources Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 7. Content Curation ResourcesGoogle Reader (but it’s being retired)– https://www.change.org/petitions/google-keep-google-reader-running– Alternatives: http://www.newsblur.com/ http://blog.feedly.com/2013/03/14/google-reader/Google Alerts– http://www.google.com/alertsTwitter (Search)– http://search.twitter.comOther Aggregators– Paper.li– Scoop.it Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us
  • 8. How to Reach Bill DavisInternet Marketing Muscle– http://internet-marketing-muscle.comCoaching Academy– http://coaching-academy.usTwitter– http://twitter.com/billspacedFacebook– http://facebook.com/billspaced Internet-Marketing-Muscle.com Coaching-Academy.us