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Future search search love - bill slawski


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Make sure to check out the robot slides, and the link to Google's patents including the one that reads like Asimov's 3 Rules of Robotics.

Make sure to check out the robot slides, and the link to Google's patents including the one that reads like Asimov's 3 Rules of Robotics.

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  • 1. The Future of Search SearchLove Boston May 20th, 2013 Bill Slawski
  • 2. It’s been a good week for Science Fiction – Space Oddity in Zero Gravity
  • 3. Amit Singhal on his Childhood Star Trek Computer Dreams at Google I/O
  • 4. “Hello Computer” Amit also introduced his portion of the developer’s conference as “The Death of Search”
  • 5. Should we be Afraid? Concerned? We should be aware!
  • 6. The Future and Change Permeates the World Around us David Foster Wallace on Water
  • 7. Future Shock is the stress we feel because of change
  • 8. “Tell me more of this change management.” A former supervisor of mine, hearing “change management,” became worried that he was being replaced by computers.
  • 9. Matt Cutts Recently warned people to not take patents too seriously What's the latest SEO misconception that you would like to put to rest?
  • 10. Let’s Ignore Matt’s Warning! Patents give the owners a right to prevent others from carrying out the invention (manufacturing or marketing) but not from learning from the invention. WIPO on Using patent information for policy and business analysis
  • 11. Bill Slawski  Writes about patents and takes them very seriously       Reads Science Fiction and Patents like Cereal Boxes  Works for Webimax as a Senior SEO Consultant – Blogs at
  • 12. What’s New?  New Ways to Crawl & New Indexing Approaches  New Ways to Search  New Ways to Rank
  • 13. Old Crawling and Indexing Approaches • Googlebot • Streetview Cars • XML Sitemaps • Canonical Link Elements • Pagination Markup • HREFLANG Markup/Sitemaps
  • 14. New Crawling and Indexing Approaches       WOWD Distributed Indexing Open Learning Information Extraction Mobile Devices and (Lots of) Sensors Robots and Cloud-Based Object Recognition Self-Driving Cars and (Lots of) Sensors Glass and Life Streaming
  • 15. WOWD Google Acquired Patents from WOWD that Use a Distributed Index Based on Links People Click Upon System and Method for Recommendation of Interesting Web Pages Based on User Browsing Actions
  • 16. Open Language Learning for Information Extraction Open information extraction from the Web
  • 17. Mobile Devices and Sensors Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Accelerometer, Magnometer, GPS, Bluetooth, Ambient Light, Proximity, Compass, Gyroscope, Microphone Methods and apparatus for prediction and modification of behavior in networks
  • 18. Cloud-Based Robots Methods and systems for providing instructions to a robotic device Methods and systems for autonomous robotic decision making
  • 19. Self Driving Cars and Sensors “The communication is two-way, so in addition to downloading Google’s maps, the car can upload its map to Google. If several self-driving cars upload maps showing the new construction barrels, for example, Google can update the map it sends to other cars, letting those cars anticipate the hazard.” - Yes, Driverless Cars Know the Way to San Jose
  • 20. Heads Up Display Google Glass Method and Apparatus for Enabling a Searchable History of Real-World User Experiences
  • 21. Searching Facebook Graph Search  Knowledge Panels  Knowledge Cards and Google Now  Search Plus Your World  Agent Rank 
  • 22. Facebook Graph Search Default Structured Search Queries on Online Social Networks
  • 23. Knowledge Panels Providing Knowledge Panels With Search Results
  • 24. Knowledge Cards Providing digital content based on expected user behavior
  • 25. Search Plus Your World Following Online Social Behavior to Enhance Search Experience (Bing) Social Network Powered Search Enhancements (Bing) Presenting Social Search Results (Google)
  • 26. Agent Rank The identity of individual agents responsible for content can be used to influence search ratings…. Multiple agents can make contributions to a single web page where each agent is only associated to the content that the agent provided. Agent Rank - Version 1 Google’s Agent Rank Patent Application - My 2007 Write-up of it in Search Engine Land Agent Rank - Version 2 – Portability Agent Rank - Version 3 – Not all Endorsements are Equal
  • 27. Ranking Updated News (less tradition)  Entities for the Win!  User Rank  Quality rating and Re-Ranking (Panda and More) 
  • 28. Updated News When Google clusters News articles around a topic, it picks representative stories for each cluster. The claims section of the latest version no longer seems to favor Traditional media sources… Systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles – 1st Version Systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles – 2nd Version Systems and methods for improving the rankings of news articles – 3rd Version
  • 29. Entities For The Win Aspector combines two sources of information to compute aspects. We discover candidate aspects by analyzing query logs, and cluster them to eliminate redundancies. We then use a mass-collaboration knowledge base (e.g., Wikipedia) to compute candidate aspects for queries that occur less frequently and to group together aspects that are likely to be “semantically” related. Identifying Aspects for Web-Search Queries
  • 30. User Rank • How relevant a response/comment might be from the 1st person to something that the 2nd person posted, • How original a post/comment/piece of content submitted to the network might be compared to other content items, • How much “coverage” or broadening of a topic a piece of content might add to the network, based upon uncommon terms in the post or comment or reply, • How “rich” the content item might be, (Does it include multimedia/rich media content) or • The timeliness of a content item, such as a quick comment in response to a post. Ranking User Generated Web Content
  • 31. Quality Rating Website quality signal generation
  • 32. Take Aways      Read Patents – Don’t make assumptions  Don’t be Afraid of Change (SEO is Dead, Again) Understand New Data (Sensor) Collection Approaches Make Pages about “Things not Strings” and understand aspects and relationships between them. Ranking will be increasingly about authority and quality online
  • 33. Thank You Bill Slawski @bill_slawski