LOPENING MINDS ... CHANGING LIVES                  V LITERACY                                       S              VOLUNTE...
From the President                                        A                                            dult illiteracy is ...
LVSA by the numbers                FiscalYear July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010                                    Revenue     ...
Donors 2009-2010                                                                                                  *United ...
Donors 2009-2010                                                                                                        *U...
Who we are . . . LVSA success stories                                                W                                    ...
LAdult Learner      ike many a basic reading learner’s jour-      ney, Mike’s is made up of more than one      stop. As a ...
Adult Literacy and Language Learning Center – Bear Library: Motivated learners improve skills                  I          ...
Annual  event  keepsgrowing                                                                           Spellebration is    ...
Our numbers add up to successes   Literacy isthe ability to    127 Adult learners received tutoring services. read, write,...
Support LVSA                                                                                                 By donating, ...
Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults/ Northern Delaware P.O. Box 2083 Wilmington, DE 19899 LVSA Mission Statement The purpos...
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Lvsa annual reportfinal

  1. 1. LOPENING MINDS ... CHANGING LIVES V LITERACY S VOLUNTEERS A SERVING ADULTS Annual Report 2009-2010 Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults/Northern Delaware, Inc. Wilmington, Delaware
  2. 2. From the President A dult illiteracy is a these necessary educational pieces, we, the life of isolation. Board of Directors, rely upon the support of Literacy Getting over the our donors. Volunteers hurdle of finding a learning guide can Our accomplishments outlined in this 2009- Serving often be an insur- 2010 Annual Report have been made possible Adults mountable experience. in a tough economic climate by the generos- Learners who have a ity of individuals, foundations, and corpora- helps our reading level below that of a fifth grader tions that share our mission, “Opening Minds . . . Changing Lives.” learners quickly fall behind, break often ending up more discouraged and disap- As you read the pages that follow, please pointed than when they began. Literacy Vol- keep in mind that all of our accomplishmentsthrough the unteers Serving Adults helps our learners break through the barriers. would not have been possible without the work of many people. I am grateful for the barriers support of a dedicated Board of Directors, a Learners depend upon and receive life- passionate staff, and generous donors. changing guidance in reading, writing, math, and computer skills, along with English in- struction from either a volunteer tutor or teacher. Volunteer tutors and teachers de- pend upon our Director and Program Coordi- Arthur W. Ritchie nator for leadership, training, and effective Board President teaching materials. In order to provide all ofFrom the Director T his has been a the Bear Library with a grant from the Ameri- busy and produc- can Recovery and Reinvestment Act throughStories from tive year for Liter- First State Community Action Agency. This our LVSA acy Volunteers Serving program focuses on teaching the basic Eng- Adults (LVSA). We have lish skills that non-native speakers need to community been able not only to become more successful as workers, parents of learners hold our own in these and community members. tough economic times, and tutors but also to thrive. We now have more than 30 Stories from our LVSA community of learners and tutors keep us focused on success. The keep us basic reading learners staff—Cathy, Alyssa and I—are motivated by focused on matched with tutors. We have added two our hard-working learners and our amazing new classes for beginning readers at the volunteers who give so freely of their time success Woodlawn Library, and have set up a social network to connect tutors with each other and talents and inspire us everyday. We at LVSA firmly believe that literacy is the way and our staff. In addition, this past year, forward to a more productive and self-suffi- LVSA once again earned accreditation from cient life, working towards the American ProLiteracy Worldwide for meeting and ex- Dream. ceeding all benchmarks for volunteer literacy organizations. We have also been able to expand the Adult Cynthia E. Shermeyer Literacy and Language Learning Center at Director 2—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  3. 3. LVSA by the numbers FiscalYear July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010 Revenue < 1% 48% 52% Contributions Government Grants Other (including earned income) Revenue Contributions* $123,906 Government Grants 132,352 Other (including earned income) 2,522 Total $258,780 *This category includes gifts from individuals, the United Way Contributor Choice Program, grants from corporations and foundations, and special fundraising events. Expenses Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults/ Northern 10% Delaware, Inc., is a 8% tax-exempt, 501[c][3] educa- tional organization. All contributions 82% are tax deductible to the extent al- lowed by law.The organization’s com- plete audited finan- cial statement is Literacy Program Services Management & General Fundraising available from Lit- eracy VolunteersExpenses Serving Adults/ Literacy Program Services $174,231 Northern Management and General 18,019 Delaware, Inc., Fundraising 21,624 Post Office Box 2083, Wilmington, Total $213,874 DE 19899. 3—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  4. 4. Donors 2009-2010 *United Way Special thanks to our Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Davis Ms. Pamela Hoffman donors, who make Ms. Paula Maude Dayton Ms. Sherry Hoffman what we do possible Ms. Erin Delano Ms. Ruth Holden Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Dell Ms. Deborah Howard The following individuals and organi- Mr. Chris Delorenzo Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hubbard zations generously helped to fund Ms. Marian Delp Ms. Elizabeth Hunt programs in our 2010 Fiscal Year, Ms. Nancy Devine Mr. and Mrs. James Hunter from July 1, 2009, through June 30, Ms. Deanne Dewar Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hurka 2010. Ms. Marcia Diemer Ms. Jen Jaqueth Ms. Marcy Diener Ms. Karla Jensen Individuals Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dilley Ms. Marynell Jewett Mr. and Mrs. Richard Abel Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dittmar Ms. Cindy Johnson Mr. Kurt Adams *Dr. Tanya Djanegara Ms. Martha Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bob Almond Ms. Susan Dods Mr. Gary Jolly Mr. Paul and Frances Altman Ms. Judith Dolinger Ms. Janet Jones Mr. and Mrs. David Angerer Dr. and Dr. Robert Dressler and Mr. Daniel Kasprzak Ms. Sally Angelero Susan Szabo Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kaufman Ms. Melanie Andrews *Ms. Johanna Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Keeler Ms. Ruth Ansel Mr. and Mrs. Edward DuPont Ms. Barbara Kemper Ms. Becky Arnold Mrs. Marion Ehrlich Ms. Bridget Kirk Ms. Jane Ellen Babe Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eid Ms. Naomi Klein Ms. Jeanne Badlato Mr. and Mrs. John Eklund Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knee Ms. Charlotte Baker Mrs. Gretchen Elhassani Mrs. Carmen Knox Mr. Cornelius Banks Ms. Helen Eliason Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krapf Mr. and Mrs. David Bankston Mr. and Mrs. Richard Emmert Mr. Robert Kraver Mr. and Mrs. William Barlow Mrs. Susan Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kristol Ms. Barbara Beaman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fink Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Beardwood Ms. Rona Finkelstein Mr. Kenneth Kubacki *Mr. Robert Bell Ms. Nancy J. Frampton Ms. Mary Landoll Ms. Cindy Bennett Mrs. Virginia Franta Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian LaRocca *Ms. Allison Berl Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gawthrop Dr. and Mrs. Allen Levy Ms. Marcilee Bierlein Mr. Jax M. Geller Ms. Kristin Liersch Mr. and Mrs.Yaroslav Bilinsky Mr. Alden Gibbs Mr. James A. Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bisio Ms. Louise Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lomax Mr. Anthony Bleach Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glessner Ms. Alice Long *Mr. and Mrs. Dwin Bohn Mr. and Mrs. James Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Loper, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Boulden Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldbaum Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loper Mr. Richard Bowen *Mrs. Robert Gore Ms. Mary Ann Lougheed Mr. Gustavo Bravo Mr. John Graham Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lubitz Mr. Roberts Brokaw III Ms. Mary Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ludman *Ms. Sarah Brown Mr. and Mrs. James Greenshields *Mr. and Mrs. Basil Maas Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Budner *Dr. and Mrs. Richard Grenville Ms. Denise Madison Ms. Theresa Cancro Ms. Ruth Griffin Mr. John Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cardinal Mr. Fernando Guevara Mr. and Mrs. Steven Marino Ms. Betsy Carpenter Mr. Chester Gulczynski Mr. and Mrs. David Marvin Senator and Mrs. Thomas Carper Mr. Edward Hannagen Dr. and Mrs. Fred Masterson Hon. and Mrs. Michael Castle Ms. Margaret Harrell *Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGrath *Ms. Rosella Champion Ms. E. McCrae Harrison Mr. and Mrs. William McLain Yu Tang Chou Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins *Dr. Knut Meyer Ms. Eileen Conner Ms. Roberta Headley Ms. Marjorie Meyermann Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cope Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hess Mr. and Mrs. John Micklos Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cripps Mr. Nicholas Hester Mr. and Mrs. Emil Mikity Mr. Peter Dalleo *Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hickok Mr. Donald Minnich Mr. Bob Darby Ms. Fannie Hill Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Monroe *Mr. and Mrs. John Himes Mr. Michael Morgan 4—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  5. 5. Donors 2009-2010 *United WayDr. and Mrs. Michael Morris Ms. Teresa Thompson Delaware Department of EducationMr. and Mrs. Patrick Morris Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Travers Adult and Prison Education WorkMr. and Mrs. Timothy Morris Mr. and Mrs. Frances Trzuskowski GroupMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nachbar *Mr. and Mrs. David Venetianer First State Community ActionMr. and Mrs. Chandan Nath Ms. Wendy Voss AgencyMr. and Mrs. Harold Neikirk Ms. Ledee Wakefield Grant-in-AidMs. Julia Neikirk Mrs. Lisa H. Wagner Red Hat SocietyMs. Pamela Nelson Mr. and Mrs. James Walker*Mr. Quoc-Anh Nguyen *Mr. and Mrs. James Walnock In-Kind GiftsMrs. Ana Nieves Ms. Delores Washington We deeply appreciate the invaluableMr. and Mrs. Parry Norling *Mr. Lawrence Watson in-kind services from the followingMr. and Mrs. Edward Novak Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waxman contributors:Mr. J. J. Nuttall Mrs. Kate Weaver*Ms. Carol O’Donnell Mr. Daniel Weintraub BBC Tavern And GrillMr. Charles Oberly Ms. Tomoko Werbe Bear LibraryMr. and Mrs. Daniel Oldham Mr. Richard Wheeler Brandywine LibraryMr. and Mrs. Alan Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Donald White Brandywine ZooJiyeon Park Ms. Mary White Buckley’s TavernMr. Michael J. Pavlin Mr. and Mrs. William Wood, Jr. Café NapoliMs. Elizabeth Pfeufer Mr. Edgard Woolard Café Gelato*Ms. Bonnie Porter Mrs. Janet Worrell Calvary Presbyterian ChurchMr. and Mrs. Richard Potter *Ms. ChristineYasik Christ Church Christiana HundredMr. and Mrs. Donald Proud Ms. JennyYeh The Community NewsMr. Thomas Przybylski Ms. Diane Zilka CVSMr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Puffer Cromwell’s TavernMs. Deborah L. Pyle Businesses Deer Park Tavern & Mc Glynn’s PubMr. Edward Redfield III Delmarva Power Harry’s Savoy GrillMr. and Mrs. Ronald Riebman DuPont Hockessin Athletic ClubMr. and Mrs. James Riggleman Forever Green Landscaping, Inc. Iron Hill Brewery and RestaurantMr. Arthur Ritchie Longview Capital Management Kreston’s Liquor Mart, Inc.Ms. Dorothy Robinson Morris and Morris LLC, Limestone Presbyterian ChurchMr. and Mrs. Ernest Ruppe Counselors at Law Newark Library*Ms. Janet Salacki TD Bank Newark United Methodist ChurchMs. Emily Sanders Thorndale Dental Associates Over Coffee CaféMs. Janet Sanders Dr. Allan S. Tocker and Associates, Pizza by ElizabethsMs. Judy Sargent Optometry P.A. Sunrise CleanersMr. and Mrs. F. Charles Shermeyer Wilmington Dental Associates Theater N at NemoursMs. Lisa Schetrompf WSFS Bank Todd’s Beauty SalonMr. John Schmutz Toscana Kitchen and BarMr. Axel Schwendt Foundations Westminister Presbyterian ChurchMr. and Mrs. James Scott White Clay Creek Presbyterian Rose H. Charles and Rita ArshtMr. and Mrs. Rodney Sharp III Church FoundationMs. Frances Shelton Widener University The Christmas Shop FoundationMs. Nan Showalter Wilmington Library Crestlea Foundation, Inc.Ms. Stephanie Selice Woodlawn Library Delaware Community FoundationMrs. John Sinclair Delaware Fund for WomenMr. Nirmal Singh Laffey-McHugh FoundationMr. Jack Skehan Our apologies to any contributor Longwood Foundation, Inc.Ms. Suzanne Smith who may have been inadvertently Welfare Foundation, Inc.Mr. William Smith omitted. Every effort has been madeMs. Nuria SolanoMr. and Mrs. David Sorber Organizations and to list donors accurately. Please in- form our office of any corrections at*Mr. John Stacey Government Agencies 302-658-5624.Mr. and Mrs. Don Stitz City of WilmingtonMs. Linda Taylor Cub Scout Pack 527 5—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  6. 6. Who we are . . . LVSA success stories W Teacher orking with small groups, Ruth (shown prepar- ing for a lesson at left) provides both challenge and security as the instructor to her two small Basic Reader classes at the Woodlawn Library. While patient and quiet, Ruth has a great sense of humor that opens up her learners and their abilities to succeed. Looking to unlock the lives of those who “live in secret” with illiteracy and/or reading disabilities, Ruth works to tear down prior negative school experi- ences and to build a positive learning atmosphere for all of her learners. Over thirty years of special education teaching allows her to give the “self-satisfaction of using all that you know” to her learners and those that she meets. Ruth’s eager and determined adult learners do not lack in the motivation to achieve and grow. Woodlawn small group learners quickly find out “this is not the last step – this is only the first step in learning.” Ruth is the starting point of their transition to positive, confident and thriving futures. “...this is notthe last step – this is only the first step in learning.” 6—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  7. 7. LAdult Learner ike many a basic reading learner’s jour- ney, Mike’s is made up of more than one stop. As a child, he struggled in an edu-cational system that lacked the appropriateprograms for students with learning disabili-ties. Marked as one of the “bad kids,” hemoved on to the Merchant Marines and thentrucking.Knowing that something was missing and that“everything revolves around reading,” Mike(shown at right practicing his reading) is now ahighly motivated learner of Ruth’s BasicReader classes at Woodlawn.“The world has opened up for me, and now I am wondering what I missed. It makesme mad, but now I can’t say enough. Ruth has helped me 100 fold,” says Mike, who “The worldcan now read and understand “everyday words” and enjoys reading with friends.Mike is adapting to the world of technology – he is learning text messaging to fur- has openedther his driving career. up for me, and now I amMike smiles, “Don’t judge a book by the cover, that would be me.” wonderingAAspiring Citizen what I better life,” Abe says. It missed.” seems so simple; this often repeated explana-tion for why he and so many ofhis fellow immigrants firstcome to America.Of course, what it really im-plies for most who immigrateto the United States is a quitecomplex and difficult set ofchoices.Fourteen years earlier, in search of opportunity, Abe (shown above with with Karen Kin-sella) left his family and small village in the Ivory Coast. Settling in Delaware and work- “My tutor,ing alone as a night security guard, Abe filled his hours watching television to learnEnglish. Lisa, pulled me towardsAbe walked into the LVSA office and successfully fulfilled his dream to become a U.S. my goal.citizen. She knew I“My tutor, Lisa, pulled me towards my goal. She knew I could do it. I needed someone could do it.”who would listen to me and help me perfect my English. Now I feel like I belong.” 7—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  8. 8. Adult Literacy and Language Learning Center – Bear Library: Motivated learners improve skills I n celebration of National Adult Educa- tion and Family Literacy Week, LVSA “Karen is so recognized the dedication and accom- patient. I plishments of 33 English language learn- ers who are students of the Adult Literacylearn so much and Language Learning Center program from her.” at the Bear Library on Thursday, Septem- ber 16, 2010. Currently funded by a grant from the American Reinvestment and Re- covery Act, all classes are taught by Karen Kinsella (below right). Learners work to- gether on building their communication, math and computer skills and on United States civics and citizenship knowledge. This highly successful LVSA program will continue through a Self-Sufficiency Com- munity Services Block Grant obtained through First State Community Action Agency. Doris (above right), originally from Ghana, earned recognition for attending 126 pro- attendance and hours of participation gram hours and for greatly improving her with their class, both enjoy learning with English communication skills. A diligent their motivated classmates. “Karen en- student, Doris enjoys completing her courages us and we learn so much from homework and practicing speaking “ap- her,” says Lilian. “This is the best present I propriately” with her classmates. have—to be here with everyone. After Friends and classmates Lilian and Helen learning English for ten years, I still need also work with Karen to increase their to learn all of the basics. Karen is so pa- English proficiency. Recognized for their tient. I learn so much from her.” 8—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  9. 9. Annual event keepsgrowing Spellebration is LVSA’s major fund raiser of the year. In 2009, the event raised nearly $8,000 in support of LVSA’s programs. Spellebration brings together SCRABBLE® beginners and aficianados for an afternoon of play, raffles, door prizes and camaraderie. The event continues to grow each year. 9—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  10. 10. Our numbers add up to successes Literacy isthe ability to 127 Adult learners received tutoring services. read, write, compute, 30 New volunteers were trained as literacy tutors. and use technology 87 Volunteers gave 5,488 instructional hours to learners. at a levelthat enablesan individual 20 Other volunteers gave over 800 hours of support in other ways. to reach his or her full More than 130 positive outcomes and literacy gains were achieved by ALL learners and program participants. potential as 70 a parent, employee, More than specific skills were achieved by learners, including: improved read- ing levels; voter registration; improved health or financial literacy; improved vocabu- and lary, comprehension and reading literacy; citizenship; State of Delaware community Citizenship certificate. member. More than 50 work-related goals were achieved by learners including the ability to: obtain, retain, or improve employment; learn and use technology; secure related certifications and promotions; write a resume; conduct a job interview. More than 94 family and personal goals were achieved by learners including the ability to: read to children and help with homework; obtain a library card; participate in parent education classes; join the PTA; participate in school activities; participate in church activities. 57percent of the adults in the English language learners’ classes increased their listening and speaking skills. 5 LVSA learners have passed the U.S. Naturalization Test and achieved U.S. citizenship. LVSA has educated learners from 98 countries. 10—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  11. 11. Support LVSA By donating, What would you do if you couldn’t read? you can help LVSAYour help is vital to LVSA’s low-literacy solution because we rely on charitable contri-butions to keep our unique, learner-centered programs free of charge for low-literacy continue toadults in New Castle County, Delaware. change the lives ofWe are a 501 [c][3] organization; so all donations to LVSA are tax deductible. For morethan 28 years, LVSA has been Northern Delaware’s only adult literacy organization, hundreds ofproviding one-on-one tutoring exclusively to adults who read and write at or below the adults andfifth-grade level. their familiesThanks to the support of our donors, we’ve grown from a small volunteer group to a each year.leader in Northern Delaware’s adult illiteracy community. By donating, you can helpLVSA continue to change the lives of hundreds of adults and their families each year.As a lean, volunteer-based organization, LVSA maximizes every dollar we receive –which means we deeply appreciate gifts of any size. Here are a few examples of what your gift will go for: • $30 pays for one reading, math or English textbook • $50 pays for non-text book supplies for one learner • $75 pays for registration and literacy assessment for one learner • $200 pays for supplies for a basic reader class • $800 pays for for one learner to enroll and receive instruction for one yearYou can easily and securely donate to LVSA online at litvolunteers.org, or you can mailyour gift to: Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults P.O. Box 2083 Wilmington, DE 19899If you would like to find out more about making an in-kind gift, a gift of stock or aplanned gift, please contact Cynthia E. Shermeyer, Executive Director, at302-658-5723 or e-mail litvolunteers@verizon.net. 11—Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults • 2009-2010 Annual Report
  12. 12. Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults/ Northern Delaware P.O. Box 2083 Wilmington, DE 19899 LVSA Mission Statement The purpose of Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults/Northern Delaware, Inc. (LVSA) is to help adults improve literacy skills and thereby realize their potential to be confident, self-sufficient, and productive employees and community members. We deliver services and programs in reading, writing, English language, math, work- place, and computer skills. LVSA works to create public understanding of the impact of illiteracy and advocates for literacy solutions. LVSA Staff Cynthia E. Shermeyer Executive Director Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults/Northern Delaware, Inc. Alyssa M. Almond Post Office Box 2083, Wilmington, DE 19899 Program Coordinator LVSA Headquarters and Administrative Offices Cathy Opdenaker Administrative Wilmington Library Assistant 10th and Market Streets Wilmington, DE 19801 Board of Directors Phone: 302-658-5624 2009-2010 Fax: 302-654-9132 Arthur W. Ritchie, Chair Adult Literacy Learning Center Bob Hurka, Treasurer Woodlawn Library Michael F. Morgan 2020 W. 9th Street Patrick Francis Morris Victoria M. Novak Wilmington, DE 19805 Deborah PyleCarolyn A. Thoroughgood, Ph.D E-Mail: litvolunteers@verizon.net Lisa Wagner www.litvolunteers.org