Customer Service Quotes


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Customer service quotes that can serve as an introduction to a discussion on how to improve your company’s customer experience.

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Customer Service Quotes

  1. 1. Nobody ravesabout average.Bill Quiseng
  2. 2. Rule #1Use your good judgment.There will beno additional rules.Nordstrom Employee Handbook.
  3. 3. We set the price.The customersets the value.
  4. 4. If I go to a restaurantand the food is okay,but the service is great,then I’ll go back.If the food is greatbut the people aren’t,I won’t go back –and I’m in the cooking profession.Wolfgang Puck, Chef
  5. 5. Mints on the pillowdon’t mean a lotif the bed is not made.Focus on the basics first.
  6. 6. Customer satisfactionis worthless.Customer loyaltyis priceless.Jeffrey Gitomer
  7. 7. No customerwalks into your business,gives you money and then says,"Dissatisfy me, please."Aim for 100%customer satisfaction.Bill Quiseng
  8. 8. Delivering goodcustomer service isbusiness common sense.Your job is to make itcommon practice.Bill Quiseng
  9. 9. Although your customerswon’t love youif you give bad service,your competitors will.Kate Zabriskie
  10. 10. A man withouta smiling facemust not opena shop.Chinese proverb
  11. 11. If your last customerinteraction was postedon Facebook,would you feel proudof your performance?Bill Quiseng
  12. 12. Customer serviceis just a day-in, day-out,ongoing, never-ending,unremitting, persevering,compassionate, type of activity.Leon Gorman, CEO L.L.Bean 
  13. 13. You cannot improveone thing by 1000%but you can improve1000 little things by 1%.Jan Carlzon
  14. 14. Treat every customeras though they were yourfavorite celebrity, hero,friend, neighbor or yourgrandma.Jeffrey Gitomer
  15. 15. You do not needpermission from a bossto make a customerfeel great.
  16. 16. Moments of truthtell the tale of success or failure.Every contact with the customercreates a lasting impression- for better or worse.Handle each opportunity with care.
  17. 17. Be thankfulfor customers who complain.You still havethe opportunityto make them happy.
  18. 18. Service is like Momtold you about piano lessons:practice,practice,practice.Jeffrey Gitomer
  19. 19. To my customer:I may not have the answer,but I’ll find it.I may not have the time,but I’ll make it.I may not be the biggest,but I’ll be the most committedto your success.
  20. 20. Don’t fix the blame.Fix the problem.
  21. 21. If you’re not servingthe customer,you better be servingthe person who is.Jan Carlzon
  22. 22. Understanding,thoughtful,concerned.Are these wordsthat customers and co-workersuse to describe you?
  23. 23. To connectwith new customersdont try to get insidetheir heads.Get inside their hearts.Create anemotional connection.Bill Quiseng
  24. 24. A satisfied customeris the bestbusiness strategyof all.Michael LeBoeuf
  25. 25. Commit yourself to performing oneten-minute act of exceptional serviceper day and to inducing yourcolleagues to do the same. In a 100-person outfit, taking into accountnormal vacations, holidays, etc. thatwould mean 24,000 new courteousacts per year. Such is the stuff ofrevolutions.Tom Peters, Management Guru
  26. 26. When customers connectwith your product, they are interested.When customers connectwith your service, they are appreciative.When customers connectwith your experience, they are amazed;they want to repeat the experienceyou provide;they become loyal to your product.Scott McKain
  27. 27. Given a choicebetween a smiling personand one who is frowning,who would you approach?
  28. 28. If I pick up a ringing phone,I accept the responsibilityto ensure a caller is satisfied,no matter what the issue.Michael RamundoPresident, MCR Marketing
  29. 29. Do what you do so wellthat they will wantto see it againand bring their friends.Walt Disney
  30. 30. A rose on timeis far more valuablethan a $1000 giftthat’s too late.Jim Rohn
  31. 31. Memorable stories (good or bad)about the things you doare retold . . . from a customerto a potential customer.What kind of storiesare being told about you?
  32. 32. The goal as a companyis to have customer servicethat is not just the best,but legendary.Sam Walton
  33. 33. If you make customers unhappyin the physical world,they might each tell 6 friends.If you make customers unhappyon the Internet,they can each tell 6,000 friends.Jeff Bezosfounder,
  34. 34. Superior serviceis a day to day,person by personchallenge.Today is the day . . .the challenge is yours.
  35. 35. Washroomswill always tellif your company caresabout its customers.
  36. 36. Three Rules of Service Recovery1. Do it right the first time.2. Fix it if it fails.3. Remember:There are no third chances.Dr. Leonard Berry. Texas A&M Researcher
  37. 37. Ever wonder whysomebodydoesn’t do thingsto make service betterin your company?Perhaps youare that somebody.
  38. 38. Everyone has aninvisible signhanging from their necksaying,“Make mefeel important.”Mary Kay Ash
  39. 39. Pretend your next customeris a mystery shopper readyto reward you with $1000for providingsuperior service.
  40. 40. Great Serviceis Great Theater.Perform itlike you mean it.Bill Quiseng
  41. 41. Worry about being better;bigger will take care of itself.Think one customer at a timeand take care of each onethe best way you can.Gary Comer
  42. 42. In the end,the only perspectivethat mattersis the customer’s.
  43. 43. If your businesscannot pledge“Satisfaction Guaranteedor Your Money Back”then something is broken.Fix it.Bill Quiseng
  44. 44. Be everywhere,do everything,and never failto astonish the customer.-Macy’s Motto
  45. 45. Unless you have 100%customer satisfaction…you must improve.Horst Schulzformer President, Ritz Carlton Hotels
  46. 46. Don’t try to tell the customerwhat he wants.If you want to be smart,be smart in the shower.Then get out, go to workand serve the customer!Gene BuckleyPresident Sikorsky Aircraft
  47. 47. There is only one boss.The customer.And he can fire everybodyin the companyfrom the chairman on downsimply by spending his moneysomewhere else.-Sam Walton
  48. 48. Service Recovery to LASTListenApologizeSolveThank
  49. 49. One of the deep secretsof life is thatall that is reallyworth doingis what we do for others.Lewis Carroll
  50. 50. “Thank you very much.”These are the fourmost important wordsYou can sayor will ever hear.Holly Stiel
  51. 51. The ultimatecustomer servicemantra:Be Valuable.Bill Quiseng
  52. 52. billquiseng.comYour #1 source for practical tips, insightand inspiration to improveyour personal delivery of customer service:billquisengdotcombillquiseng