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Email Marketing Best Practices
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Email Marketing Best Practices


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An introduction to the best practices in email marketing.

An introduction to the best practices in email marketing.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Email Marketing Best Practices
  • 2. Whatchu talkin’ about? 1) Why Email? 2) SPAM 3) Best Practices 4) Choosing an ESP 5) Q&A
  • 3. Why Email? Easy Interactive Data Driven Inexpensive
  • 4. OLD Print Television Radio Direct Mail Web (online brochure) Hard to measure Hard to maximize Lifetime Customer Value Photo from the Tom Lennon Photographic Collection
  • 5. Traditional media = Interrupt for Awareness
  • 6. Customer Relationship Life cycle
  • 7. New media = Trust and Credibility
  • 8. Turn Strangers into friends and friends into customers 1999
  • 9. Multi-channel Marketing Consistency to keep your customers connected with your brand or product through targeted marketing mediums Connect with customers in a way that is comfortable for them. The result = higher response rate, more repeat buyers and increased revenues. Database holds the information.
  • 10. 50 million people checked email at least 5 times by 11:00 am today
  • 11. How do we break through?
  • 12. SPAM
  • 13. CAN-SPAM It bans false or misleading header information. Controlling the Assault of Non-Solic- ited Pornography and Marketing Act It prohibits deceptive subject lines It requires that your email give recipients an opt-out method It requires that commercial email be identified as an advertisement and include the sender’s valid physical postal address.
  • 14. Filters Server Side Email Client Subscriber
  • 15. Statistics are needed Open Rates Click Throughs Hard/Soft Bounce
  • 16. Best Practices From shadphotos’ Flickr photostream
  • 17. When to send? • Industry and customer specific • Focus on key events • Seasonal - Email only coupon with special code to measure ROI • Personal - birthday, anniversary • Follow multiple channel marketing calendar to ti e into special events • Utilize CRM or POS to send based on customer behavior
  • 18. 1. Opt-in How you collect your email addresses are extremely important. • Implicit • Explicit
  • 19. 2. Welcome message This is your first impression • Timeliness • Reiteration of what your customer can expect to receive • Reiterate selection of or invite subscriber to select frequency. Obtain data over a series of emails
  • 20. 3. Relevancy Anyone can send an email— engagement is the key. Clean list + engaged audience + relevant message = open rate close to 100%.
  • 21. -
  • 22. 3. Relevancy Send based on the preferences identified by your subscriber
  • 23. Open rates for segmented versus non-segmented campaigns are as much as 20% higher on average for the first 30 days. MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008” (2008)‫‏‬ Click rates for segmented versus non-segmented campaigns are five times higher the last 90 days of the year. MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008” (2008)‫‏‬
  • 24. 3. Relevancy Dynamic Content based on your users profile.
  • 25. 4. Design Five Stages 73% of subscribers of Email Viewing click “Report Spam” or “Report Junk” 1. From Name based on the content from this field source ESPC
  • 26. 4. Design - 2. Subject Line • Inform-what will they miss • Intrigue-stand out • Entrust-don’t mislead • Action • Empathy-speak to the individual
  • 27. 4. Design - 3. Preview Pane Make sure you place branding and main call-to-action at top left of email‫‏‬
  • 28. 4. Design - 4. Open 11% will see the (pre-scroll) whole email bullets, borders and background colors Encourage scrolling
  • 29. Use ‘Alt’ tags
  • 30. 4. Design 5. Full Email - Make sure you place branding and main call-to-action at top left of email‫‏‬
  • 31. ICI Restaurants Timbuk2 Fifty Coins
  • 32. Test, test and retest A/B split test • Subject lines • Design Different email clients render emails differently
  • 33. A/B Split Test A B
  • 34. Email Service Providers Private IP Education Best Practices Tracking Deliverability
  • 35. Lisa Wester Bill Powell