The care and feeding of e procurement and einvoice


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The care and feeding of e procurement and einvoice

  1. 1. The Care and Feeding ofeProcurement and eInvoice Bill Pace UNCC November 3, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Implementation and Infrastructure• Information Flows• Using the eProcurement Console• Using the eInvoice OAS Facility• Utilizing Banner to Assist in Administration• Monitoring the Services• Planning for Upgrades and Cloning• Words to the Wise• Requesting Support from SciQuest and Sungard
  3. 3. Implementation /Infrastructure• Implementation – Nov 10 – Jul 10 eProc – Jul 10 – Jan 11 eInvoice• Separate VM’s for eProc and eInvoice integration w/ Banner• Linux Red Hat• Currently on Banner Finance 8.4 (testing Finance 8.6)• Employ IP filtering and Certificates
  4. 4. Vendors Information Flows - eProcurement PO User profile/fund Receipts info PO Info ReceiptsSciQuest Banner PO info Fund, Org, Program FOAP Vendor Provision accounts Parent-Child (XML)
  5. 5. Vendors Information Flows - eInvoice Invoices InvoicesSciQuest Banner
  6. 6. eProc Console
  7. 7. eProc Console (continued)
  8. 8. Setting Logging Options BannerP2PConsumer BannerAQGateway Enterprise LoggingService EnterpriseTransRouter ErrorManager SciQuestRelayConsumer SciQuestRelayProducer
  9. 9. Logging Levels• Debug• Info *• Warn• Error *• Fatal• * - Most useful• Info for Test, Error for Prod
  10. 10. Log File Types• SciQuestRelayConsumer – Activity from Banner *• BannerAQGateway – Banner Message Queue *• EnterpriseLoggingService – Logging of activity• ErrorManager – Error logging• SciQuestRelayProducer – Activity from SciQuest *• BannerP2PConsumer – Activity within Banner• EnterpriseTransRouter – Shows messages between Higher Markets and Banner* Most useful
  11. 11. eInvoice OAS Console
  12. 12. eInvoice Logs
  13. 13. eInvoice Log Entries
  14. 14. eInvoice Log Detail
  15. 15. Leveraging Banner• Provision accounts in SciQuest using Banner employee info• Pass info for user profile at login (employee and fund)• Update fund/org/program through posting to SciQuest
  16. 16. Monitoring Services• Use of GroundWorks to monitor eProcurement and eInvoice• Emails and text messages generated as needed• Monitor both eProcurement and eInvoice• Evaluate server and services
  17. 17. Upgrades and Cloning• Periodic cloning of production to test• Requires reconfiguring/initialization of eProcurement• Requires different sequence of invoice numbers for eInvoice• Banner upgrades will require restart of eProc and eInvoice
  18. 18. Words to the Wise• Periodic purging of LDILOG• Weekly restart of eProcurement services• Synching of UOM for Higher Markets and Banner• Periodic truncating of T_BANNER_EVENTS• Restart eProcurement if connection to BANNER is interrupted• Banner will catch up once service is restored• SciQuest transactions that fail after five attempts will need to be expedited
  19. 19. Support• Sungard Customer Support – Provide catalina.out, excerpt of log file, configuration and release details (Banner and integration)
  20. 20. Support• SciQuest Customer Support 800-233-1121 – Provide screen shots, error messages
  21. 21. • Restart script Appendix• Reconfiguring eProc after clone• Purging the LDILOG file• Truncating the T_BANNER_EVENTS table• Removing unused UOM values• Monitoring the eProcurement server• Troubleshooting
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