How to Make Mobile App Analytics Work for You


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Presentation given to WIP Jam in Detroit on 7/30/2012 by Bill Magnuson (@billmag). Goes in depth on the different dimensions of mobile analytics available to developers and the process by which they can leverage analytics to make smarter product decisions and increase revenue through targeted marketing.

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How to Make Mobile App Analytics Work for You

  1. 1. Making Mobile AppAnalytics Work for You Bill Magnuson (@billmag) Co-Founder & CTO, Appboy
  2. 2. Why analytics? • The revenue story is lopsided. Some apps end up as movie stars, but most of them are still working at Starbucks, trying to make it big. • We still don’t know what’s going on in mobile. Experimentation and attribution are critical to success. • Customers don’t give you feedback until it’s too late.
  3. 3. What should you collect? Everything you can. Success in mobile requires understanding data along many dimensions: • How, when and where your app is used • App store and sales metrics • Who your users are • Social media engagement and marketing effectiveness • Marketplace trends
  4. 4. How, When and Where?Passive usage analytics provide you with high level insightson the usage patterns of your app.• Correlating usage changes with events, marketing and upgrades is key to measuring the value of your efforts.
  5. 5. Sales MetricsLike “How, When and Where?”, but closer to your bottom line.• Measures the effectiveness of marketing and cross promotion.• Helps you plan future products and forecast the effectiveness of monetization.
  6. 6. Knowing Your User BaseUnderstanding your userbase is key to keepingthem engaged.• Engaged users make in- app purchases, share your apps and develop product loyalty.• High quality monetization opportunities require data-driven targeting.
  7. 7. Going ViralDetermining the effectiveness of socialmedia engagement is hard.• How often is your app being shared, are those shares converting into paying users?• Who are your most influential users and how can you harness them?
  8. 8. Marketplace TrendsKeeping up on industry and marketplace trendsensures you’re leveraging new learning and notrepeating mistakes.• However, be careful – a lot of “facts” we see on blogs and in the media have shaky foundations.• Remember that your app is one of millions and your experience will be unique. Learn from others, but keep your own data and test your assumptions.
  9. 9. How should you get it?• Choose services focused on the unique problem of mobile.• Prefer those which integrate the ability to act on your data.• Consolidate providers to avoid SDK fatigue and keep your activities focused in a single dashboard.• Obviously, check out my company, Appboy, we’re building some awesome tools that will surprise and delight.
  10. 10. What now?Effective use of analytics is anongoing effort.1. Collect – Get everything you Collect can.2. Analyze – Once you have your data written down, you need to analyze it to inform future efforts. Act Analyze3. Act – Take action based on your analysis, then collect data to see if it worked.4. Repeat.
  11. 11. Be a Scientist• Isolate your efforts, don’t try everything at once.• Make sure you can measure the effectiveness of actions before you make them.• Learn from your peers.• Experiment!
  12. 12. Taking Focused ActionEverything you do should be growingyour user base or increasing yourlifetime customer value (LTV).• Grow your user base through app store optimization, cross promotion, advertising and install campaigns.• Increase LTV with customer relationship management and inbound marketing tools.
  13. 13. Target, don’t Spam• Maximize your signal-to- noise ratio with effective targeting. Your users will reciprocate respect.• Use drip campaigns and event driven marketing to capitalize on sales opportunities.• Deliver via all available mediums (push, e-mail, in- app, social medium)