How To Solve Your Marketing Problems Without Breaking The Bank!


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Interim Marketing and its importance, Marketing, Communications, Part time professional help, Highly qualified professional support on an interim and cost effect basis

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How To Solve Your Marketing Problems Without Breaking The Bank!

  1. 1. How to Solve Your Marketing Problems without Breaking the Bank! Hire a Marketing and Communications Professional on an Interim basis and get measurable and meaningful results! Interim Marketing & Communications Management gives you the benefit of specific, professional skills and experience as you need them. Extra help when you need it - none of the costs when you don't! Got a Marketing or Communication’s headache? Think of me as Excedrin® Either your Marketing Manager or Head of Communications is going on maternity leave and you have a big project that needs handling now! Rather than rush the hiring process and run the risk of getting the wrong person, call me, and I will handle your project on a professional and cost efficient basis; after all it’s your reputation and career that’s on the line. As well as having a background as VP of Marketing in the Consumer Packaged Goods Sector, I have a proven 12 year track record as VP of Marketing and Creative with Canada’s largest Promotional Marketing Company and as Founder and Creative Director of a 15 person Marketing and Communications Agency. We effectively developed business driven strategies and successfully executed results driven marketing programs for Not for Profit, Government and prominent Fortune 500 client companies as diverse the H.J. Heinz Co. (10 year contract), Foodland Ontario (4 year government contract), and Molson Breweries Ltd. (internationally acknowledged for our $2.5million multimedia launch of their Molson Dry brand). In depth experience includes knowledgeable and practical hands on experience across virtually all facets of the Advertising, Public Relations, Consumer Research, Promotional Marketing, Trade Shows, Packaging & Design disciplines. With a focus on driving business results first and foremost, I have developed and fielded marketing, sales and communication strategies and plans for Financial, B2B, Government, Not for Profit and major Fortune 500 clients in Canada, the USA and internationally off shore. I am not a consultant; in a word I am a “doer”. I will not tell you how to do it; hire me and get it done, period; no ifs ands or buts. I am available to work with you in your office or quietly in the background off site; to bridge a pregnancy leave or handle that special marketing and/or communications project. Career Highlights: President - Impaq Marketing & Communications VP of Marketing and Creative – Gaylord Planned Promotional Marketing Agency – Clients: Cadbury, Promotions – Staff of 115, Revenues of $150 million. H.J. Heinz, Molson Breweries, Campbell Soup, Responsible for Creative Product and staff of 35 Kraft General Foods, Foodland Ontario (Ont. Gov.), business focus included Public Relations, Consumer Scotia Bank, Colgate Palmolive, UNICEF, Atari, Promotions, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Direct Tambrands, S. C. Johnson, Pillsbury, Coca Cola Marketing, Trade Shows and Special Events. Foods. VP of International Marketing - McCain Foods Responsible for Marketing, Advertising, PR, Consumer Won both Canadian and International awards for Promotions for Major International and regional Creative work, as well as packaging and design. Restaurant chains for 79 countries on five continents So what’s in it for you? A fresh, objective approach, anchored by strategic thinking; I will assist you: Develop and execute Sweeps, Reposition your Brands Brand Management & Sales contests, instant wins, PR & or Business Management Training using best Advertising campaigns. Develop B2B or Consumer methods – I have taught Xerox On Line, eblasts, viral and print , Promotions; 10+ yrs. award Professional Selling Skills & Dale Develop creative strategy wining Promotions & Events Carnegie Maximize marketing efficiency for Fortune 500 Companies Fill sudden vacancy or specialist Handle New Product Undertake New Business skills gap over the short term Development & Launches & Market Development Deliver meaningful results! But lets face it, at the end of the day no matter how it’s packaged, no matter your education, background or past successes, business comes down to only one thing - results! This is where I excel. I deliver fast, effective solutions; and I have the proven relevant experience and necessary tools to provide you with a highly valuable strategic resource for your organization. Put me to the test today by calling me if you need serious help in solving your Marketing and/or Communications needs. For immediate relief call me at 416-305-1672 or email
  2. 2. Interim Management Enables You to benefit from specific skills and experience, as you need them. Extra help when needed - none of the costs when you don't - stretching your budget. Managing your business to accommodate fluctuating demands without being overstaffed during these tough times is a difficult challenge. There is an answer. I deliver fast, effective solutions to meet your immediate management needs by providing a highly valuable strategic resource for your firm on an interim only basis. MY CORE COMPETENCIES: VP of International Marketing with a $6.4 billion corporation, Creative Director of Canada’s largest Promotional Marketing firm, domestic and International Marketing, Brand Management, Sales Management, Market Development, Strategic Planning, Operations, Change Management, Marketing Research, Promotions & Public Relations Professional, Viral marketing, digital and social programs, Advertising, Sales Training and Incentive planning, New Products, Skilled in various Idea Generation techniques including Synectics, Business Development, Client Relations, Distribution, Global Product Management, Global Strategic Alliances, Finance, Taught - Xerox Professional Selling Skills & Dale Carnegie Courses. Benefits of employing Carl Cassidy as an Interim Marketing Manager, Sales Manager Here’s How Carl Can Help You Communication Manager or General Manager Immediately effective, can hit the ground running A seasoned professional with a proven background Flexibility, a solution to suit your needs based on your with large and small business Marketing and objectives. communications of all stripes across all media. Objectivity, a fresh approach, free from any political Meet sudden vacancy, or specialist skills gap as constraints or corporate baggage needed on a short term basis but with the added Value for money, a highly skilled professional, a advantage of long term results member of your staff when needed, none of the costs Communications and Promotion Development and when you don't. Ideal for unexpected heavy work Management, 12+ years hands on experience loads, staff shortages or temporary leaves. developing and fielding PR, Promotions and Events for Control, you retain control of objectives and major Fortune 500 companies for Consumer, B2B, timescales, ideal for confidential or sensitive Financial, Not for Profit, Government agencies and assignments, or when a neutral outside view is organizations. Won National & International awards. needed Special projects – ideally suited for short term Accountability to you, not an outside agency or marketing and or communications projects of all types. another division. New product launches, planning, design creative No supervision required, you are free to get on with development including packaging and advertising and other things, because I have been there and know sales materials and support. what you need done and know how to do it - fast, Creative “juice” for sales material, in store materials, economically and with measurable and meaningful brochures, direct mail, copy writing, creative inputs. results – to your satisfaction! Advertising, PR and Communication’s professional Shares skills and experience, anything I learn is with a track record of successes with virtually all media passed on to your staff – my involvement pays including Social Media and Viral Marketing. dividends through staff exposure to proven professional approaches. – virtually built in training Customer research and analysis of your business and tutoring for staff in best methods by an strategy at the local market, regional and country level experienced professional’s hands on involvement Training for Sales and Marketing personnel by an Immediate availability, as little as 48 hours notice; accomplished international VP – I have proven Sales can work in your office or off site depending on need and Marketing Management skills and I have taught and the sensitivity of the assignment. Xerox Professional Selling Skills and Dale Carnegie Think of me as Excedrin® when you have a business headache! Call me today 416-305-1672 or email