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Mobile Transport Tray (MTTtm) Thinking Outside The Box1


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This presentation shows the multiple applications of the Mobile Transport Tray (MTTtm).

This presentation shows the multiple applications of the Mobile Transport Tray (MTTtm).

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Changing the way we load Ocean Freight containers “THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX” THE MOBILE TRANSPORT TRAY (MTTtm) Innovative Transport Solutions 1
    • 2. NO MORE OPEN TOP CONTAINERS FOR IN-GAUGE, DENSE CARGO!!!  Move into the regular dry van & ocean container business  Leverage your buying power with an array of ocean carriers.  Lead times in booking regular containers is reduced dramatically  Thousands saved in special equipment surcharges, TACA filing 20’/$1500 & 40’/ $2000 per container in special equipment surcharge  Reduce, possibly eradicate all dunnage and other complex securing methods currently employed  Simpler and superior securing method  Pre-load & unload cargo at a time that suits you  Load and unload the container in 10 minutes max. Commodity is irrelevant. Innovative Transport Solutions 2
    • 3. Agricultural & Earthmoving Equipment  Transport cost saving of $6-8K per large Backhoe shipped  5 man operation down to 1  Superior securing of product  No dunnage required ($1200 saving per 40’)  Handling of cargo reduced 66% both ends  Loading / staging operation has gone from 2.5hours to 30 minutes per 40’. Innovative Transport Solutions 3
    • 4. NO MORE EXPENSIVE CRATING!!!  Here we have a client loading a 14,000 kilo Briquette machine into a 20’ container via a 20‘MTT™  Client saved $1200 in transport costs moving to a dry van container verses an open top  The client saved another $3000 in crating expenses. There was no need to crate with usage of the MTTs self contained load binders. The freight arrived in Africa without any issues Innovative Transport Solutions 4
    • 5. Customized MTT – For Steel and Other Over-length Cargo  Most importantly, no injuries  Results have seen a reduction in some 95% of dunnage used or EURO 20,000 per month (1 case)  Superior securing methods  Unloading from container and MTT cut from 3 hours to a mere 30 minutes  One man operation  Safety for loading and unloading greatly improved from conventional operation  Whole operation is now waist down  No dropped containers, all live load  No per-diem charges  No driver waiting Innovative Transport Solutions 5
    • 6. Steel and Other Over-length Product (cont.)  Without the Mobile Transport Tray  Trans-loading required  Damages  3 man operation  Flat-bed delivery required  Crane needed  Or use the MTT solution?  Now the client can preload, they can load out 18 containers a day before they could only load out 3  No damages, before they did  No crane hire required  2 man operation, before it was 3  No driver waiting  No storage on equipment Innovative Transport Solutions 6
    • 7. REDUCE YOUR DOMESTIC FLATBED COSTS!!!  Higher base rates that is affected greatly by the fuel surcharge, fuel range between 2008 and 2009 was 12-52%  Exposed to the elements  Tarp maybe required at additional cost  Riskier transport  Environmentally unfriendly  Equipment availability?  Relying on drivers prompt arrival Innovative Transport Solutions 7
    • 8. Our alternative to costly flatbed trucking  Enclosed transportation via ocean containers repositioning steamship lines containers at incredible rates via RAIL SERVICE  Conventional equipment that is available  Safe and secure transportation practices  Rates that are stable and far cheaper  Fuel changes making very little impact on the low base rate  Less fuel consumption  More environmentally friendly  Plus all the benefits with faster loading and unloading that you gain by utilizing our products Innovative Transport Solutions 8
    • 9. Drywall & Sheetrock  10’ MTTs employed, 10 ton payload per MTT  Used to eradicate damages To eradicate the dunnage used in conventional shipping  No double handling (staging) of product  Reduction in labor required to load and unload product to/from container  Easier to load and unload from all sides of the MTT compared to in and out of the back of a container or dry van trailer Innovative Transport Solutions 9
    • 10. Fragile? Reduce Handling  Drywall has been giving shippers headaches for years  Main factor here like with so many of the products we deal with, client can now load from the side.  More careful thoughtful and creative loading process  Same benefits in the below example. Being able to pre-load or off-load from the side has great advantages and saves time  Here we also saw an increase in possible payloads of some 15% by adding a customized bracket to the MTT Innovative Transport Solutions 10
    • 11. “A” Frame for glass  Reduction in handling of product by 50%  2 hours saved in loading and securing & safer work environment  Superior and easier securing  Increased payload – 20%  90% reduction in time and money for unloading and staging cargo (MTT now acts as staging platform within the unload facility).  Total elimination of product handling from container to staging and storing area.  No damages  “A” frame is stored inside the MTT for return, no impact on return factor (13x20‘MTT) Innovative Transport Solutions 11
    • 12. A Frame SLC for moving glass Innovative Transport Solutions 12
    • 13. Consolidated Cargo  Targeted at Freight-forwarders and consolidation freight companies  Allows for pre-loading prior to ocean equipment arrival at the facility  Reduces labor costs  Allows for loading and unloading to be done from all sides allowing for loading process to be much easier and faster  Reduces time and motion of fork-lift back and forth from cargo storing area saving more time  We have seen over a 90% reduction in damages compared to the convention process  Keeps docks open due to physical container loading and unloading taking a mere 5 minutes Innovative Transport Solutions 13
    • 14. Cartonized products, the issues faced with conventional methods  All containers need to be dropped or driver waiting time paid  Reduced free-time at the rail road together with vast unloading time results in hefty per-diem charges  3-20 man hours to unload floor loaded containers  All cartons need to transferred to wooden pallets at unload facility  All pallets then need to be moved to storing area.  Fork-lifts running back and forth all day  Do we really save $1000 in freight by doing it this way? This is what it costs on average per container (only 20% of containers have cartons loaded right to the roof) Innovative Transport Solutions 14
    • 15. Cartonized Cargo Continued… We have an easier & cheaper alternative  Live unloads, no drops, no driver detention - $350 saving on average  Wooden/Alloy pallets loaded and recessed into the MTT – Cuts down on 50% of your pallet costs and time to manipulate cargo  Pull the load to your racking & storing area – No more back and forth with the fork-lifts  You will have access to all around the MTT within your facility and if need, you will trans-load the cartons to wooden pallets in half the time. WE HAVE SEEN IT!!  Yes, you may lose some load factor but some need to give a little to get a lot. (however, 80% of containers are not effected by our low profile MTT). Innovative Transport Solutions 15
    • 16. Multi-stacking – Double the payload  Ideal but not limited to automobiles (pictured), engines, jet skis, boats  Free up 50% in floor space within the loading or unloading facility  (open picture for more details) Innovative Transport Solutions 16
    • 17. Electric MTT – Fully Automated Logistics Facility  Handset controlled  Rails run within the floor of the warehouse  For transporting MTT™ from production line to loading area  Or move the MTT side to side to desired dock door for loading Innovative Transport Solutions 17
    • 18. Smart Unloading – Innovative Introduces The “Smart Dock”  Ideal for companies with no docks or major shortage of warehouse docks  No fork-lift required  Fully automatic (electric powered)  Load and unload capable  Safe environment  Addresses per-diem and driver waiting time Innovative Transport Solutions 18
    • 19. MTT Specification Sheet (With Checker Plate) MTT Type Length Width Height(s) Tare(s) Payload Return Factor capacity Available 10’ 291cm 229cm 15cm 920 kilos 15,000 kilos 21 per 20’ MTT 13.5cm 660 kilos 10,000 kilos 21 per 20’ MTT 20’ 583cm 229cm 22.5cm 1290 kilo 24,000 kilos 13 per 20’ container 20 cm 1290 kilo 24,000 kilos 15 per 20’ container 40’ 1194cm 229cm 22.5cm 2420 kilo 28,000 kilos 8 per 40’ container 15cm 2380 kilo 28,000 kilos 8 per 40’ container Innovative Transport Solutions 19