Tau Competitive Advantages For Enterprise It
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Tau Competitive Advantages For Enterprise It Tau Competitive Advantages For Enterprise It Presentation Transcript

  • Simplify the Complexity of Enterprise IT Telelogic Tau
  • Telelogic Tau
    • Powerful SOA design and deployment
    • Unparalleled requirements engineering
    • Efficient and consistent modeling
    • Iterative and agile rapid prototyping
    • Robust enterprise IT application development
    • Precise round-trip software engineering
    • And much, much more…
  • Model-Driven SOA - Lifecycle Support for Service Oriented Architecture
    • Enable reuse and minimize development
      • Browse, search, and update the architecture
      • Visualize, import, and generate WSDL and XSD
      • Integrate existing services
      • Adapt legacy services with SOA-aware adapters
      • Design and construct new services
    • Define the intended architecture
      • Model and simulate the requirements
      • Compare current to future states
    • Implement composite applications
      • Visualize, choreograph, simulate, orchestrate, and deploy services
  • DOORS Integration - Align development with requirements
    • Extend requirements engineering to development
      • Work seamlessly with requirements and models
      • Easily establish links and traceability
    • Visualize how models and code relate to requirements
      • View requirements in model
    • Establish end-to-end traceability
      • Ensure regulatory compliance
      • Documented audit trail
    Model & Links Requirements requirement Satisfies code Navigation model
  • Model and Error Checking - Quickly build accurate and consistent models
    • Auto-check syntax and semantics
      • Increase developer productivity
      • Catch errors as they are introduced
    • Adhere to domain-specific regulations and guidelines
      • Rules-based model-checking
      • Develop and extend rules for the domain
    • Add domain-specific model checks
      • Adhere to enterprise rules and guidelines
      • Develop and extend rules for the domain or project
  • Rapid Prototyping - Prove concepts at each stage of development
    • Confirm project requirements
      • Animate and simulate use case functionality and behavior
      • Ensure that the design fulfills the requirements
      • Prove that created test cases are successful and match the requirements
    • Analyze enterprise applications
      • Animate and simulate design model
      • Check for accuracy and completeness
      • Examine correctness of logical behavior
  • Environment Support - Java Enterprise and .NET platforms
    • Tau supports the developers’ environment
      • Eclipse IDE
      • Microsoft Visual Studio
      • Or a combination of both
      • With one version of Tau
    • Automated application framework support
      • J2EE
      • Java EE 5
      • J2SE
      • J6SE
      • .NET
    • Parallel development in model and code
      • Enables full round-trip engineering
      • Model and code automatically or manually synchronized
      • View impact of code changes in model (and vice-versa)
    • Support heterogeneous applications
      • Code generation in Java, C#, C++
    Synchronized Model & Code - Java, C#, and C++ round-trip engineering
    • Re-use legacy code and models
      • Robust importers recapture valuable intellectual property
    • Visualize architectures
      • Reverse-engineer to gain understanding
  • And More…
    • Open, Extensible Architecture
      • Domain and framework support via profiles and add-ins
      • Diagrams and menus can be constrained to meet company process
      • Custom error checks support design and regulatory specifications and limits
    • Team collaboration
      • Graphical comparison of overlapping models
      • Graphical merge of parallel development branches
      • HTML and text reporting for team communications
      • Powerful Telelogic Synergy and CM tool integrations for fine-grained tracking and management
  • Telelogic Tau - Simplify the Complexity of Enterprise IT
    • Model-Driven SOA
      • Comprehensive support for Service Oriented Architecture
    • Unparalleled requirements engineering
      • Align development with requirements
    • Model and error checking
      • Quickly build accurate and consistent models
    • Iterative and agile rapid prototyping
      • Prove concepts at each stage of development
    • Enterprise IT environment support
      • Develop and support J2EE, Java EE 5 and .NET platforms
    • Synchronized model & code
      • Complete Java, C#, and C++ round-trip engineering workflow