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Tracking Health at Any Fitness Level:  How Mobile Apps and Devices Help Your Employees
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Tracking Health at Any Fitness Level: How Mobile Apps and Devices Help Your Employees


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A combined Virgin HealthMiles + RunKeeper presentation for employers interested in offering corporate wellness programs. From Jake Cacciapaglia

A combined Virgin HealthMiles + RunKeeper presentation for employers interested in offering corporate wellness programs. From Jake Cacciapaglia

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • Started building activity tracking using GPS on iPhone in 2008One of the first 200 apps in App StoreTeam build software all day/every for consumers15 million users, which is double what we were at this time last year
  • Here are some stats from 2012Just to give you an idea on types of activities and breakdown of runkeeperGrowing number of females 50/50 todayFlexibility to track multiple types of activitiesStill majority of activities in the system are runners, but we’re seeing strongest growth in people walking – which means we’re starting to see more mainstream adoption – that makes us 
  • What types of goals – give an exampleAlong the way we heard lots of people asking not only for activity tracking but also a way to set goalsToday you can set a goal around distance, a race, or losing weight – interesting things which happens to be most popular)We rolled this feature out about 5 months ago
  • Because people are already carrying phone with them to track activities, we can deliver and even richer training experience with audio cues into the ears of the userThese plans are static and fairly limited today, so if you don’t want to run a 5k or specific rigid plan in the system today wewillhavesomethingforyousoon. Thosearethekinds of thingstocome.Freeplanstoday
  • Two types of partnerships Sending data to RunKeeperLeverage RunKeeperIncentives to amplify the experience – consumers really understand the idea of taking their activities with them and putting them to work towards incentives, especially with wellness programs. GymPact 50% retention of week 1 cohort and growing over time. Loss prevention game.
  • Transcript

    • 1. TRACKING HEALTH AT ANY FITNESS LEVEL:HOW MOBILE APPS AND DEVICES HELP YOUR EMPLOYEES February 28, 2013 Presented by: Jake Cacciapaglia Head of Business Development, RunKeeper Gregg Laroche Director, Product Management, Health and Wellness, Virgin HealthMiles
    • 2. RunKeeper17 million users RunKeeper / March 2013
    • 3. Activity Tracking RunKeeper / February 2013
    • 4. Goals 1.5M+ people have set at least one goal40% of new people set weight loss goals 25% of people achieve their goals RunKeeper / February 2013
    • 5. Guidance 400K+ unique training plan participantsweight loss + C25K are most popular training plans 60% training plan participants are female RunKeeper / February 2013
    • 6. Friends & Leaderboard
    • 7. Friends, Goals & Engagement People who connect with friends are 3X more active than people who don’t People who set a goal are 2X more active than people who don’t RunKeeper / February 2013
    • 8. Social Sharing People who post regularly to Facebook do 150% more activities than people who dont share. People who connect Facebook and RunKeeper accounts, are 70% more likely to go out for their first run, walk, or bike trip. People who had shared a trip on either Facebook orTwitter have 28% more trips/week compared to users that dont.
    • 9. Connected Partners100+ integrated partners RunKeeper / February 2013
    • 10. Partner Engagement wellness programs 50-70% lift in retention for newly registeredRunKeeper users when comparing 1st use and Week 1 to Week 2 activity for non-connected user RunKeeper / February 2013
    • 11. Incentives - Trends in Corporate Wellness• Most employers (84%) say they now offer incentives for participating in a health-risk questionnaire and 64% offer an incentive for participation in biometric screenings.• 51% of the survey respondents provide incentives to employees who participate in health improvement and wellness programs.• The use of monetary incentives, in particular, has increased dramatically over the past year. – In 2012, 59% of employers used monetary incentives to promote participation in wellness and health improvement programs, up from 37% in 2011.Source: Employee Benefit News – August 9, 2012 Virgin HealthMiles Confidential
    • 12. Set a Goal – Compete – Track ResultsWeight ChallengesRegional Challenges • 83,357 members participated in Quest activity challenge • 5 Alabama clients participated in an “Iron Bowl” competing against each other Virgin HealthMiles Confidential
    • 13. Choices – What Level of Data Do You Want?Linked Devices:Linked Apps: Virgin HealthMiles Confidential
    • 14. Virgin HealthMiles Device Strategy• We are device-agnostic – Our Low-cost GoZone Pedometer – Virgin HealthMiles Dash App – Runkeeper range of devices – including biometrics – Leverage data from existing Runkeeper HealthGraph devices Support wide range of activities• ‘Smart’ background activity Vs. exercise sessions Virgin HealthMiles Confidential
    • 15. Programs and Devices Together = Results• Complements our offering (Runkeeper training plans, challenges)• Part of our offering – validated data can be important• Good sources of learning – sustained engagement is Not Easy• Supporting new types of games and incentives – loss avoidance Virgin HealthMiles Confidential
    • 16. Thank You and Questions Jake Cacciapaglia Gregg Laroche Head of Business Director, Product Development Management, RunKeeper Health and Wellness Virgin HealthMiles Connect with us: Web: Blog: Twitter: @HealthMiles Phone: 877.331.9988