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Toward A Common Enterprise Accessibility Operational Model (#CSUN14)
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Toward A Common Enterprise Accessibility Operational Model (#CSUN14)


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Published in: Technology, Business, Education
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  • 1. Copyright © 2014 IBM Corporation Toward a Common Enterprise I/T Accessibility Operational Model Bill Curtis-Davidson (@BCurtisDavidson) Lead Business Solutions Architect IBM Human Ability & Accessibility Center March 2014 – 29th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference (#CSUN14)
  • 2. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 2 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson • Common accessibility operational problems • Accessibility Operational Model components • Process, Organization, Engagement • How Operational Model helps new or existing orgs • How Operational Model can help industry standardize • Gain base viewpoint to explore A11y Ops Model further Purpose In this session, you can expect to enhance your understanding
  • 3. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 3 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Who Am I? UXP + Accessibility Thought Leader, 20+ Years Experience • Strategic accessibility transformation consultant • Experience in web, SW, HW, multimedia, kiosk, mobile • Expert in accessible travel, transportation + tourism tech • Invited expert + consultant to UN, US DOT, White House • Editor, GeoAccess “Data-Enabled Travel” • Public speaker, researcher + advocate
  • 4. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 4 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson My Role in IBM Lead Architect, IBM Human Ability & Accessibility Center • Led development of IBM’s accessibility services portfolio • Strategic accessibility consultant to dozens of IBM clients • Architect, innovative accessibility solutions (Air Kiosk) • Business development + licensing of IBM Research tech • Impact through partner ecosystem
  • 5. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 5 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Consider this… Starting and maintaining an enterprise accessibility operation…
  • 6. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 6 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Consider this… Starting and maintaining an enterprise accessibility operation… Is easier when you have a model Starting and maintaining an enterprise accessibility operation…
  • 7. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 7 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson The Good News Companies are investing like never before in Accessibility Organizations
  • 8. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 8 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson The Reality Many of these efforts do not yet have a robust Accessibility Operational Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model
  • 9. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 9 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Potential Result Efforts can fail if you cannot See the forest for the trees A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model
  • 10. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 10 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Common Challenges Having an accessibility testing group or tool ≠ an enterprise accessibility operation
  • 11. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 11 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Common Challenges Accessibility requirements, guidance + training are often not distributed across the enterprise
  • 12. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 12 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Common Challenges A11y leaders are challenged to determine how best to engage stakeholders across their enterprise
  • 13. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 13 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson • Organization, Process, Engagement Components • Context for all accessibility projects • Rationalize, prioritize, justify investments • Roadmap for evolving over time • Better outcomes for all The Solution All Accessibility Operations Need an Operational Model
  • 14. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 14 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Operational Model 3 Key Components Comprise an A11y Operational Model Process Model • 7 Key Process Areas • 3 Levels of Decomposition • Promotes consistent operations • Clear A11y Responsibilities (RACI*) aligned to Org Model Organization Model • Central A11y Center (Hub) • Distributed A11y Roles (Spokes) • Clear A11y Roles Engagement Model • Outlines how Central A11y Center and Distributed A11y Operations engage • 7 Key Process Areas
  • 15. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 15 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Organization Model
  • 16. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 16 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Organization Model Central A11y Center and Distributed A11y Org Roles Organization Model LOB 1 DC10 Centralized A11y CenterLOB 2 LOB 3 LOB 4 LOB 5 LOB 6 LOB 7 LOB 8 LOB 9 LOB 10 Legal HR CIO Learn- ing Example Roles: • Director or VP of Digital A11y • A11y Enterprise Liaison • A11y Compliance Manager • A11y Program Manager • A11y Technical Integration Leader • A11y Learning & Knowledge Management Leader • Accessible UXP & Design Leader • Accessible Common Templates & Code Lead(s) • A11y Focal Points (consult to LOBs)
  • 17. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 17 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Organization Model IBM Makes Available General Job Descriptions. Example Below. Organization Model Director or VP of Digital Accessibility • Number Required: 1 FTE • Job Description: Provide overall executive leadership of the Centralized Accessibility Center to help ensure a successful implementation of the corporation’s Accessibility Operations Plan (Process, Organization, Engagement). Includes leadership and oversight of the integration, resources, knowledge, quality, reporting, procurement and operations management, as well as linkages with related IT, Legal, Compliance, Program / Change Management resources. • Skills Required: I/T accessibility policy / standards / governance, business process transformation consulting, compliance reporting and management, organizational change and risk management, extensive team leadership experience, and effective communication at all levels, especially executive (C- Level and above) leadership. Experienced leader recognized in the accessibility community, who can outreach to other corporations, government, and industry associations to share promising or established best practices. • Staffing Considerations: [Unique to individual companies]
  • 18. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 18 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Process Model
  • 19. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 19 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Process Model 7 Key Processes Help Organizations Consistently Execute Integration: Policy, Stds, Frameworks, Methods Resources: People, Facilities, Tools Knowledge: Creation, Sharing, Management, Building Reporting: Internal Monitoring, External Compliance Quality: Conformance, Employee/Customer Care Procurement: Platforms, COTS, Custom, Services Operations: Model, Change, Manage, Measure Process Model
  • 20. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 20 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Process Model Each Process Group is Decomposed to 3 Sub-Processes Integration: Policy, Stds, Frameworks, Methods Process Model Level 1 A11y Processes Level 2 A11y Processes Level 3 A11y Processes A11y Center (“Hub”) Roles A11y Focals Points (“Spokes”) Roles A11y Perform Resources Integration Management Accessibility Strategy, Policy & Standards  Develop / Maintain Accessibility Strategy  Develop Accessibility Policy  Monitor Industry Standards  Create Enterprise A11y Checklists  Integration Checklists (Reqs) into Related Standards & Policies  (R) Lead all three processes, working with stakeholders (e.g. Compliance)  (C) (A) Provide input to Strategy & Policy  Ensure digital leaders are helping teams adhere to Policies and Standards  Adhere to Policies and Standards Integration Management Integrate Accessibility into Methodology  Integrate Accessibility into methodologies playbook (e.g. method / process, work products/deliverables)  Integrate Accessibility into Test Sector Processes  (R) Lead integration into all methods and processes  Provide input to playbook processes, artifacts, etc.  Ensure design, development and test teams adhere to Playbook, Test Processes and other Methods  Adhere to and follow methodologies related to accessibility. Integration Management Integrate Accessibility into Digital Foundations  Integrate accessibility into common (shared) digital design frameworks (Reqs, Design, Dev, Test)  Integrate accessibility into common (shared) design components (Reqs, Design, Dev, Test)  Integrate accessibility into common (shared) engineered components (Reqs, Design, Dev, Test) Provide accessibility leadership and guidance to:  Digital designers and developers  Code module designers, developers and testers  Code module engineers  Follow and adhere to a11y guidance in digital design framework  Work with digital leaders and other key staff to ensure accessibility practices are followed  Use digital design guide, design components, and engineered components that have a11y built-in
  • 21. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 21 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Output A11y Strategy Approved 11y Policy Approved A11y Stds A11y Int. Methods A11y Test Processes A11y in Digital Design A11y in Common Templates & Code Components A11y Design Tools A11y Test Tools RACI • R: A11y Center Lead(s) • A: Digital / IT Stewards • C: A11y Focal Pts (AFPs), Digital Leads • I: Integration Offices, Other IT Policy Stewards • R: A11y Center Digital Design/Dev/Test Methods, AFPs • A: Digital / IT Stewards, Method/UXP/Test Leads • C: Digital Leads, Integration Offices, Change Mgmt • I: Other IT Policy Stewards Etc… Level2+3Processes Strategy, Policy & Standards Develop A11y Strategy Develop A11y Policies Integrate A11y into Standards Methodology Integration Int. into Methodo- logies Integrate into Test Processes Int. into Digital Design Int. into Common Templates Int. Into Common Components Manage Design A11y Tools Manage A11y Test Tools Design & Common Code Int. Design & Test Tool Integration LOB A11y Consulting AFP Consulting w/ LOB Design & Dev Teams Inputs Previous Strategies Corp Policies Corp IT Standards A11y Policies & Standards Corp IT Methodo- logies Corp IT Test Standards Common Design & Code Fmk Current Design & Test Tools A11y Process Model Flows Show Inputs, Process Relations, Org RACI*, Outputs Integration: Policy, Stds, Frameworks, Methods Process Model
  • 22. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 22 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A11y Engagement Model
  • 23. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 23 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Engagement Model A11y Engagement Model Central A11y Center Guides Distributed A11y Orgs LOB 1 DC10 Centralized A11y CenterLOB 2 LOB 3 LOB 4 LOB 5 LOB 6 LOB 7 LOB 8 LOB 9 LOB 10 Legal HR CIO Learn- ing
  • 24. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 24 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Engagement Model A11y Engagement Model Distributed A11y Orgs Perform Using Guidance from A11y Center LOB 1 DC10 Centralized A11y CenterLOB 2 LOB 3 LOB 4 LOB 5 LOB 6 LOB 7 LOB 8 LOB 9 LOB 10 Legal HR CIO Learn- ing
  • 25. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 25 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Success Story #1 • Central A11y Center 15+ Years • Distributed A11y in LOBs 15+ Years • Baseline for this A11y Ops Model • Accessible Product Innovation • Full Process Integration • Industry & Government Standards • Open Source (Mozilla, Dojo, etc.) • Advanced Research Technology • Strategic A11y Consulting for Clients • Compliance Tracking Innovation
  • 26. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 26 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Success Story #2 • Used IBM A11y Ops Model to incept their own A11y Center and distributed a11y operation • From 2 A11y Test Staff to robust operation including core A11y center staff, A11y Focal Points, etc. • Training and other enablement • Digital Design & Engineered Framework accessibility • Remediation of dozens of applications in 1st Year • Responsive Web & Native Mobile A11y • Successful adoption across LOBs Large Fortune 50 Financial Services Insurance Company
  • 27. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 27 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Vision of the Future
  • 28. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 28 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Vision of the Future Across the industry, a11y operations are able to thrive by using common a11y operations models A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model
  • 29. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 29 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Vision of the Future As a11y operations thrive, they are able to share knowledge in the a11y community A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model
  • 30. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 30 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson Vision of the Future As knowledge of common a11y ops model is shared a11y practioners refine the profession A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model A11y Ops Model Education Products + Services Innovation
  • 31. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 31 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson A Call to Action
  • 32. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 32 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson • Accessibility services providers + product developers • Incorporate the Enterprise A11y Ops Model into your services offerings • Consider how your products support / fit into the Enterprise A11y Ops Model • Engage with IBM Human Ability & Accessibility Center for enablement • Companies and individual organizations • Engage your accessibility vendors in a discussion on enterprise a11y ops • Professionals shaping the discipline • Let’s refine the art of enterprise-scale accessibility • Enable the next generation of practitioners to support the operations emerging in the industry A Call to Action Help advance the practice of enterprise a11y operations
  • 33. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 33 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson • Bill Curtis-Davidson • IBM Human Ability + Accessibility Center • Web: • Mobile: 404-307-4607 • Email: • Twitter: @BCurtisDavidson • LinkedIn: Bill Curtis-Davidson Thank You I am interested in furthering the dialogue on this topic!
  • 34. Copyright © 2014 IBM CorporationSlide 34 -- #CSUN14 – @BCurtisDavidson IBM @ CSUN: You’re Invited Time Topic – IBM Papers/Presentations/Panels Speaker/s Wednesday March 19th 9:20-10:20 Practical Mobile Accessibility in the Enterprise Tom Babinszki 10:40-11:40 Costing Accessibility Remediation for Acquisitions Becky Gibson 1:50-2:50 Implementing Accessibility in a Graphing Utility Fred Esch Thursday March 20th 9:20-10:20 Implementing Accessibility in an Enterprise Mobile Web User Interface Toolkit Tom Babinszki 10:40-11:40 Toward a Common Enterprise Accessibility Operational Model Bill Curtis-Davidson 1:50-2:50 Optimizing the Accessibility Remediation Process in Large Organizations Richard Chen, Aidan Tierney 3:10-4:10 Media Captioner, Translator and Editor – A Complete Collaborative Approach Kaoru Shinkawa Friday March 21st 9:20-10:20 Progress Report on the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) Denis Anson, Rich Schwerdtfeger, Jim Tobias, Gregg Vanderheiden 10:40-11:40 Accessible Design Thinking Mary Jo Mueller, Matt King 1:50-2:50 W3C Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Panel Judy Brewer, Rich Schwerdtfeger, Susann Keohane, Lisa Seeman, Clayton Lewis, Suzanne Taylor Join IBM in Harbor Ballroom A to learn about the latest in accessible user interface design, mobile accessibility, accessibility risk and compliance management, and much more.