Marykirk Raft Race 2009 Presentation


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The Presentation night - where we distribute the money raised for charities and groups. This presentation gives information about each charity, each raft, each trophy and the donation amounts.

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Marykirk Raft Race 2009 Presentation

  1. 1. MARYKIRK RAFT RACE ‘09 Presentation Night 26th June 2009
  2. 2. SO WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT • We raise money for Charity by: • Having a good fun day • Racing rafts down the river • Goingto the Marykirk Park afterwards for more fun Note: Not connected with the raft race in any way
  3. 3. GUEST OF HONOUR Tommy Gemmell
  4. 4. ANDREW CLARK Did an excellent job piping the start and the finish
  5. 5. THERE ARE TROPHIES FOR • 1st, 2nd and 3rd • The Wooden Paddle • Best Dressed Raft • Best Dressed Crew • Most Sponsored
  6. 6. WE HAD TEAMS FROM EVERYWHERE Even the Police! Note: Not an actual Marykirk Policeman
  7. 7. ITS IN FANCY DRESS Cops and Robbers anyone?
  8. 8. WE HAD A WEB SITE THIS YEAR Note: Not connected in any way to the raft race
  9. 9. LETS TALK ABOUT RAFTS • Rafts are: • Powered only by human effort • Float • Crewed Note: Not connected in any way to the raft race
  10. 10. RAFTS SHOULD FLOAT This year, they all did. Mostly. Note: Not connected in any way to the raft race. But it is watertight.
  11. 11. 16 RAFTS ENTERED • All Rafts made it home • Mostcrew members were on the rafts at the end • Most rafts came back in one piece
  12. 12. AND THE WATER WAS COLD very very cold
  13. 13. 1: THE PIRATES OF ST CYRUS 24 minutes and 50 seconds
  14. 14. 2: POLICE SQUAD 27 minutes and 22 seconds
  15. 15. 3: HILLSIDE HOUSEBREAKERS 28 minutes and 3 seconds
  16. 16. 4: MPCC RAFT 28 minutes and 28 seconds
  17. 17. 5: THE TWISTED FOUR 29 minutes and 34 seconds
  18. 18. 6: THE NEPTUNE SEA GODS 32 minutes and 15 seconds
  19. 19. 7: HOWE O’THE MEARNS YFC 32 minutes and 44 seconds
  20. 20. 8: HOT ROD 33 minutes and 42 seconds
  21. 21. 9: THE DRAGON SLAYERS 33 minutes and 49 seconds
  22. 22. 10: YABBA DABBA DO 34 minutes and 30 seconds
  23. 23. 11: HILLSIDE HELLO’S 34 minutes and 59 seconds
  24. 24. 12: SLEASYJET 36 minutes and 30 seconds
  25. 25. 13: WATERSKIERS 37 minutes and 19 seconds
  27. 27. 14: THE SINKIN’ PINK-UN 39 minutes and 10 seconds
  28. 28. 15: PIKEY PIRATES 43 minutes and 34 seconds
  29. 29. 16: SMURFY MCSMURF SMURF 1 hour, 12 minutes. A new record!
  30. 30. ITS A LOT OF WORK! • Building a raft • Taking it to the bank • Hauling it out of the water • Paddling it • Carrying it over rocks
  31. 31. SO A VERY BIG THANK YOU! • To all the raft race teams, for all their hard work! Note: Not a picture of a raft race member
  32. 32. RAFT RACE PRIZES! • 1st Place: The Pirates of St Cyrus • 2nd Place: Police Squad • 3rd Place: Hillside Housebreakers • Wooden Paddle: Smurfy McSmurf Smurf • All trophies sponsored by Frank Walker Joiners Ltd, Marykirk.
  33. 33. RAFT RACE PRIZES! • Best Dressed Raft: Water Ski-ers • Best Dressed Crew: Sinkin’ Pink-un • Most Sponsored Raft: Sinkin’ Pink-un
  34. 34. MARYKIRK PARK EVENTS • Dog Obedience Display • Highland Dancing • Line Dancing • Youth Group • Bands! Note: This dog was not involved
  35. 35. CHARITY DISBURSEMENT • We raise money for Charity • And then we give half each to: • CHAS - Childrens Hospice Association Scotland • Local Charities and Groups
  36. 36. CHAS • Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) is a Scottish charity established to provide hospice services in Scotland for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. • A children’s hospice offers professional care, practical help and emotional support to the whole family usually from the day of acceptance, to the death of their child, and beyond. • Rachel House in Kinross, Scotland’s first children’s hospice, opened in March 1996. Robin House in Balloch opened in August 2005. Both hospices are purpose-built and each can provide ongoing support for up to 200 families across Scotland each year. • The CHAS at Home Team offers support to families across Scotland by providing a home care service to families in their own homes when they need it. • More at:
  37. 37. CRAIGHALBERT • The Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments, based at the Craighalbert Centre, is one of Scotland's Grant Aided Special Schools. It provides day school education for nursery, pre-school and school age children with motor impairments (for example, cerebral palsy). The Centre also provides outreach services, family support and periodic placements to children from across Scotland, as well as those who have attended the Centre and are making the transition to mainstream schooling. • They directly support one family in the village • More information at:
  38. 38. THE RED CROSS • The Red Cross are a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. • They have always attended Marykirk Raft Race • They have always been a beneficiary of the Marykirk Raft Race • More information at:
  39. 39. ALZHEIMER STONEHAVEN • Alzheimer Scotland helps people with dementia, their carers and families. Our members include carers, relatives, people with dementia, professionals, groups and organisations. • Directly helping families in the village • More information at:
  40. 40. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS • In honour of a local MS Sufferer • Scotland has more MS than anywhere else in the world •A regular beneficiary of the Raft Race
  41. 41. ROYAL BRITISH LEGION MONTROSE • Many local Legion members • Support many local causes
  42. 42. CANCER LINK ABERDEEN AND NORTH • CLAN is an independent charity for anyone affected by any type of cancer at any time from diagnosis onwards. Whether affected personally, as a carer, family member or close friend, our services are available to you. • Based at CLAN House in Aberdeen, we cover the whole of Grampian, Orkney and Shetland. Some of our services are available to people living outside these areas, specifically CLAN Haven and the CLAN Holiday Home. • Directly helping a family in the village • More information:
  43. 43. MACMILLANS • Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. • One in three of us will get cancer. • We are all affected by cancer. We can all help. We are Macmillan. • Macmillan Nurses operate in Marykirk • We specifically donate to the MacMillan Strathcathro Hospital. • More at:
  44. 44. MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE • Marie Curie Cancer care helps with: • Nursing • Hospices • The Marie Curie Research Institute • Pallitive Care Research. • More information at:
  45. 45. SCOTTISH WOMENS RURAL INSTUTE • Local branch assisted on Raft Race day • More information at:
  46. 46. MARYKIRK • Marykirk Pensioners Club • Marykirk Lunch Club • Marykirk Football Club • Bumps, Babes and Toddlers • Marykirk Bowling Club
  47. 47. TOTAL FUNDS RAISED • 2009: £4,180 • 2002: £8,000 • 2001: £4,200 • 2000: £9,400
  48. 48. DISBURSEMENT 2009 Childrens Hospice Association Scotland £2,090.00 Craighalbert £261.25 Red Cross £261.25 Alzheimers Stonehaven Branch £261.25 Multiple Sclerosis £261.25 Royal British Legion Montrose £261.25 Cancer Link Aberdeen North £261.25 Macmillian Strathcathro £130.62 Marie Curie Cancer Care £130.62 WRI £43.54 Pensioners Club £43.54 Lunch Club £43.54 Marykirk Football Club £43.54 Bumps, Babes and Toddlers £43.54 Marykirk Bowling Club £43.54
  49. 49. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING • An AGM will be held soon, all invited •A new committee elected • Date to be published on the web site • We NEED people to help on the committee: • Lots of hard work, but lots of fun • Please continue to support your local raft race
  50. 50. AUDITED ACCOUNTS • Will be made available to all via the web site: • Once the accounts are complete. • At this point in time, the bank holds • £4.00 !
  51. 51. THANK YOU! • John Mears - Insurance • Marykirk Football Club Marshalls and timekeeping • Clair Gillespie - CHAS Tommy Gemmell • Doug Mitchell Judges Band Trailer • Joe Wishart • Warren and Kitty Elsmore An amazing MC Walkie Talkies, Stage PA • Helenafrom Johnshaven • JohnStewart & Jim Rae Running the bands Safety Boats
  52. 52. THANK YOU! • Neil & Helen McDonald • Andy Nelson Helping out in the Park Billy Dodds Hugo Greaves • Frank and Iain Walker The strimming team Building the stage • Colin Frew • Alison Thomson Water Support Jack and Findlay Eeles Saturday Setup • All the bands for sharing equipment
  53. 53. THANK YOU! • Security at housing estate • Marykirk Lunch Club Pallets and Steps Marykirk Primary School Marykirk Bowling Club • Pensioners and WRI Bumps, Babes and Toddlers Raffle Assistance Contributions and Participation on the day • Young Farmers Last out of the Marquee • Olive Hendry and helped move furniture Marykirk Hall Committee Loan of Tables and Chairs
  54. 54. THANK YOU! • MarykirkPrimary School • BarbaraOfficer Spongeboard Helping out in the Park Organising the Childrens Petshow • Clarkand Rose Aberdeen Transporting Tables and • Jacksons Tool Hire, Chairs Laurencekirk Generator for Band, • Derek Milne Truck for moving Tattie Boxies Bandstand, Operator for Generator, Driving • Anne Buchan Safety Diver
  55. 55. THANK YOU! • The TwistedFour • All Band performers Organising and fundraising the Twisted Ceilidh in • David Skinner January Skinner Photography Video of the event • PC Stuart Akers All the assistance during the • Barry Christie day Projector and Screen • The Camera Club • And you all All these amazing pictures For contributing and supporting!
  56. 56. SAME AGAIN NEXT YEAR? • Remember • Its your raft race • Join the committee to help • Lets make next year even better!