Forest lake active volunteering project profile draft 2 december 2010


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How to deliver cet 11 in Active Volunteering

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Forest lake active volunteering project profile draft 2 december 2010

  1. 1. PROJECT TITLE:BUILDING ON YOUNG PEOPLE’S CULTURAL LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES LEAD PARTNERSHIP BROKER: BILL BROWN RESEARCH QUESTION:How can the unique leadership wisdom of the diverse cultural groups in the South West( ie 60,000 years of leadership traditions in Aboriginal culture) add value to building on emerging youth leadership capabilities to make a difference to earning and learning opportunities in the local area? SITUATION: John Brady, Daniel Yasso, Condy Canuto ,Shannon Turbane and Dean Krause are acknowledged leaders within the Inala Aboriginal Youth network. They are passionate about developing the local leadership potential they see in the young people of the Inala area and have begun youth mentoring and leadership projects to build local leadership capacity for the long term..There appear to be many “ leadership” projects delivered locally and designed as one off initiatives funded to meet short term output accountabilities of a plethora of funding agencies. with diverse missions mandates and branded mantras. A place based, program approach to building youth leadership supported by longer term contributions of committed partners has potential to enable community leaders to contribute as equal partners in local decision making processes. COMPLEXITY OF THE CONTEXT: <br /><ul><li>PROJECT PARTNERSHIPS:Partnership MembersCore ConnectorsRole of ContactFOREST LAKE SHS HEATHER VARCIN (PROJECT SPONSOR) PRINCIPAL CRAIG HYNES (PROJECT DESIGNER)DEPUTY PRINCIPAL ( PROJECT OPERATIONS)HOD SENIOR SCHOOLING VOLUNTEERING QUEENSLAND Jelenko Dragisic(PROJECT CHAMPION)Chief Executive Officer Volunteering QldMETHODOLOGYSTAGE 1: IDENTIFY THE NEED / OPPORTUNITY The school has conducted an extensive internal audit of learning programs and believes the potential Social Return On Investment ( SROI ) includes Strengthened community connectivity Enhanced leadership opportunities Stronger sense of belonging to the school community for students and parents Enhanced community awareness of Forest Lake SHS positive contribution to community life STAGE 2A: IDENTIFY PARTNERSHIP BROKER OUTCOMES IN PROPOSAThese are my guesses drawn from COAG/ DEEWR requirements . Will negotiate as we go Education & Training ProvidersIndicators:Make classroom learning more meaningful to students by connecting this learning to real life applicationsCreate opportunities for learning beyond the classroomImprove young people’s employability, career development, and life skillsRecognise and accredit community learningKey Performance Measurements:Opportunities for meaningful learning as a result of education and training providers partnering with other stakeholdersBusiness & IndustryIndicators:Provide opportunities for young people to participate in workforce and community learning Provide mentoring resources and opportunitiesKey Performance Measurements:An increase in the number of businesses providing quality workplace and community learning opportunities for young peopleParents & FamiliesIndicators:Support learning inside and outside the classroomKey Performance MeasurementsAn increase in the number of parents and families that are confident to interact with education and training providers, employers and community groups to support participation and engagement of their childrenAn increase in the number of parents and families that are actively engaged in supporting learning inside and outside the classroomCommunity GroupsIndicators:Leverage resources to support engagement and learningPlan for development of skills and knowledge to address community and workforce needsProvide mentoring opportunities for all young people to be connected with the communityProvide opportunities for all young people to be connected with the communityKey Performance Measurements:An increase in the number of community groups that partner with stakeholders to harness and grow community resources for young peopleAn increase in the number of community groups that partner with stakeholders to provide mentoring and coaching opportunities for young peopleAn increase in the number of community groups that partner with stakeholders to provide young people with opportunities to connect with the communitySTAGE 2B: DEFINE THE PARTNERSHIP PURPOSE Build local capacity to develop active and informed citizenship.
  2. 2. STAGE 3: CONDUCT DUE DILIGENCE (PROVIDE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BELOW)Define the focus of the project Position the project within the resilient communities framework 4: IDENTIFY REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTNERSHIP READINESSEstablish Principal sponsorship brief as non negotiable parameters of project design Appreciate Volunteering QLD long term strategic intent, RTO compliance requirement for the Active Volunteering Qualifications and business model arrangements.Align project to school strategic intent and mandated accountabilities Establish congruence of partners strategic intent and The Smith Family Partnership Brokers mandated accountabilities Allocate time, people and money within resource parameters to assure project sustainabilityDevelop and disseminate the communication package to inform internal and external stakeholders of the Rationale, Anticipated program outcome and operational protocols of the prototype program design.STAGE 5: DEVELOP STEPS TOWARDS THE PARTNERSHIPDevelop the two page ‘PITCH “ specifically developed for each of the Portfolio of volunteering options defined in project design.Map local businesses and community groups with high levels of congruence of mission/mandate to Portfolio of volunteering options Engage potential partners in strategic conversation to identify costs and benefits of partnering.Formalize the complementary contributions of the school and each partner Establish the sustainable governance and formative evaluation process to inform continuous improvement of partnership sustainability and Partnership Broker exit...EVIDENCE BASE:This project is underpinned by research in the following domains Partnership Brokering Community engagement and asset based approaches to community capacity building. Outcome evaluation methodologies </li></ul>ALIGNMENT WITH STRATEGIC PLAN: Leverage existing programs and expertise across the region to assist in resolving challenges Within two comparative pockets of disadvantaged in the South West and North East around Inala and Zillmere respectively; PARTNERSHIP BROKER OUTPUTS:Shared Goal of PartnersBuild local capacity to develop active and informed citizenship. Shared Decision MakingOpen sharing of needs and wants within and across local school, community and business partners. CommunicationFace to face dialogue. Commitment and InvestmentSchool 70 minutes per week for 35 weeks for all Year 11 and 12 students with timetabled and trained staff to lead the initiative Volunteering QLD cost recovery only for RTO services to design and accredit formal qualification Review: Student profile benchmarked at entry and exit levels.Partnership outcomes collaboratively defined and aligned with existing data sources as metrics of success. <br />