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Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
Bill James Consulting Offerings
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Bill James Consulting Offerings


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Description of services offered to clients by Bill James of the Senior Executive Services Talent Team of independent consultants. Contact

Description of services offered to clients by Bill James of the Senior Executive Services Talent Team of independent consultants. Contact

Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1.
    • Please Check Out:
    • Perfecting Your Military Sales Call
    • Teaming 101: A Winner’s Guide to Success
    • Incentive Compensation Planning
    • Opportunity Pipeline Revenue Projection
    • Capture Team Progress Assessment
    • Competitive Analysis and Teaming Strategy
    • Capture Management & Proposal Support
    What I Can Do For You I specialize in helping companies grow and expand their business by constructing successful sales strategies customized to the company’s needs and capabilities. My Background: - 20 years DoD Civil Service, GS-1 to SES - 10 years Federal Market Business Development Executive - Consultant and Manager of Senior Executive Services, Inc. - See: or Consulting Offerings: What I Can Do For You Bill James
  • 2.
    • Assume the client has NOT read the read-ahead package
    • Review the meeting agenda and allow client to modify it
    • Assume all leave-behinds will be seen by your competition
      • Don’t include secrets in leave-behinds
      • Do send messages to your competition
    • Use your 2 ears and 1 mouth in that ratio
    • Awkward silence is a powerfully good thing
    • Be respectful to your client and about your competition
    • Propose a solution to "What keeps him/her awake at night?"
    • Educate the client about something they don’t know
    • Ask for the next steps to the sale
    • Finish early
    (This is 1 slide of a detailed, insider’s instruction on the unwritten rules of making a sales call on a military client.) Perfecting Your Military Sales Call Perfecting Your Military Sales Call
  • 3.
    • Their Strategic Teaming Relationships are a “One Time Good Deal”
    • Their Fantastic Pipeline is Pipeline Fantasy
    • Champagne Expectations but Beer B&P Budget
    • Their Reason for Bidding is “Client is Unhappy with Incumbent”
    • Win Strategy is “Protest After We Lose”
    • Capture Plan is: “I Hope This Works”
    • Management Approach is: “Bait, then Switch”
    • Technical Solution to Appear via “Divine Revelation”
    • Pricing Strategy is: “Get Well Soon”
    • Win Theme is: “Pity Us”
    (This is 1 slide of a detailed, insider’s instruction on how to Team Successfully for Federal Opportunities.) Teaming 101: A Winner’s Guide to Success Teaming 101 Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Have the WRONG Partner
  • 4.
    • Does Your Growth Depend on Bluebirds the Size of Elephants?
    • Sales Heroes are Great - A Measurable Sales Process is Better
    • Tailor Compensation Plans to Achieve the Productivity You Need
    • Differentiate Compensation Plans for Better Results
      • Strategic Business Development Compensation Plans
      • Task Order Sales Commission Plans
      • Capture Managers and Capture Team Participants Pool Plans
      • Pipeline/B&P Budget Analyst Plan
    • Create Position Descriptions to Recruit & Retain Top Talent
    • Create, Communicate, and Control Compensation Expectations
    • Tailor Goals & Metrics to Your Company’s Size & Culture
      • Base, Pipeline, Submittals, Revenue, Margin, Growth Components
      • In Line vs Corporate Business Development Organization Models
    • Sales People Are “Coin Operated”. Their Success = Your Success!
    Incentive Compensation Planning Incentive Compensation Planning
  • 5. Opportunity Pipeline Revenue Projection
    • Pipeline fantasies rarely result in fantastic revenue. Stakeholders want revenue projections based on well documented, generally conservative pipeline assumptions.
    • This proven approach reviews and analyzes your pipeline to objectively confirm opportunity assumptions and revenue projections.
    • Pipeline Analysis Includes:
      • Revenue Projections by month
      • Factored Expected Valuation
      • Employ any Win Probability model
      • Variable “Slip” Factoring
      • Produces Projected B&P Budgets
    Pipeline Revenue Projection Tool Project Revenue From Your Pipeline
  • 6. Knowledge Database System Change & Modification Suggestions (into an “ECPs” Job Jar) Feedback on how well it meets BD & BU needs Design of Knowledge Capture, Store & Retrieve Front End and Back End BU Feedback - Resumes - Sample Contracts - Teaming Agreements - Past Performance Citations - Proposals - Proposal Processes - Graphics Library - Press Releases - Cut Sheets referenced to Past Performance citations - Opportunity Documents - Step/Phase ReviewDocs Business Development GWAC/IDIQ/FLEX Contract Vehicles Capture & Proposal Center Operations Marketing Communications Knowledge Database Directly Supports Growth Engine CIO/CTO Technical Support Knowledge Database & Growth
  • 7. IDEA GOOD, FUNDED IDEA GOOD, FUNDED, BIDDABLE IDEA PROPOSE GOOD, FUNDED, BIDDABLE IDEA EXPAND/ RECOMPETE GOOD IDEA Decision Gate 0 Review Decision Gate 1 Review Decision Gate 2 Review Decision Gate 3 Review Opportunity Review Process Phase 0 Overhead
    • Strategic Account Plans
    • Specific business Area Plans
    • White Papers
    • Business Case
    • Do we have an advantage we can exploit on this opportunity, e.g. past performance, relationships, technology, geographic market dominance, contract vehicle?
    • Can we succeed?
    $ Produc t s Focus Award Proposal Pursue Qualified Business Case Development Phase 4 Phase 3 Phase 2 Phase 1 B&P / Overhead B&P Overhead / B&P Overhead Overhead
    • Task Orders
    • Contract mods
    • Complete proposal development
    • Full capture plan development/execution
    • Initiate Capture Plan template
    • Strategic Account Plans
    • Specific business Area Plans
    • White Papers
    • Growth
    • Add-ons
    • T.O.s
    • Directing work to other vehicles
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Performance
    • Exploit competitors’ weaknesses
    • Procurement changes
    • DRFP/RFP similar
    • Budget changes
    • Programmatic changes
    • Competition changes
    • Risk
    • Revenue
    • Profit
    • Teaming 80% complete
    • Positioning
    • Discriminators
    • Price-to-win
    • Design-to-win
    • Perform-to-price
    • Revenue
    • Profit
    • Risk
    • Potential follow-on
    • Competition
    • It is real
    • It is funded
    • We can compete
    • Program Budget/line item
    • Client champion
    • Mission need
    • Political environment
    • Breakout or kill potential
    • Wired/open
    • Set aside/open
    • Value to SI
    • Business Case
    • Do we understand objective and how to get there?
    • Can the market be segmented to meet our skill set?
    • Where can we fit?
    • What is the market potential?
    • Can we succeed?
    Expand Bid Pursue Approval Qualified Approval Interest Approval Market Survey
  • 8.
    • Measure Capture Team Progress against objective “Where We Should Be” model.
    • Employs Capture Manager Expert System Heuristics
    • Points out where your team needs to pick up the tempo to improve win probability.
    • Integrated with Comprehensive Capture Plan
    Capture Team Assessment Objective Capture Team Assessment
  • 9.
    • Competitive Analysis and Teaming Strategy (CATS) Tool
    • Models Capture Team assumptions
    • Produces relative "win points" assigned to arbitrarily composed teams
    • Analyzes team compositions, perceived positioning and personnel advantages.
    • Highlights those factors that can produce the most significant improvement in win probability independent of pricing.
    Competitive Analysis and Teaming Strategy (CATS) Tool How Does Your Team Stack Up? Competitive Teaming Analysis
  • 10.
    • Dedicated, Experienced Capture Management
      • Serve as Your Capture Manager on “Must Win” Deals
      • Help You Create a Capture Management Organization
    • Proposal Support
      • Competitive Assessment Support
      • Black Hats
      • Green, Pink, Red, Gold Team Support
      • Win Theme Development
      • Proposal Writing
    • Marketing and Call Plans
      • Develop Trade Show and Call Plans
      • Directly Supporting Your Opportunity Pipeline
      • Balanced Approach Within Your Budget
    Capture Management & Proposal Support Incentive Compensation Planning
  • 11. About Senior Executive Services
    • Website
    • Email [email_address]
    • Phone
    • Bill James - Executive Vice President
    • 866.719.1881 (toll-free)
    • [email_address]
    • People - Former Federal Executives:
      • Have deeper Agency relationships
      • Have better cultural insights
      • Know the Agency’s likes - dislikes
    • Tools - Proprietary and Proven
      • Competitive Analysis Tool
      • Pipeline Revenue Projection Tool
    • Experience - We know
      • How the Government buys
      • How Private Industry sells
    SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICES, INC. A consulting firm that makes it easy for businesses and government to find the right independent Federal consultants they need, right when they need them.
    • OUR VALUE:
    • Government Knowledge
    • Proven Experience
    • Superior and Deeper Insight
    • Staff Motivation Techniques
    • Broad Agency Coverage
    • Individual Opportunities
      • Effective Market Strategies
      • Client Positioning & Call Plans
      • Capture management support
      • Proposal team support
    • Corporate Support
      • Pipeline & revenue projections
      • Government Advisory Board support
      • Go-to-market strategy development
      • Business Development Processes
      • Teaming Strategy Analysis
      • Capture Plan Maturity Assessments
      • Sales models and incentive plans
      • Pipeline Revenue Projection
    • Help companies
      • Win more opportunities
      • Penetrate new markets
      • Generate more revenue
    • Help government
      • Work Better, Faster, Cheaper
      • Get Easy Access to Proven Talent
    SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICES, INC. Come to Senior Executive Services for independent consultants who are former Federal SES or Defense & Intelligence professionals! v1-09b
    • Companies
      • Grow Faster
      • Bid Less, Win More
      • Lower Sales Costs
      • IDIQs Changed to Cash Generators
      • REAL Hot Buttons in Proposals
    • Government
      • Do More with Less