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  • 1. Slamming the Boards WNYLRC Lunchtime Learning Webinar December 4, 2009 Bill Pardue Arlington Heights Memorial Library [email_address]
  • 2. What are boards and why should I slam them?
    • Boards = “Answer Boards” = Online Q&A sites where users post questions and hope that other members of the public will provide answers.
    • May include voting for “best answers”
    • Perhaps some of these questions could be better answered by librarians?
  • 3. Slamming
    • Visiting answer boards and giving answers
    • Promoting the fact that a librarian answered the question
    • Providing a link to help users find their own libraries, VR services, etc.
  • 4. How did it come about
    • Conversation at 2007 Collaborative VR Conference in Denver
    • Chose 9/10/2007 as a start date
    • Decided to send out monthly reminders to participate on the 10 th of each month.
  • 5. Support Site
    • Follow the “Slam the Boards” link on the left.
    • Register as a participant, start a discussion, etc.
  • 6. Challenges
    • Finding suitable questions to answer
    • Deciding what boards to frequent
    • Finding the time to do it!
    • Accepting that you’re helping raise awareness of librarianship in general, probably not helping your specific patrons.
  • 7. Who’s doing/done it?
    • Librarians in US, UK, Australia...
    • Entire Enquire (UK) service
  • 8. How do I participate?
    • Rule #1—Just do it!
    • Add your name to the participating librarians’ list if you’re interested.
    • Try to set aside a little time to pick up a few questions.
    • No one’s tracking you or keeping count. No pressure!
  • 9. Participating, cont’d
    • If you can’t make it on the 10 th , pick any time that works.
    • If you can do it more often, even better!
  • 10. Strategies
    • Look in categories in which you have some expertise, geography-specific, etc.
    • Consider setting up alerts, RSS feeds, etc. (varies based on the boards you watch)
    • Use a footer/signature you can paste into your replies so you can promote quickly & easily. Keep it in a text file on your desktop.
  • 11. Don’t limit yourself
    • Doesn’t just have to be Yahoo, Askville, etc.
    • Look for local discussion boards, newspaper comment threads, etc., anywhere that might be a place you can provide answers.
  • 12. Lets look at some boards!
    • http://