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Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
Lj presentation 8-17-11
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Lj presentation 8-17-11


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Getting Proactive:“Slam the Boards and Beyond”
    Bill Pardue
    Arlington Heights Memorial Library / @billahml
  • 2. What’s the point?
    Users have more places than ever to ask their questions
    Yahoo Answers
    Cha Cha
    Facebook Questions
    LinkedIn Q&A
    Etc., etc., etc….
  • 3. How do we respond?
    Hope it goes away?
    Argue that we’re better (we clearly are…aren’t we)?
    With whom do we argue?
    Presume that we’re just not part of it?
    Actively engage?
    Guess which one I’ll advocate!
  • 4. What’s “Slam the Boards?”
    Genesis in Denver, Sept. 2007
    Now monthly
    Find questions, answer them, ID yourself as a librarian.
    Promote our skills, don’t diss the boards.
  • 5. The Wiki & The Group & The Tweet
    Add your name to the list
    Link to your Q&A profiles
    Have discussions
    Facebook: Answer Board Librarians
    Group may be archived soon…jump in!
    Twitter: #slamtheboardshashtag
  • 6. Disclaimers
    We’re all busy! (Can you do a few per month?)
    They’re not our patrons! (It’s for the good of the whole)
    Relatively few people see our answers (Every patron is part of the “long tail.”)
  • 7. Make “Slamming” local
    Look for a hyperlocal site—seed w/Q&As?
    Is there a local “Patch” site?
    Local daily/weekly papers?
    Reply to local comments/questions on news, discussion, review sites (papers, yelp, etc.)
    Monitor twitter searches for your town’s name.
    Set up a Google alert for local questions in Yahoo Answers.
    Remember to ID yourself!
  • 8. Slamming’s not always virtual
    Attend local meetings and offer to look up research topics
    Chamber of commerce, Rotary, Social Services, etc.
    Get yourself appointed to a local committee
    Listen to what’s going on…offer assistance…don’t just wait.
    Be “on” even when you’re out of the building--a “Library Ambassador.”
    “Library Dude” hot dog cart!
  • 9.
  • 10. Slamming isn’t always answers
    “Chiming in,” asking questions of your community (esp. in FB or Twitter)
    Offering assistance
    Promoting: Making the library known
    Helping the user get value from our skills, any way we can!
  • 11. Requires an attitudinal change
    We can’t wait for questions to come to us.
    We can’t just assume that users know what we do.
    We have to cast our net wide and take a proactive (even “predatory?”) approach to reference.
    We have to be willing to trumpet what we do and who we are.
    We might even need to “butt in” a bit (carefully!).
  • 12. Questions?
    I’m always happy to talk, promote, etc.