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William perrin guardian mobile business summit 2012
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William perrin guardian mobile business summit 2012

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Talk on public service content and augmented reality

Talk on public service content and augmented reality

More in: Technology
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  • 1. A journey in place sensitivemedia – or ‘augmented what?’ Guardian Mobile Business Summit 19 November 2012 William Perrin @willperrin http://talkaboutlocal.org/ar
  • 2. Abandoned cars and weekly arsonBingfield Park, Rufford Street 2002 Pics – Mark Bailey
  • 3. www.kingscrossenvironment.com2006-2013Blog - 1,488 articles400-500 readers a dayArea 1 mile long 0.5 mile wide
  • 4. Thousands of stories focused on tiny areasPlace is a critical part of desiring and consuming informationHow to inject place into the reading experience? For blogs with no budget?
  • 5. ‘explore local , place sensitive, public service content in augmented reality environments to allow people to experiment quickly and easily’http://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar/
  • 6. Perceptions of augmented reality Difficult Expensive Labour intensive "long and painful process" Derek Brown, Digital Editor, The Sun describing AR pullout (PrintWeek 27 July 2012)http://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar/
  • 7. Talk About Local’s open source code simplifies workflow to get your content from a CMS into geo located AR environment http://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar Paste feed into our Geotag on a blog CMS Copy your RSS feed webform Click Copy Paste Wordpress.org – with geo tagging pluginhttp://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar/
  • 8. Forget New posts with geotags in your feed automatically upload to Layar – with click through to your site and ‘take me there’ directionshttp://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar/
  • 9. http://talkaboutlocal.org.uk/ar Here you can find • Source code • Project blog • BBC TV piece • Guardian articles
  • 10. Our learning: Tech early adopters Google and mobile search Newspapers missing potential of place
  • 11. Early adopters of augmentedreality are out of date
  • 12. “Yeah I downloaded an AR 2013 Hardware and AR software app last year it was really has hugely improved, easilyflaky, crashed my phone and embedded in your app there was nothing interesting in it. Haven’t looked at it since”
  • 13. Search engines decide what is ‘near’your potential customer on mobilesearch even if you geo tag –the‘Starbucks street’
  • 14. Google in search decides what content is nearyou using its own proprietary approachYou as a content producer have no say in thisStrongly skewed to entities in directories
  • 15. News and TV mobile apps feel weirdafter you have used true locationsensitive services
  • 16. How the mobile experience of big media orgs feels to me after using augmented local content Makes little or no use of the phones power to provide place contextLawyers – this is an ironic, satirical presentation
  • 17. Place has been a cue toprovide content and salesmedia for over 100 years– the potential for mobile vastly underexploited
  • 18. Yelp monocle – built into regular Yelp iOs appThe Times (fashion)interesting work withAurasma.com
  • 19. Advice, support, practical experience of geo tagging, producing and consuming geo-sensitive content http://talkaboutlocal.org/ar contact - hello@talkaboutlocal.org @willperrin