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Policing 2.0


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NPIA conference in Coventry - presentation on how the police can work with hyperlocal communtiy websites

NPIA conference in Coventry - presentation on how the police can work with hyperlocal communtiy websites

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  • 1. William Perrin TAL Policing 2.0 Connecting with the grass roots through hyperlocal sites NPIA Coventry 22 October 2009 William Perrin - Nicky Getgood – Talk About Local (West Midlands) Ltd
  • 2.  
  • 3.  
  • 4. over 700 articles Four volunteer writers – aged 40-65 Small number of authors Campaigns, information, wildlife, events etc
  • 5.
    • Cemex campaign – long running anti social plant operations
    • Videos of noise pollution in YouTube – unarguable prima facie case
    • Send links to CEMEX CEO UKMEA and Council noise officers
    • Successful resolution – plant restructured
  • 6. Digbeth gritty industrial area of South B’ham Arts, events, positive stories Digbeth is Good redefined image of Digbeth on line Costs - £10/month Wordpress blog
  • 7. Stoke-on-Trent Campaigning, challenging style Reflects local frustration at political scene 3 writers, 28,000 comments on local politics Wordpress site £20 a month
  • 8. Nearly 2,000 members Green Lanes Chatty informal feel Wide range of local issues £15 month
  • 9. discussion forum 3.7 million posts 85,000 registered users Population Sheffield 450,000
  • 10. Four or more writers Village life – popn. 500 400 views a day £10 per month site
  • 11.
    • You can hire us work with your specific community nationwide
    • Community sites in over 150 places across England
    • Engage 3,000 people
    • Give people confidence and support to create local sites using free tools
    • Online support network and website
    • Funded by Channel4, Screen West Midlands and Advantage West Midlands
  • 12. UK online centre – Marches Access Point Started August 2009 with TAL Rural town life and news Wordpress site
  • 13. Deprived area of West London Started August 2009 – with TAL and local NDC Local discussion and information Over 100 members already site – cost £zero
  • 14. Topical appeal yesterday for event today Reaches 125 people almost instantly at no cost
  • 15. Highgate – deprived area of Birmingham Nicky ran TAL session on Monday Entire Safer Neighbourhood Team attended
  • 16. Residents involved in website also on Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Action at own initiative to drive people to meetings through info on website
  • 17. Simple scan-in of murder flyer that came through door within minutes of receipt Would have been nice to have electronic copy instead...
  • 18. Juvenile skip arson that could have been multi-fatal Local source comes to website, which he trusts
  • 19. Residents-led action to warn others direct, not via police Private CCTV footage from building manager
  • 20. Happy to help with consultations Local sites translate in English and ensure they are locally relevant (this example planning)
  • 21.
    • Find local sites & subscribe
      • ask around or try
    • Engage with people on local sites
      • e.g. comment on them, email the site owner, send them stuff
      • Don’t be too stiff – like a cup of tea not formal dinner
      • Expect to receive as well as broadcast
      • At least treat as any other bulletin board, leaflet drop or outlet
    • If you have high rank – give blanket permission
    • Expect some things to go wrong but more go right
    Top tips for police and local sites
  • 22. William Perrin TAL If your force wants help to create local websites for your community(ies) contact us at talk about local. [email_address] [email_address] Talk About Local (West Midlands) Ltd