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NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
NHS World Service
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NHS World Service


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Widely circulated discussion slides, posted with permission of head of NHS Choices, Gary Ashby

Widely circulated discussion slides, posted with permission of head of NHS Choices, Gary Ashby

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. National Health Service How new internet technologies could bring benefits of the NHS to the World, without the World having to come here. William Perrin – a personal view 18th April 2008 World
  • 2. Health Information and the Internet
    • Health continually in the top 5 searched topics
    • 1.5M hits on NHS Direct a month
    • 3,000 health searches a week on Directgov
    • More than 50% of patients use the Internet to find out about their condition
    • Internet sometimes ahead of telephone for NHS Direct
  • 3. Wealth of public sector health information in UK
    • Free from bias by drugs companies etc, underpinned by NICE
    • Superb asset
    Designed for self management of long-term illness
    • Provides health information and advice supported by 24x7 nurse advise and helpline
    • 1.5M hits a month
    • Content in 13 different languages
    • Speech Enabled
    Putting you in control of your healthcare and helping you make choices about your health NHS Choices NHS Direct Expert Patients Programme
  • 4. Who’s all the information for?
      • People who are ill
      • Practitioners
      • Carers
      • Challenge to reach people who don’t come to our sites
  • 5. Bigger web audiences now come from taking information to the audience, rather than bringing them to you BBC Worldwide on myspace 20,718 friends
    • Not about bringing more people to your platform
    • Let others reuse your information – new ‘mashing’ approach.
    • Silly name, cheap and easy technologies
    • BBC leading the way with facebook, myspace and i Google
    BBC content on iGoogle 240 different gadgets BBC Radio 1 on facebook 19,327 fans
  • 6. Worldwide healthcare advice
    • Lack of sources without vested interests
    • Truly neutral English language healthcare advice hard to come by outside the UK
  • 7. National Health Service – how it could work “… .absence of any means for sharing good practice and learning between development project agencies and countries.” Lord Crisp Global Health Partnerships
    • We invite other governments and NGOs to embed NHS information into their own emerging healthcare web sites
    • New technology allows this to happen at low to zero cost to the UK and the recipient – so called “data mashing”
    • Resonance with BBC World Service news - public service ethos, neutrality, hard truths
  • 8. Why limit it to English speaking world? Giving benefits of the NHS to the world. Without the world having to come here. NHS Information already available in: Arabic, Bengali, French, Gujarati, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Turkish & Urdu Both mock ups here use real NHS information, copied off NHS websites
  • 9. Next Steps
    • This is a concept demonstrating what is possible to elicit interest and discussion amongst officials
    • Concept comes from a technology angle – no idea if it fits in with the overall direction of travel of health or aid policy
    • NHS Choices, which is centralising much consumer facing information already has the capability to push the information out for re-use
    • Ask Power of Information Taskforce to look at it
    • Demand side uncertain – do other countries or NGOs want this?
    • Possible for NHS 60 th anniversary ? Giving the NHS to the world ? Without the world having to come here?