Intro to 360giving - BOND Transparency working group

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Intro and update on 360giving - a transparency project for philanthropic grant makers uding #opendata

Intro and update on 360giving - a transparency project for philanthropic grant makers uding #opendata

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  • 1. "We think that the foundation should have glass pockets." Russell Leffingwell, Chair, Carnegie Corporation, 1952
  • 2. Where it all began…
  • 3. We can map who can receive grants (with some effort) But not who is already supporting these organisations and for what Leads to a long slow process of experiment and discovery Increases barriers to effective, strategic philanthropy
  • 4. How can we help philanthropists in general in recognition of this (unexpected) award
  • 5. Transparency for Nairobi, but not Norwich….
  • 6. We all publish annual reports……
  • 7. That usually describe our grants…
  • 8. But finding out what grants we make is a manual, labour intensive and inexact process
  • 9. We spend a lot of time in donor collectives just working out what each other is doing now and in the past
  • 10. To get a picture of grant making across a sector, theme, place, country etc. is a huge task
  • 11. …and grant makers, grantees and analysts can quickly and cheaply build a picture of what’s going on.
  • 12. We want to make this sort of thing cheaper and easier to deliver
  • 13. 360Giving is an initiative by a consortium of grant makers to encourage UK domestic grant makers to publish their data
  • 14. It’s happening….
  • 15. Our ambition is that within 5 reporting years 80% of grants made by UK charities, foundations & other grant makers are reported as open data to agreed standards: • Creating a clear information landscape for grant-makers in the UK showing who has funded what, with how much and for what • Building transparency for the public, taxpayers and authorities • Leading to improved effectiveness in grant making and greater scope for informed strategic philanthropy What do we want?
  • 16. Steps in building 360giving (hyperlinks) • Develop a data standard • Test it with some data • Get some data for testing • Do something with the standardised data • Talk with some academic analysts • Bring more partners on board
  • 17. Things we don’t yet have (July 2014): • Registry • Non-360 products i.e. things other people have built using 360 data • Fully worked through all the issues • A .org to run it • Highly granular data – it’s early days yet Things we don’t want • A paid for library model • Regulatory backing • Explicit government backing