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Innovating for impact (with no money)


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Talk to Building Perfect Council Websites 2012 - was asked to show some examples of cheap, simple services that could be used to innovate for local authorities.

Talk to Building Perfect Council Websites 2012 - was asked to show some examples of cheap, simple services that could be used to innovate for local authorities.

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  • 1. Innovating for impact (with no money) Building Perfect Council Websites2012 National Motorcycle Museum 12 July 2012 William Perrin @willperrin
  • 2. Motorcylce museuam relevant background in civic actionStolen moped Grand Prixs c2002Bingfield ParkKings CrossMost Saturdays when Arsenal at homeEnd with traditional moped bonfire Pics – Mark Bailey
  • 3. Still locked into older CMS and complex web of transactional services Low risk low cost Local procurement remains slow innovation Budgets USA mobile market Improvise about to pass 50% shrinking smart phone drastically penetration Council senior Startling shift to mobile executives keep having brightCustomers expectations keep leaping ideasahead
  • 4. We all need to share the pain in an age of austerity – the web budget is cut by 30%Oh dear – I can manage as long asthey don’t want any new stuff. Butthat’s not likely to happen.
  • 5.
  • 6. We need to talk to people online we can’t afford as much print or traditional consultationHelp people find their own voiceonline without me having a moderationand tech support liability
  • 7. Give people skills not aplatformTalk About Local trainspeople to find their ownvoice online for theircommunities that they ownand runCamden Council, BroxtoweBorouch Council, CambsCounty Council, CabinetOffice, NESTA etc
  • 8. We need a mobile app for our staff to communicate on the go as roving eyes and ears of the councilMany already have own smart phonesall have camera phones – need mobileand desktop solution for diverse usecases
  • 9. Street reporting – n0ticenew hugely flexibleplatform developed byGMGCreate noticeboard forareaUse employee phonessmart or cameraAll geo tagged
  • 10. Neighbourhood plans are coming. We need a something on the web to help residents work to with planners to draw them upNeed to visualise built environmentand provided shared work space forpublic and council staff as peers
  • 11. Google SketchUp (nowby Trimble) for 3DvisualistionUse Google Earthlandscapes/terrain toinsert visualisationsUse Blogger as thediscussion spaceGoogle Docs fordrafting the plan andmanaging documents
  • 12. Van Heckler
  • 13. Get me some Google glass goggle things I saw this thing in Wired.... The in flight magazine had this amazing...A new way of showing people what ishappening to the place around them
  • 14. About Local has avery simple approach toaugmented reality – justpaste in an RSS feed ofcontent with geo tagsand walk away.Click, copy, paste forget.New posts with geotagsin your feedautomatically upload toLayar – with clickthrough to your site and‘take me there’directions
  • 15. Talk About Local provides consulting, training and business services to help people understand local grass roots media – please contact us for helpThis work funds our public service mission to help people in isolated or deprived communities find a voice onlineCheck out our new project helping the unemployed use a better online profile to seek work at And contact - @willperrin