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Quiz by biljo issac
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Quiz by biljo issac


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I am giving you this materials with free of cost …

I am giving you this materials with free of cost

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  • 1. Page 1 of 120 History etc.. Polity Economics Biology Chemistry Physics General Studies:- Current AffairsContents 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 learning from failure.” 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 2500 GKs 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 work, and 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 of preparation, hard 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 L a t est 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 success. It is the result 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 “There are no secrets to 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 All Competative ExaminationsIts a Complete Collection of Questions and Answers Blog For
  • 2. 1. Which is called, City of Golden Temple? 13. Koyna Hydroelectric Power is located in which state? Amritsar Maharastra 2. The palace of Amritsar was given by Mughal Emperor Akabr to whom? 14. Who is the scientist made success of Green Revolution? Guru Ramdas Norman Borlaug 3. Which section of IPC is applicable for death under negligence? 15. Which city is called as City of Eternal Springs? 304 A 4. Sharavati Project is in which state? Quito Karnataka 16. National Higway No. 2 connects which cities? 5. Balimela Project is in which state? Delhi & Kolkata Orissa 17. Where is located the national centre for Bio - 6. What does the olymic flame symbolize? Fertilizer ? Continuity between new and ancient games Ghaziabad 7. Which city is called as City of Golden Gate? 18. Which satellite helps to telecast TV Network all over India? Sanfrancisco Insat IB 8. The earth rotates on its axis from? 19. Kanya Vidyadhan Yojna is in which state? West to east Uttar Pradesh 9. After declaration of financial emergency by the President, what is the period of operation without 20. With which country UNO has agreement of Oil with approval by the Parliament— Food? Iraq Two Months 21. Who wrote the book : “My Kashmir: Conflict &10. The United Kingom consists of which countries? Prospects of Enduring Peace”?11. Who publishes employment news? Mr. Habibullah Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 22. Who emerged as the fastest woman of Beijing Olympics? 12. Which states in India are having their borders sharing with Myanmar? Ann Fraser Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura & Meghalaya 23. Who is the winner of European Grand Prix? Felipe MassaPage 2 of 120
  • 3. 24. Which country won sixteen God medals in 36. World Food Day falls on what date? Olympics 2008 at Beijing? 16.Oct Germany 37. What is the name of the swimmer of USA who 25. What does IUCN stands for? won 8 gold medals in Olympics? International Union for conservation of nature Michael Phelps 26. Who was given Rajiv Gandhi National 38. Which one is the most competitive city of the Sadbhavna award 2007 world? N Radha Krishnana New York, Followed by London & Tokyo 27. What is CERN in LHC? 39. By which year India will be 4 Degree Hotter? CERN is a French Space Agency French acronym 40 years for (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and was in news due to LHC experiment 40. Where in Gujrat , ancient Budhdha plaque is recently. discovered recently? Vadnagar in Gujarat 28. Who was given Dhyanchand Award for 2008? 41. Controversial Pakistani Sceintist A.Q. Khan Mukhbain Singh helped which of the nationas to make atomic arms? 29. Who is the governor of Reserve Bank of India? Libiya D.Subarao 42. Which sports team among Punjab, ralways, UP & Services have won 55th National Boxing 30. Which country won field Hockey title in Championship? Olympics? Railways Germany 43. Microchip has recently turned (How many years?). 31. Whom is related to bhaskar Ghosh committee? 50 years of age Cultural Scemes 44. Recently the canbinet has increased hike of 32. The 306th Amendment Bill pertains to what? President , Vice President , and Governars by how much (in %)? Cooperative Society 300% 33. Project Sankalp is related to what? 45. Union Cabinet has recently approved Extradition HIV / AIDS Treaty with which country? 34. Micheil Saakashvili is president of which Iran country? 46. How many indigenous breeds of cattle India Currently possess? Georgia 27 35. Which of the following coutries is not thePage 3 of 120
  • 4. 48. When was essentials commodities act enacted? 59. Who is the winner of ASCA Sooker Invitation Tournament? 1955 Pankaj Advani 49. What is the third largest packed food in India consumed? 60. What is APEDA? Aerated Soft drink Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority 50. What is the rank of India’s market in Alcoholic beverages consumtion? 61. Who has been given the Appan Menon Memorial Award 2008.2009? Third Delhi Union of Journalists 51. Which country in south asia shared 62% of It’s global trade with India? 62. Which country has recently banned Indian Drug Company Ranbaxy’s Products? Nepal USA banned 28 drugs of Ranbaxy 52. Roger Federer recently won his which Grandslam? 63. Who won recently Murugappa Gold Cup? 13th Grand Slam Air India Beating Indian Oil 53. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been appointed as chancellor of which school? 64. Which are the two institutes chosen for Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Science & Technology Award? IIST Thiruvanantpuram CIMAP & CSMCRI 54. Astra is which kind of missile? 65. What is the meaning of a secular state? Air to Air The state regards religiosn as a private affair of the 55. Who is Margaret Chan? decisions and does not DISCRIMINATE on this basis. Director General of WHO , recently visited India 66. In which types of disputes Supreme Court of India Acts as Federal Court? 56. What is Deo Parliamentary Committee Probing? Interstate Disputes Cash for Votes scandal in Parliament 67. For how long, A joint sitting of both the houses of 57. How many blocks have been recently decided to Parliament may be convened to consider a bill which was award for exploration of oil and gas by the Union Gas & passed by one house and pending in another house? Petroleum Ministry recently? 6 months 45 68. The council of Ministers is collectively responsible to whom? 58. Which lone sailing ship of Indian Navy Has embarked upon voyage of four nations? Lok Sabha (Article 75 (3) ) 69. What is meaning of Lame Duck Session of Parliament? INS Tarangini Last session of the parliament before dissolution of LoksabhaPage 4 of 120
  • 5. 70. If a no.confidence motion is passed in Loksabha then 81. During whose reign Grand Trunk Road waswhat happens? formed? The whole council of ministers has to resign Shershah Suri71. Who elect Vice President? 82. On the bank of which river the city of Members of Rajya Sabha & Loksabha. Vijayanagar is located?72. Who was the President of Indian National Congress atthe time of Independence? Tungbhadra J.B. Kriplani 83. What was the capital of Bahamani Kings?73. Who were the two martyrs , accused for killing EnglishOfficers in England and hanged later on? Gulbarga Udhamsingh & MadanLal Dhingra 84. Who built Brihadeshwara temple in Tanjore?74. What was the date when Subhash Chandra Bosedeclared the formation of “interim Government of India”. Raja Raja Chola 21.Oct.4375. Who was the first President of Muslim League? 85. The fort of Tughlaqabad near Delhi was formed by whom? Salimullah Khan Ghiyasuddin Tuglaq76. Civil Disobedience Law started with which event? Breaking Salt Law 86. During the battle of Plassi , who was Nawab of Bengal?77. Why Gandhi Irwin Pact was criticized? Sirajuddola Lacked provisions of Gandhi Irwin Pact 87. Who among the Moghul Emperors was a perfect player of Veena?78. Which was the socialist leader , who ran awayfrom the Hazaribagh Prison and assumed the Aurangazeb.leadership of Quit India Movent? Jaiprakash Narayan 88. What is a soft currency?79. During whose reign the Gandhara School of Art A currency having a falling exchange rate due toblossom? continuing balance of payments deficit.Kanishka 89. What is Greenback?80. Who defeated Harshvardhan on the bank ofNarmada? Pulakesin II US Dollar is also referred as Greenback.Page 5 of 120
  • 6. 90. Which company is establishing Oil Refinery at 100. From which part of the plant Opium isBhatinda? derived? HPCL Dried Latex91. In which state is located Kanker Ghati Park? 101. Glycogen is Stored in which part of the body? Chhattisgarh Liver92. Where is Mansarovar lake? 102. Where do we find cartilage in Human Body? China Nose93. Where is Guru Shikhar? 103. During digestion Proteins are broken into what? Guru Shikhar is highest peak of Aravali Amino AcidsMountains located at Mount Abu, in Rajasthan. 104. What is ‘Hit and Hide Virus’94. What does indicate the color of a star? RSV Virus Its Temperature 105. Who was the first cricketer to claim 500 wickets95. What is willy willy? in test matches? A Tropical Cyclone at North West Australia Courtney Walsh96. What makes international boundary betweenTanzania & Uganda? 106. What is Tenzin Gyatso? Victoria Lake Dalai Lama is known as Tenzin Gyatso97. Where is Taylor Valley? 107. What was the name of State Bank of India Before Nationalisation? USA Imperial Bank of India98. Which river is associated with TulBul Project? 108. Who led a nonviolent movement in America Jhelum for full civil rights for negros? Martin Luther King99. What is Hypoglycemia? Low Blood SugarPage 6 of 120
  • 7. 111. ‘Portrait Francoise’ was an art piece created 120. Which is Highest Peak in India? by ? Nanda Devi (7817 meters), Kanchenjanga, Pablo Picasso Everest , Makalu are in Nepal 112. What is the original name of Santa Cluase? 121. What is Pensi La ? St. Nicolas A hill at Ladakh, which connects Sri Nagar with Leh 113. What is Zend_Avesta? 122. Whare is headquarter of Asian Development Religious Book of Parsees Bank? Manila 114. Who wrote the book.“The Man of Killed Gandhi”? 123. Which is most mobile factor of production? Manohar Malgaonkar Capital 115. Whose Biography is “My Country My Life”? 124. What is present strength of Rajya Sabha LK Advani 245 116. By which name the officer responsible for safe custody of land records during the Gupta Period was 125. Who was the first India Scholar who treated known as? Mathematics as a Different subject Karanika Aryabhatta 117. What are Kayals? 126.On what date Indo.US Nuclear cooperation Narrow water area attached with a main landin treaty was signed? the form of channel found in Kerala October 11, 2008 118. Which river originates from Amarkantak? 127. Who headed IIM review Committee which recommended higher Government control on IIM? Narmada RC Bhargava 119. Which Kind of Forests occupy the highest percentage in India Area Wise? 128. On what date India launched its first Moon Mission Chandrayan? Tropical Deciduous October 22, 2008Page 7 of 120
  • 8. 129. What was the name of Polar Satellite Launch 138. Where was the 4000 years old Pyramid found Vehicle which put Chandrayan I into orbit? recently? PSLV.C.11 Egypt 130. How many other countries have sent moon 139. Which country ranks top in gender equality? mission earlier? Norway Three, India is Fourth 140. Who has written the book.Politics & Politics.A 131. Which IBSA summit concluded recently in Marxist Perspective? New Delhi? Prakash Karat Third 141. Who was the first Indian to become the 132. What is ACD? President of World Squash Federation? Asia Cooperation Dialogue N Ramchandran 133. Who is the new president of Maldives? 142. What is Nerpa? Mohammed Anni Nasheed A nuclear enabled submarine 134. Which state topped the Government’s Primary 143. Who is the new Vice President of USA? Education Development Index? Joe Biden Kerala 144. Who won Singapore Open Golf Recently? 135. What is EDI? Jeev Milkha Singh Education Development Index 145. Which state of India is least densely populated? 136. On what day National Consumer Rights Day is observed? Arunachal Pradesh December 24. 146. Which is the only country in South East Asia which is totally landlocked? 137. Who was the batsman put on the top in recent Laos Reliance ICC Test Ranking? Mike Hussey 147. Where is security Printing Press? HyderabadPage 8 of 120
  • 9. 148. What is the stretch of India from north to 157. Who plays important role in Proteinsouth? synthesis in body? 3200 Kms Ribosomes149. What is ASEAN and where is its headquarters? 158. Who is the president of the world Bank? Association of SouthEast Asian Nations, Jakarta Robert Zoellick150. Orissa shares its longest border with which 159. What is the name of the Indian originstate? Management Guru awarded as greatest Management Thinker alive in the world by Thinkers 50? Andhra Pradesh CK Prahalad151. Who founded PURA? 160. What are pneumatophores? PURA is providing Urban Amenities in RuralAreas, and was founded by Honorable Former The breathing roots of mangroves.President APJ Abdul Kalam 161. Who founded National Mela?152. Who got the Qutub Minar Finished? Naba Gopal Mitra Firoz Shah Tuglaq 162. In which house of the Parliament, the presiding153. Which Veda gives the first classification of officer is not a member of the House?PRAN ( Respiration)? Rajya Sabha Rig Veda 163. Who was the court Poet of Samudra Gupta?154. What do we call collection of Budhdha’sTeaching? Harishena Budhdha Charita 164. Who was the first female president of Indian National Congress?155. Who was the first Muslim President of IndianNational Congress? Sarojini Naidu Badruddin Tayyabji 165. Who was accompanying Bhagat Sigh while156. What is the name of the organism which causes throwing a Bomb at the central legislature at Newmalignant Malaria in Human? Delhi? Plasmodium Falciparum Batukeshwar DattaPage 9 of 120
  • 10. 166. Who was the founder of Swadesh Bandhav 175. Who is famous as Father of Modern India?samiti? Raja Ram Mohan Roy Aswini Kumar Datta 176. Who used the word ‘Swarajya’ First?167. What is a national income? Bal Gangadhar Tilak Sum total of factor Incomes. 177. Who were associated with Lahore Conspiracy Case?168. The constitution of India is rigid or flexible? Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev Both partially. 178. Where did the formation of Azad Hind Fauj169. What is the reason that Sunadarbans were take Place?declared as world Hritage? Singapore Because of Mangrove Forests and Biodiversity 179. What were the watchwords for French170. Who was the Mughal emperor , from whom Revolution?East India Company Secured Diwani? Liberty , Equality and Fraterenity Shah Aaalam II 180. Who was the author of ‘Common Sense’ , a171. Who was the governor General at the time of revolutionary pamphlet of the American‘Sepoy Mutiny’. Revolution? Canning Thomas Paine172. In whose court , Amir Khusro was a Court 181. Who constructed Red fort of Delhi?Poet? Shah Jahan Alauddin Khilji 182. Which canal connects Baltic Sea and North173. Who was the writer of Sundarkaand? sea? Tulsidas, Sunadarkand is a part of Keil CanalRamcharitamanas. 183. Detroit is famous for which industry?174. Which Mughal emperor was defeated byShershah in 1540? Automobiles HumayunPage 10 of 120
  • 11. 184. Who was first to measure the circumference of 193. What type of vibrations is produced in sitar Earth? wire? Eratosthenes Stationary Transverse 185. How much of longitude account for one hour? 194. A typical human ribcage consists of how many ribs? 15 degree 24 186. Which quality of iron ore is best based upon iron content? 195. What kind of forests cover maximum area in India? Magnetite, followed by hematite>Limonite>Siderite Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests 187. In which sea Sunda Trench Lies? 196. In West Bengal where the Silk Industry is found? Indian Ocean Cooch Behar 188. Amravati is a tributary of which river? 197. Wher is located Saraswati Hydro.electric Kaveri Project? Karnataka 189. Which river flows between Vindhyan & satpura ranges? 198. Who is the final authority to interpret the Narmada constitution? Supreme Court 190. In which only decade, India’s Population had shown negative growth? 199. Who introduced Gurumukhi Script? 1911.1921 Guru Angad 191. Sun is visible little before actual sunrise , because of which phenomenon? 200. In which year Rowlett Act was passed? Atmospheric Refraction 1919 192. What does a lens with .5D number mean? 201. Seleukas was defeated by? A concave less with a focal length of 20 cms. Chandra Gupta MauryaPage 11 of 120
  • 12. 202. Who organized ‘Bratachari’ Movement? 211. Pitcher plant is what kind of a plant? Gurusaday Datta Insectivorous203. What was the primary emphasis during 2nd 5 212. Who founded Gadar Party in America?year Plan? Hardayal Basic & Key Industries 213. In which session , the Indian National Congress204. What kind of a valley Narmada flows through? adopted the resolution of ‘Poorna Swaraj’? V.shaped Fluvial Valley Lahore205. The constitution of India, established a 214. Which genes on activation cause Cancer?parliamentary system of Government . This wasbased on which country’s pattern? Oncogenes Britain 215. What do we collectively call the Biochemical Processes taking place in Body?206. What was the name of writer of BandeMataram? Metabolism Bankimchandra Chatterjee 216. People perform better when they are in207. Who was the first editor of ‘Yugantar’? competition than they are alone, what is this concept? Barindra Ghosh Group Dynamics208. Where did ‘Tebhega’ movement occurred in1946? 217. The award for best film in IIFA in 2007 was given to which Film? Bengal Rawng De Basanti209. Who was the founder of Muslim League ofIndia? 218. What is the resistance of a 200V.100W bulb? Nawab Salim Ullah 400 ohm210. Who accords recognition to political parties? 219. Who has written ‘Train to Pakistan’? Election Commission Khushwant SinghPage 12 of 120
  • 13. 220. What is the name of the policy, related to 230. The population growth rate in India is increasingrevenue and expenditure of the Government? or decreasing? Fiscal Policy Decreasing221. India has a dispute with Bangladesh on 231. Who despite of being non.member candistribution of water from which barrage? participate in the business of either house of parliament? Farakka Barrage The Attorney General222. Panchayats were given constitutional status inwhich Amendment of Constitution? 232. Who appoints the chief Justice of Supreme Court of India? 73rd The president in consultation with judges of High Courts and Supreme Court.223. Who was the founder of ‘Anushilan Samity’? P. Mitra 233. On which kind of soil cotton in India best grows on ?224. Who was the Founder of Bahmani Kingdom? Black Soil Alauddin Bahaman Shah 234. Who has responsibility of Maintaining Foreign exchange reserves in the country?225. Who founded Academic Association? RBI Ishwarchadra Vidyasagar 235. By what name “Abdul Gaffar Khan” was better226. Why Noonmati is famous? known as? A location for Pvt. Sector Oil Refinery Frontier Gandhi or seemant Gandi (in Hindi)227. Linus Paluing received Nobel Prize for two 236. Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal?times? Which was the area? Siraj.ud.daula 1954 Chemistry and 1962 Peace 237. Who founded Vikramasila.Vihara?228. What is the name of Japanese Prime Minister? Dharampal Yasuo Fukuda 238. Who is Argentina’s first elected president?229. Which day we observe world AIDS Day? Ms. Chritina Fernadez de Kircher December 1stPage 13 of 120
  • 14. 239. How much growth was targeted in 11th 5 Year 248. What is lignite?Plan? A Type of Coal 9% 249. A constitutional body appointed by the president,240. What was the topic, on which Einstein was awarded every five years to review centre state financialfor Nobel Prize? relationships. What do we call it ? Photoelectric Effect Finance Commission241. How much blood does an adult heart pump in 1 250. Who handed over the charge of Indian National Armyhour? to Netaji? 300 liters Ras Behari Bose242. Who became the 52nd Prime Minister of Great 251. What kind of a tree is “sal”?Britain in June 2007? Deciduous Gorden Brown 252. What is the major topographic feature of western243. Leishmania Donovani is a diseases transmitted by Rajasthan?whom? Sand Dunes Sand Fly 253. Who was the first governor general of Independent244. The Governer of Lousiana in New Orleans in USA India?is an Indian Origin, what is his name? Lord Mountbatten Bobby Jindal 254. What is a common thing in Radio Wave, X.Ray and245. What do you call a parliament which has no party in Visible Light?clear majority? They all are electromagnetic waves Hung Parliament 255. Which country is going to host 2014 FIFA World246. Who has written ‘Ignited Minds’? Cup ? APJ Abdul Kalam Argentina247. In which five year plan Rourkela & Durgapur Steel 256. What do we call the instrument to measure bloodplants were conceived? pressure? Second SphygmomanometerPage 14 of 120
  • 15. 257. What is the most common mental disease? 266. With which game Davis cup is associated ? Schizophrenia Lawn Tennis258. What is helpful for pollination in flowers without 267. With Which game DCM trophy is associated?petals? Football Wind259. What is the name of the vitamin that helps in 268. Volley, smash, Gambit, Service. What is theclotting of Blood? common thread among these terms? Vitamin K They are related to Lawn Tenis260. What is the name of a process which is used by a 269. In which year first five year plan was launched?retrovirus to convert from RNA to DNA? 1951 Reverse Transcriptase261. What is the name of the disease which is 270. What is the normal period of Kharif Crop?characterized by “complete loss of memory”? Mid June to October end Amnesia262. Parkinson’s is a brain diseases which is 271. What is the minimum age of President of Indiacharacterized by loss of nerve cells in which part of candidate?the brain? 35 year Cerebral Cortex 272. Who has written the book”City of Joy”?263. Who has written the book, “To a Hunger FreeWorld”? Dominique Lapierre MS Swaminathan 273. India’s first Defence University is set up in which state?264. Govt has launched a program IDSP to monitorcertain diseases. What is the full form of this Hariyanaprogram? Integrated Disease Surveillance Project 274. Raila Odinga is related to which country? He is Prime Minister of Kenya265. Govt. of India has launched a scheme‘Swayamsidha”. Whom for? 275. Who has written the book “Sandy Storms” Women Sandeep patilPage 15 of 120
  • 16. 276. “Amos.3 “ satellite was launched by which 285. What is the name of the first month of Nationalcountry? Calendar of India? Israel Chaitra277. Recently Rahul Dravid completed his ten 286. Who built Jama masjid?thousand runs in Test Cricket. In a match againstwhich country did he achieve this? Shahjahan South Africa 287. Whose court visited Sir Thomas Roe?278. Who is father of Green Revoution? Jehangir Father of Indias Green Revolution . Dr. M.S.Swaminathan and Father of Green Revolution . Dr. 288. Where is situated the battlefield of Plassy?Norman Borlaug West Bengal279. Where Buland darwaja”? 289. In which year the first battle of plassy was Fatehpur Sikari fought? 1757280. Which ancient sage is called father of“Sanskrit”? 290. In the third battle of Panipat, who defeated Marathas? Panini Afgans281. What is the ratio of length and breadth ofIndian National Flag? 291. In which year the battle of HaldiGhati was fought? 3:2 1576282. Which was the first occasion when our national 292. In which year battle of Talikota was fought ?song was sung for the first time? 1565 1896 session of Indian National Congress 293. What was the name of Harsha’s Capital?283. When our national Anthem was was first sung? Kannaauj December 27, 1951 calcutta 294. What was the name of the Chinese pilgrim who visited during the reign of Harshavardhana?284. How much is the playing time of our NationalAnthem? Approx 52 seconds Hiuen TsangPage 16 of 120
  • 17. 295. During whose reign Ajanta period was built? 305. Which country launched First satellite? Guptas USSR 296. What was the real name of “Vikramaditya” ? 306. What are “Dog days”? ChandraGupta II Period during which the Dog star rises at the same time of that of sun 297. Which war strategy Shivaji Used against Moghuls? 307. What are Galileo Satellites? Guerilla Warfare 4 moons of Jupiter 298. Where is Vidyasagar Setu? 308. Which two countries are linked by Karakorm Pass? Kolkata India & China 299. “Thein Dam” is being constructed on which river? 309. “Upper Volta “ is known by a new name. What is that? Ravi Burkina Fasso 300. On which river the “Gandhi Sagar dam” is being constructed? 310. A series of wars fought over 116 years, between England & France and later Burgundy, is commonly Chambal named as??? 301. Srisailam Hydroelectric Project is based upon Hundred Years War which river? 311. India Post has launched a new postal service Krishna recently. What is its name? 302. Who discovered the laws of planetary motion? World Net Express Johannes Kepler 312. Recently International Film Festival in India Concluded in December 2008. Where? 303. Who invented elevator? Panaji EG Otis 313.On which Day we celebrate National Cadet Corps Day?304. Who invented Radar ? Nov. 23 Robert Watson WattPage 17 of 120
  • 18. 314. In which Indian City was the first European 325. The world "Forestry Day" is observed on Factory built by the Portuguese in 1500 AD? which date? Kozhikode (Earlier Calicut) 21st March 315."Smriti ki Rekhayen", who is the writer of this 326. At present what is the percent area of the total memoir? geographical area of India is under forest cover? Mahadevi Verma 20.64% 316. What is the name of the mural painting whose 327. The year 2008 was observed / recognized by name is based upon a name of a Bihar District? International Year of …………? Madhubani Coral Reefs 317. Who was the first Law Minister of India? 328. In which year the "Environment (Protection) Act " was formed? Dr. BR Ambedkar 1986 318. What is full form of IPO? 329. How many countries are the shareholders of Initial Public Offer IBRD? 319. The states of India were reorganized on the 185 member countries are shareholders basis of Language in which year? 330 Who gives "Vachaspati Award"? 1956 Birla Foundation 320. "Seed Therapy " is related to which disease? 331. Who was the director of "Tare Zamin Par"? Detection of Breast Cancer Amir Khan 321. Worlds Fourth Fastest Computer is built in India. What is its name? 332. A business takeover procedure in which acquiring company uses its Own Shares to pay for the Eka acquired...... 322. "Republic" was written by whom? Share Swap Plato 333. "Chuni Goswami" is related to which sports? 323. Who is First India woman Grandmaster in Football Chess? 334 .FIFA Cup helds at a regular interval of 4 year S Vijay Laxmi since 1930. Which were the year when FIFA couldnt held? 324. What is the name of capital of Mizoram? 1942 & 1946 due to WW.IIAizawlPage 18 of 120
  • 19. 335. Which is the only country to win FIFA for 5 346. Recently NABARD has approved a loan to UP for 5 times? irrigation projects? How much is this amount? Brazil Rs. 205 Crore 336. The Universe in a single Atom. this book has been 347 .What is the name of Worlds first Personal Super written by whom? Computer? Dalai Lama Tesla 337. Who has been the First Runner Up of Miss World 348. "Maradona " a football player who recently visited 2008? India belongs to which country? Parvathy Omnakuttan Argentina 338. 2009 Golden Pen of Freedom Award has been 349. On what date World Laugher Day is celebrated? conferred to whom? January 10 Najam Sethi 350 .Who has recently topped the list of Australian Sports 339. On what date we celebrate "Human Rights Day"? Earners? December 10 Greg Norman 340. Who is the Indian Business man who has ranked 6th 351. Who has been recently appointed as Deputy Speaker among the top most powerful faces in the world in Forbes of House of Lords? Magazine? Lord Swaraj Paul Mukesh Ambanai 352. When we celebrate the International Holocaust 341. Who is the first Indian Actor to get Malaysian Remembrance Day? Title"Datuk"? Jan 27 Shahrukh Khan 353. "Electra Gold Cup" is associated with which sports? 342. Who has been awarded the United Nations Human Right Award? Table Tennis Benzir Bhutto 354. According to Transparency International, what is Indias rank in 2008 Bribe Payers Index? 343. Saina Nehwal plays which sports? 4th Badminton 355. Who has been recently appointed as Director of State 344. Who is declared the European Footballer of the Bank of India? Year? R. Sridharan Christiano Ronaldo 356. Which Bank has recently won Nasscom.CNBC TV 345. Warren Buffet has been recently in news due to 18 IT User Award? American Newspaper Business Week List of Top ___? Donors HDFC BankPage 19 of 120
  • 20. 357 .Who has been recently appointed the Deputy Chief 368."Swaraj is my Birth right and I shall have it " Who saidMinister of Maharastra? this? Chhagan Bhujbal Bal Gangadhar Tilak358. "India shall export Wheat to Nepal", This was a 369.What was the meaning of "Manigramam" in Medievalnews recenlty. How much wheat? south India? 10000 tons Association of Merchants359. Which year has been fixed to achieve most of theMillennium Development Goals? 370.From where the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 got started? 2015 Meerut360. MTNL has recently launched its 3G Services. From 371.What is the meaning of "Sutudri" mentioned in Rigwhich city they have started this? Veda? New Delhi The name of a river361. Who has been recently elected as Chief Minister of 372."Go Back to Vedas" whose motto was this?Chhattisgarh? Swami Dayanand Saraswati Dr. Raman Singh 373. If worshipping stones one can find God, I would have362. Sania MirZa was conferred the Honorary Degree of worshipped a Mountain. "Who has said this?"Doctor of Letters" by which University? Kabir MGR University 374. Jallianwalla Bagh massacre occurred in which year?363. "Omega Mission Hills World Cup" is related towhich game? 1919 Golf 375. One of the Indus Valley Cities had houses with doors in the main street. Which one?364. How many Indians have been included in top 50IAAF individual Ranking? Lothal 7 376. Whose work is "Poverty and Un.British Rule in India. quot;?365. When do we observe "World Leprosy Day"? Dadhabhai Naoroji last sunday of january. 377. Which metal was traded in the trading of most ancient366.The divine faith was a monument of Akbars folly periods known?and not his wisdom. What was divine faith ? Copper Din.I.ilahi 378. What was the main item of Indian Export to Roman367.Who founded Mughal Empire? Empire ? Babur Luxury Goods Page 20 of 120
  • 21. 379. In which year quit India Movement was launched? 391. Who calls the joint session of Parliament? 1942 President380. When the Simon commission visited India, who was 392. Sabaramati Ashram was established in which year?the Viceroy of India ? 1917 Lord Irwin 393. No confidence Motion against the Union Government381. Lakshmi Bai, Tantya Tope and Nana Saheb all were can be initiated in Lokasabha or Rajya sabha or both ?related to which mutiny? Loksabha 1857 394. What was the deity of Most Chola Temples?382. Who was the first Muslim King to conquer Deccan? Shiva Ala.Ud.Din Khilji 395. Where did the first session of Indian National383. Who was the first Governor General to adopt the Congress hold ?device of separate electorates to win over the muslimsfaith? Bombay Lord Minto 396. In Gupta Period . The largest number of coins were issued in which metal?384. What was the other name of Kautilya? Gold Chanakya 397. where did Budhdha preach is first sermon?385. Ring Fence is associated with which EnglishOfficial? Sarnath Warren Hastings 398. What do we call the grasslands in South America?386. Agricultural Income Tax revenue goes to which Pampasgovernment: Central or State? 399. In what use we take Anemometer? State To measure wind velocity387. Which operation is related to Milk Production? 400. In which ocean Marina Trench Found? Operation Flood Pacific Ocean388. Issuing paper currency in India is a sole right of….?? 401. Iodine turns from Brown to blue black on Potato RBI cutting because of …….?389. In which year Planning Commission in India Was starchEstablished? 1950390.Our Constitution has envisaged how many types ofCurrencies?3Page 21 of 120
  • 22. 402. How many valves are found in Human Heart? 414. On what day we celebrate Consumers day? two March 15 403. What is the main function of Lymphocytes? 415. Which cells in our body have the least generative power? Production of Antibodies 404. Salivary glands secrete which enzyme?? Brain Cells Diastase 416.Tughlaq, Khilji, Slave, Lodhi. What will be the right chronological order? 405. The highest specific heat is of …………? SlaveKhilji.Tughlaq.Lodhi water 417.Which state of today is called "Empire of Satvahana 406. What do we call the device which is used to locate Kings"? submerged objects under sea? Andhra Pradesh Sonar 418.Hampi is famous for what which monuments? 407. When a liquid boils, the Vapour Pressure is ………….Atmospheric Pressure? Hints: Equal to / Less Vijayanagar Empire Equal to 419.The battle of Talikota was fought in which year? 408. For what purpose Heavy water is used in Nuclear 1565 Reactors? 420.Who built the temples of Halebid and Belur? Moderator Hoysalas 409. Many a times Police uses Tear Gas to disperse a mob. What does it contain? 421.One incident made Gandhi Ji call of Non.cooperation movement. What was that? Chlorine Chauri Chaura Incident 410. Dada Saheb Falke award was given to which lady for the first time? 422.Iltutmish had introduced a coin of 175 gms. This coin was made of which metal? Devika Rani 411. Where are the headquarters of International Court of Silver Justice? 423.Two antilopes and a hunter has been noticed on a pot The Hague from cemetery H which Ancient Civilization? 412. Subroto Cup is associated with which game? Harappa Football 424.Under Maurya the Kumar " was responsible for which413. What was the name of First Talkie film in India? part of the administration?Alam Ara Provincial governancePage 22 of 120
  • 23. 425.Aurangzed was a good player of which Musical 436.In which Year Akbar Promulgated Din.i.ilahi?Instrument? 1581 Veena 437.Who was one of the Generals of Ala.ud.din Khilji426.What was the name of the muslim Scholar who came who ultimately became the First sultan of Tughlaqto India at the time of Mahmud of Ghazni? Dyanasty ? Al.Beruni Ghazi Malik427.The use of running waters even in palaces and 438.The endeavour to ernestly to introduce a real elementpleasure resorts was a special feature of which of local self government was done by which Governor ?architecture? Lord Rippon Mughal 439. In Sikandara, the mausoleum of which Mughal428.What was the name of the versatile, genius, writer in Emperor situated?Hindi, Persian, Arabic, in the reign of Akbar? Akbar Abdur.rahim.khankhana (Raskhan) 440.Which organisation gives Saraswati Samman?429.According to Babur Nama what lured him to come toIndia? KK Birla Foundation Abundance of gold & Silver 441.Thomas cup is associated with which game?430.After Chauri Chaura incident Gandhi ji went to talk Badmintonwith whom? 442.On which date "National Consumer Rights Day " is Lord Irwin celebrated?431.Mohammad Ghoris last expedition in India was 24th Decemberagainst whom? 443.Which railway line has been recently declared a Khokars in 1206 world heritage site?432.Kalidasa has written Malvikagnimitra. In this drama Kalka Shimlathe Hero Agnimitra was known to be a king of whichdynasty? 444.By which year Chandrayaan II will be launched? Sunga Kalka Shimla433.When did Ahmed Shah Abdali invaded India for the 445.Who has written the Book " Audacity of Hope"?first time? Barak Obama 1748434.Who wrote Akbaranama? And in Which language? 446.Jawaharlal Nehru Award is given for contribution in which field? Abul Fazl , in Persian435.What was the name of another work by Abul Fazl? International UnderstandingAin I Akbari Page 23 of 120
  • 24. 447.Who has been selected for 2009 women of Discovery 458.Who can resolve the dispute between two houses ofAward? Parliament? Aparajita Datta Loksabha Speaker448.What is the range of Shaurya Missile? 459.Finance commission is appointed by president for how many years? 700 kms 5 years449.Who was given the Pride of India Award 2008? 460.The High Court consists of Chief Justice and other Dr. Rami Ranger and GS Bhalla judges. Who determines other Judges?450.Which country has allowed FDI from India for the first Presidenttime in history? 461.Who can remove the judge of the High Court from his Nepal office before expiry of his time?451.NREGA guarantees how many days employment? President on the recommendation of Parliament 100 days 462.A Judge of High court will address his resignation to …….?452.Prakash & Madakini Amte were given which awardrecently? The President Magsaysay Award 463.The judge of Supreme court of India Holds the office till he attains the age of ……yrs?453."India, that is Bharat, shall be a union of states". Thisis in which article of Indian constitution? 65 Article 1 464.A member of Loksabha may vacate his seat before expiry of his time by writing to ………………?454.What do we call a rule of legislative procedure underwhich a further debate on a motion can be stopped? Speaker Closure 465.A minister of is not member of a legislative assembly has to win election within ……….months.455.When does a bill presented in parliament becomes anact? six After president has given his assent 466.A money bill can originate in Loksabha or Rajya Sabha or both ??456.The minimum age of candidate for the office of thePresident of India is…….yrs. In Loksabha 35 467.What is the administrative authority at the block level?457.A candidate seeking elections to a state LegislativeAssembly must have completed how many years? Panchayat Samiti25 Page 24 of 120
  • 25. 468.If a person is arrested and detained in Police, has to be 479.Article 370 is applicable in which state?produced before nearest Magistrate within…………period? J&K 24 hrs 480.Who can participate in the proceedings of both the houses without even being a member?469.A session of the Loksabha is prorogued by order of………..? Attorney General President 481. How many states India has at Present?470.Who decides a bill is money bill or not? 28 Speaker of the Loksabha 482.How many Union Territories India has at present?471.In 42nd amendment two more words have been added 7to the preamble. What are they? 483.In which state of India Sal Trees are concentrated? Secular & Socialist Assam472.what are the five words of Preamble to theconstitution of India? 484.One-horned Rhinoceros are found in which National Park ? Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic Kaziranga in Assam473.Who can appoint ad hoc judges in Supreme Court? 485.Where is a permanent seismological observatory The Chief Justice of India with the prior consent of the located in India?President of India Latur 474. A retired judge of High court can do private practicein which court? 486.When a person travels from Kerla to Delhi, what kind of forests come on the way and in which sequence? In another court of same or higher level Tropical Evergreen-Savanna-dry deciduous-deciduous475. An ordinance issued by a governor can remain inforce on its own for a maximum period of .......months? 487.In which state of india about 50% of total silk is produced? six Karnataka476. Which article of the constitution gives right toEquality? 488.Which state in India produces about 60% of Indias Total salt ? Article 17.477.Which article of our constitution forms the core Gujratchapter on Fundamental Rights? 489.Maximum raw silk comes from which state In India? Article 19 Karnataka478.The number of categories of freedoms that an IndianCitizen can have?6 Page 25 of 120
  • 26. 490.What is the name of the Bridge between India and 501.Recently United Nations Talks on Climate changeSrilanka is called........bridge? held at which place? (2008) Adams Pozanan in Poland491.In which year , Arunachal Pradesh became a full 502.Rehan Butt is related to which sports?fledged state? Hockey 1987 503.Who is the sportsman selected by All India Football492.As per 2001 census, which one is the most literate Federation as Player of the Year in November 2008?religious community in India? Baichung Bhutia Jains 504.Mohan Bagan team is best known for which sports?493.Banihal Pass is located in which state? Football J&K 505.What does IBSA stand for ?494.Ganga is known with which name in Bangladesh? India, Brazil & South Africa Padma 506.What is the full form of BIMSTEC?495.Funnel shapped location surrounded by Khasi, Garo &Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya, popular as a place with Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical &maximum rain fall. What is the name? Economic cooperation ChIrrapunji 507.Which are the coutries in BIMSTEC?496.Chipko Movement is related to conservation of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, SriLanka, Thailand,...........? Nepal & Bhutan. The first five are founder members Forests and wildlife 508.Rajan Committee is raleted to……………reforms?497.Coir industry is concentrated in which state of India? Financial Sector Kerala 509.Ustad Allah Rakkha Khan is related to which instrument in Indian Clasical Music?498.Abhijit Vejjajiva a a leader from which country? tabla Thailand. Sworn in as 3rd prime minister in 4 monthsin December 2008 510.Palghat Mani plays which instrument in Indian Classical Music?499." Idea of Justice" who has written this book? Mridangam Amartya Sen 511.What was the original name of "NurJahan Beghum"?500.On what date India Observes "Central Excise Day"? MehrunissaFebruary 24 512.In which language Baburnama was written originally ? Chagtai Turk Page 26 of 120
  • 27. 513.Who was first to translate Baburnama in English? 523. What are Basel Norms? Annette Akroyd Norms specially designed to control various risk factors in bank operations514.What was the name of Akbars Mother? 524. Ashok Mankad was a famous……………….player? Hamida Beghum ( Mariam Makani) Cricket515.The son of Arjumand Banu Beghum who becameMughal Emperor in India later was……………? 525. What was the name of logo of Olympic 2008? Aurangzeb Dancing Beijing516.Firdaus Manzil was the Title of which Mughal 526. Who has written Midnight Children?Emperor? Salman Rushdie Shah Alam II 527. 34th G8 summit in July 2008 held in which country?517. Amar Singh belongs to which party ? Japan Samajwadi Party 528. India has recently inaugurated her First Research518. The RBI Governor reviews the Annual Monetary and Station in Arctic. What is its name?credit policy every time after a gap of .........months? Himadri three 529. Who is ex.offcio.Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?519. Reserve Bank of India keeps changing the ratio whichregulates the minimum reserve each bank must hold to Vice Presidentcustomers deposits. What this ratio called? 530. "Short Corner" this term is mainly used in which Cash Reserve Ratio game?520. Which bank has the punchline"Much more to do with HockeyYOU in focus"? 531. Rajiv Gandhi Award is given for excellence in the Andhra Bank field of ……………?521. A new field of banking system made up of large scale Sports & gamesbanks that operate extensive networks of branches and 532. Member of European Union who has refused to honorprovide different services. This new termed emerged in the Lisbon Treety?banking field is ...............? Ireland Universal Banking 533. Children up to which age are covered under Pulse522. Providing credit and other financial services and Polio?products of very small amount to the poor’s in rural / semi/urban area is callled as …………..? 5 yrsMicro Finance 534. "The Last Mughal Has been written by ? William Darlymple Page 27 of 120
  • 28. 535. "Gandhis Emissary" Who has writtten this book? 547.Where is 2009 summit of SAARC is proposed to held? Sudhir Ghosh Male536. What is the unit of Intensity of sound? 548.Which coutries are in BRIC? Decibel Brazil, Russia, China & India537. "Rafael Nadal " is related to which sports? 549.What do we call "Holding Assets in the form of Cash" Lawn Tennis ?538. R.S.Gavai is the governor of which state? Liquidity Preference Kerala 550.What is Greenback?539.What is the name of the swiss Adventurer who US Dollarrecently made history by flying across English Channel? 551.Who has received Laureus World Sports man award Yves Rossy for 2008?540.In september 2008 a typhoon batterd some parts of Roger FedererChina. What was its name? 552.Zenedine Zidane related to which countrys Football Hagupit team?541.Who is the new Prime Minister of Japan? France Taro Aso 553.Agha Khan cup is related to which game?542.What is the name of Manned spacecraft,china Hockeylaunched in September 2008? 554.Koneru Humpy is related to which game? Shenzhou-7 Chess543.Ryder cup is related to which game? 555."Cricket My Style" is a book written by ? Golf Kapil Dev544.Who won US Open 2008 Men & Women singles? 556.Who was the first woman Justice of Indian Highcourt?Roger Federer & Serena Williams Leila Sheth545.The first summit of SAARC held at which place? 557.What is the joint River Valley Venture of India & Nepal? Dhaka546.SAFTA was signed at which summit of SAARC? Kosi 558.C.B. Bhave is related to which financial organisation? 12th summit at Islamabad SEBIPage 28 of 120
  • 29. 559 . "Alai Darwaja" is a gateway to which monument? 570 . "Arthshastra" was written by whom and in which period? Qutub Minar Kautilya in Maurya period560 . "The nobles were forbidden to hold banquets &Festivities, and make marriage alliances without sultans 571 . In which language Amir Khusro wrote mainly?permission. " Who was the sultan? Persian Ala-ud-din-Khilji 572 . "Amoghvarsha" belonged to which dynasty of kings?561. Ala-ud -din murdered whom before he acceded to thethrone? Rastra Kuta Jalluddin Firoz 573 . One son of Shahjahan got Atharva Veda translated. What was him name?562. Who has written "Kitab- ul-Hind"? Dara Alberuni 574 . What is the most famous image constructed in Chola563 . Albuqurque captured Goa from ruler of which state? Kingdom? Bijapur Bronze image of Nataraja Shiva564. Who conquered Goa is 1510AD? 575 . An eminent machinery for meeting the famine conditions in India was evolved by which English Viceroy Alfonso de Albuquerque of India?565 . What is the common thread between "Abdul Qadir Lord LyttonBadauani", Naqib Khan & Shaikh sultan of thaneshwar? 576 . Where was constructed Lingaraj Temple? They were Scholars of Akbar Court who renderedMahabharata in Persian Bhubneshwar566 . Which ruler did not accept the Mughal Sway in 16th 577 . Kailashnath temple of Kanchipuram " show whichcentury? style of architecture? Maharana Pratap of Mewar Nagra Style567 . Balban, Iltutmish & QutubUdDin Aibak , what was 578 . In khajuraho , which temple show the Nagra Syle?the common thread among them? Kandaraiya Mahadev Temple They all were purchased slaves 579 . "Indica" an ancient classic was written by whom?568 . Elizabeth I was contemporary of which mughalruler? Megasthenes 580 . In which year Annie Besant joined Indian National Akbar Congress?569 . Who has written "Kalpsutra" 1914 BhadraBahu 581 . "Capture of Javali" was an act of ? ShivajiPage 29 of 120
  • 30. 582 . "Kalidasa" lived during the reign of which ruler? 595. Recently United Nations General Assemblys which session held in New York HQ in September 2008? ChandraGupta Vikramaditya 63rd session 583 . Who is Shakespere of India? 596. Which city has shown highest percapita in the Kalidasa country ? 584 . Who replaced Harshavardhana? Chadigarh, fifth time in a row Nagbhatta I 597. What is the all India figure of per capita income in India? 585. Who was the first ruler of Vardhan Dynasty? Rs. 29642 (2006-2007) Prabhakar Vardhan (Father of Harshavardhana) 598. What is the name of Britains first state funded Hindu 586 . In which centruy Hieun-Tsang came in India? School? Krishna Avanti Primary School 7th Century 599. Who has written the book "Faith of my Fathers"? 587 . Who has written Harshcharita? John Mc Cain Bāṇabhaṭṭa 600. Who has won US open 2008 Mens singles ? 588 . Banbhatta wrote a novel Kadambari. Who was Kadambari in the novel? Roger Federer The heroine of novel 601. Who has won US Open 2008 womens single? 589.TADA was enacted in which year? Serena Williams 1985 602. Bob Bryan & Mike Bryan were recently in news. For what? 590. Which commission enquired the Godhara carnage? They have won US Open Mens doubles 2008 Nanavati Commission 603. Cara Black is related to which sports ? 591. Who is the Chairman of Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs? Tennis, winner of US Open 2008 Womens double & also mixed double. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh 604. Who shared the victory in mixed doubles in US Open 592. Where was the 9th India European Union Summit 2008 with Cara Black? held in September 2008? Marsielle , France Leander Paes 593. Where was the first Indo-EU summit held ? And when? 605. Shashank Manohar is related to which sports?Lisbon, June 2000 Cricket, he is President elect of BCCI594. Who was the first president of Pakistan?Iskandar Mirza Page 30 of 120
  • 31. 606. Who is the new coach of Indian Hockey team? 618. Paul Allen has been related to which company? M.K.Kaushik Microsoft607. What is the name of official mascot of FIFA 2010? 619. Punjab J.34 is a variety of which crop? Zakumi Cotton608. Pankaj Advani is related to which game? 620. Which public sector company of India has been Billiards recently declared as largest CO2 emitting company?609. Subroto Cup is related to which sports? NTPC Football 621. Which bank uses the slogan " Good People to Good Bank"?610. Jyoti Randhawa plays which sports? Uco Bank Golf 622. What was the earlier name of Kingfisher Red?611. Which breed of dogs is most popular in world? Air Deccan Labrador 623. "Parivartan" Scheme has been launched by which612. Titanic sank in which year? bank? 1912 SBI613. What is the full form of LED? 624. Recently which summit of SAARC held in Colombo? Light Emitting Diode 15th614. What was the external debt on India (BothGovernment and non Government) in the year ending 625. India pays how much of SAARC administrativeMarch 2008? expenditure? $ 221.2 Billion 32%615. Lary Ellison is related to which company? 626. Which country has been admitted in SAARC recently (in 2005)? Oracle Afghanistan616. The famous Industrial family "Waltons" are relatedto which company? 627. The first invasion upon India took place in 712 AD. Wal-Mart Who was the invader?617. Sergey Brin & Larry Page are related to which Muhammad Bin Qasimcompany? 628. "Mid Day Meal Scheme" is a scheme for schoolGoogle, they are co-founders children lunch. Which ministry has launched this scheme? Ministry of Human Resource DevelopmentPage 31 of 120
  • 32. 629. "Annapurna Scheme" is a scheme of which ministry? 640. At which place East India Company opened its First factory? Ministry of Rural Development Machilipatnam630. "20 Point Programme" was initiated in which year? 641. In which year East India Company was brought under 1975 British parliamentary control?631. What is the contribution of Agriculture in Indias 1773GDP? 642. Tantya Tope hailed from which place? 17.6% Gwalior632. In which city International Statistical EducationCenter is situated? 643. Nana saheb hailed from which place? Kolkata Kanpur633. On the lines of Central Government, which state has 644. Who founded Seva Sadan in Bombay ?adopted the concept of 5 days week, recently? Bahram Ji Malabari Rajasthan 645. On what date Indian Rebellion of 1857 started?634. Where the next SAARC summit is proposed to held? 10 May 1857 Male in Maldives 646. Swami Dayanand is related to which Samaj?635. In August 2008, which company is India has beengiven the status of Mini Ratna? Arya samaj Hindustan Copper Limited 647. Muhammad Bin Qasim defeated king of Sindh In 712 AD. What was the name of the King?636. National Youth Festival was held in which city inJanuary? Dahira Amritsar 648. Babarnama is in which language?637. Who among the Portuguese, French and English were Chagtai Persianthe first to come to India to establish trade relationships? 649. The Mughal emperor who was deported to Rangoon Portuguese was?638. "Kuyil Pattu" is a work of famous poet ? What is hisname? Bahadur Shah Jafar Subrmanya Bharti 650. Who was the patriot in the 1857 mutiny who fled to nepal?639. The governor of Madras who made a treaty withTipu? Nana Saheb 651. Which samaj was related to Swami SatyanandLord McCartney Agnihotri? Dev SamajPage 32 of 120
  • 33. 652. Jatiya Sarkar was related to which state? 663. What is the residence of Governor of Delhi called? Bengal, Tamaluk Raj Niwas 653. Recently a postage stamp was released by President 664. Which state in India has recently taken up the in the memory of which Army Field Marshal? "Worlds Biggest Greening Project " recently? Field Marshal Manekshaw Kerala 654. Vijay Diwas is celebrated on what date every year? 665. Which state has decided to raise separate unit of guards on the lines of NSG to combat terrorist attacks? December 16 Maharastra , Force 1 655. In which city, situated at the confluence of sacred rivers Ganga and Gandak, is the biggest cattle fair of Asia 666. Recently a newly won chiefminister has taken "7 held on Kartik Purnima ? resolutions" to make his state "Goden State". Who is that chief minister? Sonepur (Bihar) Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh 656. Who is ISRO chairman? 667. Keoladeo Bird sanctuary is in which state? G. Madhavan Nair Rajasthan 657. Recently first satellite built by ISRO was successfully put into its orbit for a foreign customer fetching a profit of 668. Arjun Atwal is related to which sports? $ 40 Million. What was its name? Golf W2M 669. C. K. Nayadu Trophy is related to which sports? 658. What is the full form of GSLV? Cricket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle 670. Women world Cup is proposed to held in which 659. A cyclone caused widespread devastation in country in 2009? Myanmar claiming 100000 lives in 2008. What was its name? Australia Nargis 671. "Manchester United Premier Cup" is related to which game? 660. Shaikh Haseena is from which party ? Football Awami League 672. "BILT Open" is a tournament in the field of which game? 661. Who is Bangladeshs father of nation? Golf Shekh Mujib-ur-rehman 673. "Michael Phelps" is related to which sports? 662. Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojna is carried out by which state Govt. ? swimmingDelhi Page 33 of 120
  • 34. 674. TUF scheme is related to which industry ? 686. Which chromosome among X & Y is imparted to a person by his mother only ? Textiles X 675. Recently where in India was held the second summit of BIMSTEC ? 687. What is body Mass Index? New Delhi Ratio of Body Weight divided by square of height in meters 676. Which element is used for the x-ray of elementary canal? 688. Why liver gets damaged because of consumption of alcohol? Barium Excess Fat Storage 677. If a seed germinates while the fruit is still at the plant, then what is this concept called ? 689. Beri Beri is caused because of deficiency of which vitamin ? Vivipary Thiamine ( Vitamin B1) 678. A bat is a bird . Is it right? 690. The flower which we look at Sunflower is actually a No, Bat is a mammal …………? 679. A butterfly shaped gland in the body in front part of Inflorescence neck which regulates growth? 691. The minute bodies in the cell called as powerhouse of Thyroid body? 680. Why camels adapt in desert? Mitochondria A hump with food as fats 692. The plant cell is easily distinguished from an animal cell due to which part? 681. A vitamin that acts with enzyme is called ? Cell wall in plant cellco-enzyme 693. Among carbohydrates, proteins and fats, amino acid is the smallest unit of?682. What is the unit of heredity? Proteins Gene 694.A plant which lives on another plant but does not take 683. What is called a centre for the preservation of dry food from it is called? Entophyte or epiphyte specimens of plants? Epiphyte Herbarium 695. Green house effect is because of which gas? 684. What is the fibrous connective tissue that joints bones together at joints? Co2 696. Ethyl Alcohol is found in wine & other drinks. What Ligament is found in poisonous liquor which causes deaths in India 685. Which blood group is universal donor ? frequently?O group Methyl alcoholPage 34 of 120
  • 35. 697. How many bones are present in human body? 710. What is the "land of White Elephant"? 206 Thailand698. Which part controls "reflex Actions" ? 711. What is a "cirque"? Spinal Cord A bowl shaped depression caused by glacial erosion699. Calciferol is the name of which vitamin? 712. "Cataract” apart from a disease in eye is referred to another thing in Geography? Vitamin D A type of waterfall.700. What Tocoferol is normally called? 713. The tail of a comet is always pointing away /towards Vitamin E Sun? 701. What is watergate? Away A scandal 714. When a man crosses the International Date Line from east to west, one day is added or reduced?702. What is the name of the American BullionDepository? To west added, to east subtracted Fort Knox 715. How many million kilometers in a light year?703. What is the capital of Morocco? 9.5 million years Rabat 716. Where "Maginot Line" was created after WWII?704. "Death Valley " is located in which part of USA? French Border with Germany & Italy California 717. What is an " Isthmus" ?705. Galileo Satellites are 4 moons of which planet? A narrow strip of land connecting to larger lands Jupiter 718. Among Venus, Earth, Mars & Saturn, which planet will take maximum time to revolve around Sun?706. What is old Faithful? Saturn A Geyser in USA 719. The planet nearest to Sun is ?707. Which type of coal has 90 % carbon and no smoke? Mercury Anthracite 720. A youth ful river shall give rise to which kind of708. What is "willy willy" ? valley ? Tropical Revolving Storm in North west Australian V shappedWaters709. Which are the " Low Countries" of Europe? 721. A warm surface ocean current from Gulf of Mexico towards Atlantic is called?Netherland and Belgium Gulf StreamPage 35 of 120
  • 36. 722. In China how much of worlds population lives (in 733. What is the new SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio) ofpercentage) RBI? 25% SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio)=24% 723. Recently Cabinet has approved the bill to be placed 734. On what date World Forestry Day is celebrated?in parliament to raise FDI in Insurance from 26 % to…….%? March 21 49 735. Who was Prabhakaran?724. As per Forbes Magazine, who is richest Indian? LTTE Chief Mukesh Ambani 736. Subhash Chandra Bose "netaji" was given Bharat Ratna in which year?725. At what rate (in percentage) RBI has placed the GDPgrowth during first quarter of 2008.09? 1992 7.9% 737. Fort william was built in the memory of which British King?726. How much (in percentage) teledensity in India as perTRAI was at the end of 2008 William III 30-64% 738. Jim Corbet National Park is in Kumaon . Who was Jim Corbett?727. The Currency Futures" started first at whichexchange? Indian Born British Hunter NSE 739. Who has written "Bharat Dardasha"?728. What status was given to Coal India Limited Bhatendurecently? 740. Which is the lightest metal in the periodic table ? Navratna Lithium729. What is PFRDA? 741. How much distance is covered in marathon race Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (Roughly in Miles)?730. NASSCOM has recently estimated that India 26 milesanimation industry will touch 5600 crore rupees byyear……? 742. Which king of Ancient India has been given the title" Indian Nepoleon" by VA Smith? 2012 Samudra Gupta731. ASEM is Asia Europe Meeting Summit. Recentlywhere its seventh summit was held? 743. What is the national Sports of USA? Beijing Base Ball 744. Vyapaar Samhita was a business law , introduced by732. "Craft Ind 2008" a fair to showcase India Handicraft a famous Ancient Indian King. What was his name?Products. Where it was held recently (October 2008)? Ashoka the Great Jaipur 745. What is the name of Neem in Botanical terms?Page 36 of 120
  • 37. 745. What is the name of Neem in Botanical terms? 757. Who has written AnandMath? Azadirachta Indica Bankim Chandra Chatarjee746. Millet (Bajra) is a Kharif or Rabi Crop? 758. Who has written Apple Cart? Kharif George Bernard Shaw747. What the winter crops or spring harvest are called inIndia? 759. Who has written Arthshastra? Rabi Crop Koutilya748. At which place records show the most ancient 760. Who has written " AutoBiography of anhappening of Olympics ? Unknown Indian"? Olympia In Greece Nirad C. Chaudhaury749. How many languages an dialects are spoken in 761. Who has written the play " Bharat Bharti" ?the world? Maithili Sharan Gupta Approx. 9000 762. Who has written "Bisarjan" ? 750. Which language has richest vocabulary? Rabindra Nath Taigore English 763. Who has written "Bunch of Old Letters"?751. Which is oldest Indian Language? Jawahar Lal Nehru Tamil 764. Who has written " Das Kapital" ?752. Which book has been printed in maximumnumber of languages? Kar Marx Bible 765. Who has written " Decent of Man" ?753. Only religious book published in shorthand till Charles Darwinnow is? 766. Who has written Discovery of India? Bible Jawahar lal Nehru754. What is the oldest printed work in the word? 767. Who has written the novel " From here to an The Hirak Sutra , 868 A.D. eternity" ?755. Which one is the longest novel ever written? James Jones Les Hommes de Bonne Volonte 768. Who has written" The Gardner" ?756. Who had written Mahabharata? Rabindra Nath TagoreVed VyasaPage 37 of 120
  • 38. 769. "Gita Rahasya " has been written by who? 781. Who is the quickest bowler to take 700 wickets in test? Bal Gangadhar Tilak Muttiah Muralidharan770. Who has written " Glimpses of World History" .Who has written this? 782. Who is known as Maker of Modern India? Jawahar Lal Nehru Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru771. Who has written"Godan" ? 781. The only bowler in the history of Test Cricket to claim Hat-Trick in the first over of a match? Munshi Premchand Irfan Pathan772. Who has written"Hindu View of Life" ? ] 782. The First Indian Women to get an Olympic Dr. Radhkrishnan Medal ?773. "India Divided" was written by whom? Karnam Malleshwari Dr. Rajendra Prasad 783. Trinidad & Tobago got independence in 1992. From which country?774. Who has written Kumarsambhava? Britain Kalidasa 784. ISO is International Organization for775. Who has written " Life Divine" ? Standardization. Where are the headquarters? Aurobindo Ghosh Geneva776. Who has written " My Truth" ? 785. Which one is Indias southernmost PORT? Indira Gandhi Tuticorin777. Who has written "Oliver Twist" ? 786. United Arab Emirates is a federation of Emirates. How many Emirates? Charles Dickens Seven778. Who has written " Ratnavali" ? 787. State in India, where IIT & IIM both are present? Harshavardhana Uttar Pradesh, IIT Kanpur & IIM Lucknow779. Who interpreted Honeybees languages to 788. English Legal Charter which led to developmentcommunicate? of Constitutional Law is…? Karl Von Frish Magna Carta 789. Who was the first chairman of Planning780. Where is located the National Research Centre Commission?for Women in Agriculture? Jawahar lal NehruBhubneshwarPage 38 of 120
  • 39. 790. Who has written "My Music My Love"? 802. " Rajtarangini" is a work by Kalhan. What he has described in it? Pandit Ravi shankar History of Kashmir791. Largest number of Districts in which Indian State? 803. "Tri Ratnas" are in the education of which religion? Uttar Pradesh Jain, they are preaching of Mahaveer Jain792. As per Hindu Mythology who is considered asPhysician of Gods? 804.What was the Commander of Army called in Akbars Reign? Dhanvantari Meer Bakhshi793. What is north to south extension of India? 805. Moghul Architecture was on its zenith , during reign 3214 of which emperor?794. In which state Bodo Language is spoken? Shahjahan Assam 806. "Gandhar Style" was developed in which reign?795. Where is National Institute of Oceanography? Kushanas Panaji 807. Who was the founder of "Royal Asiatic Society"?796. There is a small village in Karnataka , where people Sir William Jonesspeak Sanskrit. What is the name of the village? 808. Shershah Suri got fame for what kind of Mattur Infrastructure Development?797. Where are the headquarters of UNESCO? Construction of Roads Paris 809. Prithvi Raj Chauhan was defeated by Mohammed of Ghauri in which battle?798. "The New Courier" is a publication, published by ? Tarain II UNESCO 810. Harshavardhana used to donate all his possessions at799. Which amendment of constitution of India lowered which place?the age of voting from 21 years to 18 years? Prayag, after Every four years 61st amendment 811. The partition of Bengal was taken back in which year?800. Who has written " Unto This last" ? 1911John Ruskin 812. Sabarmati Ashram was established in which year?801. "Satyamev Jayate" has been taken from an 1916Upanishad. Which one? Mundak 813. Which English official was murdered at Lahore to set score of death of Lala Lajpat Ray ? SandersPage 39 of 120
  • 40. 826. IAS exam commenced in India for the first time in814. President of India who had also taken charge of which year?Speaker of Loksabha previously? 1950 Neelam S Reddy 827. Who was the first Muslim revolutionary hanged for815. What is the percentage of Nitrogen in Atmosphere? Indias Independence? 78% Ashfaque-Ulla-Khan816. Where are the headquarters of World Wide Fund for 828. Who made the suggestion first to boycott BritishNature (WWF)? Goods? Switzerland Bal Gangadhar Tilak817. In which state is Nanda Devi Biosphere? 829. Mahatma Gandhi returned which title given by British Government, during NonCooperation Movement? Uttaranchal Kaiser-I-hind818. Baba Budan Hills are in which state? Karnataka 830. There was one national party which didnt support819. Where is located "the Great Barrier Reef"? "Quit India Movement". Which One? Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland in northeast Communist Party of IndiaAustralia. 831. Rowlett Act was passed in which year?820. Who was the first Asian to get Nobel Prize inEconomics? 1919 Dr. Amartya Sen 832. Non cooperation movement was launched in which year?821. How many bits are in a bite? 1920 8822. In 1969, under whose Prime Ministership were 14 833. On what date quit India Movement began?private banks nationalised ? August 9, 1942 Indira Gandhi 834. In which year Queen Victoria declared Indian Administration taken over by British Crown?823. Typhoid affects which part of the human body most? 1858 Intestines 835. Who was the viceroy when Partition of Bengal taken back?824. When we do physical work, what stores in ourmuscles to make us feel tired? Lord Hardinge Lactic Acid 836. In the Indus valley culture , which one was the Port City?825. Messenger RNA carried what kind of message? LothalProtein CodesPage 40 of 120
  • 41. 837. "Bhabru" is related to which King? 850. What is "Lucy" ? Ashoka, Bhabru Edict Pre-human (Australopithecus) 838. Whose Samadhi is built in "Nandel"? 851. The highest precise clocks based upon light are called? Guru Govind Singh Optical Clocks 839. What is "Mossad" ? 852. When did planned economic development started in Israel Intelligence Agency India? 840. "Modvat" is related to which duty? 1951 with inception of first five year plan Excise 853. Who had written the book " Planned Economy for 841. Whose sign is beared by Ru.1 Note? India"? Secretary, Ministry of Finance Sir M. Vishveshvaraiya 842. Vladivostok and Lenin Grad are the terminal stations 854. When national planning committee was constituted in of which railway line? India? By whom? Trans Siberian 1938, Jawaharlal Nehru 843. Where is Saddle Peak? 855. When the "Bombay Plan" was presented? Andaman 1944 844. Which element is found in abundant in Red Blood 856. Who had given the " Gandhian Plan"? Cells? Sriman Narayan Iron 857. Who had given the "sarvodaya plan"? 845. Pascal is a unit of measuring? Jaiprakash Narayana in 1950 Pressure 858. When was the planning commission in India 846. "Munda" is a primitive tribe. Where is found? constituted by Govt. of India? ChhotaNagpur 15March, 1950 847. What does "Chhotanagpur" mean? 859. Who was the first Chairman of Planning Commission in India? Tribal areas of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and West Bengal states Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru 848. Which organ produces "Bile" ? 860. On what date first five year plan commenced? Liver 1st April 1951 861. When was the "national Development Council " 849. "Cyber knife" is related to which disease? constituted?Cancer 6th August 1952 Page 41 of 120
  • 42. 862. Which Non-statutory body was constituted to 874. Providing credit facilities by more than one banks forfacilitate cooperation between states and planning single party with formal agreement with each other. Whatcommission? is this concept called? National Development Council Consortium863. When was the first "Industrial Development Policy " 875. Rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts bills ofdeclared? exchange of commercial banks. What this rate is called? April 6, 1948 Bank Rate864. When was RBI established? 876. An instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian depository against underlying equity 1935 with a capital of 5 crore rupees shares of the issuing company.865. On what date RBI was nationalized? Indian Depository January 1, 1949 877. An instrument that derives its value from a specified underlying [currency , Gold, stocks] etc. is called as866. Which was the first public sector unit? ……..? Vishveshwariya Iron & Steel Works Bhadravati Hedge Fund867. What was Plan Holiday? 878. What is derived from total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowing? Period between 3rd and 4th plans. Three annual planswere implemented during this period. Fiscal Deficit868. Which 5 year plan was called Rolling Plan? 879. In the capital market , simultaneous purchase and sale of securities to reduce the loss on purchase is known as 6th plan 1974 -79 was dropped in 1980 …..?869. In which plan "gadgil Formula" was placed? Arbitrage 4th plan 880. Injecting liquidity by the central bank of a country through purchase of Govt. securities. What do we call this?870. Which article gives the president power to constituteFinance Commissions? Reverse repo Article 280 881. What is used to manage cash flows in different currencies?871. What was the reason of constituting "ChelliahCommittee" in 1991? Currency Swap To suggest reforms in tax structure 882. Lending done by financing institutions including banks to customers not meeting with normally required872. What is Lakdawala Formula? credit appraisal standards. What do we call this? Consumer Price Index for industrial & Ag. Laborers to Sub Primeestimate poverty 883. In instrument (bond) issued in a country other than873. In which year "Jawahar Rojgar Yojna" was merged in the country of the currency of the bond. What type of bond"Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojna"? is this? 2001 EurobondPage 42 of 120
  • 43. 884. What does Money Laundering includes? 895. An agreement in two parties to buy or sell an underlying asset in future at a predetermined rate. What Placement, layering, integration of funds this agreement is called as?885. Which organization is capital market regulator? Future Trading SEBI 896. Inflation is measured on basis of which index in India?886. What term is used for Money borrowed or lent for aday or overnight ? WPI wholesale price index Call Money 897. Kurukshetra war continued for how many days?887 . Which bank uses punch line "Indias International 18Bank" Bank of Baroda 898. Chhattisgarh is a state curved out from which state / states?888. Which bank uses punch line " Trusted Family Bank"? Maharastra & Madhya pradesh Dena Bank889. What is NSCCL? 899. On what date Chhattisgarh got statehood? National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd November 1, 2000890. In which year Bombay Stock Exchange was 900. Where is Central Drug Institute?established? Lucknow 1875 901. Which year saw the battle of plassy?891. In which year NSE was established? 1757 1994 902. Where is Indian Forest Research Institute?892. Personal Finance is a part of Financial System inIndia. Is it true or false? Dehradun False, includes agricultural, industrial, government, 903. "Pather Panchali " is a film by whom?development finance Satyajeet Ray893. Money lenders are part of scheduled banking in India.True or false? 904. What is the unit of resistance? Ohm False, Public sector, Pvt sector, Regional & Rural andState Cooperative banks 905. Uro Cup is related to which sports?894. International Atomic Energy Agency provides a Footballfacility to help nations in enrichment of Uranium. Whatthis concept has been named? 906. Which war firmly established British Rule in India? Nuclear Bank Battle of Buxar 907. Jet Engine is based upon which law of Newton? ThirdPage 43 of 120
  • 44. 908. The Thar desert are located in which state? 921. National highway no. 31A is connects which state to rest of India? Rajasthan Sikkim 909. Iron , when gets rust. What kind of chemical action takes place? 922. Which one is worlds largest island? Oxidation Greenland910. Which acid is called the " King of Chemistry"? 923. In which ocean coral reef can be seen? Sulphuric Acid H2SO4 Pacific Ocean911. Rabi Crops are sown at the beginning of which 924. What is the chemical name of "quick lime"? season? Calcium Oxide Cold season (Oct-Dec) 925. What is the chemical name of dry ice?912. What are the major cash crops? Carbon dioxide , solid CO2 Sugarcane, Jute, Cotton, Tobacco, Rapeseed. 926. What is White Vitriol?913. Which places are connected by "Great Deccan Road"? Zinc Sulphate Mirzapur & Bangalore 927. Operation flood is related to production of ?914. Which one is the longest highway of India? Milk & dairy Products NH-7 928. In which year first general election held in India?915. Which one is the largest Public Sector Enterprise in India? 1951 Indian Railways 929. What is the name of oldest Veda?916. Uniguage Project was started in which year? Rig-Veda 1992 930. Jyotish is one of 6 …….?917. In how many zones Railways has been devided? Vedangas 16 zones 931. Which bank is oldest existing bank of India?918. How many major ports are in India? SBI 12 932. Against which act Gandhiji mooted Satyagraha Movement?919. Which port in India is a natural port? Rowlett Act Cochin 933. When there is a possibility of approaching storm than920. Where is the "Ennore Port" ? the mercury in the barometer falls / rises? Near Chennai fallsPage 44 of 120
  • 45. 934. In which state Talchar thermal power plant located? 946. By what extent ( in percentage) the presidents salary hiked recently in January 2009? Orissa 300%935. Hirakund Dam is located on which river? 947. Recently Govt of India accorded Freedom Fighter Mahanadi status to the martyrs of two movements which were not included earlier?936. What is the chemical name of Hypo? Kuka Movement and Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre Sodium thiosulphate 948. Recently parliament passed a bill on 17th December937. On June 5, what is celebrated the world over? 2008, which seeks to welfare of unorganised workers. What is the name of the bill? World Environment Day Unorganised Workers Social Security Bill 2008938. Which disease is caused by defective insulinsecretion? 949. Recently Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajpaksha appointed an Indian Veteran Businessman as his Diabetes International Advisor. Give the name?939. Recently 96th Indian Science Congress Conclave Narayan Murthy of Infosysconcluded in January. Where? 950. Recently SEBI, the market watchdog has mandated a Shillong penalty for companies delaying or not filling full disclosures with stock exchanges.What is the penalty940. Which university has started ManMohan Singh UG amount?scholarship program? One Crore University of Cambridge 951. The ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) rate was slashed941. Which state was put on President Rule in January recently by what extent (percentage) ?2009? 3.7 % , it is tenth slashing since September Jharkhand 952. National Housing Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary942. Omar Abdullah recently elected as CM of Kashmir. of which bank?Which party he belongs to? RBI National Conference 953. Which places does the "Stilwell Road" connect?943. Which Chief Minister made hat trick in the recentassembly election? Ledo in India & Kunming in China via Myanmar Sheila Dixit of Delhi 954. Which profession the Pulitzer Prize is associated with?944. Universalize Secondary Education is a aim of whichfive year plan? Journalism 11th 955. Whose birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day in India?945. What is the target of General Enrollment Ratio to beachieved in Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Major DhyanchandRMSA? 75%Page 45 of 120
  • 46. 956. In which year commonwealth games begin? 969. Where is Guru Shikhar Peak? 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Mount abu in Rajasthan 957. American Cup is associated with which sports? 970. Which was the First fort Constructed by British in India? Yacht Racing Fort St George (or historically, White Town) founded 958. Rahamtulla Cup is associated with which game? in 1639 Madras Badminton 971. What is chemical name of Philosophers Wool? 959. Bangladeshs national anthem " Amar Sonar Bangla" Zinc Oxide was written by whom? 972. what is the frequency range which human ear can Rabindranath Tagore hear? 960. Who has written the book Bahubivah? 20hz 20000 Hz Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar 973. What is Epigraphy? 961. Which national Park sanctuary is called as Top Slip? Study of inscription of Stones Indira Gandhi Wild life Century or Annamallai 974. Ezra Cup is associated with which game? Wildlife sanctuary Coimbatore Polo 962. Where is "Vijaya Vittala" temple? 975. What is the weight of Cricket Ball? Hampi 155.9 to 163 gm 963. Parimarjan Negi is related to which sports? 976. What is the national game of Russia? Chess Chess 964. A type of glass that contains cerium and other rare earths and has a high absorption of ultraviolet A type of 977. Recently INSPIRE scheme was launched. What was glass that contains cerium and other rare earths and has a the aim of this scheme? high absorption of ultraviolet. Name? Scholarship to 1 million students in next few years Crookes Glass 978. Who headed the second Administrative Reforms 965. Cyclonite is other name of an explosive.What is that ? Commission which released its report in December 2008? RDX Veerappa Moily966. Where are the headquarters of NATO? 979. "The services of the public servants who are found to be unfit after second review at 20 years should be Brussels, Belgium discontinued. " Which report says this? 967. Copacabana beach is located in which country? Second ARC(Administravtive Reforms Commission)ReportRio de Janeiro, Brazil 980. How many new universities are being established by968. Who invented world wide web? the central government?Tim Berners Lee 12, out of which 9 newPage 46 of 120
  • 47. 981. "In November 2008, Union Cabinet cleared the longpending Right to Education Bill. " What was the aim of 991. The government has given the signal to raise a 10000this bill? strong special anti Naxal force in October 2008. What is the name of this force? Free and compulsory education for children between6-14 COBRA (Combat Battalion for Resolute Action )982. "GK Chadhha Committee " has recently (in 992. How much salary hike was given to college andDecember 2008) given its report on pay review". Pay university teachers after the GK Chadhdha recommendedReview of which 75% hike in salary?profession? 70% College and University Professors 993. Who is first Indian Army General to take over983. The report of Transparency International was recently command of the countrys strategic forces and nuclearout. As per this report which two states in India are most arsenal ?corrupt? Lt Gen Balraj Singh Nagal J&K and Bihar 994. Indian signed a contract with a US company for984. The National Literacy Mission programme was Naval Patrol Aircraft in January 2009. What is the name ofredesigned and renamed recently . What is the new name? the company? Lok Talim Boeing985. Reliance Industries Ltd. commissioned its green field 995. The first country to enter a formal agreement withrefinery in December 2008, at which place? India on Civil Nuclear Deal after NSG exempted India from its guidelines. Jamnagar France986. The Department of Posts has launched recently (Aug2008) an initiative to transform India Post into a vibrant 996. Recently ASEAN concluded an agreement as firstresponsive program. What is the name? step in establishment of a free trade area FTA in the region by which year? Project Arrow 2016987. What is the new name of Yamuna Expressway? 997. The Green color of plants is mainly due to…pigment? Taj Express way Chlorophyll988. The new expressway which will connect Noida to 998. Chlorophyll is present in mainly which part of theBalia across Ganga River is called ….? plants? Ganga Expressway leaves989. Where the North.Eastern States Investment 999. Which part of a trees stem works for transportation ofMart.2008 held in October 2008? water upwards?New Delhi Xylem990. From which basin in India the RIL has started 1000. The Amoeba engulfs the food by making someproducing oil? structures. What they are called ?Krishna Godavari Basin PseudopodiaPage 47 of 120
  • 48. 1001. What is the name of the starch digesting 1012. Which bacteria is known to cause Typhoid?enzyme found in human saliva? Salmonella Typhi Ptyalin 1013. Which Virus causes Influenza?1002. In the alimentary canal from mouth to intestine,where does protein starts getting digested? Myxovirus Influenzae Stomach 1014. Hydrophobia is another name of a disease?1003. Where is the bile secreted by the Liver is stored Rabies? 1015. What is the name of the disease signified by Gall Bladder deficiency of hemoglobin?1004. Which organ works as endocrine as well Anemiaexocrine gland? 1016. Deficiency of Thiamine causes which disease? pancreas Beri Beri1005. Which type of the cell is largest in human? 1017. The deficiency of Niacin or Vitamin B5 is Nerve Cell causes which disease?1006. The blood vessels which carry blood away pellagrafrom heart? 1018. Which gas was leaked in Bhopal Gas Tragedy? arteries Methyl Iso cynate1007. Which vessels make the food material, gases,waste exchange make possible? 1019. Ascorbic Acid is popularly known as ………? capillaries Vitamin C1008. Cellulose and starch are polymers of ? 1020. Which element is common in ALL acids ? Glucose Hydrogen 1021. Which one is largest known vertebrate?1009. Which metal is considered as bet conductor ofheat? Blue Whale Silver 1022. Which vitamin helps in the clotting of blood?1010. What is the frequency of AC mains in India? Vitamin K 1023. Which organs have Calcium Phosphate as 50c/s main component?1011. Diamond is actually purest form of …..? Bones and teeth 1024. Which element in main component of carbon hemoglobin? IronPage 48 of 120
  • 49. 1025. How may bones are in a new born baby? 1037.Where is Nandadevi National Park was inscribed as World Heritage Site in which year? 300 1988 1026. Which gland in the human body is called Master Gland? 1038.Which one is the highest gallantry award in India? Pituitary Param Vir Chakra 1027.Where are the cardamom hills? 1039.Mahatma Gandhi Setu is located on Which Border of Kerala & Tamil Nadu river? 1028.Damodar River if a tributary of which river? Ganga, length 5.245 km, joins Patna with Hajipur Ganga 1040.Which is Indias first carbon free state? 1029.Which Bank has largest number of branches? Himachal Pradesh (Indias PSU) 1041.Ajmer is located on the foothills of which SBI mountain ranges? 1030.Who constituted Mandal Commission? Aravali Morar Ji Desai 1042.On the bank of Shipra river , which one of the "Holy Cities" of Madhya Pradesh located? 1031." Khetri " in Rajasthan is a famous place for the mining of which metal? Ujjain Copper 1043.The first Public Service Commission was set up in which year in India? 1032.Which state in India has the maximum number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks? 1926 Madhya Pradesh 1044.In pursuance of which article Election Commission in India was set up? 1033.Where is NEERI located? 324 (1) Nagpur 1045.A finance commission is constituted every fifth 1034.A governor of reserve bank of India also year to make recommendation to president regarding became Prime Minister. What is name? the distribution of net proceeds of taxes in State and Center. Which article says this? Man Mohan Singh 1035.Who won the booker prize 2008? 280 Aravind Adiga (The White Tiger) 1046.Which commission was set up for Group B and Group C posts in various departments? 1036."Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka" are located at which place? Staff Selection Commission in 1976Raisen District of Madhya PradeshPage 49 of 120
  • 50. 1047.An autonomous body constituted to monitor all 1057.If two goods are complements, it means that the matters related to constitutional and legal a rise in price of one commodity will induce a fall / safeguards for women and provide help to needy rise in demand of another commodity? women. fall National Commission for Women, est.. 1992 1058.In a capitalist economy what determines the pattern of output? 1048.Why "Wenzhuan" in China is famous? Power of demand and supply Highest city of the world, earlier in Tibet 1059.In a mixed economy , what determines the price of economy ? 1049." The Analects" is a sacred text of which philosopher? Market mechanism Confucius 1060.In most of our Five Year plans the capital output ratio has turned out to be lower / higher than 1050."Torah" is a religious text of which religion? estimated? Higher Judaism 1061.In which plan the emphasis has shifted from 1051.Shintoism is a religion or belief expanded in growth rate to employment generation? which country? Eighth plan Japan 1062.In which plan the Indias growth of agriculture 1052.Which plan was having the main objective of " was negative? Growth with Stability"? Third Fourth Plan 1063.In which plan the growth rate target was exceeded? Fifth Plan 1053.If income is below equilibrium, then the investment will tend to rise / fall? 1064.Which plan adopted the socialistic pattern of the society as a goal? fall Second plan 1054.If the demand and supply of a commodity 1065.Which plan was terminated by the Janata increase by an equal absolute amount , what will be Government in 1978? the effect on market price? Fifth Plan Stable 1066.What was the growth target of 11th plan? From 8 to 10% and then maintain 10% 1055.If elasticity of demand for a good is equal to .2 then 1 % price rise will have what effect on demand? 1067.Market value of the final output of goods and services produced within the countrys domestic Lower the demand by 2% economy is called as? Gross Domestic Product 1056.If increase in the price of a product causes a decline of demand , then demand is elastic / inelastic / 1068.What is reduced from GDP to get Net National constant? Product NNP at market Price?elastic DepreciationPage 50 of 120
  • 51. 1069.As per the data of census 2001, which 1082. Where is the tomb of Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti?community in India had the largest population growthrate? Ajmer Muslim (29.3%), 1083. " Kuru" was an ancient India janpada. What was the capital of Kuru?1070.As per census of 2001 , which religious Indra Prasthacommunity had the largest share of literate women? 1084. What is the device called which is used for Jains (90.6%) determining the presence and location of objects with radio waves?1071.What is DWCRA programme? When it wasstarted? Radar Development Of Women And Children In RuralAreas, 1982-83 1085. A globally programmed project which deals1072.What is "Grey Revolution" related with? with identification and mapping of human genes and Fertilizer Production gene sequences. What is called ?1073.What " Pink Revolution" related with? Human Genome Project Prawn Production and Pharmaceuticals 1086. " Minimata Disease " is a severe neurological1074."Viticulture " is related to production of which syndrome caused by eating fish and discovered incommodity? Japan. What was factor behind this disease? Grapes Mercury Poisoning1075.On what date world population day iscelebrated? 1087. Why carbon monoxide is dangerous to oxygen July 11 flow?1076.Which institution prepares the monetary and Makes irreversible complex with hemoglobincredit policy of the country? Reserve Bank of India 1088. How many gold medals Michael Phelps won in Olympics?1077.Who was the pioneer of Operation Flood inIndia? 8 Dr. Varghese Kuriyan 1089. Recently Chinese Astronauts performed space1078. Before being elected as US President , Barak walk for the first time. What was the name of theObama was a senator from which state? space craft used for this purpose? Illinois Shenzhou-71079. Where is "Dashavtar Temple " ? 1090. Who is the winner of US Open 2008 Woman Deogarh UP Singles?1080. Who looted somnath temple? Serena Williams Mahmood of Ghazni 1091. Where is located the Himalayan1081. Development of which language was mooted by Mountaineering Institute?Amir Khusro? Darjeeling UrduPage 51 of 120
  • 52. 1092. What is the mascot of 19th Commonwealth 1103. Which canal separates Africa from Asia?games to be held in Delhi in 2010? Suez Canal Shera 1104. Which one is smallest continent of world?1093. Who was given the Cricketer of the Year award2008? Australia S Chandrapaul 1105. Which volcano is called the "light pillar of Mediterranean sea"?1094. Who won the world Junior BadmintonChampionship in November 2008 at Pune? Stromboli c Saina Nehwal 1106. What is the average density of earth?1095. Radioactive Dating is used to determine? 5.5 age (mainly of rocks) 1107. Worlds largest trade centre of diamond is in which country?1096. What are " Euro Norms" related to ? Antwerp in Belgium Regulating vehicular emission of harmful gases 1108. Black Mountain is in which country?1097. What is the name of disease which is Bhutancharacterized by swelling of the membrane over thespinal cord and brain .? 1109. When sun is vertically above the equator what is it called? Meningitis Equinox1098. If in a closed room , the door of a refrigerator iskept open for some time , the temperature of room 1110. When earth is farthest from sun it is called?will ??? Aphelion Increase 1111. "Land of Morning Calm" is name of which1099. Who has written the book " War and Peace"? country? Leo Tolstoy Korea1100. " Ajatshatru " was a king of which ancient 1112. The luminous effect of electromagneticIndian state? phenomena in the ionosphere is known as? Magadh, accession in 493 BC AURORA1101. Which Indian King defeated Seleukus Nicator? 1113. Which city is on the banks of "Seine" River? Chandra Gupta Maurya Paris1102. When did the first Carnatic war started between 1114.The forests that mostly grow in the belt of landEnglish & French? lying between 50 degree and 70 degree in north? 1744 AD Temperate Coniferous ForestsPage 52 of 120
  • 53. 1115.Bolivia is an important producer of iron / cocoa 1126.What are "Bantus"? / tin? Negroes of central & South Africa Tin 1127.Who has written the book " Communist 1116.What was the earlier name of Cambodia? Manifesto"? Kampuchea Karl Marx 1117.What is the name of the city where President 1128." Agni Vina" is a famous Bangla book written Kennedy was assassinated? by ….? Dallas Kazi Nazrul Islam 1118.What kind of climate is in Central & Western 1129.Who was the first Tirthankar of Jainism? Part of California? Rishabdev Mediterranean 1130.What is the symbol of "Parshvnath" in Jainism? 1119.What is the capital and currency of Libya? Snake Tripoli - Libyan Dinar 1131.How many crimes have been decided in 1120.Which country is the largest producer of cotton Jainism? in the world? China followed by USA, India 18 1121.What is a contour? 1132.The principal military officer of "Brihadrath" assassinated him and captured the throne to start Areas of equal height above sea level Shung Dynasty. Who was this officer? 1122.What are Isotherms? Pushyamitra Shung Area having the same temperature 1133.Where was the capital of Pandyas? 1123.An extreme form of rainfall, sometimes mixed with hail and thunder, which normallylasts no longer Madurai than a few minutes but is capable of creating minor flood conditions. Name it. 1134.On which state Mohd. Ghori attacked first in India in 1175? Cloudburst 1124."Owen Falls" is worlds greatest man made lake. Multan Where is it located? 1135.Hasan Nizami " and Fakh-e-Mudabbir were theUganda court poets of which slave ruler? 1125.Lloyd Barrage is a 6166 mile long network of Kutubuddin Aibak canals, feeding the largest 1136.Who was the first sovereign ruler of Sultanet of irrigation system in the world, with more than 5 Delhi? million acres of irrigated land. In which country it is located? Iltutmish PakistanPage 53 of 120
  • 54. 1137.Who was the ruler who abolished " Milk , Inam 1147.Which Portuguese Viceroy followed the " & Waqf" ? Blue Water " policy in India? Iltutmish Francisco-de-Almeida 1138.How much land tax was collected by Alauddin 1148.Where did the Portuguese establish " Printing Khilji from the produce? Press" in India? 50% Goa 1139." I issue orders to people as I consider them 1149.Where was the first factory by the Dutch beneficial for state and people, I dont know they are established? permitted in Shariat or not"? Who said this? Macchalipattam Alauddin Khilji ( As per Ziauddin Barni) 1150." the saint of Dakhineshwar" Who is known by 1140.Whom did Alauddin Khilji Sent to invade this name? Southern India? Ram Krishna Paramhamsa Malik Kafur 1151.Who founded Ramkrishna Mission in 1896? 1141.Who constructed "GyanVapi " Mosque in Varansi? Narendra Nath Datta Aurangzeb 1152.How many schedules are there in Indian Constitution? 1142.Which Mohghul King sat on the throne with title of " Padshah Gazi" ? 12 Jahangir 1153.What defines the aim of constitution? 1143.Which moghul ruler was known as "Jinda Pir" Preamble or a live saint? 1154.How many types of Indian Citizenships are Aurangazeb there? 1144." sir diya , Sar na diya" which sikh guru is Single Indian Citizenship related with this sentence? 1155.In which year Indian Citizenship act passed? Guru Tegh Bahadur 1955 1145.In which year the Dutch conquered Pondicherry ? 1156.Which article of Indian Constitution abolished untouchability? 1693 AD Article 17 1146.When did English occupy Bombay? 1157.Under which article the the president of India 1668 AD can be impeached? article 61Page 54 of 120
  • 55. 1158.Under which article in Money Bill defined the 1169.Who becomes the Chairman of the Nationalconstitution? Development Council? Article 110 Prime Minister1159.From which countrys constitution is 1170.Which non constitutional body is called "Superparliamentary system adopted? Cabinet"? United Kingdom National Development Council1160.Which article declares that " there shall be a 1171.What is the main objective for the formation ofPresident of India"? Interstate Council? Article 52 The co-ordination between centre and state1161.What is the maximum age for retirement of a 1172.What is the color of Chakra in National Flag?judge of the Supreme Court? blue 65 years 1173.What is set time to sing national anthem?1162.Who appoints " ad hoc" Judges of the SupremeCourt? 52 seconds Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with 1174.Who is the spokes person of the State?permission of President Chief Minister1163.Which article says " there will be governor ofeach state"? 1175.Where is National Golf Academy ? article 153 Chandigarh1164.Who is responsible to form the state council of 1176.Where and when the 19th FIFA cup is scheduledMinisters? to held ? Governor June-July 2010, South Africa1165.Which is the top-most urban local government? 1177."Volvo Masters of India" is related to which game? The Municipal Corporation Golf1166.Which is the permanent House of Legislature? 1178." Shotgun World Cup " is related to which game? Legislative Council Shooting1167.Who established Municipality in the year 1882AD? 1179." Asian Beach Games" are related to which sports? Lord Ripon Athletics1168.Who is the head of the executive wing council? 1180.Who won the " Maharastra Kesari" title in January 2009? Commissioner Chandradhar PatilPage 55 of 120
  • 56. 1181." Jimmy George Foundation Award " is given in 1193.How many players are on one side in Baseball?the field of which sports? 9 Athletics 1194.What is the normal length of " Pitch" In cricket?1182." RBS Cup " is related to which sports? 20.12 metersc Cricket 1195.What is the route length in Derby Course?1183." Bama Belleck Cup" is related to which sports? 2400 meters Table Tennis 1196." Ju Jitsu " is a national sports of which country?1184." Wellington Trophy" is related to which sports? Japan Rowing 1197.What is the national game of Malaysia?1185." Augusta Masters" is related to which sports? Badminton Golf 1198." British Open" is related to which sports?1186.What is the national game of USA? Badminton Baseball 1199." Meredka Cup" is related to which sports?1187."Rugby Football " is a national game of whichcountry? Football Scotland and England ( England has Cricket too) 1200. What is the function of " Agriculture Cost & Price Commission"?1188.What is " Epsom" ? To recommend Minimum Support Price to the Derby Horse Race stadium England Government1189." Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium" in Hyderabad is 1201. The crop sown in July .August and harvested inmainly for which sports? October is called? Hockey Kharif1190." Punter, Dead Hit, Protest, Place" are the termsused in which game? 1202. The crops which the farmers grow for earning money and trade are called….? Horse Racing Cash crops1191." Bogie, Caddie, Put, Stymie" are used in whichgame? 1203. What is HYVS in reference to agriculture? Golf High Yielding Variety Seeds1192.How many players are in " Kabaddi" on eachside? 1204. Which country stands first in milk production in world?7 IndiaPage 56 of 120
  • 57. 1205. What is " sericulture"? 1215. E-Velanmai (E-Agriculture) Scheme for technology transfer using Information and Silk worm rearing Communication Technologies to farmers has been introduced in which state recently (January2009)?1206. What is the rank of India in Livestockpopulation in the world? Tamilnadu First 1216. Banks are targeted to provide how much loan to farmers in the entire 2008.09 fiscal?1207. On what day "World Day of Water" iscelebrated? Loans worth Rs280,000 crore March 22 1217. The Centre approved which policy in 2002 to pave the way for planned development of the seeds1208. World Food Day is celebrated on which date sector?every year? National Seeds Policy 2002 October 16 1218. Arka Kirthiman and Arka Lalima are two new1209. "Inter-racial hybridization programme between varieties of which crop introduced by Indian Institutejaponicas and indicas was initiated during 1950-54. of Horticulture Bangalore."Which crop does this signify? Onion Rice 1219. Pusa Sumeet is the first improved variety of1210. Pusa hybrid 4" is a variety of which crop? which crop? Tomato Winter Beans1211. Pusa Bharatiand `Pusa Jyoti, are the hybrid 1220. In some parts of the country a third crop is sownseeds of which crop? in march to June., What is it called? Spinach, Palak Zayad Crop1212. In the 11th Plan the government has invited 1221. Which Indian state is the largest producer in theproposals to set up how many Food parks? world of the golden coloured Muga silk ? 10 Assam1213. A international congress onconservation of agricultural resources and their use in 1222. "Yellow Revolution" is related to which area?fighting poverty and hunger will be held in which cityin India in February 2009? Oil Seed Production New Delhi 1223. What is" Round Revolution" is related to in1214. The threat to the bio-security of the country has agriculture?increased in recent times on account of risinginternational trade and emergence of trans- boundary Potatodiseases of plants and animals. What is ourgovernment doing for this? 1224. Which Indian freedom fighter was popularly called Mahamana ?National Agricultural Bio-security System onrecommendations of MS Swaminathan Madan Mohan MalaviyaPage 57 of 120
  • 58. 1225. What is " Silviculture" related to ? 1235. Which is the largest Buddhist monastery in India? Forest Development Twang monastery (Arunachal Pradesh) 1226. Which Indian state would you be in if you were 1236. According to 2001 census, which state has the watching birds at Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary, highest literacy rate ? situated on an island in the Kaveri river ? Karnataka Kerala 1127. Anandmath, Durgeshnondini and 1237. Ace, Double fault, Smash, Second service, Kapalkundala novels were authored by which and Game point terms are related with which sport ? Bengali writer ? Tennis Bankim Chandra Chatterjee 1238. Where is the Lal Bahadur Shastri National 1228 Baglihar Dam, also known as Baglihar Academy of Administration, the apex training Hydroelectric Power Project, in Jammu & Kashmir is institution for senior members of the civil services in built across which river ? India, located ? Chenab Mussoorie (Uttarakhand) 1129 Where was the first Indian Institute of 1239.Which grassland region is also known as the Management (IIM) established in 1961 ? "Worlds Breadbasket" ? Kolkata Prairies of North America 1240.Which ancient Indian sage authored the Yog 1230 What line connects the points on a map that Darshan ? receive equal amounts of rainfall ? Patanjali Isohyet 1241.Which Asian city was formerly known as 1231 On 28 May 2008, the Indian Air Force attained Batavia ? the Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) capability by procuring the Phalcon radar Jakarta (Indonesia) (mounted on Russian plane IL-76) from which country ? 1242.Which seventh century Indian mathematician was the first in the world to treat zero as a number Israel and show its mathematical operations ? 1232 Which India born physicist invented the Optical Brahmagupta Fibre ? 1243. Which city houses the headquarters of Narinder Singh Kapany International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the worlds Atoms for Peace organisation set up in 1957 1233 Which Australian state was formerly known as within the United Nations family ? "Van Diemens Land" ? Vienna (Austria) Tasmania 1244. Which was the only session of Indian National1234. Marasmus and Kwashiorkor diseases are Congress (INC) presided over by Mahatma Gandhi ? caused due to deficiency of which nutrient ? Protein Belgaum (1924)Page 58 of 120
  • 59. 1245. Which state is the largest producer of tobacco ? 1255. Nagarjunasagar Dam in Andhra Pradesh is built across which river ? Andhra Pradesh Krishna 1246. For Border-Gavaskar Trophy, the Indian cricket team plays against which country ? 1256. Which country is also known as the Rainbow Australia Nation ? 1247. On account of its numerous temples, which city South Africa is also known as the Cathedral City of India ? 1257. In which city would you come across Sidi Bhubaneswar (Orissa) Bashir Mosque, famous for its Shaking Minarets (Jhulta Minar) ? 1248. Which Indian state does not have any scheduled tribe community ? Ahmedabad (Gujarat) Haryana 1258. The weapon based Dravidian martial art Silambam is native of which south Indian state ? 1249.Baku is the capital city of which country ? Tamil Nadu Azerbaijan 1259. Who is generally considered as the inventor of 1250. Which Indian region is the only place in the the Periodic Table, a tabular method of displaying world where the Asiatic Wild Ass is found ? the chemical elements ? Rann of Kachchh Dmitri Mendeleev 1251. Which Ramon Magsaysay award winner 1260. Which Indian lady writer authored Onasis founded the Asha for Education, a secular award winning play Harvest, highlighting the organisation dedicated to bring socio-economic controversial issue of organ trading in poverty- change in India by focusing on basic education ? stricken areas ? Sandeep Pandey Manjula Padmanabhan 1252. In which city would you come across Deeksha 1261. Which mineral is found at Aluva and Chavara Bhoomi, where Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had in Kerala, Manavalakurichi in Tamil Nadu and embraced Buddhism along with thousand of his Dalit Chatrapur in Orissa ? followers on 14 October 1956 ? Thorium Nagpur (Maharashtra) 1262. Who was the first person to calculate the height of the Mount Everest ? 1253. Who authored ancient Sanskrit plays Malti Madhava, Mahavircharita and Uttar Ramcharita? Radhanath Sikdar Bhavabhuti 1263. Which African country was formerly known as Abyssinia ? 1254. For the first time, Cricket has been included in Asian Games to be held in 2010. Which format ? Ethiopia 1264. What is LIBOR ? Twenty-20 London Interbank Offered RatePage 59 of 120
  • 60. 1265. In January 2009 India signed a deal with which 1276. " Residex" is a index which is related to …..?country (worth $ 2.1 Billion) for spy planes? land Prices UK 1277 The new share price Index (in dollar value) of Mumbai Share market is named as?1266. Israel recently attacked …? Dolex Gaza Strip 1278. The oil Refinery established at panipat belongs1267. In the latest ranking by FIDE, What is the rank to which company?of Vishvanathan Anand? Indian Oil 2nd 1279. "Focus Product" and "Focus Market" are1268. Under the essential Services Maintenance Act , schemes related to which field?what is the number of commodities declared asessential commodities? Export Promotion 15 1280 What is the new Repo Rate?1269. " Mercy Killing" has been commended by the Repo Rate: 4.75%Law Reforms Panel of which state? 1281. How much loan was provided by World Bank Kerala to Indian Infrastructure Finance Company, SIDBI, Power Grid Corporation limited?1270. India is currently developing BMD which is atwo tier defense system to shoot down the enemy $ 3 Billionmissiles. What is BMD here? 1282. What is the popular name of Magnesium Ballistic Missile Defense Sulphate, a white crystalline salt used in medicine and in leather processing ?1271. In January 2009 , which US states governorwas impeached? Epsom salt Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich 1283. Which bank has recently launched an scheme for Rickshaw Pullers?1272. When is observed the " Army Day"? Punjab National Bank 15th January 1284. Indian Economy has witnessed highest growth1273. The Indian music Maestro who won prestigious rate in GDP in which year?Golden Globe award recently ? 2006-2007 A R Rahman1274. Who is the Director General of World trade 1285. Market in Gilt -edged is related to trade in Organization? which securities? Pascal Lamy Government securities1275. First FIFA Womens World Cup tournament,named the Womens World Championship, was held 1286. " Actuaries" is related to which market sector?in which year? 1991 InsurancePage 60 of 120
  • 61. 1287. In how many districts NREGS was launched 1296. Which Nobel laureate authored the novel Ainitially ? House for Mr. Biswas ? 200 V.S. Naipaul1288. Planning Commission has approved an annual 1297. Where was the Project Tiger, the tigerplan outlay of Rs 17,322 crore, the highest-ever protection programme, launched on 1 April 1973 ?allocation granted to the state by the commission forwhich state recently? Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand) Rajasthan 1298. What is the name of blood protein that regulates the amount of water in plasma?1289. To whom does the Vice President of Indiaaddress his resignation ? Albumin President 1299.." Anoxia " is a state related to which gas?1290. Paradip port, a major port on the Bay of Oxygen, Anoxia is lack of OxygenBengal, is located in which Indian state ? 1300.What is antidote? Orissa A substance used to counteract poison or disease1291. What discovery was made by biologist duoJames D. Watson (US) and Francis Crick (UK) in 1301. Epinephrine is a hormone secreted by which1953? gland? DNA structure Epinephrine1292. Under Annapurna Scheme by Central 1302.Aspirin is a popular analgesic. What is theGovernment, how much food grain (wheat or rice) chemical name of Aspirin?per month is given free to senior citizens (65 years orabove age), who though eligible but remained Acetylsalicylic Aciduncovered under the National Old Age PensionScheme (NOAPS)? 1303.Which eye disease is corrected by using cylindrical lens? 10 Kgs Astigmatism1293 The Ilbert Bill, by which Indian judges wereallowed to try the European offenders in criminal 1304.Which lens is used to correct " presbyopia:" ?cases, was introduced by which Governor-General ofIndia in 1883 ? Bifocal Lord Rippon 1305.Atropine extracted from deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), jimsonweed (Datura1294. What is manufactured at Avadi (abbreviation stramonium), mandrake (Mandragora officinarum)for Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of and other plants of the same family. Which family isIndia) town in Tamilnadu ? this? Arjun Tanks Solanacaev1295. Which US city is popularly known as the City 1306.The rod shaped bacteria are called Bacillus.of the Golden Gate ? What do we call those bacteria which grow in chain shapes? San Francisco StreptococcusPage 61 of 120
  • 62. 1307.What do we call the virus that attack and 1318.The energy released in respiration is a chemicaldestroy bacteria? energy which gets stored in ATP molecules. What is the full form of ATP? Bacteriophage Adenosine Triphosphate1308.What is the full form of BCG vaccine? 1319.In Earthworm respiration takes place through Bacillus Calmette Guerin which organ?1309.Trimethylxanthine is a chemical name of a Skinstimulant which is found in tea and coffee. What isthe popular name? 1320.An " Rh Negative" mother may lose her baby if the Rh of baby is ………?(negative / positive) Caffeine Positive1310.Cirrhosis is a disease related to which organ? Liver 1321." Bowmans Capsule" is found in which human organ?1311.What is Diathermy? Kidney Use of electrically generated heat particularly insurgery 1322.neurons are the structural and functional units of nervous system and also the biggest cells. What are1312.What are Diuretics? the joints between two neurons called? Drugs that induce more urine production by SynapseKidney 1323.Which part of the brain control the "1313.What do we call an epidemic disease of a very swallowing, coughing, sneezing and Vomiting"?large or sometimes worldwide proportions? Medulla Oblongata Pandemic 1324.The organism which possess only one1314.What are the two types of serum proteins? Chromosome are called? Globulin and Albumin Prokaryotes1315." Goiter" is a disease related to which gland? 1325.The disease generally found in mining workers and those related to ceramics, pottery , glass etc.? Thyroid Silicosis1316.Correction of pendulous breasts by surgical 1326.What is the number of muscles in humanfixation and plastic surgery is called…..? beings? Mastopexy 5251317.The acidic medium of gastric juice along with 1327.The refrigerators, fire extinguishers and aerosolan enzyme pepsin breaks the proteins down into sprayers are related to ozone layer depletion. What issmaller parts. What these smaller parts are called? the chemical associated with this? Peptones Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFCs)Page 62 of 120
  • 63. 1328. Zindagi Ka Karvan book is an autobiography of 1338. In addition to main Bombay Bench, where are which former Prime Minister of India ? the three other benches of Bombay High Court located ? Chandrashekhar Panaji (Goa), Aurangabad and Nagpur1329. Which Indian state was originally known as the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) ? 1339. What name is given to the study or collection of money, coins or often medals ? Arunachal Pradesh Numismatics1330. Which instrument is used for measuring wind speed ? 1340.Which is not a part of the Triathlon, an athletic event combining three sporting events ? Anemometer Long Jump1331. Which strait connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean ? 1341. Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital city of which Asian country ? Strait of Magellan Brunei1332. Which national film award is given to the Best 1342. Which among the following chemical is used in Feature Film on National Integration ? photography ? Nargis Dutt Award Silver bromide1333. Which coastal town in Gujarat is world famous 1343. In which city is the Central Institute for for its ship-breaking industry ? Research on Buffaloes located ? Alang Hisar (Haryana)1334.In which sport do sportswoman JhulanGoswami, Mithali Raj, Anjum Chopra, Rumeli Dhar 1344. On 1 April 1954, who became the first Indianand Amita Sharma represent India ? Chief of the Indian Air Force (IAF) ? Cricket S. Mukherjee1335. In the Earths crust, which chemical element 1345 In which Indian state, do the people of thehas the largest share of 47 percent in terms of weight Gaddis tribe live ?? Oxygen Himachal Pradesh1336. In which battle, fought near the banks ofChenab river, did the British Army decisively defeat 1346. Which Indian tennis player duo, the first mensSikh Army and annex the Sikh Kingdom of the doubles pair to reach the finals of all four Grand SlamPunjab to the British Empire ? tennis tournaments in Open era, is popularly called Indian Express ? Battle of Gujarat (1849) Mahesh Bhupathi & Leander Paes1337. Which Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, 1347. Which lady freedom fighter, who once servedpopularly known as Water Man, founded an NGO as Congress president, authored collection of poemscalled Tarun Bharat Sangh near Alwar in Rajasthan The Golden Threshold, The Bird of Time and Theto work on watershed projects & rain-water Broken Wing ?harvesting ? Rajendra Singh Sarojini Naidu Page 63 of 120
  • 64. 1348.A kind of indirect tax in which goods are taxed 1358.To control inflationary pressure and by their values is called…? Monetary authorities restrict credit as and when required. What is the restriction called? Ad Valorem Credit Squeeze1349.What is Autarchy? 1359.Those goods which have positive relationship A country is self-sufficient to fulfill all needs between price and quantity demanded are called as ….?1350.A systematic record of all economic transactionscompleted between residents ofa country and the rest Giffin Goodsof the world in a year is known as..? 1360." Bad money (if not limited in quantity ) drives Balance of Payment good money out of circulation" Which law had said this?1351. "A statement of estimated receipts andexpenditures called annual Financial Statement Greshams Law(Budget) has to be placed before parliament for eachfinancial year. " which article says this? 1361.What is Monopsony? Article 112 When there is a single buyer i.e. buyers monopoly1352.When we decrease interest payments from fiscaldeficit , the figure arrived is known as….? 1362.Poverty Line demarcates the people who dont earn that much to even buy food worth of Primary deficit ………calories in rural and …….calories … urban area.1353.What are indirect taxes? 2400 in rural , 2100 in urban Taxes paid by a consumer when buying goods orservices 1363." paper Gold " is another name of….?1354.Monetary Policy is the sum total of action takento regulate the level of money or liquidity in the SDR, Special Drawing Rightseconomy or change interest rates. Who takes thisaction? 1364.A state of economy in which economic activity is Reserve bank of India slowing down but wages and prices continue to rise . What is the term for this phenomena?1355.Birth rate is number of births per ………….ofthe population during one year. (hundred / thousand) Stagflation (Stagnation + Inflation) thousand 1365.Jawahar Rozgar Yozna was launched in which 51356.When the government fails to check inflation , it year plan?raises income tax and the corporate tax. What do wecall such tax? Seventh, 1 April 1989 Buoyancy 1366.As per 2001 census , what is sex ratio in India?1357.Capitalism is based upon "Laissez-faire system". 933What is "Laissez-faire system"? 1367.In first plan, what was given the highest priority? No governmental intervention Agriculture , Irrigation and Power Projects Page 64 of 120
  • 65. 1368."To achieve a 25% increase in national income 1379. The largest number of paintings are found inthrough rapid industrialization" was an aim of which India in which "Rock Shelter" ?five year plan? Bhimbethaka second, 20% was actually achieved 1380. Between whom the battle of Chandawar was1369.What is the growth rate target in 11th plan? fought in 1194 AD? It is 9.0%, however recent datas keep it to far to Mohammed Ghori and Jaichandachieve 1381. In which two consecutive year battles of Tarain1370.Which was the first insurance firm in India? were fought? Oriental Life Insurance Company in 1818 1191 & 11921371.What was the share of Agriculture in 2006-2007 1382. When treaty of " Chittor" was signed betweenin GDP? Moghuls and rana of Mewar, who was the Emperor? Jehangir 18.5% 1383. "Aghanya" was name of which animal in Vedic1372.Why electric motors burn when they work on Period?low voltage? Cow they draw more currents 1384. Who addressed Gandhi ji as father of Nation for the first time?1373. One site of the harappan era has yielded thecultural remains from Neolithic to harappan era. Subhash Chandra BoseWhich site? 1385. Ghadar party was formed by the Indians residing Mehrgarh in which countries?1374. Mother of Guautam Buddha was Mahamaya. United States and CanadaWhich dynasty did she belong to? 1386. " Gandhi may dir, But Gandhism shall remain Koliya Dynasty forever" Who said this…???1375. Who was the first follower of Mahavira? Mahatma Gandhi in Karachi 1931 Jamalis , his own son in law 1387. The power of the courts to annul the acts of the executive and/or the legislative power where it finds1376. About the 16 Mahajanapada , which Buddhist them incompatible with a higher norm. What do wetext speaks? call this? Anguttar Judicial Review1377. Earliest evidences of Rice cultivation in Ganga 1388. President of India can withhold his assent on anyValley has been found at which place? Bill. Which article gives President this power? Lahurdeva Article 1111378. Who founded Vikram Shila University? 1389. " kargam" a folk dance is of which state?Pal king Dharmapal Tamilnadu Page 65 of 120
  • 66. 1390. Who is propounded of Yoga? 1401. Playground of Europe is the nickname of which European country ? Patanjali Switzerland1391. Which Gharana Pt Bhimsen Joshi belong to? 1402. Which city hosted the first Asian Games in Kirana Gharana 1951?1392. The two states where more than 1/4 of Urban New Delhi (India)Population of India resides? 1403. Ukai Dam, located near Surat in Gujarat, is built Maharastra & UP across which river ?1393 Which Line passes thru Kennya and Brazil Taptitogether? 1404. Which are major constituents of Liquefied Equator Petroleum Gas (LPG) ?1394. Tuticorn is a port of commercial importance. On Butane and Propanewhich cost (east or west ) of India is it located..? 1405. Hori, a poor farmer, is the main character of East Coast (Tamilnadu) which famous Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand ?1395. Gondawna system is a rock system in India. It Godaanis prominent source of which ore / deposits?? 1406. To have legal rights for self-employed women Coal deposits like industrial workers, which lady activist founded Self-Employed Womens Association (SEWA) ?1396. " Asteroids" are located between two planets inthe solar system. Which ones? Ela Bhatt Mars & Jupiter 1407. Which waterbody seprates the Andaman Islands from the Nocibar Islands ?1397.Every year on Kartik Purnima, which town hostsIndias biggest camel fair ? Ten Degree Channel Pushkar (Rajasthan) 1408.The Praja Rajayam Party, which has won 18 seats in recent Andhra Pradesh assembly elections,1398. At which session was the Indian National was floated by which popular filmstar ?Congress (INC) divided into two groups - Naram Dal(the moderates) and Garam Dal (the extremists) ? Chiranjeevi Surat (1907) 1409. Who authored ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana,1399. Kaziranga National Park, famous for hosting also known as Adi-Kavya (first epic poem) ?two-thirds of worlds Indian Rhinoceroses (Great One-horned Rhinoceroses), is located in which Indian state? Valmiki Assam 1410. Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, who composed music for1400. What was invented by Orville and Wilbur many Bollywood films along with HariprasadWright, popularly known as Wright brothers, in 1903 ? Chaurasia under the name Shiv-Hari, is renowned player of which musical instrument ? Aeroplane Santoor Page 66 of 120
  • 67. 1411. In addition to seven of the worlds leading 1421.Who was the first to observe Saturn with aindustrialised nations - USA, UK, Japan, Germany, telescope?France, Italy and Canada, which country is the 8thmember of G8 group of nations ? Galileo Russia 1422.Which planet is known as " Bright Wandering Star" ?1412. In Radiocarbon dating method to estimate theage of organic matters recoverd from the Jupiterarchaeological sites, the residual quantity of whichcarbon isotope in the matter is measured to determine 1423.Which planet is called Morning star .. Which isits age ? Evening star?? carbon-14 Venus1413. Where did the All India Muslim League adoptthe Pakistan resolution, the demand for separate 1424.What is Photosphere?sovereign state for Muslims, on 23 March 1940 ? Innermost layer of Earth Lahore 1425.Which are the planets who have no satellites?1414. Which south Indian ruler was a member ofJacobin Club, the largest and most powerful political Venus and Mercuryclub of the French Revolution, and planted the tree ofLiberty outside his palace ? 1426.What is average density of Earth? Tipu Sultan 5515 Kg per cubic meter1415. In which hill station is the High Altitude 1427.Mantle is a 2900 km layer (largest among earthResearch Laboratory located ? layers). It is made up of what kinds of Rocks? Gulmarg (Jammu & Kashmir) Silicate rocks rich in Iron & Magnesium1416.Which Greek goddess of victory is depicted onthe Olympic medals ? 1428.Who was the first to measure the circumference of earth? Nike Eratashthaniz1417.On 3rd or 4th January there is a point in Earthsorbit, where it is closest to Sun. What is it called? 1429.The time required by earth in 360 degree rotation to make a star return to the same position is Perihelion called …………day?1418.What is the amount in percentage of total mass ,which Sun comprises of the solar system? Sidereal 99.8% 1430.What is the " Sidereal Month " in Hours ,1419.What is the amount of iron in Earth (percentage Minutes and Seconds?in total mass)? 27 days, 7 hours and 11.6 seconds 34.6%1420.Phobes and Deimos are two satellites of which 1431.On the day of Summer Solstice, Suns rays fallplanet? perpendicular on which circle of latitude?Mars Tropic of Cancer Page 67 of 120
  • 68. 1432.An imaginary line which is drawn from one 1443 On a specific day temperature of place A ispole to another pole passing thru Greenwich of 48degree and B is 24degree . Two identical metallicLondon and across the Equator, giving it 0 degree cups containing water at 95 degree and 71 degree atlongitude. What is it? places A & B respectively. Which one reach room temperature first? Prime Meridian A1433.What will be the time at Greenwich when it is 1444. Which prize was won by " Arvind Adiga" in2.00 PM in Kolkata? 2008? 8.06 AM Booker Prize1434.Which elements are found mostly in 1445. " Four Star General " rank is found in whichLithosphere? countrys Army ? Silicon and aluminum USA1435.When molten magna cools and solidifies what 1146. When milk is changed to curd, which acid getskind of Rocks are formed? formed? Igneous Rocks Lactic Acid1436.What are the types of Igneous Rocks? 1147. Guru Shikhar Peak is at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. What is height? Plutonic & Volcanic 1727 meters1437.Metamorphic Rocks are made by a process ofMetamorphism of pre existing rocks types. What are 1448. " Archaeopteryx" is a connecting link betweenthese pre existing rocks types called? two major classes of animals. What are these classes? Protoliths Reptilia & Aves1438.What is " Stellar Atmosphere"? 1449. " Port Pradeep" is located in which state? Outer atmosphere of stars Orissa1439.What is the thickness of "Earths crust" ? 1450. " Mangla Bhagyam" , " Shakti" & "Aishwarya" what are these ? 40 kms1440.What the "Sial layer" is composed of ? Oil fields discovered recently in Rajasthan Silica and Aluminum 1451. Which compound in main constituent of "1441.There is a narrow zone where Lithosphere, Pearl"?Hydrosphere and Atmosphere come in contact . Whatis it called? Calcium Carbonate Biosphere 1452. " Finger Lake Region " is in which country??1442. It is duty of the Union Government to protectthe states against external aggression and internal USAdisturbance. Which article says this? 1453. Who is the author of " Ashtadhyayi" ? Article 355 Panini Page 68 of 120
  • 69. 1454. " Atlas Mountains " are in which continent? 1464. Increase in concentration of a substance, such as the pesticide DDT, that occurs in a food chain. What is Africa the name of this phenomena? Bio-magnification1455. What happens to the boiling point & freezingpoint of water when salt is added to it? 1465. " Alum" is used in cleaning the muddy water. Which process takes place in this? Boiling Point Increased and Freezing PointDecreased Coagulation 1466.In 2002, which committee was set up by the1456. There is an art style in India which is a mix of government to suggest measures for rationalisingIndian and Greek style. What is the name given to it? direct and indirect taxes ? Gandhar Style Vijay Kelkar Committee1457. A pigment of the retina that is responsible for 1467. Between 1192 AD to 1857 AD, who was theboth the formation of the photoreceptor cells and the only Hindu ruler to ascend the throne of Delhi ?first events in the perception of light. Hemu Vikramaditya Rhodopsin or Visual Purple 1468. According to Standard time zone classification, the earth is divided into how many time zones ?1458. The first ever DNA bank of Asia has come upwith which city? 24 1469. In which city of Gujarat is Indias first and Lucknow worlds second Patang (Kite) Museum, founded by Bhanubhai Shah, located ?1459. Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP), is anodal agency that promotes investment in which state Ahmedabadin India? 1470. Heat travels from one place to another by which methods ? Rajasthan conduction, convection and radiation1460. " Golden Rice" is part of the solutionBiofortified rice as a contribution to the alleviation of 1471. The tenth and last Sikh Guru Gobind Singh waslife-threatening micronutrient deficiencies in born at Patna in Bihar. Where did he die ?developing countries. Which micronutrient mainly?? Nanded (Maharashtra) Vitamin A 1472. Pyongyang is the capital city of which Asian country ?1461. Which country has worlds youngest " King" ? North Korea Bhutan 1473. Which scientist is often referred to as the Father of the Atom Bomb ?1462. What is the common name of Psyllium Husk orPlanto Ovata?? J. Robert Oppenheimer Isabgol 1474.Glimpses of World History book, containing collection of letters on world history written from1463. Among Forest , Grassland, Desert and Marine, various prisons in British India, was authored bywhich ecosystem is most stable? which Indian freedom fighter ? Marine Jawaharlal Nehru Page 69 of 120
  • 70. 1475. What Indian name has been given to locally 1484. Recently , Which state has decided to giveassembled T-90S Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Rs.200 to each AIDS patient undergoing Anti-retrovialprocured from Russia in knocked down / semi therapy in state?knocked down form for final assembly in India ? Andhrapradesh Bhishma 1485. Recently Real Admiral Ahmed Mohammed Al Sahab al - Tenaiji , visited India. He is heading which1476. Committee for banning ragging in educational Countrys navy?institutes has been formed . Who is the chairman ofthis committee? Commander of UAE naval force 1486. Approximately how many students are getting R.K. Raghvan benefits of Mid Day Meal scheme?1477. Recently who has has taken over the charge of 15 croreICAI from 7th feb 2009.? 1487. Recently who received the Kishore Kumar Kala Ratna Award instituted by Kishore Kumar Memorial Uttam Aggarwal Club?1478. Who is Indian Army Chief? Geeta Chandran Deepak Kapoor 1488. As per 2001 census state having highest urban population is ?1479. Who is CEO Nuclear Power Corporation ofIndia Ltd? Maharashtra S K Jain 1489. What was the name of the operation which was launched by israel on Dec 27th 2008 saying it wanted1480. Who is the CEO of " Areva" ? to stop Hamas Rocket attack on South Israel? Anne Lauvergeon Operation Cast Lead1481. India will help set up an Information 1490 Who is the leader of Ghana ?Technology Lab at Indonesias Military Academy andparticipate in a defence exercise, for United Nations John Atta - Millspeace support operations? What is the name of theexercise? 1491. India and Pakistan on Jan 1 2009 exchanged their list of nuclear installations through their Garuda Shield diplomatic mission . This was under which agreement?1482. Recently Obama approaced CNNs chief Under the 1988 agreement on prohibition ofmedical correspondent to be countrys next surgeon attacks against nuclear installation and facilitygeneral. Who is he? 1492. With which country India signed an agreement Sanjay Gupta on 3 jan 2009 to improve the recruitment process of workers?1483. What Percentage of surplus funds which hasbeen allowed by the govt to the navratnas and mini Malaysianarvratnas to invest in equity ? 1493. Governor Rod Blagojevich who was impeached on Jan 30 was of which state ? 30% Illinois Page 70 of 120
  • 71. 1494. On jan 12 world bank banned 2 indian 1504.Which was the first Indian company to list oncompanies from doing business under CPP. Which are the Nasdaq in 1999 ?these two companies? Infosys Wipro & Megasoft 1505.Land of Thunderbolt is the nickname of which1495. NTPC on jan 11 signed an agreement with Asian country ?which govt. for execution of 460 MW kolodyne stage2 hydro electric project on kolodyne river. Bhutan Mizoram 1506. .What is the name of the protocol to the UNFCCC produced at the United Nations Conference1496. Recently, state which set a new record in on Environment and development (UNCED), knowncountrys power sector of signing 3 MOU on a single as the Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, inday ? 1992 Karnataka Kyoto Protocol1497. Usain Bolt edged whom to be voted as 2008athlete of the year by international media? 1507.Which Oceans greatest depth is in the Puerto Rico Trench ? Michel Phelps Atlantic Ocean1498. Who took over as new chair man of Air portauthority of India? 1508.Which among the following Grand Slam tennis tournament is played on clay court ? VP Agarwal French Open1499. "Indirect economic impacts of dam" Who haswritten this book? 1509. Which Indian spiritual guru introduced Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique ? Ramesh Bhatia Mahesh Yogi1500. " Towards Social Development" who has writtenthis book? 1510. Goal is the autobiography of which Indian sportsman ? KS Bhatt Dhyan Chand1501. Who has written the book " The EnduringBahu" ? 1511. Who was the first US president to visit India in December 1959 ? KC Sivaramakrishnan1502. In 1893, who revived Ganesh Chaturthi annual Dwight Eisenhowerfestival in the form of a public festival and gave it adistinct political face ? 1512. HCL tech. recently decided to open its new office in which country? Bal Gangadhar Tilak Israel at Yokneam1503.The Union Territory of Puducherry (old name -Pondicherry) falls under the jurisdiction of which 1513 . BHEL has recently announced to open a newHigh Court ? plant at which city in China? Madras High Court ShanghaiPage 71 of 120
  • 72. 1514 . Recently Dell has decided to shift its European 1525 . Who is Gujarat offspiner who is recently barredmanufacturing base from Ireland to which country? from playing Duleep trophy? Poland Mohnish Parmar1515 . Tata steel(corus) decided to appoint a new CEO 1526 . Bobby Zindal who was in news recently is aKIRBY Adams as a successor to whom? governor of which state? Louisiana. PHILIPPE VARIN 1527 . "Creating a future Islamic Civilization" who has written this book?1516 . Nissan(Japan) will launch the small car in India Rashid Shahby 2010 from its upcoming plant at Chennai co 1528 . Recently which bill was being given assent bydeveloped with which company? President of India which restrains the police from arresting a person for criminal offence for which the Renault(France) maximum sentence is up to 7 years. Name of the bill ? Criminal Prosecution Code bill1517 . Law reform commission of which state headedby former SC judge VR Krishna Iyre recommended 1529 . Which state was recently brought underlegalizing Euthanasia and decriminalizing suicide? president rule and state assembly kept under Kerala. suspended animation?1518 . Amartya Sen, Sam Pitroda, Jagdish Bhagwati Jharkhandwere the members of Man Mohan Singhs which 1530 . Which Indian state was recently ranked first forcouncil recently ? investment by World Bank? global advisory council Karnataka1519 . Which two countries recently entered an 1531 . Indian Air force recently ordered two squadronagreement on resuming natural gas supplies to missile of medium range to BEL(bharat electronicsEurope? limited). What is the name of the missile? Russia and Ukraine Akash(surface to air missile)1520 . Recently In a miraculous escape Airbus A320 1532 . Recently conference of Chief Ministers onsteered into which river in USA? internal security was held at which place? Hudson New Delhi.1521 . If Obama is 44th President then Joe Bidden is 1533 . Aiming to protect countrys share in overseas…the vice president ? market, government removed export duty on which commodity? 47th1522 . 11Day National Cooperative Fair was hosted by Premium Basmati Ricewhich city in India? 1534 . Which country recently launched telecom satellite for the first time? jaipur1523 . Recently PM Manmohan singh inaugurated Iran96th session of Indian Science congress in which city? Guwahati 1535 . Recently PM Manmohan Singh inaugurated1524 . Kate Winslet was nominated and later won Ezhimala Naval Academy at which place?Oscar in Best actress category for which film? Kannur (kerala) The ReaderPage 72 of 120
  • 73. 1536 . Recently Union Cabinet announced Rs.12513 1546. What is the motto of the Indian Coast Guard, thecrore project to improve road connectivity in which fourth armed force of India ?border state? Vayam Rakshamah Arunachal Pradesh1537 What name is given to the metallurgical process 1547 . Which canal links Red sea and Mediterraneanused to coat steel or iron with zinc ? sea? Galvanization Suez canal1538. Which award is presented by the government ofIndia for excellence in sports coaching ? 1548 .What is the name of the protocol to the UNFCCC produced at the United Nations Conference Dronacharya Award on Environment and development (UNCED), known as the Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in1539. On 26 January 1950, who became the first Chief 1992.Justice (CJ) of India ? Kyoto Protocol Harilal J. Kania1540. Which Indian state would you be in if you were 1549.Recently Bangladesh was rocked by a mutiny inenjoying sun bath at Devbagh Beach ? the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR). Where are the headquarters of BDR? Karnataka Pilkhana, Bangladesh1541. What is the collective name of ancient Indian 1550.Recently , two European Governmentstexts Arthved (science of sociology and economics), collapsed because of the international FinancialDhanurved (science of defence and war), Crisis. Which ones?Gandharvaved (science of music) and Ayurved Iceland and Latvia(science of life) ? 1551.In which state of India, the " Jalayagnam" a Upvedas chief minister flagship programme to construct 741542. In which city of Punjab is the Rail Coach irrigation projects is running?Factory, the passenger coach manufacturing unit of Andhra PradeshIndian Railways, located ? 1552.Recently central Government approved proposal Kapurthala to create two elephant reserves in which Indian State? Chhattisgarh1543. Idols, One Day Wonders and Runs n Ruinsbooks are authored by which Indian cricketer ? 1553.Recently Loksabha passed a bill to provide further relief and minimize avoidable hardships and Sunil Gavaskar irreparable loss to the residents of Delhi from Sealing. What is the name of the bill?1544. Saint Helena island, located in the South National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (SpecialAtlantic Ocean, is the Overseas Territory of which Provisions) Bill 2009country ? 1554." Jyotigram Yojna" is a flagship programme of United Kingdom Gujarat Government. What is the scope of this1545. Which European city houses the headquarters of Scheme?the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UnitedNations (FAO), a specialised agency that leads 24 Hours three phage Electricity in Rural Areasinternational efforts to defeat hunger ? 1555.In which state " Beti Bachao Yojna" was launched to fight gender inequality?? Rome (Italy) GujaratPage 73 of 120
  • 74. 1556." Chiranjivi Yojna " of Gujarat is related to 1567.Who got the Oscar Award for " Documentarysafety of ……….? Short" ? Mother & Child at Birth Megan Mylan for Smile Pinky1557." Pundit Deendayal Kisan Bagwaan Samridhhi 1568.An Indian Banking Industry Executive wasYojna" was recently launched in which state for " given Asiamoney Best Executive of the Year 2008 .Irrigation to farmers" ? Who is he? Himachal Pradesh Chairman of SBI Mr. OP Bhatt1558.Recently in which state of India , Restructured 1569.What is Tropex 2009?Accelerated Power Development and Reforms largest ever amphibious exercise of Armed ForcesProgramme " has been taken up to reduce the losses of India in Gujaratof Electricity Supplier Companies? Karnataka 1570.To provide the much needed boost to dwindling tiger population , government recently launched a1559.Recently Planning Commission approved a plan new force in under the aegis of National Tigeroutlay of 17322 crore , the highest ever allocation to Conservation Authority. What is the name of thethe state by a central body. Which state? force? Rajasthan Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF)1560.Recently " Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran 1571.As per the latest report brought out by UnitedYojna " was launched in which state? Nations World Food Program how many people in Tamilnadu India are undernourished?? 230 million1561.Recently UP chief minister Mayavati allotted900 crore rupees for making the girls self dependent 1572.Who has been appointed as the First Directorunder which scheme? General of National Investigation Agency? Mahamaya Gharib Balika Yojna Radha Vinod Raju1562.Which state government has sanctioned " Atal 1573.Where are the 35th National Games areBehari Vajpayee Awas Yojna" for providing free scheduled to held in May 2010 ?houses to 10000 poor dalits? Kerala Uttarakhand 1574.Recently CNN IBN Best Indian Award for 20081563.Who is new ambassador of India in was given to whom? (February 2009)Washington? G Madhavan ISRO Chairman Meera Shankar 1575.Who was sworn in as Somalias New President1564.Who was elected as President of Bangladesh on February 1, 2009?Recently ? Sheikh Kharif Ahamed Zillur Rahman 1576." Pappu Cant Vote" Which State Election1565.Who has recently become the First Ever Muslim Commission launched this campaign?Director General of Police in Gujarat? Delhi Election Commission Sabir Khandwala 1577.FA Cup is related to which sports?1566.Recently, who became the worlds First woman Footballto fly the MIG-35 fighter jet at Aero IndianInternational Air Show at Bangalore? 1578.Who got Oscar award recently for Best Sound Suman Sharma Mixing? Resull PookuttyPage 74 of 120
  • 75. 1579.Recently 58 MPs sought permission to impeach 1590.As per the recent Data , what is the percentageJustice Soumitra Sen of which High court? of area covered by forests in India? Calcutta High Court 23%1580.The motion to impeach Justice Soumitra Sen 1591.India recently signed nuclear deal pact with awas filed under which articles? French Firm to build nuclear power plants and supply Article 217 (1-b) and Article 124 (4) of nuclear fuel. What is the name of company? Areva1581.What is the difference in procedure forimpeachment of Judges of Supreme Courts and High 1592.Indian navy is acquiring " Admiral Gorshkov"Courts? an aircraft carrier from Russia. What Indian name has Same Procedures been given to it? INS Vikramaditya1582." Federal Investigation Agency " is a centralInvestigation Agency of Which Country?? 1593.Recently keel of the first Indigenous aircraft Pakistan carrier was layed at Cochin Shipyard Ltd. When will be this ship be completed?1583.Who is leading the womens world Cup cricket 2014team India? Jhoolan Goswami 1594.Recently parliament of a Central Asian Country voted to shut US airbase which is a foothold of1584."Sprinters Cup" is related to which sports? America in Central Asia . Which country is this? Horse Races Kyrgyzstan1585.Recently Planning Commission approved how 1595.Recently Barak Obama said, " The increase wasmuch amount for ISROs manned mission to be necessary to stabiles a deteriorating situation inlaunched by 2015? Afghanistan , which has not received strategic Rupees 12400 crore attention, direction and resources it urgently requires" . What he referred to?1586.In January 2009, Chief Minister of an Indian Sending 17000 more troops to AfghanistanState signed an agreement with several companies toprovide "Solar Lanterns" in the villages where 1596.What was the number of earlier US troops inkerosene is used. Which State? International Security Assistance Force IASF ?(as of Narendra Modi of Gujarat January 12, 2009) 232201587.As per a recent notification by UnionGovernment of India , the government will pay how 1597.Morgan Tsvangirai was recently sworn in asmuch for each unit of solar power produced under the prime Minister of Zimbabwe , defeating party ofNational Solar Mission to maximize solar power? Rober Mugabes first time after 1980 independence of Rs. 15 Zimbabwe. Which party he belongs to ? MDC, Movement for Democratic Change1588.In the UNICEFs flagship report , State of theWorlds children (2009) released in New Delhi in 1598.Recently a new government of Iceland wasJanuary 2009 , What is Indias rank in Under-5 Death sworn in as First Woman prime Minister. What is herof children? name? 49 Johanna Sigurdardottir1589.Recently , Planning Commission approved ascheme which aims to cover 2.42 lakh villages to 1599.Recently President of Venezuela was in newshave rich forest by 2012 and sanctioned Rs. 890 crore for winning referendum in February 2009 to eliminaterupees for it. What is the name of this scheme? term that limits him to run again for Third Time Premiership of the country. What is his name?Van Panchayat Yojna Hugo ChavezPage 75 of 120
  • 76. 1600.Recently which (eighth / ninth / tenth) Delhi 1611.Under the market risk, banks may apply to RBISustainable Development Summit held in New Delhi for graduating to more advanced method of internalin February 2009? models approach (IMA) by April 2010. Under what Ninth framework does this come? Basel II1601.Who from India won which award for a projectcalled " Golden Drum" recently? 1612.There is only one air port in India which has Ustad Jakir Hussain won Grammy Award been allowed to charge " Airport Development Fees" (ADF)1602.What is the latest rank of Sania Mirza in WTA Delhi Airportranking ? (on Feb 23, 2009) 75th position 1613.Which states gets the largest chunk of various union taxes , duties etc. ?1603.At what rate, the central Statistical Organization Uttar Pradesh (19% Approx), Rs. 33031.51 crorehas estimated the Indias national income growth in2008-09? 1614.Sasan , Krishnapatnam & Tilaiya Ultra Mega 7.1% Power Projects have been won by which company ? Reliance Power1604.During 2007-08 manufacturing in India grew by8.2%. What is the 2008-09 percentage growth? 1615." Mundra " Ultra Mega Power Project is won by 4.1% which company recently? Tata Power1605.What is the per capita income of India basedupon 1999-00 prices and current prices? 1616.Among the 26 measures announced by Rs. 25661 and 38084respectively Commerce Minister recently , to promote exports by simplifying trade schemes obligation period under the1606.Recently government announced third stimulus advance authorization scheme is increased from 24package to Indian Industry. Under this stimulus, what months to …..?change has been made in the rate of service tax? 36 months 12% to 10% 1617.How much " textile" sector accounts for Indias1607.Recently government announced third stimulus Total Exports?package to Indian Industry. Under this stimulus, what 12%change has been made in the rate of Excise Duty? 10% to 8% 1618.Sugar Production in U.P. has fallen by 50% recently. What was the major region behind this?1608.Which one is the UPA governments scheme for sharp reduction in the crop arearural infrastructure comprising six components viz.rural roads, telephone, irrigation, drinking water 1619.What is measured in Million Metric Standardsupply , housing and electrification.? Cubic Meters (MMSCM )? Bharat Nirman , this yojna is progressing on a Gas Production in Oil & Gas Fieldssnails speed ;) 1620.Which bank has recently started distributing1609.What was the quarterly growth of Indias Biometric Cards to the weaker sections of the societyEconomy in the third quarter of 2008-09? in Uttar Pradesh? 5.3% Punjab National Bank1610.The Index of Industrial Production (IIP ) had 1621.Which public sector bank recently completedgrown 8% in December 2007. What was the figure in 100% core banking system in all its 4604 branches?December 2008? Negative 2% Punjab National BankPage 76 of 120
  • 77. 1622.How many new " Gharib Raths" have been 1633.UPA Governments which flagship programmeintroduced in recent Interim Railway Budget was allotted maximum ?presented by LaluPrasad Yadav? NREGS , Rs. 30100 crore 4 1634.Haryana & Punjab have a common high court at1623.How much increase in the Freight Earnings for Chandigarh. Which article gives the power toYear 2009-10 has been projected by Interim Railway parliament to establish such common high courts?Budget? Article 231 8.7% 1635." Butterfly Stroke" is a term related to which1624.What is the operating ratio of Indian Railways sports?in the Interim Budget 2009-10? Swimming 89.9% 1636.Which country will host the 2010 Mens Hockey1625.Approximately how much (percentage portion) World Cup?of a rupee comes (earnings) from Goods traffic to the IndiaIndian Railways? How much from passenger traffic? 70% from goods traffic & 26% from 1637.Which city shall host the 2012 Olympic games?Passengertraffic London1626.What is the Total expenditure for FY 2009 as 1638." Sheru" is official mascot of which Games?per Interim Union Budget 2009? Commonwealth Games to be held at Delhi in 2010 Rs. 9,53, 231 crore 1639.With which game " Radha Mohan Cup " is1627.What are the estimated revenue deficit and related to ?fiscal deficit of GDP in the Interim Union Budget Polo2009-10? Revenue deficit 4% and fiscal deficit 5.5% 1640.Which organization celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in January 2009?1628.How much amount was allocated to NREGS in Indian National Science Academythe Interim Union Budget 2009-10? Rs. 30,100 crore 1641.Which are the three Indian cricketers recently inducted in ICC hall of Fame?1629.How much increase was provisioned in Interim Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Bishan Singh BediUnion Budget for Defense ? (in percentage) 35% 1642.Who is the new chief of RAW, appointed in January 2009?1630.The fertilizer subsidies allocated for 2009-10 KC Vermawere projected Rs. 49,980 crore in the Interim Budget. This is how much less or more than revised 1643.Who recently won the Parshvanath Internationalestimates for current year? Open Chess Tournament? 34% Surya Shekhar Ganguly1631.What are the three items include getting major 1644.Which award has been given to " Pankajsubsidies in the Interim Budget? Advani" this year? Food, Petroleum & Fertilizer Padam Shri1632.How much was allocated to Sarva Shiksha 1645.Shyam Manohar was given National SahityaAbhiyan in the Interim Budget 2009? Award 2008. He writes in which language? Marathi13100 crorePage 77 of 120
  • 78. 1646.Saroja Vaidyanathan is a dancer recently given 1656.In which plan BSNL announced Rs. 1 a minuteSangeet natak Academy Award 2009. What type of for a video call while launching 3G mobile services indance she performs? 11 cities ? Bharatnatyam Rs. 2500 plan1647.Who was the runner-up in Australian Open2009 Mens Singles? 1657.In March 2009 , director of FBI met Home Roger Federer Minister P Chidambaram in New Delhi and discuss security and terrorism related issues. What is his1648.A convergence programme to be operated jointly name?by the Rajasthan Government and the United Nationsagencies for achievement of the U.N. Millennium Mr. Robert MuellerDevelopment Goals (MDGs) has been launched inhow many districts of the state? 1658.First time in the History , Coal India Ltd won five two coal blocks for exploration in which country ?1649.Which country has recently emerged as Indias Mozambiquelargest defense supplier? Israel 1659.Where was the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health was held recently (March 8, 2009)1650.Recently , Maharastra government challengedthe constitutional validity of certain provisions which Mumbaiof the acts? States Reorganization Act 1956, & Bombay 1660.Which committee has recently submitted its report on " Renovation and Rejuvenation of1651.What was Indias rank in UNESCOs latest list of Universities" ?countries having the maximum number of dialects onverge of extinction? Yashpal Committee First (UNESCO listed 196 languages on verge of 1661.Recently archaeologists unearthed a stone anchor1652.The central board of Trustees of Employees with a design similar to Chinese and Japanese Ships ofProvident Fund has recommended what rate of interest 12th century AD, giving indication of Indias Tradefor 2008-09? Relation with Asian Countries. Where? 8.5% Gulf of Khambat1653.Recently BSNL launched which plan which has aless than Re. 1 tariff between two destination of the 1662.Which sports man in branded as " Fastest Mancountry? on Earth" ? Indian Golden 50 Plan Usain Bolt1654.Recently , Union Cabinets committee onEconomic Affairs gave its approval to which company 1663.How many medals , the Indian Archers won into subscribe to and acquire 27% equity in Tata Asian Grand prix Championship in Bangkok ThailandTeleservices? in February 2009? NTT Docomo Inc. Five including one Gold1655.How much Dearness Allowance (DA) wasrecently approved by CCEA for Central Government 1664.According to a recent UN report , IndianEmployees? Economy is expected to grow by what rate in percentage in 2009? 6% 6% Page 78 of 120
  • 79. 1665.Who won the Mens Singles Title in Indian Open 1675.Recently , as per a report a team ofBadminton Championship 2009? researchers are on target to create unlimited quantities of “synthetic” human blood (by British scientists ). Taufique Hidayat of Indonesia What will be the main source of this?1666.Where was Indian Open Badminton Embryonic stem cells from donor embryosChampionship 2009 held? universally Hyderabad 1676.Who won the Dubai World Cup 2009 in March 2009?1667.Who won the womens singles title Indian OpenBadminton Championship 2009? Well Armed Pi Hongyan of France 1677.Recently Charles Simonyi was in news for what?1668.According to a research conducted by healthcare First Person to Travel in Space Twice as Touristresearchers Deloitte, what is Indias Rank in MedicalTourism? 1678.What was bank Rate on 4th March 2009? second after Thailand 6%1669.N Sundardevan Committee is enquiring into 1679.What was Repo Rate & Reserve Repo Rate sincewhat matter? March 4, 2009? Police Action on Madras High Court Campus 5% & 3.5% respectively1670.For the 12th Five Year plan Government of 1680.Which PSU has recently emerged as top profitRajasthan has invited leading power companies to buy making central PSU?how much power? ONGC 2000 megawatt 1681.Recently which two Indian companies merged to1671.Which team won Vija Harare Trophy in March create 25% approximately of worlds total complex2009? refining capacity? Tamil Nadu RIL & RPL1672.What is the name of the European satellite 1682.What was the RIL-RPL merger ratio?launched in 2009, which will show the Inner workingof earth, from the movements of ocean currents to the at 1:16location of oil deposits? 1683.On week ended march 20, 2009 what was Indias The Goce Probe Inflation Rate?1673.Italy and Switzerland have decided to redraw 0.27%their borders . What is the reason of 1684.What was the rate of Inflation in march 2008? global warming dissolved the Alpine glaciers 8.02%1674.On what date Earth Hour was observed? 1685.How many gears are there in Nano?March 28, 2009 Four forward and one reversePage 79 of 120
  • 80. 1686.Who has been declared the single largest loser by 1696.Which south American leader , traveled in IndiaForbes Magazine in the global recession as his fortune in March 2009 , was conferred a honorary doctoratedeclines 2/3rd? degree by Madras University ? Anil Ambani Chilean President Michelle Bachlet1687.Who are the three Indians among the most 1697.Israel is delivering phalcon Awacs to Indian Airinfluential people of 2009 by Time Magazine? Force in May 2009. What is full form of Awacs? Sonia Gandhi, Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani Airborne Warning and Control systems1688.Who won the BNP Paribas Open Championship 1698.What is the main use of Awacs?in march 2009? detection of incoming hostile cruise missiles Rafael Nadal1689.What was Indias export and import growth rates 1699.Recently INS Parandu was commissioned. Whatin February 2009? is INS Parandu? negative 13.7% and negative 18.2% respectively Air station of Navy at Uchipuli in Tamil Nadu1690.…………………is a scheme being launched 1700.Recently the term Tax Heaven was in news.from April to December and is a confidence building What is a tax heaven?exercise to build the confidence of a recessionaryworld terrorized by the Mumbai attack. Govt. of India where foreign people can safely hide their blackannounced which scheme to boost tourism recently? money Visit India Year 2009 1701.Approximately how much Foreign Money is locked in Swiss Banks?1691.What was Indias Foreign Exchange Reserve onMarch 20, 2009? $ 2 Trillion $ 253.83 billion 1702.International Criminal Court recently issued arrest warrant for Sudans President Omar al-Beshir.1692.How many members will be elected for the 15th Genocide was one of the charges included. True /Loksabha? false? 543 False, charges include crimes against humanity1693.For the first time, in how many constituencies 1703.Which country was branded as " axis of evil " byPhoto electoral Rolls will be used ? George Bush? Iran / Afghanistan / Pakistan / Sudan 522 Iran1694.In which states delimitation process was notundertaken? 1704.Recently Fifth World Water Forum was concluded on World water Day on March 22. Where?J& K, Arunanchal Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand Istanbul , Turkey1695.In which three states assembly elections are 1705.Where was the first meeting of World Watertaking place simultaneously to Lok Sabha Polls? Forum held ? AP, Orissa, and sikkim Morocco in 1997Page 80 of 120
  • 81. 1706.Where was held the 14th World Conference on 1717.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launchedTobacco or Health? new coins of what denomination ? (April 11, 2009)Mumbai , March 8, 2009 10 Rupee1707.Where will the 15th World Conference on 1718.Recently which insurance Giant Launched CreditTobacco or Health will take place? Card?Singapore in 2012 LIC 1719.Ardhanarishwar, Awara, Masiha, Pankheen, Jane1708.African Union recently suspended the Anjane, Dhalti Raat, Swapnamayi, Nav Prabhat andmembership of which nation? Doctor are some works of a Hindi Writer who passed away recently . What is his name?Madagascar Vishnu Prabhakar1709.What was the reason of African Union tosuspend membership of Madagascar? 1720.The Hoover Medal, an American engineering prize is given since 1930 for "outstanding extra-career military forced the elected president from office services by engineers to humanity". Who was given this award recently ?1710.On march 30, 2009, Arab League Summit washeld at which place? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Doha, Qatar 1721.What is the name of actor Chiranjivis party ?1711.Recently , which three agreed to continue Praja Rajyam Partypushing forward the Six-Party talks aimed at realizingdenuclearization of the Korean Peninsula ? 1722.Luther L Terry Awards are given for outstanding work in which field? China, Japan and South Korea tobacco control1712.Where was the Earth Hour started ? 1723.Where were held the 4th Womens World Sydney in 2007 Awards recently ?1713.Information Technology Gyan Kendras is ascheme of which state government? Stadthalle F in Vienna Rajasthan 1724.Which tourist train recently begged National1714.Recently which north east state government Tourism Award Under Most Innovative Tourismsurvived a floor test ? Product for year 2007-2008? Meghalaya Mahaparinirvan Express1715.Who has taken charge as the first ever DirectorGeneral of Operations at Air Headquarters in New 1725.Mahaparinirvan Express is launched to targetDelhi ? which tourism circuit in India? Air Marshal D C Kumaria Buddhist Circuit1716.Indian Government has appointed whom as the 1726.Who has recently topped the list of top 10new Chief of the Indian Air Force? Worlds Billionaires by Forbes Magazine?AIR Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik Bill GatesPage 81 of 120
  • 82. 1727.What was Rank of Lakshmi Mittal & Mukesh 1737.Which north east state was brought underAmbani in 10 Worlds Billionaires by Forbes President Rule recently ?Magazine? Meghalaya Lakshami 8 , Mukesh 7 1738.The National Advisory Committee on Accounting Standards (Nacas), on accounting policies1728.The excavations at Utkottai in Tamil Nadu have followed by the Indian industry, has favoredunraveled the historical facts related to which Chola suspending for two years of which norms?King of 11-12th Century AD? AS 11 Rajendra Chola-I 1739.Who has written I Witness: Partial Observations?1729.Who was declared Player of Tournament in Kapil SibalWomens World Cup? 1740.Who has written the book " The White Tiger" ? Claire Taylor Arvind Adiga1730.Which team won the 17th senior NationalWomens Championship in Neyveli on March 2009? 1741.Which bank launched Indo Nepal Remittance Scheme? Manipur RBI1731.Accenture Match Play Championship is related 1742.Considering the vast potential of energy savingsto which sports? and benefits of energy efficiency, the Government of India enacted the Energy Conservation Act in which Golf year ?1732.Which company has won three awards at the 2001‘Goafest 2009’ advertising festival recently (April 12,2009) 1743. which year Titanic Sank? Himani 19121733.A summit of Asian leaders was cancelled onafter anti-government protesters swarmed into the 1744.Who is the director General of UNESCO?meeting’s venue, renewing doubts about the durabilityof the government. Where ? Koichiro Matsuura Thailand 1745.Who is the president of International Cricket1734.World Hemophilia Day is celebrated on what Council ?date? David Morgan April 17 1746." Perspective 2020" is a report based on1735.IIPCAG, comprising key representatives extensive research conducted over a year by McKinseyinvolved inIP criminal law enforcement. What is the & Company, released by NASSCOM recently .full form? According to this report , Indian IT industry has a potential to generate revenues of ...... in 2020? Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Action Group US$ 225 billion1736.On what date World Press Freedom Day iscelebrated? 1747.What is Indias Rank in Global Political Risk Index as per recent report of political risk consultancy? 3 May 11th Page 82 of 120
  • 83. 1748.ARAB LEAGUE SUMMIT 2009 was recently 1759.Who has been appointed India’s alternateconcluded in .,.? governor in the World Bank Board recently ? Doha Ashok Chawla1749.How many companies from India are included inForbes 2000 list ? 1760.World Red cross Day is celebrated on which date? 471750.Bernard dEspagnat, who was recently given 8 MayTempleton Prize belongs to which country? 1761.Which 3 companies have been placed in Forbes France 2000 list ?1751.Who is the chairman of National Security RIL, SBI, ONGCCouncil of North Korea? 1762.According to a recent report released by WTO, Kim Jong what is the rank of India in taking steps regarding Antidumping against other countries products?1752.Govind Singh Gurjar who recently passed awaywas Governor of ..? 1st 1763.Where will held the Fourth Bhojpuri Conference Pondicherry in September 2009 ?1753."Peter Zumthor " who was recently given MauritiusPritzker prize belongs to which country? 1764.Who has written the book " SMG" ? Switzerland Devendra Prabhu Desai1754.Pulitzer Prize is given in which field? 1765.Which exchange is planning to buy share in News paper Journalism , Literature & Music MCX?1755.Injaz is the name given to worlds first Australian Security Exchangecloned….? Camel 1766.The headquarters of which company is also known as "Bush House"?1756.Which country recently hosted the 17thInternational Agriculture Exhibition 2009 (Agritech BBC2009) ? 1767.Which Bank appointed former U.S. Ambassador Israel to India David Mulford as its Vice-Chairman International?1757.What are the RBI s Projections regarding theMoney Supply in 2009-10 (as per new Annual Policy Credit SuisseStatement of RBI) 1768.Which Bank in Switzerland has been recently renamed as Hinduja Bank? 20%1758.The EXIM bank has sought trade finance support Amas Bankof $ 60 million from International Finance 1769.For the first time in its 650-year history, theCommission recently. What is the main use of this University of Cambridge has appointed a woman asmoney ? the University Librarian. What is her name ?Lend Small & Medium Enterprises Anne Jarvis Page 83 of 120
  • 84. 1770.Who has been appointed in President Barack 1782.Which country ranks first in the production ofObamas Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Mushrooms in the world?Neighborhood Partnerships. China Eboo S Patel 1783.The Indus Water Treaty gives which riverS to1771.Morgan Tsvangirai has recently become Prime India?Minister of ..? Sutlej, Beas and the Ravi Zimbabwe1772.Which country recently approved Embryonic 1784.Which is most appropriate term for thisStem Cell Experiments on Humans ? definition" The process of the total valuation of the financial capital assets of a country " ? US1773." Safir " belongs to which nation? Market Capitalization Iran 1785.Which scheme for women in difficult circumstances, being implemented by the Department1774." Tsyklon-3" the expendable launch system, of Women and Child Development, Ministry o Humanprimarily used to put Cosmos satellites into low Earth Resource Development, Government of India?orbit belongs to which nation? Swadhar Russia 1786.National Old Age Pension (NOAP) Scheme1775.Who is the winner of 17th Amber Blindfold and comes under which Ministries?Rapid Tournament.? Levon Aronian Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment1776.Supreme peoples Assembly is parliament of 1787.Which countrY has recently come out with awhich nation? spaceport plan? North Korea Mexico1777.How many countries are in G-20? 1788.The term "Crack spread" is used in which 23 industry ?1778.Which among these Brazil, Cyprus, India is nota member of Nuclear Supplier Group? Future Trading of Oil & Petroleum Products 1789.Currently how many countries are party to the India Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ?1779.Which is the most Tax Friendly country as perrecent list of Forbes? 189 1790.The leaders of the world’s biggest emerging Qatar markets Brazil, Russia, India and China are to meet for1780.Who is the newly appointed Chairman of their formal summit in Yekaterinburg, Russia. This iscompetition commission of India? __________Formal BRIC Summit? Dhanendra Kumar First1781.Which district of Andhra Pradesh is called " Hub 1791.Which country is hosting the SCO Shanghaiof Fresh Fish Farming" ? Cooperation Organization meeting?Nellore Russia Page 84 of 120
  • 85. 1792.Which among these China Russia & India is not There is no proper system of monitoring anya member of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation follow-up action to ensure the redressal, once a userOrganization)? lodges a complaintIndia(Observer) 1800.Recently constitutional council of a European Country ruled that "The Internet is a fundamental1793.Recently Bindeshwar Pathak of Sulabh human right that cannot be taken away by anythingInternational was honored by Intergovernmental other than a court of law, only when guilt has beenRenewable Energy Organization at the United Nations established there" . Which is the country ?headquarters in New York . He was presented thishonor for _________? FranceDeveloping low cost toilet technology to produce 1801.Recently a list was released by Fast Company aenergy out of human excreta Business Magazine about worlds 100 most creative people in business. The following Indians is / are in1794.Recently Which state political parties have this list .registered their demand to repeal Armed ForcesSpecial Powers Act AFSPA? A R Rahman, Music DirectorJ&K Prith Banerjee of HP Labs1795.Recently President Barack Obama has nominated Padmasree Warrior of CiscoVinai Thummalapally of Colorado Springs, Colorado,as the next US Ambassador to ______? 1802.Recently an agreement was signed between the Bhutan government and a leading BPO firm whichBelize will recruit 200 Bhutanese graduates every year to be trained and employed in India. What is the name of the1796.The only country in Central America that has firm?English as official language? GenepactBelize 1803.Tim Morse has been appointed as chief financial1797.What is the official language of other central officer by which of the internet giants?American countries viz. Costa Rica, El Salvador,Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua, Panama ? YahooSpanish 1804.Recently, Textiles Minister Dayanidhi Maran said efforts will be made to provide fiscal relief,1798.If US senate confirm the nomination of Vinai including service tax exemption, to textile exportersThummalapally, then he would be ___________Indian reeling under waning global demand. Which of theAmerican ambassador in US history? facts about Indias textile & clothing industry is wrongFirst US and EU account for over 80 per cent of Indias1799.Recently Telecom Regulatory Authority of India overseas shipments.said that it is considering introducing a grievance 1805.Who has been recently appointed as ATS Chief?monitoring system to ensure proper redressal of thecustomers complaints. What is the main issue of K P Raghuvanshiprotecting the customers interests?Page 85 of 120
  • 86. 1806.The Textile Ministry of India has sought 1815.Equipped with management skills after a stint atclearance from the Planning Commission for providing the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Virentraining to 50 lakh people in the industry, of which 35- Rasquinha is back to contribute to Indian sport by40 lakh can be employed in the garmenting sector joining the Olympic Gold Quest as Chief Operationsunder which scheme? Officer (COO). He was a former ace player of________?NREGS Hockey1807.At present what fraction of Indias population is 1816.Andy Roddick is related to which sports?below poverty line? Tennis27.5% 1817.Anand Pawar is related to which sports?1808.Recently, which has become the first railnetwork in the world to get a UN certificate for Badmintonpreventing over 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide frombeing released into the atmosphere, doing its bit to 1818.Business magazine Forbes has released its list offight against global warming? the worlds richest women. Who is the only businesswoman of India who could get a place in thisDelhi Metro list ? (June 15, 2009)1809.Majles-e Shura-ye Eslami is parliament of which Savitri Jindalcountry ? 1819.Nanao Singh is related to which sports?Iran Boxing1810.Who is the Chairman of Prime MinistersEconomic Advisory Council ? 1820.Recently we remembered Birsa Munda . He had died in mysterious circumstances in 1900 in RanchiSuresh. D. Tendulkar Jail on what date?1811.Who has been recently chosen for Mahatma June 9, 2009Gandhi International Award for Peace & Justice 2009? 1821.World Day to Combat Desertification " isAung San Suu Kyi observed every year on what date?1812.Where was held the International festival of 17 JuneChildrens Films in May 2009? 1822.United Nations Convention to CombatKolkata Desertification (UNCCD) was implemented in which year ?1813.Which team was IPL2 runner up ? 1995Royal Challengers 1823.Goa Revolution Day is celebrated every year on1814.Who was the winner of Italian Open Tennis which date?Tournament in May 2009? 18 JuneDinara safina 1824."International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking" is celebrated every year on which date? 26 th JunePage 86 of 120
  • 87. 1825.Doctors Day is celebrated every year on which 1832.Despite dissent from China, India scored adate? diplomatic victory at the ADB board meeting recently as all other members voted in favour to grant approvalJuly 1 for the $2.9-billion India plan. Which country with1826.Every year on 6th July World Zoonoses Day is maximum voting share voted in favour of India?observed. What is Zoonoses? USAn ailment that is transmitted from other 1833.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proposedvertebrate animals to human beings to the HRD Ministry to ask the school boards to1827.World Population Day is an annual event, introduce a subject in the curriculum to enhance theobserved on July 11, and was established by the students’ knowledge in the field. Which subject ?Governing Council of the United Nations (A)Financial ManagementDevelopment Programme in 1989. What was theanother term used for this day in 1989? 1834.Who won the French Grand Prix on May 17, 2009?Five Billion Day Jorge Lorenzo1828.An unusual rock art discovery, petroglyphs,which are engravings made with a hard tool, have been 1835.Composite Leading Indicators are used by whichfound in Beruthorapatti in which state recently? (The organization to provide early signals of turning pointsHindu, May 24, 2009) (peaks and troughs) between expansions and slowdowns of economic activity?Tamil Nadu Organization for Economic Co-operation and1829.International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated Development (OECD)on what date / day every year ? 1836.John Higgins is the world Champion of Snooker.First Saturday of July He belongs to ________?1830.Mr. Kamalnath is Indias new________? ScotlandMinister of Road Transport and Highways 1837.Suma Shirur is related to which sports?1831.Inspired by the success of NREGS , which north Shootingeast state has recently decided to launch a jobguarantee scheme for those who are below poverty 1838.Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbaeva is a two-timeline? Olympic Gold Medalist (2004 and 2008), was named Female Athlete of the Year by the IAAF in 2004, 2005Tripura and 2008, and World Sportswoman of the Year by1832.Despite dissent from China, India scored a Laureus in 2007 and 2009. She is related to whichdiplomatic victory at the ADB board meeting recently athletic game?as all other members voted in favour to grant approval Pole Vaultfor the $2.9-billion India plan. Which country withmaximum voting share voted in favour of India? 1839.A name, term, sign, symbol, or design used to identify the products of one firm and to differentiateUS them from competitive offerings is commonly called as ?BrandPage 87 of 120
  • 88. 1840.A name, term, sign, symbol, or design used to 1850.Some people will be happy to pay a high priceidentify the products of one firm and to differentiate for anything that is new and unique. Companies usethem from competitive offerings and also has been what kind of pricing strategy for this ?given legal protection and has been granted solely toits owner is called ____? (B)Skimming Pricing 1851.Actual physical movement of the product fromTrademark the manufacturers through all the parties who take1841.Nike is the first thing which comes to a physical possessions of the product from the point ofcustomers mind in Running Shoe Product category. production to the final consumer is called asThis is because of ________? ________?Brand awareness Product Flow1842.Which is true about packaging of a product ? 1852.Negotiation Flow in the marketing Channel does not involve_______?packaging helps in branding and promoting brandloyalty. Transporting Company1843.Which are most essential aspects of labeling? 1853.Galena & Litharge are ores of which of the following metals?Statutory obligations Lead1844.Which affect Pricing strategy of a firm? 1854.Graphite, Carbon and Diamonds are _________?Profit, Volume, Competition & Prestige Allotropes1845.Markup pricing is an example of _______? 1855.Bleaching Powder is a compound of _______?Cost based Approach Calcium1846.Which pricing approach is used to avoid theproblem of overpricing and under pricing? 1856.To keep the hot glass items finishing and transparency , they go through a process calledCompetition Based Approach annealing. This process involves _______?1847.Which is an example of Competition based cooled slowly and uniformly under controlledpricing ? environment(A)Firms Bidding for a particular project 1857.The inability of a body to change its state of rest1848.In the case of prestige goods the demand is or its uniform motion in a straight line is called as_______? ________?Not price sensitive till a level inertia1849.If you are a marketing manager of a firm you 1858.Which is strongest oxidizing agent?would prefer the customers who are _________? Fluorineless price sensitive. 1859.Water at 4 degree centigrade has____? maximum density Page 88 of 120
  • 89. 1860.Which group characterizes alcohols? 1871.Which are the four states of India where the largest number of districts were included in suicideOH group prone areas?1861.Sodium Alkyl Sulphate and Benzene Sulphate are Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Karnataka, Keralaexamples of ________? 1872.What is a Govt.s flagship programme for RuralSynthetic Detergents Housing ?1862.Rayon is an example of _______? Indira Awas Yojnasemi-synthetic fiber. 1873.IRDP (Integrated Rural Development1863.What is the full form of DDT? programme ) is not in existing at this time because It was merged with _______________on April 1, 1999.Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna1864.Cobalt oxide is used to impart which color toglass? 1874.Janani Suraksha Yojna was launched in 2005 and is a safe mother hood intervention programme. ItBlue was launched after modifying which of the following schemes?1865.Reserpine is an example of which kind of drug? National Maternity Benefit SchemeTranquillizer 1875.As per the Union Budget 2009-10 , the National1866.Phenolphthalein is used in chemistry as a ______? Food Security Act is to be brought in to ensuredye entitlement of 25 kilo of rice or wheat per month at Rs.3 per kilo to every family living below the poverty1867.Calcium Magnesium Silicate is commonly called line in________?as ________? Rural or urban areasAsbestos 1876.In the Union Budget of 2009-10 , a new scheme1868.The Union Govt has planned to establish Rural Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY) withknowledge Centers in various states. They will be an allocation of Rs.100 crore has been launched onestablished with the help of_______? pilot basis for integrated development of ________ having population of scheduled castes above 50 perNABARD cent.1869.BIFR was established under Sick Industrial 1000 VillagesCompanies Act 1985, to deal with the problems ofindustrial sickness with regard to the crucial sectors 1877.In the Union Budget 2009-10, one handloomwhere public money is locked up. What is correct mega cluster in each of which two states has beenexpansion of BIFR ? decided to set up?Board of Industrial and Finance Reconstruction West Bengal & Tamil nadu1870.The Krishi Shramik Suraksha Yojna which was 1878.In the Union Budget 2009-10 , in which state acommenced in year July 1, 2001 provides which of the power loom mega cluster has been decided to set up?following to the agricultural workers?Insurance Cover Rajasthan Page 89 of 120
  • 90. 1879.In the Union Budget 2009-10 , how much 1889.A panel of bureaucrats headed by Cabinetamount has been allocated for programme for Secretary K M Chandrashekhar would decide onrebuilding the damaged infrastructure caused due to upgrading some of the Navaratna public sector firmscyclone Aila in West Bengal? to__________?Rs.1,000 Crore MahaNavaratna1880.On which product has been reduced from 10% to 1890.Recently president of which country has signed a5% in Union Budget 2009-10? historic bill that gives the government powers to curb advertising and promotion of tobacco products?LCD Panels for manufacture of LCD televisions US1881.Meera Seth committee was related to? 1891.Maha Mumbai Special Economic ZoneDevelopment of handlooms (MMSEZ) which recently faced a setback due to1882.Maastricht Treaty is related to? peoples power in the first round of a long-drawn struggle of farmers of Raigadh, near Mumbai belongsEurope Unification to which company?1883.Kisan Vision Project was announced recently in Reliance_________? 1892.What name has been proposed to nameUnion Railway Budget 2009-10 Mumbais Bandra-Worli sealink which recently opened for public?1884.In Which state of India , maximum DiamondMines are found? Rajiv Gandhi SetuMadhya Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh 1893.The caravan and heliport plans have been included in the Ministry s 100-day agenda as part of1885.As per the census 2001 what is the ratio of rural : its efforts to boost the sector. Which sector we areurban population? talking about?28:72 Tourism1886.In which year Bharat Nirman was launched? 1894.According to a report by global consultancy firm2005 Celent, mobile banking in India is expected to increase 10 times to cross the which mark by 2012?1887.Who is the chief economic advisor of India. (Thegovernment has recently extended his tenure by three 25 million (2.5 crore)months on a temporary basis. ) 1895.Recently Roshni Nadar, daughter of Shiv NadarArvind Virmani (Founder) has become the Executive Director and CEO, of which company taking charge from her father1888.Indias healthcare market is dominated by Private who remains Chairman?sector. What fraction of market is shared by the PrivateSector? HCL Corporation78% 1896.The induction of Mushkil Aasaan scheme in the union railway budget will involve? Mobile ticketing vansPage 90 of 120
  • 91. 1897.Tata Motors will introduce its small car Nano-- 1905.In the Budget 2009-10 how many marine vesselsconsidered the worlds cheapest--in which African sanctioned for the Customs Department to preventcountry within next 18 months before its planned movements of contraband goods across the countryslaunch in Europe? sea borders?Nigeria 1091898.Recently Investor and philanthropist Warren 1906.Which Microsoft-based technology was built toBuffett has donated his Berkshire Hathaway shares link desktop applications to the World Wide Web?worth $1.25 billion to the Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation Trust. What is the core business of ActiveXBerkshire Hathaway? 1907.What is the name of the digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical operations inInsurance computers?1899.What was Indias Forex reserves for the weekended June 26, 2009 ? Arithmetic Logic Unit 1908.What is the full form of ADSL ?$264.584 billion1900.In the recent Union Budget presented in the Lok Asymmetric Digital Subscriber LineSabha , total expenditure for fiscal 2009-10 is 1909.What is the difference between ADSL & SDSL?estimated at _______? Symmetrical DSL uploads and downloads data inRs 9,53,231 crore same speed, ADSL has different maximum data1901.How much amount has been allocated for transfer rates for uploading and downloadind data.National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme for the 1910.What is the full form of ANSI ?year 2009-10? American National Standard InstituteRs.30,100 crore 1911.Which key is used for checking grammar and1902.In the Union Budget the authorized capital of spelling?National Safai Karamchari Finance and DevelopmentCorporation was raised from Rs. 200 crore to F7_________? 1912.An Autoresponder is a_______on mail serverRs. 400 crore that automatically replies to e-mails.1903.How much amount has been allocated for Mid- programday Meals Scheme for the year 2009-10 in the Union 1913.DDL is used to define the structure of a database,Budget? including the tables, columns, and data types that itRs 8,000 crore contains. Its full form is ?1904.For the fiscal 2009-10, with Centres net tax Data Definition Language.revenue estimated at Rs 5,00,096 crore and Revenue 1914.A DSLAM is a device used by Internet Serviceexpenditure at Rs 8,48,085 crore. What fraction of the Providers (ISPs) to route incoming DSL connectionsGDP is revenue deficit & fiscal deficit respectively ? to the Internet. What is its correct full form ?Digital4% & 5.5 % Subscriber Line Access MultiplexerPage 91 of 120
  • 92. 1915.RUP Stands for "Rational Unified Process." RUP 1925.Suryavarman II in the early 12th century isis a software development process from Rational, a related to which ancient sites?division of _______? Angkor WatIBM 1926.The annual average rate of net plant production1916.Which defines web2.0 most precisely ? is highest in which of the following ecosystems?A Series of technological improvements in World Temperate ForestsWide Web 1927.Which comet is seen every 75-76 years?1917.Microsoft first introduced an operatingenvironment named Windows in which year? Halleys Comet 1928.Western Australia is characterized by1985 __________?1918.32 bit operations were introduced for the firsttime by Microsoft in ________? maximum coral reefs 1929.Which country is called "Sugar Bowl of world"?Windows 3.111919.A GUID is a 128-bit (16 byte) number used by Cubasoftware programs to uniquely identify the location of 1930.Which country is called "Land of the Cakes"?a data object. What is correct full form? ScotlandGlobally Unique Identifier 1931.Which country is the largest producer of1920.Which is responsible for allocating IP addresses Asbestos?and managing the domain name system.? RussiaInternet Corporation For Assigned Names andNumbers 1932.Which is the most abundant metal in the Earths crust,? `1921.Who is associated with the discovery of rings ofSaturn? AluminumGalileo 1933.Mushroom rocks, also called Rock pedestals, are one of the most striking manifestations of the1922.What is the length of day and night when the processes of ?rays from the Sun directly (vertically ) fall on equator? Wind ErosionDay and Night are equal 1934.A barchan is an example of ___________?1923.In India when there is summer season, what isthe season in Chilies? A DuneWinter 1935.Pebble transport by rivers, sand drift over desert surfaces, soil blowing over fields are examples of1924.Worlds largest temple is located in _______ ? which phenomena?Cambodia SaltationPage 92 of 120
  • 93. 1936.Highly Scientific development and management 1946.First Round Table Conference was held duringof pastoral farming is a feature of which country? November 1930 January 1931. Who was Viceroy of India at that time?Denmark & Holland Lord Irwin1937.The Khasi Hills are part of the Garo-Khasi rangein which state of North east India ? 1947.Which was a unit of Mughal Empire for the purpose of Administration and Revenue Collection?Meghalaya Subahs1938.The Alaknanda river meets the Dhauliganga riverat _____, the Nandakini river at______ ,the Pindar 1948.Out of Capital of Akbars Kingdom, Bulandriver at____ , the Mandakini river at _________ and Darwaja , Panch Mahal and Akbars Mausoleum ,finally the Bhagirathi river at _______to form the which are located at the same place?mainstem, the Ganges, major rivers of the India. Fill inthe blanks. Capital of Akbars Kingdom, Buland Darwaja , Panch MahalVishnuprayag, Nandprayag, Karnaprayag, 1950.There is no evidence of cultivation of whichRudraprayag, Devprayag, among the Barley , Sugarcane, Rice & Field pea at any1939.Brahmaputra River when it flows out of India of the sites of the Indus valley ?into Bangladesh is called as ________? Sugarcane OnlyJamuna River 1951.Evidence of a game which was very similar to1940.Which sites gives an evidence of maritime trade chess was found at which sites at Indus valleyin harappan era? civilization?Lothal Lothal1941. Fa-Hien who came to visit India during Gupta 1952.Bhogagamas were villages given by the Kings toPeriod had the main motive of ___________? his favorites in Pre Maurya Period particularly Purohitas (Priests) or some Setties (Big Merchants) forStudy the teachings of Gautam Buddha the purpose of __________?1942.Which is best example of Vijaynagar Art? EnjoymentHampi 1953.Gandhar art is a combination of ____________ ?1943.On February 20, 1947, The British Government Indian Style + Kushan Styledeclared its intention to quit India by __________? 1954.Satyagriha was started by Gandhi ji in 1919 toJune, 1948 protest against the _____________?1944.By which charter act , Financial allocation for Rowlett Acteducation was made for the first time? 1955.Dandi March was from the ____________?Charter Act 1813 Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi1945.Lord Wavell was the Viceroy of India at whichof the following events?Cabinet Mission PlanPage 93 of 120
  • 94. 1956.Gautamiputra Satakarni, the greatest of the 1964.The Western Union Company , a global leader inSatavahana rulers, had expanded the Satavahana money-transfer services, has recently announced theEmpire and gained considerable prosperity due to his launch of its Digital Vendor Program intended tohow many Aswamedha sacrifices? extend the reach and accessibility of Western Union Money Transfer(r) services to mobile financeTwo initiatives in?1957.Geet Govinda which is a work by Jaidev is in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asiawhich language? 1965.Lord Jagannath is related to which place?Sanskrit Puri1958.In 1818 Brahmo Samaj founder Rammohun Roywrote a dissertation on meaning and importance of __? 1966.For greater connectivity between the North Eastern states and Asean countries, Myanmar hasGayatri Mantra offered two alternative routes to India as per as an1959.Who had became a member of the Brahmo statement by Union Minister of Development of NorthSamaj in 1856 and founded his own breakaway Eastern Region (DoNER) B K Handique. Thease two"Brahmo Samaj of India" in 1866? routes are through which of the two North East States?Keshub Chunder Sen Manipur & Mizoram1960.What was used normally in the construction of 1967.Recently Botanical Survey of India (BSI)s wasRoya Houses during Mauryan period? renamed as _______?Wood Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden1961.Commonwealth countries should create a World 1968.Which state Govt has recently decided to levyKnowledge Platform for natural fibres, linking the Road Protection Tax, a new tax on vehicle owners tonational missions of their countries which will enable provide immediate relief to those sustain injuries andpeople working in the natural fibre area to share their families of those killed in road accidents?experiences. Who recently said this in the 9th Tamil NaduCommonwealth India Small Business CompetitivenessDevelopment Programme and Pan Commonwealth 1969.Sri Lanka has recently assured to implement theNatural Fibres Sills Development Programme, held at proposal which would be an advance on theBangalore? ___________ to the island nations Constitution designed to devolve considerable power to theDr A P J Abdul Kalam provinces.1962.Who has recently launched Indias first super car 13th Amendmentclub? 1970.Recently the Cabinet Committee on Economic(B)Gautam Singhania Affairs (CCEA) has approved a proposal costing Rs1963.India and which country recently held talks on 454.73 crore during 2007-2012 to strengthen Indianways to enhance bilateral economic ties and a Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) and its sub-Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement institutes. In which year IARI was established(CEPA) between the two countries which is in the originally ?final stage of negotiations?South Korea 1905Page 94 of 120
  • 95. 1971.As per the Economic survey 2008-09 released 1979.As per the Union Railway Budget 2009, howrecently , Economic growth decelerated in 2008-09 to stations have been identified for religious and tourism6.7 per cent. This represented a decline of ________ importance?from the average growth rate of 8.8 per cent in theprevious five years (2003-04 to 2007-08)? 49 1980.How many new non-stop AC Duronto trains,2.1 per cent which will connect all metros were announced in the1972.What was Rate of growth at factor cost at 1999- Railway Budget 2009 ?2000 prices (per cent) of Agriculture, forestry &fishing in 2008-09? 12 1981.What are the constituents of outer surface of1.6% Sun?1973.What was the growth in percentage of six coreindustries comprising crude oil, petroleum refinery Hydrogen 74% , Helium 24% and other elementsproducts, coal, electricity, cement and finished steel 2% by mass(carbon) in 2008-09? 1982.Sun often appears as yellow when seen from the surface of the Earth because of atmospheric scattering.2.9% What is the reason behind this?1974.What is Per capita GDP growth which broadlyreflects the improvement in the income of the average the preferential scattering of shorter wavelengthperson, grew by an estimated___________in 2008-09? light that removes enough violet and blue light 1983.On equator, the Sun shines _______?4.6%1975.As per the Union Railway Budget 2009, How twice in a yearmany Railway stations in India will be developed as 1984.We often read about third world in class stations? Which best describes third world ?50 The underdeveloped countries and developing1976.For Youth sector, Railway Minister Mamta countriesBanerjee announced AC Yuva Trains to be introduced 1985.How much time does a ray of light take whileat ______? reaching from Moon to Earth ?Rs. 299 and Rs. 399 1 second1977.In the Union Railway Budget 2009 , Izzat 1986.Uranus takes how much time to revolve aroundScheme. This includes? Sun?A Monthly ticket at Rs. 25 for people who earn less 84 yearsthan 1,500 per month for unorganized sector 1987.Which country has a flag with a pointed red1978.As per the Railway Budget how many stations to maple leaf?be developed as model railway stations? Canada375 1988.Which terms denote a vertical wall of water moving upstream in a river?tidal borePage 95 of 120
  • 96. 1989.King Abdul Asia International Airport is located 2001.Humayun Nama was written by which author?at __________? Gulbadan BeghumJeddah 2002.Which Rajput Rulers took the advantage of1990.Which is a best statement which gives a reason Growing weakness of the Mughal Empire after thethat Kalahari Desert is because of ? death of Aurangzeb ?it receives only land winds Sawai Jai Singh1991.Titan is the largest moon of _________? 2003.In the council of 8 Ministers of Shivaji which was called as Ashtapradhan , who was known as chiefSaturn Minister and was responsible for General1992.Triton is a moon of which planets? Administration?Neptune Peshwa1993.The two months which show the phenomenon of 2004.The Treaty of Purandar was signed on June 11,Equinox are ? 1665 between Mughals and Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Who represented Mughals in this treaty ?March & September Jai Singh I1994.Which among the following term denotes thetransport of some property of the atmosphere or ocean, 2005.Hazi Ibrahim Sarhindi is known to be a Persiansuch as heat, humidity or salinity? Writer during the reign of Akbar who translated the Sanskrit work in Persian?Advection Atharva Veda1995.The winds that blow from the subtropical highpressure belts towards the sub polar low pressure belts 2006.In the Indian History which period is called asare called as_________? "Golden Age of Architecture"?Westerlies Mughal Period1996.Gypsum, Chalk & Limestone are examples of _? 2007.Moti Masjid was built in Red Fort by which Mughal Emperor?Sedimentary Rocks Aurangazeb1997.Tugela is an example of __________? 2008.Ibaadat Khana which was constructed by Akbar atWaterfall fatehpur Sikri was basically for the purpose of ______?1998.Ob river flows in the region? Discuss matters related to all religionsAsia, Russia 2009.What was the main responsibility of Mir Bakshi during the Mughal Era?1999.What was the old name of Cape Kennedy ? military departmentCape Canaveral 2010.Who forbade the inscription of kalma on Coins?2000.Which country was earlier known as Formosa? AurangzebTaiwanPage 96 of 120
  • 97. 2011.For administrative conveniences Shershah 2019.Which place in Bihar is related to birth ofdivided the kingdom into divisions which were called Shershah Suri ?as Sarkars. Sarkars were further divided in parganas.What was the number of Sarkars? Sasaram 20.Fort of Allahabad was built by ________?472012.Which battles helped Shershah to establish Suri AkbarDynasty ? 2020.Article 36-51 of our constitution are related to?Battle of Chausa 1539 Directive principles2013.Who was the first Indian Ruler who could bring 2021.All union territories are under the President ofKabul and Kandhar under Indian Empire only after India. This comes under which powers of President ?Kushanas? Executive and Administrative PowersBabur 2022.A vice president is elected by members of2014.Jaimal & Patta were two gallant chiefs who were electoral collage consisting of the members ofleft for defense of Chittor Fort and the Rana sought __________?safety in Aravali Hills in 1567 when siege of ChittorFort was begin by Akbar. Who was Rana? Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha OnlyRana Udai Singh 2023.Which is Upper House?2015.In 1659 Aurangzeb defeated Dara and took the Rajya Sabhasecond coronation to be titled as _________? 2024.A bill becomes an act when __________?Aalamgir It is passed by the original house after making2016.Raja Todar Mal introduced standard weights and suggested amendments by the other house and themeasures, a land survey and settlement system, President given his / her assent to itrevenue districts and officers during Akbars reign. In 2025.Which amendment of the constitution is relatedwhose reign as a finance minister Raja Todarmal to reorganization of states on a linguistic basis?developed his expertise? Seventh Amendment 1956Shershah Suri 2026.The territories of Goa, Daman & Diu were2017.Shershah Suri introduced the coins made of incorporated in the Indian Constitution by which_____? amendment bill?Gold, Silver & Copper Twelfth Amendment 19622018.The ryotwari system which was instituted in 2027.In which state EVM machines were first used?some parts of British India, was one of the two mainsystems used to collect revenues from the cultivators Keralaof agricultural land. It was originally introducedby________? 2028.The maximum number of candidates an EVM machine can support is _______?Shershah Suri 64Page 97 of 120
  • 98. 2029.Which party of India has more or less the same 2038.Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by protozoansymbol as that of Republican Party of USA? parasites that belong to the genus Leishmania and is transmitted by the bite of certain speciesBahujan Samaj party of_________?2030.If a member absents himself from parliament for Sand Fly____days without permission of the house , his / herseat may be declared vacant? 2039.Out of Diphtheria, Whooping cough, Typhoid , Diarrhea & Malaria which is not caused by bacteria?60 days Malaria2031.A government has to resign if the no confidencemotion is passed in __________? 2040.The 2009 flu pandemic is a global outbreak of a new strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 which isOnly Lok Sabha a mutation of four known virus strains of influenza A2032.Normally there are how many sessions of the virus subtype H1N1. This disease typically spreads byparliament ? ___________?3(Budget,Monsoon,&Winter) from coughs and sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the nose2033.What is the minimum number of the judges to or mouthdecide an issue involving the interpretation of theconstitution or any presidential reference? 2041.Sickle cell anemia. Albinism. Color blindness, phenylketonuria, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner5 syndrome & Down syndrome are mainly grouped as ?2034.In 2006, it was reported that doctors are finding Congenital Diseasesmore and more people, who are having both type 1 &type 2 diabetes. What is the new term coined for this 2042.Schizophrenia is an example of _________?threat? Mental IllnessBoth of Them2035.When the bodys immune system cells destroy 2043.Hepatitis A which is the most common cause ofthe insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas is jaundice in young people is an infection of liver bytermed as ________? ________?Type 1 diabetes Virus2036.A person develops resistance to the action of 2044.Poliomyelitis known as Polio is caused by aninsulin in the bodys cells , it is called as___________? enterovirus which causes paralysis of muscles. ThisType 2 Diabetes virus has a particular affinity to ______?2037.Athletes Foot or Tinia Pedis is caused by? Nerve Cells of Spinal Cord Fungi 2045.The WHO has declared the world free of which disease? Small PoxPage 98 of 120
  • 99. 2046.Meningitis is a disease which is characterized by 2055.India has an extensive road network of 3.3inflammation of meninges , the covering that lie over million kms . What is Indias rank in the world in Roadthe brain and spinal chord is caused by _______ ? Network ? Second(First is United Statess)Bacteria 2056.Which is the highest body that approves a Five year Plan?2047.Which disease is called by Yersinia pestis? National Development CouncilPlague 2057.What is the total number of annual plans that2048.Dengue which is found in tropical and have been instituted in between the Five year plans insubtropical regions around the world is a mosquito India?borne disease and caused by a _________? 4Virus 2058.Under which five year plan, did the agriculture of2049.Enterobius vermicularis which affect the caecum India register a negative growth?and vermiform appendix is commonly called as ? Third Planpinworm 2059.The TAMP is a body which regulates the ceiling2050.Polycythaemia is a disease related to _______? for tariffs charged by major ports / ports operators .Red Blood Cells What is the full form of TAMP ?2051.Gout which is usually followed / accompanied by Tariff Authority for Major Portsarthritis are characterized by high levels of uric acid in 2060.Dr. RK Hazari Committee was related to whichthe blood and uric acid crystals become lodged in the segments ?joints. It is a ________? Industrial LicensingMetabolic Disorder 2061.On the basis of recommendations of Raghavan2052.Down syndrome, Downs syndrome, or trisomy Committee , the Government of India has enacted The21 is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence Competition Act in year ?of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. What isother name of Down Syndrome? 2003Mongolism 2062.To facilitate the promotion & development of Micro, small and medium enterprises and2053.Diabetes insipidus (DI) caused by a deficiency of enhancement of their competition The Govt. of Indiaarginine vasopressin (AVP), also known as antidiuretic has enacted the Micro, Small and medium Enterpriseshormone (ADH). This hormone is secreted by which Development (MSED) Act in which year ?endocrine gland? 2006Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis) 2063.Which committee in its recommendation2054.Which five year plan of India is called "Industry mentioned that SEBI should not become a controllingand Transport" plan? authority substituting the CCI but should function as aSecond Five year Plan market regulator? Raghvan CommitteePage 99 of 120
  • 100. 2064.Variable Reserve rates and Open market 2075.Recently we read in the news papers that " TheOperations are the instruments of __________ ? investment aims, which will be carried out in next 3 to 4 years, aims at enhancement of oil and gas output at(B)Monetary Policy the ONGC’s Mumbai High fields situated on India’s2065.In which year " India Brand Equity Fund" was western offshore." What is the amount of investmentestablished? that is ONGC Planning to invest in project to redevelop Mumbai High fields?1996 Rs. 9000 Crore2066.The largest share in National Income of Indiabelongs to ? 2076.In April 2009 , Assocham called for creation of Infrastructure Financing Fund to better finance suchService Sector projects both at Central and State levels. What was the size of this Fund as per Assochems suggestion? 90 Million Dollar2067.As per the new SEBI norms, the overall timelineto complete a rights issue has been reduced from the 2077.The Reserve Bank said in April 2009 that it willpresent 109 days ______? shortly issue new currency notes in denominations of Rs 5, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. What is the43 days single change in these new notes?2068.Nirmal Gram Puraskar is associated with which change in the inset letterof the following? 2078.In May 2009 , Ten Asian countries plus China,Rural Drinking Water Japan and South Korea agreed to set up an emergency2069.The first Gharib Rath bound from currency pool to boost liquidity and help the region_______to_________ ? overcome the global crisis. What is the size of this Fund?Saharsa, Amritsar 120-billion-dollar2070.Which is the first fully literate district outsideKerala? 2079.The government has initiated action to introduce a new Consumer Price Index by August 2010. TheBurdwan, West Bengal new Consumer Price Index would be available with how many new subsections?2071.Indravati Hydro Electric Project belongs towhich state?Orissa 4 subsections viz. national, rural, urban & State2072.Deepak Parekh Committee is related to which of 2080.Five leading government banks, led by Statethe following ? Bank of India (SBI), will open 15,300 ATMs to facilitate retail customers, for whom the service hasInfrastructure Financing become free from April 1 this year. How many ATMs2073.In April 2009, the IMF approved a credit line of will SBI open ?$47 billion in the first use of a new instrument 13400designed to bolster strong performing economiesagainst fallout from the current global economic crisis 2081.After opening 13400 new ATMs what will be thefor which country?Mexico total number of SBI ATMs on Pan India Basis ?25000Page 100 of 120
  • 101. 2082.The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) 2089.The G8 summit will be held in which country ?is an intergovernmental mutual-security organizationwhich was founded in 2001 by the leaders of Italy________? 2090.The US-India Business Council (USIBC) whose "Synergies Summit was held recently at WashingtonChina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, said that Shailesh Rao has been appointed on its BoardTajikistan, and Uzbekistan of Directors. Mr. Rao is related to which organization?2083.A Soyuz-2 carrier rocket, which was launched inMay 2009 from the Plesetsk space center in north Google IndiaRussia, has put an advanced a military satellite into 2091.Among Norway, Sweden. Finland. Russia,orbit. What is its name? Canada & Latvia, Which is the country the Arctic Circle does not pass through?Meridian 22084.Who has been appointed as CEO of Mahindra LatviaSatyam?C P Gurnani 2092.Which line marks the boundary of the zone2085.The stock markets in Brazil, China, India, and where the Sun never sets during June solstice andRussia experienced the biggest declines in 2008," the never rises during December Solstice?World Bank said in its recent report titled Global Arctic CircleDevelopment Finance 2009: Charting a GlobalRecovery. The worst performance was of ? 2093.Haematite & Magnetite are ______?Russia Iron Ores2086.Following the signing in May 2009 of a 2094.In Polar Tundra regions , which animal is used toMemorandum of Co-operation between IFC and G- get fur by nomadic Eskimos?Nexid, IFC and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi will Caribouprovide a joint trade financing line to the EXIM bankof India to help support export-focussed SME (Small 2095.Among Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orrisa && Medium Enterprises) .What is the amount? Chhattisgarh , through which state the "Subarnrekha" river does not flow?$ 60 Million Chhattisgarh2087.Which international Financing agency will give$50 million loan to healthcare major Apollo Hospitals 2096.Out of the delta mouths of Ganga, Narmada,for providing high quality services to smaller cities Subarnrekha & Krishna, which contain mangroves inacross the country. abundance?International Finance Corporation (IFC) Ganga & Subarnrekha2088.On June 24, 2009 , the second-largest motorcycle 2097.Which country has the same time as of Newmanufacturer in the country, Bajaj Auto, has unveiled Delhi ?the second generation or version 2.0 of the DTS Siengine, which as per Bajaj is the most fuel efficient Colomboengine. What is full form of DTS-Si 2098.What is the correct decreasing order of sizes ofDigital Twin Spark Swirl Induction different soil sizes of Sand, Gravel, Clay & Silt? Gravel, Sand. Silt, Clay Page 101 of 120
  • 102. 2099.Which is odd man out among Coal. Crude Oil, 2111.Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (sky) these areNatural Gas, & Solar Energy ? the panchtatvas (5 elements) and when they combine they give rise to new objects. This is a principle ofSolar Energy which of the Vedic philosophies?2100.Pastoral Farming is usually related to ________? VaisheshikaGrazing for livestock 2112.Which Mahajanpada was located on the junction2101.The largest producer of rubber is_________ ? of two famous ancient Indian Trade routes - Uttarpatha and Dakshinpatha?Malaysia Surasena2102.Savannas are __________ 2113.In which modern State, most of the 24 TirthankarTropical Grasslands of Africa of Jainism attained nirvana?2103.Which has highest velocity wind ? BiharTornado 2114.King Prasenjita was a contemporary and friend of Lord Buddha. He was a king of ________?2104.Waterspout is a ___________? KosalTornado 2115.Which gives an account of the declining phase of2105.Sudan is an example of which types of climates? Moryan Rule?Tropical Continental Malvikagnimitra of Kalidasa2106.On which dates Autumnal Equinox occurs? 2116.In which works is mentioned the conspiracySeptember 23 hatched by Pushyamitra Shunga to eliminate the last Mauryan King Brihadratha?2107.North Temperate Zone falls between_________? Harshacharita of BaanbhattaNorth Frigid Zone & South Temperate Zone 2117.Which was main item of revenue during Maurya Period?2108."Gayatri Mantra" has been mentioned in whichof the Vedas? Bhaga(B)Rigveda 2118.After kalinga war Ashoka abandoned the policy of Bherighosha and adopted the policy of2109.Which veda has been described as "Braham Dhammaghosha. What were the terms used for theseVeda"? two policies?Atharvaveda Physical Acquisition & Cultural Acquisition2110.Which system in the Vedic Age has provided for 2119.The railings of the Sanchi Stupa were madea marriage of a childless widow with the brother of during ?blood relation of her deceased husband for the sake ofprogeny ? Sunga PeriodNiyoga Page 102 of 120
  • 103. 2120.Gautami Putra Satkarni was a famous 2131.Which term denotes the internal reaction force________King? per unit area developed as a result of applied external force ?StressSatvahana 2132.What defines cohesive force?2121.Kharvela who constructed caves in the Udaigrifor jain Monks was a ruler belonging to which dynasty the force of attraction acting between the molecules? of same materialCheti 2133.The ideal fluid which is a hypothetical fluid should contain _______?2122.Milinda-Panho is a pali text which recorddiscussion between Milinda and Nagsena. Milinda was Zero Viscosity & Zero Compressibilitya ________? 2134.A molecule is a smallest part of matter whichIndo Greek Ruler possesses all properties of original matter. A molecule is electrically _________?2123.Which term described the Chief Justice in theGupta Age? neutralMahadandanayak 2135.Which principle is used by Bats?2124.Which group includes the works of Kalidasa? SONAR (Sound Navigation & Ranging)Raghuvansa, Ritusamhara , Meghduta , 2136.When light from some sources enters to theMalvikagnimitra, bhigyanshakuntalam, earths atmosphere, it gets scattered. Which is a reasonVikramorvashiyam behind scattering?2125.The Royal seal of Guptas bore the emblem of dust, smoke and gas molecules_________? 2137.Which is right full form of LASER?Garuda (Eagle) Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of2126.Devichandraguptam was a work of _________? RadiationVishakhadatta 2138.Which is a property of Insulator?2127.Which defines gravitational mass? The electrons of the outer orbits are tightly bound to the nucleus and can not flow through themRatio of weight of a body and acceleration due togravity 2139.Equal volumes of all gases contain equal number of molecules under similar conditions of temperature2128.What is a power of a normal person? and pressure. Which law says this ?0.05-0.10 HP Avogadros Law2129.The value of acceleration due to gravity is ____? 2140.The focal length of a concave lens is ______?minimum at equator and maximum at poles negative2130.What is the mean value of g at earths surface? 2141.In which cells chemical process is reversible ?9.8 meter per second square Lead Acid batteryPage 103 of 120
  • 104. 2142.Ohm is a unit of measuring _________? 2153.Which organizations is the apex body in cooperative sector and deals in procurement ,resistance distribution, export and import of selected agricultural2143.The commodity market in India is regulated by commodities?which agency? NAFEDForward Market Commission 2154.Which was Indias first Transgenic Crop?2144.Where are the headquarters of Forward Market Bt CottonCommission? 2155.Which is a major issue raised by India and someMumbai countries regarding the agriculture?2145.At present how many exchanges are Subsidyrecognized/registered for forward/ futures trading incommodities in India? 2156."Sanjeevan is an insurance scheme launched by __________?22 SBI Life2146.Recently MCX and NCDEX have been permittedto relaunch futures trading in __________? 2157.Which bank in India enjoys the largest banking franchise ?Wheat SBI2147.Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act was enactedin which year ? 2158.SBI Life Insurance company is a joint venture between SBI and1952 BNP Paribas2148.In the Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana (AABY), whichwas started from 2nd October 2007,provides insurance 2159.Which is youngest chronologically ?on natural death, death by accident and permanentdisability respectively of ? Industrial Finance Corporation of India 2160.Which single largest shareholder in SmallRs. 30000, 75000, 75000 Industries Development Bank of India?2149.Which was work of Dada Bhai Naoroji ? IDBIPoverty and Un British Rule in India 2161.The Straits Times belongs to which country?2150.During which plan Durgapur, Bhilai & Rourkelaplants were set up ? Singapore 2162.The capitals of Libya, Ghana & Kenya areSecond Plan respectively_________?2151.On what date FERA was replaced by FEMA? Tripoli, Accra & NairobiJune 1, 2000 2163.Which types of clouds are associated with2152.Between the Assassinations is a book written by? structure resembling the piles of "Cauliflower"?Arvind Adiga CumulusPage 104 of 120
  • 105. 2164.Which country is often called as crossroads of 2175.Sundarbans in India is a fine example of whichCentral Asia? kind of forests?Afghanistan Tidal Forests2165.Ngultrum is a currency of which county? 2176.India has worlds largest reserves of _________?Bhutan Iron2166.What is the distance between consecutive 2177.Which country in South Asia is most denselylongitudes at poles? populated?0 kms Maldives2167.During which events the distance and earth is 2178.What is Indias Rank in Milk Production?maximum? FirstAphelion 2179.Among Hyderabad. Bhopal , Lucknow and2168.What is distance covered by Earth during its Bangalore which city is located most eastward?revolution around Sun? Lucknow29.7 km / sec 2180.Among Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala &2169.What is the distance of the Earths annual circuit Tamilnadu which two states share their boundariesaround the Sun? with equal number of states?966 million Kms Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka2170.3214 kms is a length in India _________? 2181.Padish-nama gives detail about the times of which Mughal Emperor?From North to South Shah Jahan2171.Which soil is rich in minerals? 2182.When it was 1958 What was Vikram Samvat?Black Soil 20162172.Which soils has formed by the weathering ofancient metamorphic and crystalline rocks and is rich 2183. Who was the first women to receive the Nobelin Iron content ? Prize for literature? Grazia DeleddaRed Soil 2184.Hamim Humam who was a chief of Royal2173.What is the source of Brahamputra River? School (Pathshala) was a courtier of ?Mansarovar lake in Tibet Akbar2174.In the Deccan system of rivers in India which is 2184.Which Mughal Emperors put a ban on killing ofthe largest river system? animals in certain days?Godavari Akbar 2185.Ustad Isa is related to the design and architecture of which Buildings in Mughal Era? Taj Mahal Page 105 of 120
  • 106. 2186."Sur Sagar " was written in the times of which of 2196.Akbar failed to completely subjugate in whichthe Mughal emperors? region ?Akbar Mewar2187.The founder of Mughal Empire Babur was a __? 2197.Battle of Chausa was fought between ?Timur from paternal line and Mongol from Humayun and Sherkhanmaternal Line 2198.During the reign of which emperors maximum2188.Jujhar Singh who was a Bundela Chief had number of books on classical music were written ?revolted against ? AurangzebShahjahan 2199.Padmavat is a work of Malik Muhammad jaisi2189.In whose times the Mughal Empire reached its who completed his work during the era of ________?territorial climax ? Sher ShahAurangazeb 2200. Who is the present Governor of RBI?2190.Akbar had adopted the Ray system of revenue Y.V. Reddyassessment which he had abolished later on . Who hadintroduced the ray system ? 2201. K Malleswari, the lone medal winner for India in the millennium Olympics, and the first woman fromAla ud din Khilji India to ever win a medal, is employed at which Central Government Corporation?2191.Which term precisely defines the loans given tofarmers for seeds , implements etc. in the Mughal era? Food Corporation of IndiaTaccavi 2202. First there was Bridgestone, and then Mitsubishi; what giant automaker of Japan was2192.Faujdar and Amagujar were the chief operators embroiled, recently, in a quality-related (again!)of the Sarkar (Government ) in Mughal Era. controversy?Amalgujar was related to which operations? ToyotaRevenue 2203. The Times of India launched its latest edition2193."Abdun Nabi was a chief kazi who was accused in which city?of corruption and venality" . We are talking about thetimes of which Emperor? HyderabadAkbar 2204. Which famous fashion accessories House first started as leather goods shop in Florence in 1921?2194.Indias Koh-i-noor diamond and Peacock Thronewas looted by Nadir Shah , the ruler of Persia who Guccidefeated the Mughal Army at Karnal in which year ? 2205. Uncle Pai is associated with which once1739 roaringly successful publishers of children?s literature?2195. Which Mughal emperors of India prohibitedsmoking? JahanagirPage 106 of 120
  • 107. 2216. Which famous TV personality owns a film 2206. Which international airline uses the sloganproduction company called Harpo Films? Look hard at "Smooth As Silk" in its advertisements?the name, may be you can decipher the answer. ThaiYuva Raja 2207. Which TV programme currently aired in India,2217. The person next-in-command to the CEO is is sponsored by a) Colgate b) Bajaj c) Dettol and d)often referred to as the ?Upper Roger?. From what LG?Indian (Sanskrit) word does this phrase come? Kaun Banega CrorepatiOprah Winfrey 2208. Who are the makers of the soft contact lens2218. Aero planes of which airline sported Meera "Accuvue"?Mehta?s "Paithan Sari Motif" on their tails forsometime? Johnson & Johnson British Airways 2209. Named "Manager of the Century" by the business magazine ?Fortune?, he was recently in2219. Who or what is a MAMBA? India? Who is he?Middle Aged Middlebrow Achiever Jack Welch2220. Under what brand name is the compound 2210. The "Three Golden Balls" is the traditional"sidenafil citrate? sold by the pharma company, symbol of which class of businessmen, especially inPfizer? Europe?Viagra Pawnbrokers2221. What ?social expression? company (if I may 2211. Which is the largest ?unlisted? company incoin a phrase) was started by the 18 year old Joyce India in terms of turnover?Hall in 1910? Maruti UdyogHallmark 2212. What watchmaker sells an environment-2222. Which is the biggest toy retail chain in the friendly brand of watches called "Eco Drive"?world? CitizenToys R US 2213. The useful thumb rule in Economics, "Bad2223. Here?s a Dot-buster: Which award-winning money drives out the good" goes by what name?net-based furniture selling company, despite beingbacked by, filed for bankruptcy, Greshams Lawrecently? 2214. What is film Production Company owned byLiving.Com the Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman?2224. What is the name given to software developed Punch Productionsexclusively for use by infants and toddlers? 2215. What famous place in New York gets its nameLapware from the original location of a stockade built by the Dutch in 1653 to keep out the attacking English colonists and Red Indians? Wall StreetPage 107 of 120
  • 108. 2225. He appears in a series of books which made 2234. What major currency is known aspublishing history, and he is the most famous pupil of ?Greenbacks? in slang?the "Hogwart?s Witchcraft School". Who is thisfictional character? US DollarsHarry Potter 2235. Who is the only Asian to be included in Sunday Times list of "The Wealthiest 200 in Britain2226. To which fashion house did the minister since 1066"?Maneka Gandhi address her remark, "The skin of thepython is no less precious to the snake than fur is to L. N. Mittalthe fox"? 2236. R Gopalan who is basking in the limelight forCalvin Klein his role as the official emissary in the Raj Kumar Kidnapping case, is the editor of which Tamil2227. The ?Calatrava Cross? is the emblem of which Magazine?coveted brand of Swiss watch? NakkheeranPatek Phillippe 2237. What we know as Maruti Zen was launched2228. What famous sports goods company did Phil worldwide by Suzuki in the 90?s under what name?Knight and Bill Boweman launch in 1964? AltoNike 2238. Zee Movies is contemplating a co-branding2229. Which Indian textile brand proudly proclaims exercise in collaboration with which major Hollywood"Since 1925"in its advertisements? Film studio?Raymond’s MGM2230. Which famous hospital chain of India sells an 2239. Ashok H Advani is the publisher of whichaccident insurance cover called "Dost?? business magazine?Apollo Business India2231. What product is associated with the Colombian 2240. Lord Raj Kumar Bagri is the first non-Britonmascot "Juan Valdez"? Chairman of what mercantile organizationCoffee London Metal Exchange2232. Which newspaper baron started his career by 2241. You?ve heard of BSA motorcycles and surelylaunching the "Adelaide Herald" when he was just 23 seen BSA bicycles on Indian roads. What does BSAyears old? stand for?Rupert Murdoch Birmingham Small Arms2233. The Hollywood horror flick "Crocodile 2 2242. What brand of Firestone tyres is creating anDeath Roll" was recently shot in which film studio in uproar in the USA, for causing many fatalities on theIndia? highway because of a manufacturing defect?Ramoji Film City Wilderness Page 108 of 120
  • 109. 2243. What pharma company markets the Ayurvedic 2252. The Striding Man is the logo of which bestConcepts range of health products? selling brand of scotch whiskey?Himalaya Drugs Company Johnny Walker2244. What Hyderabad based company has been 2253. In his recent visit to New Delhi, in which 5 starcontracted by Cantor Index plc to supply giant- sized, Hotel did Bill Gates stay?inflatable images of the latest contenders to AmericanPresidency-Bush and Gore? Maurya SheratonUnique Inflatables 2254. What automobile, still seen on the roads with minor variations, did Ferdinand Porsche develop under2245. What internationally famous sports apparel the behest of Adolf Hitler?company was started in the 1930s by a championtennis-player of France? VolkswaggenLacoste 2255. Mumbai-born Fareed Zackaria has been appointed the editor of which international2246. Prime Minister AB Vajpayee under went knee newsmagazine?surgery in which Mumbai hospital? NewsweekBreach Candy 2256. Which textile company of India is head2247. According to BBCs Moneytalk which quartered at "Neville House"?German brand is ranked No. 1 amongst car audioproducts? Bombay DyeingBlaupunkt 2257. What useful and innovative computer accessory did Douglas Engelbert invent in 1968?2248. Who was chosen to be the first and onlyrecipient in India of the choicest, limited edition The Mousechampagne Espirit du Siecle? 2258. At long last the Department ofPrannoy Roy Telecommunications (DoT, for short) has been transformed in to a corporation. What is its name in its2249. Which Hollywood star and brand ambassador new avatar?of Omega watches was recently in India to meet theDalai Lama? Bharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedPierce Brosnan 2259. What ingredient of chewing gum comes from the South American sapodilla tree?2250. What tourist attraction in London, designed bySir Richard Rogers especially for the millennium, is in Chiclegrave financial crisis because of its failure to attractenough visitors? 2260. Which Indian confectioneries brand and Times Warner are involved in a legal wrangle over theMillennium Dome Bunny logo?2251. OM Gruppen of Sweden is in the news for Nutrinewanting to takeover of all things which European stockexchange? London Stock ExchangePage 109 of 120
  • 110. 2261. Arun Bajorias takeover threat was targeted at 2271. Carlos Ghosn, living up to his sobriquet of Lewhich company? Cost-Killer, is putting which ailing Japanese carmaker on the road to recovery?Bombay Dyeing Nissan Motors2262. Which Bank has launched the "IndiaMillennium Deposits" to mobilize resources of NRI?s? 2272. In the mesmerically popular TV Game show ?Kaun Banega Crorepati?, the prize money is issuedState Bank Of India on the cheques of which bank?2263. The quality enforcing technique of Six Sigma ICICI Bankwas first introduced by which American company? 2273. What redoubtable Swiss watchmaker markets aMotorola range of metal-cased watches under a clever and ironic name of "Irony"?2264. Which airline uses the slogan "Be Good toYourself" in its ads? SwatchThe Emirates 2274. In the world of Food and Agriculture what does the acronym GM stand for?2265. What is the expensive delicacy obtained fromthe fish sturgeon especially found in the Caspian Sea? Genitically ModifiedCaviar 2275. The indigenously produced Hepatitis b vaccine called Shanvac B, which is giving the multinationals a2266. What is the name of the new generation fuel run for their money, is produced by which company?cell car recently developed by GM? Shantha BiotechnicsHydrogen 2276. Sierra Leone is now always in the news for the2267. Which large chaebol, now in dire straits, was bloody civil war which is raging there. Otherwise itstarted by five friends in 1979 to manufacture and was known for its highly lucrative export trade inexport garments? which mineral?Daewoo Diamonds2268. Which Dutch brewery is ranked as the biggest 2277. What wireless technology, which has almostproducer of beer in Europe? become a buzzword, is named after an ancient Viking chief?Heinneken Bluetooth2269. What prized and exclusive cars aremanufactured in Malvern Link, North west of London? 2278. What is the new name of the TV channel TNT, after its recent rechristening?Morgan TCM2270. In collaboration which Bollywood star isEmami proposing to launch a range of Ayurvedic 2279. Sumantra Ghoshal has been appointed thepersonal care products? founding Dean of which fledgling Business School?Madhuri Dixit Indian School Of Business, HyderabadPage 110 of 120
  • 111. 2280. Unit Trusts recent intention of terminating 2290. What is the name of the alliance formed bywhat scheme has caused public outcry and a lot of airlines such as Delta, Air France, Aero Mexico andlitigation? Korean Air?Rajyalakshmi Sky Team2281. Which mobile phone manufacturer is 2291. Which Budapest-born American CEOspopularizing mobile-telephone etiquette with its biography is entitled "Swimming Across"?mobile manners campaign? Andy GroveNokia 2292. Who is the person of Indian origin who was2282. Which Indian TV channel owned the hailed by the online magazine Valley Talk as "thetransmission rights for the 50th Miss World contest most successful Venture Capitalist of all time"?held in the Millennium Dome in London? Vinod KhoslaZee 2293. Consequent upon a long drawn out family feud,2283. Bajaj auto is setting up a two wheeler assembly what is the new name assumed by Andersenline in which South American country? Consulting?Brazil Accenture2284. Merino, one of the finest types of wool, is 2294. Italys Monte Paschi di Seine, established inassociated with which country? 1472, has the distinction of being the oldest of its kind. What is it?Australia Bank2285. In the heyday of nationalization, which PSUemerged from the amalgamation of ESSO and Caltex? 2295. Which advertising legend is supposed to have advised, "If you have nothing to say, sing it!"Hindustan Petroleum David Ogilvy2286. What biscuit in McVitties range was originallydeveloped by Sir Alexander Grant in the 1890s? 2296. Hans Wilsdorf, a German who set up his business in Switzerland, and later moved to LondonDigestive became the founder of which famous brand of watches?2287. In the world of TV transmission technology,what does the much-talked about acronym DTH stand Rolexfor? 2297. Touted as one of the most useful inventions ofDirect To Home this century, it was invented by George Mestral after he noticed burr sticking to his clothes on his return2288. With what product would you associate the from a walk in the woods. What is it?well-known designs such as American Tank andTank Francaise? VelcroWatches 2298. What is the highest scoring partnership in cricket, which became a world famous brand of2289. Which Indian packaging company has taken cigarettes? 555over a firm called Propack in China? EsselPage 111 of 120
  • 112. 2299. What internationally famous brand of shoes is 2308. What is the internationally known brand of ice- named whimsically after a rural American dish made cream co- promoted by an ex-hippie named Ben from corn, fed to pet dogs? Cohen? Hush Puppies Ben & Jerry 2300. "Beeps" and "Peeps were the experimental 2309. In what make of car did the couple from prototypes of what legendary hard terrain vehicle? Calcutta, M.S. Choudhary and his wife Neena, achieve the record for first circumnavigation of the world? Jeep Contessa Classic 2301. Tidel Park, yet another of those prestigious complexes housing software firms, is associated with 2310. What international brand of cigarette is named which city? after a ritzy street in London? Chennai Pall Mall 2302. What invention was called the Lovers 2311. Which is the biggest Petroleum Company in Telegraph" when first exhibited in Philadelphia, 1876? the world? Telephone Shell 2303. What now universally popular food item was 2312. Nazomi 503, is the fastest of its kind in the called "Food of the Gods", by Linnaeus the eminent world. What is it? naturalist of the nineteenth century? Train Chocolate 2313. Dhunji Rana was the model for what enduring 2304. Which aircraft manufactures the A3XX and macho icon in Indian advertising? superjumbo, slated to be the biggest civilian aircraft? Zodiac Man Airbus Industry 2314. Who is the hotshot executive of Indian origin 2305. What international brand of shirts, marketed in with PepsiCo, who appears in the Fortunes list of 50 India too, is observing 150 years of existence? most powerful women in corporate America? Arrow Indra Nooyi 2306. The Dynatac made in the1970s was the first of 2315. What is the prized sports drink in the Quaker its kind. What is this product which became extremely Oats portfolio which makes merger with it so visible in India only in the mid 90s? desirable to suitors like Coke, Pepsi or Danone? Mobile (Cell) Phone Gatorade 2307. What was the epoch-making book written in 2316. What is the Danish Electronics Company the 60s by Rachel Carson, which awakened the world famed for producing haute couture stuff in areas like to the dangers of environmental pollution but incurred Stereos, Televisions and Telephones? the wrath of industrial giants like Dupont? Bang & Oluffsan The Silent SpringPage 112 of 120
  • 113. 2317. With which Management Guru of Indian 2327. What car being sold in India celebrated its firstOrigin would you most associate the phrase "Core birthday recently with a birthday song sung especiallyCompetence"? for it by Shankar (Breathless) Mahadevan?C. K. Prahlad Ford Ikon2318. What is the popular (though not available in 2328. What hard liquor traditionally made fromIndia) low calorie soft drink produced by Coca Cola, potatoes, literally means Little Water in the nativehaving a three letter name? tongue?Tab Vodka2319. What expensive and legendary brand of cars is 2329. What French sports fashion house has begun tosupposedly named after the founder of Dertroit - the sell India inspired knitwear kurta-pajamascar manufacturing capital of the world? successfully?Cadillac Lacoste2320. Which company started by Jim Clark has its 2330. What large India retail chain proudly describesheadquarters at Mountain View? itself as The Family Store in its advertisements?Netscape Pantaloons2321. What is name of the range of bestselling digital 2331. Everyone has heard of the catchphrase "Intelcameras manufactured by Sony? Inside". But who authored a book entitled "Inside Intel"?Mavica Tim Jackson2322. In UK, what brand of beer is most preferred asan accompaniment to India food? 2332. What brand of cold cream, also available in India, derives its name from a latin word meaningCobra snow white?2323. What potent liquor, also known a the Green NiveaFairy, is extracted from wormwood? 2333. In Mumbais underworld slang the word kavvaAbsinthe refers to what handy communication device?2324. What invention, in its early years, was Cellular Phonedescribed as the horse that never says nay? 2334. With what cigarette brand (now gone up inBicycle smoke, Im afraid), would you associate the once ubiquitous slogan "For Men of Action-- Satisfaction"?2325. Back to acronyms. What does the first threeletters of Sun Microsystems stand for? ScissorsStanford University Network 2335. What do you call the style of selling where the bid price goes down progressively until the deal is2326. A Navigator could mean many things. But a closed?company has launched a toothbrush called Navigator.Which company are we talking about?Colgate Dutch AuctionPage 113 of 120
  • 114. 2336. "Kabhi Dekha Hai Aisa TV? Big Picture! Big 2346. The Human Genome Project has been in theSound! Onida". Which ad agency created this award news because government agencies and private sectorwinning advertisement? companies have been racing to become the first to decipher the human genome. Name the private sectorOglivy and Mather (O&M) company which was in this race?2337. Which company has the advertising punchline, Celera Genomics"The Power To Create"? 2347. For which electronics brand does Rahul DravidEpson model?2338. The movies Mohabbatein, Raju Chacha and ThomsonMission Kashmir had breath-taking special effects.Name the company that created these effects. 2348. CEAT - This tyre company gives cricket ratings. To which group does this company belong?Western Outdoor RPG Enterprises2339. Which company makes Ujala? 2351. When was the first underground railwayJyothi Labs (Metro Railway) started? 19842340. If you cant beat them, join them. Which clock 2352. Shatabdi Express train was started incompany has decided to shift base to China so that it 1988remains competitive? 2353. At which places Diesel Component Works is established?Ajanta Quartz Patiala 2354. Which Zone is the largest in Indian Railways?2341. An Indian businessman has been named among Eastern RailwayBusinessweeks top entrepreneurs for 2000. Name him. 2355. The railway station situated in the extremeSunil Mittal (Bharti Telecom) south is Kanyakumari2342. The beautiful Ekta Kapoor, daughter of film 2356. A platform surrounded by rail lines from allstar Jeetendra, is a highly successful producer of the four sides, is calledtelevision serials. Name her company. island platform 2357. When was the nationalization of IndianBalaji Telefilms Railways done? 19502343. We all know what bulls and bears do. What 2358. In which year Research, Design and Standardwould sheep do in the stock market? organization was established? 1957Follow The Leader 2359. Railway Staff College is situated at Vadodara2344. Which media group (you have to name the 2360. Where is the Research, Design and Standardcompany, not the newspaper) has launched Indias first Organisation situated?electronic newspaper, or e-paper? Lucknow 2361. In which hill range is Kodai Kanal located?Living Media India Ltd Palni Hills2345. Nescafe has two coffee brands. One is NescafeClassic and the other is? SunrisePage 114 of 120
  • 115. 2362. The headquarters of South Railways is situated 2377. Between which of the destinations the first at Indian train was started? Chennai From Mumbai to Thane2363. In which institution the training of electric work is being given? 2378. When was the first train in Indian started?Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering 18532364. Who invented the railway engine?George Stephenson 2379. In which Governor-Generals reign railway2365. Where is the Indian Railways Institute of lines in India was established? Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Inst Lord Dalhousiesituated?Jamalpur 2380. A station where the rail lines end, is called2366. Metro Railway is functioning in which Indian terminal station States?West Bengal 2381. How much distance was traveled by first train2367. The zone with the minimum length is of India?North-Eastern Frontier Railway 34 km2368. Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering Institute situated? 2382. What is the position of the Indian Railway inPune the world according to the length of rail lines? Fourth2369. How many training institutions of Railways are in India? 2383. What is the length of North-Eastern FrontierFive Railway (NEFR)?2370. What is the position of the Indian Railway 3700 Km under the zonal system?Second 2384. The headquarters of North-Eastern railway is situated at2371. Which of the gauges is used in the hilly areas? GorakhpurNarrow gauge 2385. When was the North-Eastern frontier Railway2372. Where is the extreme north of India a railway (NEFR) established? station?Jammutavi 15th Jan, 19582373. How many institutions do give suggestions for 2386. The headquarters of North -Eastern Frontier railways technology? Railway (NEFR) is Maligaon (Guwahati)Two 2387. In city, the first sub-way train was started?2374. Diesel Locomotive Works is situated at CalcuttaVaranasi 2388. General Manger is responsible for2375. The manufacturing of steam engine in Railway Board Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped in1971 2389. The headquarters of South-Central Railways is situated at2376. The passenger bogies of the Indian Railways Secundrabad are manufactured at which place?Perambur 2390. The headquarters of Northern Railway is at New DelhiPage 115 of 120
  • 116. 2391. When was the Indian Railway Act passed? 2407. Indian Railways which is the largest of the 1890 Public Sector Enterprises, is divided in many regions?2392. How many Finance Commissioners are there 9 in the Railway Board? 2408. Besides Mahrashtra, Karnataka and Goa, whichOne is the fourth State for Konkan Railway Project?2393. Number of Executive Members in the Railway Kerala Board is 2409. Palace On Wheels train was inaugurated inFive 19822394. When was the Railway Board established? 2410. When was the Central Railway established?1905 5th Nov 19512395. Creep is the 2411. Rajasthan is under which of the following longitudinal movement of rail railway zones? Western region2396. Suburban railway use1500V, DC 2412. The largest national enterprise of India is Indian Railway2397. Diesel locomotives are manufactured in India at 2413. The first locomotive which was manufacturedVaranasi in Chittranjan on2398. C.T.C. stands for November 1950Centralized Traffic Control 2414. Where is the wheel and axle plant of Indian2399. Generally the rail sections used in India are Railways situated?flat-footed Bangalore2400. Generally the rail sections used in India are 2415. When was the Jammu City appeared on theflat-footed map of Indian Railway? 19652401. What is the breadth of broad-gauge line?1.676m 2416. Where is the headquarters of Central Railway situated?2402. Which is the fastest train in India? Mumbai (V.T)Shatabdi express (New Delhi-Bhopal) 2417. Where is the headquarters of Western Railway2403. Where is the headquarters of Konkan Railway? situated?Belapur Mumbai (Church Gate)2404. The excess of ..... in the blood may cause heart 2418. Where is Railway Museum situated? attack. New Delhi Cholesterol 2419. The administration and management of India2405. Where is the wheel and axle plant located? Railways is under the control ofBangalore Railway Board2406. Which of the following instrument is used to 2420. Railways have been classified in how many measure relative humidity? sections on the basis of speed?Hygrometer FivePage 116 of 120
  • 117. 2421. Which mountain range marks the border 2441. The electrode at positive potential is called between northern and peninsular indian? anodeVindhya Range 2442. In arc welding, the temperature of the arc is of2422. What is the network based anti-collision the order of device developed by Konkan Railways? 35000CRaksha Kavach 2443. In a ball bearing steel balls are made of2423. Iron is extracted from carbon chrome steelhaematite2424. Gold is soluble in 2444. Action of steam in steam turbines isaqua regia dynamic2425. A chemical change occurs wheniron rusts 2445. A long column fails by2426. Liver cells manufacture Bucklingbile2427. Blood vessels that carry blood from heart to 2446. Motor recommended for locomotive drive is different parts of body are known as dc series motorarteries2428. Chromosomes are made up of 2447. Who was the first recipient of the RajivDNA + proteins Gandhi Kel Ratna Award in 1991-92?2429. Water-gas is same as Viswanathan AnandCO and H22430. Study of bird is called 2448. The efficiency of transmitting power will beornithology maximum in case of2431. Colour of light is determined by its Chain driveamplitude2432. In the body, the adrenal glands are located? 2449. Weight of rail used for metre gauge is 24.8to 29.8 kgIn the kindney 2450. Indian railway system has been divided into2433. On increasing temperature, the viscosity of a 16 railway zones gasdecreases 2451. At which temperature both the Celsius and2434. CuSo4 solution turns Fahrenheit thermometers give the samePhenolphthalein solution pink reading2435. Buoyancy depends on -400Mass of liquid displaced2436. All liquid surfaces tend to contract. This 2452. At 270C a gas occupies one litre space. If the phenomenon is due to volume is doubled at the same pressure, theSurface tension temperature will be2437. The sum of the kinetic and potential energies of a falling body is 3270CConstant at all points2438. Detonating signals are used 2453. The atomic number and atomic weight of anduring foggy and cloudy weather Isotope of carbon are 6 and 4 respectively.2439. Who was the first Indian women to reach the What is the no. of neutrons in the nucleus finals of an olympic athletics event? 8Kamaljit Sandhu 2454. The material of permanent magnet should be2440. Cross head and guides form a ferro-magneticsliding pairPage 117 of 120
  • 118. 2455. Railway was first introduced in India by which 2476. The dryness fraction of steam within a turbine Viceroy is not allowed to fall belowLord Dalhousie 0.92456. Longest railway bridge 2477. A ball bearing can not be provided forThe Dehrion - Sone railway bridge over the river Sone auto mobile gear Bihar 2478. The first Indian Railway line was opened in2457. Longest railway tunnel 1853 fromKharbude tunnel on konkan railway, connecting Bombay to ThaneMumbai with Goa 2479. Maintenance requirements are least in case of2458. Railway section with maximum tunnels and Electric locomotives bridges 2480. In 2003, the Indian railway completedKalka - simla route 150 years2459. A substance used as a fire-extinguisher under 2481. What is Palace on Wheels the trade name of Pyrene is a tourist special trainCarbon tetrachloride 2482. Where is the Rail Coach Factory located2460. On the Kelvin scale , the melting point of ice is Kapurthala273 K 2483. Jayanthi Janatha Express run between2461. A bolometer is used to measure Kanyakumari - MumbaiThermal radiations quantitatively 2484. Island express runs between2462. The height above sea level is measured with Kanyakumari - Bangalore the instrument 2485. The acceleration rate of trains on suburbanHypsometer service is2463. Longest day is 0.4 to 6.5 km/hrJune21 2486. Vanadium steel is normally used in the2464. The non-metal which has shining appearance manufacture of is..... Axles and SpringsIodine 2487. Jim-crow is used to2465. Monazite is an ore of ..... Sound the sleeper for packingThorium 2488. The point up to which the new railway track2466. Anti-knocking agent is .... laid at any time istetra ethyl lead Rail head2467. Which compounds are responsible for acid rain 2489. Which train has the longest run time .... Himasagar ExpressSiO2 2490. When was the first Railway line opened in2468. Marsh gas is ..... IndiaMethane 18532469. The colour of light is regulated by ... 2491. Which is related to I.C. engine onlyWave length Atomizer2470. One horsepower is equal to .... 2492. Rail sleepers providing the best rigidity of746 watt track is2471. Cinabar is the ore of .... R.C.CMercury 2493. The state in which the highest Railway Bridge2472. Green Vitroil is ...... is atFerrous Sulphate Jammu & Kashmir2473. In which vegetable phosphorous is found? 2494. Give the designation of the highest officer onOnion the Southern Railway2474. Which amongst the following is a green house General Manager gas? 2495. The breadth of the Indian Railways broadCarbon dioxide gauge is2475. Which is the most permanent element? 1.67Glass 2496. Which is the longest Railway platform in India KharagpurPage 118 of 120
  • 119. 2497. Elephant Mountain are also called as – 2517. The World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1Anamalai hills 2518. The World Population Day is observed on July 112498. The ratio of fluse density and capacity of 2519. In which Technologyis cryogenic engines are magnetic field in a medium is represented by usedAcceptance rocket technology2499. Sound waves are ...... 2520. During photo-synthesis electric energy isLongitudinal converted into2500. The ratio of mass of proton to that of electron Heat energy is nearly equal to 2521. The distance between the two points in space is1840 called2501. The acid used in automobile battery is volumeH2SO4 2522. Doctor determines ....... by the pulse2502. The melting point of plastic is heart beat470C 2523. When the velocity of a moving object is2503. Siachen one of the world’s longest mountain doubled, its kinetic energy glaciers, is located which mountain range? becomes four timesKarakoram 2524. Where should an object be kept so that we can2504. Cooking gas is a mixture of get real and inverted image of same size Methane and ethylene as that of object by a convex lens2505. The type of welding used for attaching nuts and Twice the length of the focus bolts with the sheets is 2525. When we sit or sleep on a rubber mattress, itsprojection welding shape is deformed. It is an example of2506. Heavy water implies potential energyD2O 2526. Which type of lens is used in a camera?2507. In a dc machine, the laminated parts are Convex armature and 2527. Which is used to measure height?pole shoe Altimeter2508. Absolute pressure of air at the outlet of a 2528. The ratio of flux density and capacity of compressor is known as magnetic field in a medium is represented bydischarge pressure Acceptance2509. The turbine blades are 2529. Sound waves are ......curved Longitudinal2510. In S.H.M acceleration is proportional to 2530. In force-current analogy, capacitance isdisplacement analogous to2511. Brine means - massSolution of sodium chloride in water 2531. Which locomotive has the highest operational2512. An obstacle which obstructs chaining but not availability? ranging may be electrica lake 2532. For the same cylinder dimensions and speed,2513. The phenomenon of misalignment of rails due which engine will produce least power? to temperature change is known as Petrol enginebuckling 2533. Maintenance requirements are least in case of2514. The railway station at which a track line meets electric locomotives a main line is calledjunction station 2534. Electrification of railway track in India was2515. Hammer blow in locomotives cause done for the first time inTendency to lift wheels from rails 1925-19322516. Which States will soon have its first Civil 2535. The founder of modern statistics is - Airports ? Karl Pearson SikkimPage 119 of 120
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