Hospitality Seminar - Frankfinn Aluva - Kitchen and room service


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Hospitality Seminar - Frankfinn Aluva - Kitchen and room service

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Hospitality Seminar - Frankfinn Aluva - Kitchen and room service

  1. 1. GROUP TWO Group Members  ATHIRA  NAZRIN  SAFA SUBIN
  4. 4. I NT RODUCTI O N Evidence of hotel and the hospitality industry have been recorded as far back as biblical times when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem during the census. As the Bible depicts, Mary and Joseph were refused accommodations because threr ”was no room at the inn.” Since the beginning of time,people have traveled for commersce,religion,family,health,immigration,education and recreation As cited by Texas Tech University,the word “hospitality” comes from the Latin root meaning “host” or “hospice.” The university further noted that the first hotels were nothing more than private homes opened to the public. Most,unfortunately,had poor reputations. Under the influence of the Roman Empire,inns and hotels began catering to the pleasure traveler in an effort to encourage visitors. The first inn located in America was recorded in the year 1607 and lead the way with many other firsts in the hospitality industry. The first publicaly held hotel(the city hotel) opened in New York in 1792. The first modern hotel (the Tremont) opened in Boston in 1809 and the first business hotel opened in 1908 From there a surge of hotels flooded American and the rest of the world with prominent names such as Radisson, Marriot and Hilton.
  5. 5. MAJOR DEPARTMENTS OF HOTEL HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT • Lost & Found Department • Horticulture Department • Linen & Uniform Room • Laundry Department • Tailor Department FRONT OFFICE • Reception • Reservation • Business Center • Concierge • Information Department • Cashier & Foreign Currency Exchange
  6. 6.  FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE • Inside & Outside Catering • Pubs & Bars • Restuarants • Cafes • Room Service FOOD PRODUCTION • Bakery • Cold Storage Room • Pre preparation Kitchens • Tandoor Section • Kitchen Stewarding
  7. 7. KITCHEN The heart of the hotel is the kitchen Guest who visit the hotel for various reasons,for locality,comfort,pricing & especiallyfor the food they server The kitchen plays an important role for the existents & sustenance of the hotel Working in a hotel kitchen is interesting,tiring,challenging & even exciting Kitchens have turned into somewhat high tech & more convient Some kitchens in luxurious hotels are so well equipped & maintain,with freezerrooms,to separate kitchens for the preparation of cakes,bread & pastry,with all thenovel stoves Depending on the size hotels have vary kitchen staff Most of the top hotels have an Executive Chef with take care under staffs The Executive chef or the Head chef generally will oversee & supervise thedepartment for the days They are expected to work on shift basis as a hotel function 24-7 Not only preparation, the presentation of the food is also eqully important An expected attribute of a chef is creativity & novelty They are responsible from the start of the preparation of the food to the finalpresentation Cleanliness & hygiene is maintain at all times,it is said that the standard of the hotelcould be judged by its kitchen
  8. 8. KITCHEN
  9. 9. ROOM SERVICE A room service server may have manydifferent responsiblities.The servers usally report to a room service managerwhile working.They are expected to restoke items,take orders & deliver thoseorders to each room at a hotel or lodge. When the room service servers begins their shifts,theywill most likely have to check in with the manager & then start preparing forthe day.Preparation could include restocking the kitchen with fooditems,condiments,and eating utensils.Most hotel servers have a cart to runthe food from room to room which may need to be restocked as well. Thehotel guest will call the room srevice server to place & order. The server willtake the food order hand it off to the kitchen. After the kitchen staff preparesthe food, the server will then place it on the cart and deliver the order to thecorrect room. Once the order is deliverd to the room, the room serviceserver will go over the order with the hotel guest to be sure it is correct. Theserver will also take items off the cart and place them neatly on the roomtable. He is usually expected to be polite and build a good rapport withguests. When guests are done with their food trays, the server is responsiblefor picking up the dirty dishes and bringing them back to the kitchen.
  10. 10. Room service employees are also expected to keep the hotelminibars and snack items stocked in each room . If a guest has a special request ,the server may also have to fulfill those demands as well. The room service servercan also help serve food in the hotel restaurant or bar when it is especially busy. Servers should also be neat in appearanceand have a pleasant attitude with the customers and the other hotel employees.Room service employees are often paid an hourly wage or yearly salary andreceive tips from the hotel guests. A fulltime server may be eligible for medicaland other benefits offered by the employer. Server can typically make a goodliving if they work hard and please their guests.
  11. 11. ROOM SERVICE
  12. 12. CONCLUSION From this topic we just try to speakoutsomething detail about kitchen and room service section of hotels. Ajoyful and high salary jobs are awaiting in this sectors. Wish all of you agood carrier
  13. 13. BIBILOGRAPHY••••