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Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
Introduction To Lync Part  Final
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Introduction To Lync Part Final


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  • 1. Introduction to Microsoft® Lync™<br />
  • 2. Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure<br />Unified Business Platform<br />Unified Communications<br />Business Intelligence<br />Enterprise Content Management<br />Collaboration<br />Enterprise Search<br />Best Productivity Experience Across PC, Phone, and Browser<br />The Cloud On Your Terms<br />Online<br />On-premises<br />
  • 3. What your Employees Experience TodayCurrent communications and collaboration experience<br />Source: Ideal Communications and Collaboration Research by Microsoft, 2009<br />
  • 4. What is driving Employees to be Overwhelmed<br />Growth in Workforce Distribution<br /><ul><li>Shifting workforce: About 1/3 of US workers are currently freelance staff
  • 5. Work from home: 63 million will telecommute in the US by 2016</li></ul>Lack of Technology Integration<br /><ul><li>Overwhelmed: Businesses average more than six communications devices and almost five communications applications per employee
  • 6. Frustrated: Collaboration inefficiencies waste up to 25% of staff time</li></ul>Demand for New Modalities<br /><ul><li>Mobile phone = New PC: 600 million smart-phones will be used for business in 2011
  • 7. Virtual meetings on the rise: Videoconferencing technology could replace 20% of business travel WW</li></li></ul><li>What Employees WantIdeal communications and collaborations experience<br />
  • 8. Common Communication Silos<br />The Microsoft Communications Offering<br />E-mail and<br />Calendaring<br />Web<br />Conferencing <br />Video<br />Conferencing <br />InstantMessaging (IM)<br />AudioConferencing<br />Telephony<br />Voice Mail<br />InstantMessaging<br />Telephony and<br />Voice Mail<br />Unified Conferencing: Audio, Video, Web<br />E-mail andCalendaring<br />User Experience<br />User<br />Experience<br />User Experience<br />User<br />Experience<br />User Experience<br />User<br />Experience<br />User Experience<br />Unified Experience<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Compliance<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />Authentication<br />Administration<br />Storage<br />On-Premises In the Cloud<br />
  • 9. Microsoft LyncConnecting people in new ways, anytime, anywhere<br />Reduces cost through converged communications<br />Quick adoption through Ease of use and Microsoft Office<br />Quick adoption through Ease of use and Microsoft Office<br />Instant Messaging and Presence<br />Audio, Video, Web Conferencing<br />Enterprise Voice and Telephony<br />Ease deployment through interoperability and extensibility<br />
  • 10. See how you can Connect in New Ways with Microsoft Lync<br />DEMO<br />
  • 11. Reducing Infrastructure CostsA newly streamlined management infrastructure<br />»<br />»<br />»<br />New Deployment Model<br /><ul><li>Simplified topologies
  • 12. Reduced server roles
  • 13. Virtualization support for all server roles</li></ul>Enhanced Planning &amp; Deployment<br /><ul><li>Centralized configuration with Central Management Store
  • 14. Visual infrastructure planning with Planning Tool
  • 15. Pre-publish topology validation with Topology Builder</li></ul>Streamlined Administration &amp; Management<br /><ul><li>Easy-to-use, Web-based, scenario-driven GUI
  • 16. Automate repetitive tasks with PowerShell
  • 17. Enhanced security with Role-Based Access Control
  • 18. Improved monitoring on services, components, and voice quality</li></li></ul><li>Interoperable and Extensible Platform<br />Integrate and Enhance Existing Investments<br />»<br />»<br />»<br />Lync 2010 works with other Microsoft Applications <br />and third-party vendor technologies<br />Offer Choice in Voice<br />Take advantage of interoperability to replace, enhance, or add voice options<br />Extend Communications to Business Processes<br />Integrate presence with line of business applications <br />
  • 19. Cross Platform Support for Lync 2010Options for those who use Macs, mobile phones, browsers, and other devices<br />Connect with Mac users<br />»<br />»<br />»<br />»<br /><ul><li>“Lync for Mac”</li></ul>Communicate through mobile phones<br /><ul><li>Lync Mobile, iPhone app, Nokia</li></ul>Reach through the browser<br /><ul><li>Lync Web App</li></ul>Experience Lync through numerous devices<br /><ul><li>Polycom, Plantronics, Jabra, Aastra and more…</li></li></ul><li>Designed for On-premise and the Cloud<br />Deliver Lync based on your business priorities<br />»<br /><ul><li>Predictable costs, fast deployment, and up-to-date software
  • 20. Hybrid deployment: Lync Server on-premises (w/ PBX replace) &amp; Exchange and SharePoint Online </li></ul>Conferencing<br />(A/V/Web)<br />Instant Messaging<br />Voice<br />PBX Replace<br />√<br />√<br />Post Launch<br />N/A<br />Lync Online <br />(Cloud)<br />√<br />√<br />√<br />√<br />Lync Server <br />(On-premises)<br />
  • 21. Proven Value of Lync<br />»<br />“Integrated services, integrated communication, both voice, video and data and now skills-based search with Wave 14 and the ability to see those integrated products work seamlessly together in SharePoint 2010, Office 2010 and now Wave 14, that is really a game changer for us.”<br />Kevin RiceGlobal Network ArchitectAT Kearney<br />
  • 22. Internal Usage Driving Cost Savings and Learning<br />Usage (June 2010)<br />Business Value<br />Instant Messaging<br /><ul><li>137k unique users - 97M messages per month</li></ul>Online Meetings and Ad hoc collaboration<br /><ul><li>135k monthly scheduled meetings
  • 23. 299k ad hoc desktop sharing sessions per month</li></ul>Reservation-less Audio Conferencing<br /><ul><li>136k monthly audio conferences
  • 24. 58M minutes of audio conferencing per month</li></ul>Enterprise Voice<br /><ul><li>77k people rely on OCS for all communications
  • 25. 59 sites, 6.6M calls and 44M minutes /month
  • 26. $1.2M per month from audio conferencing service
  • 27. $2M per year in telephony support costs
  • 28. Facilitates $90M per year reduction in travel</li></ul>Learning<br /><ul><li>User education drives the experience
  • 29. Cultural change required to maximize the return
  • 30. Network planning essential to success
  • 31. Optimized devices improve user satisfaction</li></ul>Improved Productivity and Greater Flexibility for the Global Workforce<br />Ad hoc collaboration<br />Planning Meetings<br />Customer Meetings<br />Global Development Teams<br />
  • 32. Beyond Lync 2010Creating the most desirable productivity experience<br />Immersive Meetings<br />Connect with Anyone<br />Simplified Infrastructure<br />Easy administration and reduced costs<br /><ul><li>Deploy on your terms: Cloud or On-premise
  • 33. Align management experience across MS stack
  • 34. Reduce costs through common infrastructure</li></ul>Experience that naturally extends productivity tools<br /><ul><li>Greater Presence info that protects user focus
  • 35. Increase AV federation outside your org
  • 36. Expand support across mobile devices</li></ul>A pervasive, connected meeting experience<br /><ul><li>Naturally blend presenting and management modes
  • 37. Enhance media across rooms, desks, and phones
  • 38. Capture content with immediate playback options</li></li></ul><li>
  • 39. Lync Provides a Consistent Experience Across Office<br />Common features across Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and SharePoint can help to improve the user experience<br />Click to communicate from Microsoft Backstage™ view (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)<br />Contact Card<br />Presence in SharePoint<br />
  • 40. New Connected Experience<br />Find and connect with the right people<br />Stay connected with your network<br />Unified Contact Store<br />People Search<br />Skill Search<br />Activity Feed<br />
  • 41. Lync Connects People in New Ways, Anytime and Anywhere<br />Access messages through your PC, mobile device, or the Web<br />Connect in real time across devices from a familiar interface<br />PC<br />Mobile<br />Web<br />
  • 42. LyncProvidesa Truly Converged User ExperienceUsers can benefit from a single client experience for IM, voice, video, and data sharing<br />Microsoft Communicator<br />Incoming call<br />IM and video<br />Conversation window<br />Meeting, application sharing, and whiteboarding<br />
  • 43. Integrate and Enhance Existing InvestmentsLync works with other Microsoft applications and third-party vendor technology<br />»<br />»<br />Microsoft Investments<br />Exchange Server<br /> Communications Server<br /><ul><li>Single User Identity through a Single Directory
  • 44. Click to Communicate from Familiar Microsoft Office and SharePoint Applications</li></ul>Active Directory®<br />Third-Party Vendor Technology<br /><ul><li>Works with Room-based Conferencing Systems
  • 45. Integrates with Existing PBX Systems
  • 46. Reduces Costs with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking</li>