Isagenix cleanse – what is a nutritional cleanse


Published on The idea behind a nutritional cleanse is to avoid the things that are making us toxic while at the same time consuming minerals, nutrients, and other ingredients that will assist or body in this toxin and fat release process.

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Isagenix cleanse – what is a nutritional cleanse

  1. 1. Isagenix Cleanse – What isa Nutritional Cleanse?
  2. 2. What is an Isagenix Cleanse?
  3. 3. I’m sure you’d agree there’s a darngood chance that most all of us arewalking around full of impurities(toxins) … from our environment,from our homes, from the food anddrinks we put into our bodies …yucky right?
  4. 4. Not only is that just plain gross tothink about … but I bet you didn’tknow that these toxins cause us tostore fat on our body and make itnearly impossible for us to releasethis fat.
  5. 5. These impurities run rampant in ourbody and eventually the bodyrecognizes these impurities assomething toxic and as a protectionit creates fat cells to enrobe them,and then puts them back intostorage as fat. Bummer huh?
  6. 6. Well, luckily some smarty-pantsfolks figured this out. Cleansinghas been used for centuries bymost every culture to promotehealing and to facilitate nutritionalbalance. When done correctly it isvery safe and super effective forcreating a healthy body.
  7. 7. One of the greatest “side effects” ofcleansing is that when our body ridsitself of these toxins … it allows ourbody to release the stored fat. Yea!I’m excited … aren’t you?
  8. 8. The Idea Behind anIsagenix Cleanse
  9. 9. The idea behind a nutritionalcleanse is to avoid the things thatare making us toxic while at thesame time consuming minerals,nutrients, and other ingredients thatwill assist or body in this toxin andfat release process.
  10. 10. You could study nutritionalcleansing and seek to find theminerals and nutrients you wouldneed to do a nutritional cleanse butI personally like taking the easy wayout.
  11. 11. I found Isagenix and they haveperfected the cleansing process togive you the optimal results forhealth, vitality and … yes, evenweight loss.
  12. 12. How to Do an Isagenix Cleanse
  13. 13. The Isagenix cleanse is a programconsisting of “shake days”(complete nutritional mealreplacement – combined withhealthy meal choices) and “cleansedays” where you drink thenutritional cleanse product andintegrate some chocolate snackwafers … and of course lots andlots of water.
  14. 14. The 30 day cleanse program isthe most popular Isagenix program.It is simple and will help you stay ontrack to complete the cleansingprocess with amazing results and ata steady pace.
  15. 15. On the 30 day cleanse youcomplete one cleanse day and sixshake days per week for 30 days. Ifyou are looking to lose weight youwill want to stick to this programuntil you have reached your targetweight.
  16. 16. I can’t even tell you how muchbetter I feel after completing a 30day cleanse! It’s truly difficult toexplain to someone who has neverexperienced it. I lose weight,inches, and I have so much moreenergy and mental clarity. It truly isamazing.
  17. 17. For more questions on Isagenixcleanse and weight loss, leaveyour comments here.
  18. 18. I will be very happy to answer allyour queries.. =)
  19. 19.