Notes meeting with councillor fletcher aug 3 2010


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Notes meeting with councillor fletcher aug 3 2010

  1. 1. Meeting with Councillor Paula Fletcher August 3, 2010, 1-2pm Present: Councillor Paula Fletcher, Susan Serran (Executive Assistant), Dan Egan (City of Toronto, Manager of Cycling Infrastructure), Michelle St-Amour (SoDa/BikeSauce), Anne Burbidge (SoDa) Eastern Ave. - Paula asked what we thought of Eastern Ave. issue. Anne replied it has great potential as a connector to downtown. - Paula requested Paul's office to look into options for extending Eastern - Dan mentioned it was not in Bike Plan. - Paula and Dan agreed it might connect best to Adelaide, downtown - Paula said she would like to see sharrows there all the way to Broadview - Dan suggested we could install bike lanes instead of sharrows. - Michelle added truck space is to be considered when it interrupts bike lanes. - Dan said truck space and bike space could be accommodated here - Paula said she would like the extension of Eastern to be at least over to Knox St. - Dan & Paula expressed interest in removing the centre median on Eastern and installing centre bike lane across Eastern overpass Leslie Street - Paula said design selection is underway for Leslie and whoever wins it has to improve road up to Queen - She added there is a right-of-way issue that needs to be considered & that Paul Young has info on this (near Price Choppers). - Big picture goal is to get up to Queen St., Paula said - August 4th & 10th there is a public consultation put on by TTC. (Planning to attend event on 10th.) - Paula suggested we arrange a meeting w TTC point person, Lito Romano to state our interests. (We sent email.) Danforth - Report is underway on this. Huge project – 24kms, 14 BIAs & 10 wards involved. - In September, Paula noted, there will be an opportunity to learn about the Bloor-Danforth Environmental Assessment. - She said to keep in touch with Dan to become involved in process, learn points of entry, legal considerations etc. of EA Survey - Michelle reported the survey respondents were concerned about all main streets - Broadview, Queen, Dundas... As well, respondents saw chances to improve connecting bike traffic across bridges to downtown - She said Nigel was helping to crunch data from the survey and more info should be available on this subject next month Paula's Idea re: TTC Subway Stations - Bike storage is something she thinks should be figuring in plans at TTC stations with second exits so as to encourage commuting to work by bike. - She sees a chance to use some of "all that $" going to the TTC to be directed to such storage - Donlands station, Greenwood & Woodbine all are going to commission and we can support this
  2. 2. storage idea by writing to Susan (Paula's EA) so Paula can present our/her ideas to the commission. This way storage will be on the agenda. Andy Perruza might help in this regard since he's on the commission. - This idea is an important part of Paula's platform in the upcoming election & she sees it as a key "advocacy piece" - Michelle suggested the "No Bikes (at certain hours)" sign on TTC stations be redesigned so as to encourage multi-modal transportation. She added not many people know of the times when bikes are permitted in the system. - Paula suggested a graphic designer we know could submit a design to clarify this point.