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Dev con5 gamification
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Dev con5 gamification


Published on

Presentation on Gamification given at DevCon5 on 7/27/2011

Presentation on Gamification given at DevCon5 on 7/27/2011

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Mick van Ettinger, Vice President Brand Development Global Magnum & Wall Creative agency:  Lowe Brindfors 
Art Directors: Patrik Westerdahl, Petter Lublin
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  • Transcript

    • 1. System Gamification William Volk CCO, PlayScreen, LLC
    • 2. What is Gamification?
      • The use of Game Play elements to improve adoption, engagement and retention.
    • 3. Why Gamification?
      • 2x to 10x improvement in metrics.
      • We are wired for it.
      • “ Gamification at it's core is about fun, rewards and social connections. It has the opportunity to connect people in ways never seen before.”
      • -
      • Make the dull less DULL!
    • 4. Why Gamification (2)?
      • 5.93 Million Years in World of Warcraft.
      • 10,000 hours of gaming by age 21.
      • Games immerse us in “Blissful Productivity.”
      • Solve major problems - “World Without Oil.”
        • From TED: Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world
    • 5. Case Study: Speed Camera Lottery
      • Photo all drivers.
      • Distribute collected fines to ‘good’ drivers.
      • Average speed dropped from 32 to 25 kp/h.
    • 6. Case Study: Bottle Bank Arcade
      • Make recycling bottles an arcade game.
      • In one evening, used by 100 people.
      • Normal recycle bin used only twice.
    • 7. Case Study: Magnum Ice Cream
      • In 3 days was the most tweeted URL globally.
      • 1 million uniques in 3 weeks, no media spend.
      • Users spend 5 min on average. 250k FB shares.
    • 8. What do we mean by ‘Game’?
      • Games have evolved beyond win/lose.
      • Sometimes you just want to have a element.
      • Elements:
        • Achievements
        • Goals
        • Social
        • Scoring
        • Tasks?
    • 9. Achievements
      • Not a new idea.
      • Give people positive feedback.
      • Integrate with Social Networks.
        • Post to Facebook and Twitter.
    • 10. Goals
      • Give people direction.
      • MyPlate’s “calories per day”.
      • Farmville’s crop growing.
    • 11. Social Aspects
      • Parallel Play
        • We play together, but not against each other.
      • Competitive Play
        • We play to win (Bejewled Blitz).
      • Cooperative Play
        • We work together to achieve our goals (help me with my farm).
    • 12. Workifcation? (Grind Games)
      • Games are becoming more like work.
      • Play is about 'tasks’, not the traditional elements.
      • Players awarded with achievements, bragging rights, virtual currency.
      • How does this apply to Gamification?
    • 13. Getting Started
      • Game or Game Elements?
      • Platform.
      • Discovery and Social Network.
      • Amateurs Copy … Professionals?
    • 14. The Design Process
      • Concepts.
      • Paper Prototypes.
      • Throw Away Code.
      • Play Testing.
    • 15. The Development Process
      • Design Document.
      • Agile?
      • Producers and Project Management.
    • 16. Gamifcation and HTML5
      • Mobile, Facebook, Tablets?
      • Most of the games are not ‘arcade’.
      • Facebook apps evolving to HTML5.
      • See acquisitions for proof.
        • Zynga bought Dextrose AG.
        • MafiaWars goes HTML5
    • 17. Final Thoughts
      • Where is this going? What does it all mean?
          • The $1000 handbag and virtual goods.
          • Demographics are broad - Who’s playing?
          • Real World Rewards?
      • Opportunities: Education, Health and Finance.
    • 18. We’re Hiring!
      • Programmers, Producers and Artists
      • Florence Oregon Studio