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Well, we rock it all !

[Creatio's Event Credentials in the first quarter (2014)]

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CREATIO_Event Credentials_Q1/2014

  1. 1. Company Credentials CREATIO CONSULTANCY CO. LTD.
  2. 2. Overview CREATIO was founded in 2011 by enthusiastic and experienced professionals in PR & Marketing. CREATIO provides clients with creative and one of a kind branding solution; from concept to reality, from the egg shell to a full-fledge campaign, working with us is a journey of unique, profound experience.
  3. 3. Mission - Vision Mission: With our efficient, solid and breakthrough solutions, CREATIO aims to be the wings of your brand on the road to success. Vision: We work hard and work smart to become the market leader in providing consultancy and creative communication services.
  4. 4. Philosophy Integrity and honesty Sharing and understanding Objective driven Cost-efficiency Original and profound
  5. 5. Value Team of highly capable professionals Enthusiasms and never-give-up spirit Professionalism and perfectionism in dynamic mindset Strong and broad network offers more opportunities for the clients
  6. 6. Services Strategic Counsel & Planning Communications Product Brand Activation Media Service Website Service Event Management Social Media Service CSR Strategy Training Market Research & Efficiency Measurement
  7. 7. Ground-breaking Grand Opening Press Conference, Product Launch Product Road show & Sampling Corporate Anniversary Seminar & Workshop Exhibition Corporate party and team-building activity Indoor/ Outdoor cultural show (music, sport, fashion, etc.) Specific requirement: Road show for IPO, etc. Talent provision: MC, model, singer, band, dancer, artist, DJ, VJ, etc. Services Strategic Consultancy & Planning Communications Product Brand Activation Media Service Website Service Event Management Social Media Service CSR Strategy Training Market Research & Efficiency Measurement
  8. 8. Government Government International Organization Non-governmental Organization
  9. 9. Business IT-Telecom Education Real-estate Energy Finance - Banking
  10. 10. Business Hotel - Restaurant Master Show & Music Show Logo Food - Beverage Service Healthcare – Nutrition ! Automobile - Car Lifestyle
  12. 12. Clients
  13. 13. Ground-breaking Head Office of State Commission of Vietnamese Overseas Time   Sep  2013   Venue   32  Ba  Trieu  street,   Hanoi   Scale   500  guests  
  14. 14. Grand Opening Nike Trang Tien Plaza Hanoi Grand Opening Time   Jun  2013   Venue   Trang  Tien  Plaza   Hanoi   Scale   200  guests   Highlight   Na<onal  athletes,   A-­‐class  models  
  15. 15. Grand Opening Nike Indochina Plaza Hanoi (flagship store in the North) Grand Opening Time   Apr  2013   Venue   Indochina  Plaza   Hanoi   Scale   250  guests   Highlight   Cong  Vinh  (VFF),   models,  hot  teens  
  16. 16. Grand Opening Grand Opening of Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant Time   Mar  2012   Venue   Kumho  Asianna,   HCMC   Scale   250  guests   Highlight   Cur<s  King  Band   (Germans)  
  17. 17. Grand Opening Hanoi Head Office (LienViet Post Bank) Grand Opening Time   Jun  2008   Venue   Melia  Hotel,   Hanoi   Scale   700  guests   Highlight   Bi-­‐lingual  
  18. 18. Grand Opening LienViet Post Bank Grand Opening Time   Apr  2008   Venue   Daewoo  Hotel,   Hanoi   Scale   500  guests   Highlight   Bi-­‐lingual  
  19. 19. Press conference Press conference –“Michelin - Right tyre care for your road safety 2013”Campaign   Time   Nov  2013   Venue   Sofitel  Plaza  Hanoi   Hotel   Scale   100  guests  
  20. 20. Press conference Press conference - “Klassy Cat Linh Showroom Grand Opening” Time   Dec  2012   Venue   Hapro  Building,   Hanoi   Scale   100  guests  
  21. 21. Press conference Press conference –“Backstreet Boys – This is Us Tour”in Vietnam Time   Mar  2011   Venue   Park  HyaT,  HCMC   Scale   100  guests  
  22. 22. Product Launch Nike Hypervenom Launch in IPH Store Time   Oct  2013   Venue   Indochina  Plaza   Hanoi   Scale     Highlight     200  guests     Footballer  Thach   Bao  Khanh,  Thanh   Luong,  Le  Van   Thang  (VFF)  
  23. 23. Product Launch Dance with Coca Cola 2012 Time   Jul  2012   Venue   Ho  Den  Lu  Park  ,   Hanoi   Scale   1,500  guests    
  24. 24. Customer Day Appreciation Day of VPBank Securities 2013 Time   Dec  2013   Venue   Hanoi  Opera   House   Scale     Highlight   500  guests     Ballet  –    Vietnam‘s  opera   and  ballet    
  25. 25. Customer Day Mercedes Appreciation Day - Now you C me Time   Oct  2013   Venue   Vietnam  Star   Automobile   Showroom,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   100  guests     Bartender  Le   Hong  Nhan  Thien,   DJ  Quang  Cue,   “Magic”  theme  
  26. 26. Customer Day Appreciation Day of VPBank Securities 2012 Time   Dec  2012   Venue   Hanoi  Opera   House,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   700  guests     Play  “Chia  tay   Hoàng  hôn”  –   Silver  prize  of   Na<onal   Professional   Theater  2012  
  27. 27. Brand Activation Bridgestone – Safety in every mile Time   Jun,  Nov,  Dec   2011   Venue   Duoi  Ca  Truck   depot,  Hanoi,  Tay   Nam  1+2  Truck   depot,  HCMC   Scale     Highlight   250  guests     Lang  Du,  Doremi,   Ruby  Band  
  28. 28. Seminar & Workshop Lecture on VVER: Russian“Experience and Perspective after Fukushima” Time   Dec  2013   Venue   Electric  Power   University,  Hanoi   Scale   200  guests  
  29. 29. Seminar & Workshop Energy Efficiency Workshop on Food & Beverage sector   ! ! ! ! Time   Nov  2013   Venue   Novotel  hotel,   HCMC   Scale   100  guests  
  30. 30. Seminar & Workshop Energy Efficiency Workshop for Textile and Steel sector ! ! ! ! Time   Jun  2013   Venue   Palace  Hotel,   HCMC   Scale   100  guests  
  31. 31. Seminar & Workshop Japan Education Fair 2012 Time   Jun  2012   Venue   Van  Ho  Exhibi<on   center,  Hanoi   Scale   2,000  guests  
  32. 32. Seminar & Workshop Japan Education Fair 2012 Time   Jun  2012   Venue   Tan  Binh   Exhibi<on  Center,   HCMC   Scale   2,000  guests  
  33. 33. Social Campaign Press conference – Vinacapital Foundation & Moevenpick Heart Challenge Connoisseur Dinner & Auction Time   Nov  2012   Venue   Moevenpick   Hotel,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   100  guests     Ngo  Thanh  Van   (actress)  
  34. 34. Social Campaign Earth Hour 2012 Time   Mar  2012   Venue   Hanoi  Opera   House  Square,   Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   3,000  guests     Live  show  with   Thanh  Lam,  Tung   Duong,  Thai  Thuy   Linh,  violinist  Bui   Cong  Duy,  Sol  Art   choir  
  35. 35. Social Campaign The Earth Hour 2012 Campaign Time   Feb  –  Mar  2012   Venue   Hanoi  &  HCMC   Scale   100,000  people    
  36. 36. Corporate Anniversary The 7th Anniversary of VPBank Securities Time   Dec  2013   Venue   JW  MarrioT  Hotel,   Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   220  guests     Huong  Tram   (Singer)  
  37. 37. Happy 20th Anniversary of Central Building Limited Corporate Anniversary Time   Oct  2013   Venue   Vietnam  Na<onal   Museum  of   History,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   220  guests     Saxophonist   Quyen  Van  Minh,   Singer  Huong  Tra  
  38. 38. The 10th Anniversary of M.Tech Corporation Corporate Anniversary Time   Jul  2013   Venue   Sofitel  Plaza  Hanoi   Hotel   Scale     Highlight   200  guests     Water-­‐drum   band,  Acapella   choir,  Phillippino   band  
  39. 39. The 6th Anniversary of VPBank Securites Corporate Anniversary Time   Dec  2012   Venue   Nikko  Saigon   Hotel,  HCMC   Scale     Highlight   200  guests     Minh  Hang   (singer)  
  40. 40. Corporate Anniversary The 15th Anniversary of Thanh Binh Ha Noi Company Time   May  2012   Venue   Thanh  Binh   Building,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   200  guests     Music  show  by   Phu  Quang  (The   Girls,  Tan  Minh  …)  
  41. 41. Corporate Anniversary Company Day of The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) Time   Dec  2011   Venue   Soi  Water   Restaurant,  Hanoi   Scale   200  guests  
  42. 42. Corporate Anniversary The 5th Anniversary of VPBank Securities Time   Dec  2011   Venue   Hanoi  Tower,   Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   200  guests     Tran  Thanh,  Doan   Trang  (singer)  
  43. 43. Corporate Anniversary The 15th Anniversary of Citibank Time   Nov  2010   Venue   Cham  Charm,   HCMC   Scale     Highlight   700  guests     Apsara  Dance   performance  
  44. 44. Corporate Party Appreciation Party of Moevenpick Time   Jan  2014   Venue   Moevenpick   Hotel,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   100  guests     Theme  “The   Passionate   Gatsby”  
  45. 45. Corporate Party Annual Staff Party of Movenpick Time   Jan  2014   Venue   Union  Hotel,   Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   200  guests     Theme  “Next  Top   Model”  
  46. 46. Corporate Party Citibank Business Awards Time   Nov  2009   Venue   Center  for   Women  and   Development,   Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   250  guests     Tradi<onal  dance  
  47. 47. Art & Entertainment Oktoberfest 2013 Time   Oct  2013   Venue   Cung  Xuan,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   1,500  guests     Gaudiblosn  Band   (German)  
  48. 48. Art & Entertainment Oktoberfest 2012 Time   Oct  2012   Venue   Cung  Xuan,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   1,200  guests     Gaudiblosn  Band   (German)  
  49. 49. Art & Entertainment New Year Eve Celebration 2011 Time   Dec  2011   Venue   Pico  Mall,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   2,000  guests     Beatboxer  Minh   Kien,  Rapper   Mr.A,  Hanoi   Hiphop  dance   crews  
  50. 50. Art & Entertainment “Dat Ten Cho Tinh Yeu”- Hoai Nam’s Album Debut Time   Oct  2011   Venue   Bao  Son  Hotel,   Hanoi   Scale   50  guests    
  51. 51. Art & Entertainment Hanoi Jam Hip hop Festival Time   Sep  -­‐  Dec  2011   Venue   Hanoi   Scale   5,000  guests    
  52. 52. Art & Entertainment R16 National Elimination Vietnam 2011 Time   May  2011   Venue   Trinh  Hoai  Duc   Stadium,  Hanoi   Scale     Highlight   1,500  guests     HipHop  ar<sts   from  US,  Japan   and  Korea  
  53. 53. Art & Entertainment The VIP Party for Backstreet Boys in Hanoi, Vietnam Time   Mar  2011   Venue   The  Rooiop  Bar  &   Restaurant,  Hanoi   Scale   250  guests  
  54. 54. Thank you very much! Contact: Ms. Bich Nguyen Event Manager Email: CREATIO Consultancy Co. Ltd Add: 92 Tay Son, Hanoi Tel: 04 3533 5198 #222 Fax: 04 3533 5197