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Top 10 excuses for not biking to work
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Top 10 excuses for not biking to work


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  • 1. Top 10 Excuses for Not Biking to Work!everybody who rode a bike for recreation or exercise was to throw a leg overthe bar on a weekday morning and ride to work (evenoccasionally), public officials would take notice, driverswould begin to realize that they don’t own the road, and (mostimportantly) those riders would be smiling when they got towork.Not everyone can do it, of course, and certainly not every singleday. But most of us can figure out a way to make better use ourbikes for transportation, if we just stopped making excuses.If
  • 2. Excuse #10: It’s Too Dangerous.ost of us are creatures of habit. If we’ve always driven to work, we mightonly be familiar with the most heavily traveled roads. Take time on theweekends (by car or by bike)to search out what alternatives mightbe available.Local bike shops or clubs can be veryhelpful, as can online maps thatfeature bike-friendlydirections. Practice your ride to workon a quiet weekend, beforehand.If you can’t completely eliminatetravel on a high-speed, or congested,road, make yourself as visible aspossible (lights, reflectors, hi-visclothing), obey the traffic laws, signalyour turns, and make eye contact with merging drivers.M
  • 3. Excuse #9: It’s Too Far (and I’m Out ofShape).icycling is a great way to get back intoshape. Most people in good health can easily workup to a 5 – 10 mile commute on flat roads. Take afew easy rides a week or two ahead of time; use all thegears and don’t worry about how fast you’re going.If your commute is longer than 10 miles, consider thesestrategies: Drive part way. Put your bike on the car. Find aconvenient parking spot that’s closer, and cycle therest of the way. Gradually increase the distance if you want. Bus part way. If bus service is an option, ride to the nearest stop, load yourbike onto the rack (it’s easy to do) and ride from the bus stop to work. Split the commute. Drive to work with your bike (and perhaps some extraclothes). Then ride home at the end of the day and ride back in the nextmorning.B
  • 4. Excuse #8: My Bike’s Not Good Enough.ou don’t need a super-expensive, ultra-lightweight racing bike toget to work and back. The oldone that’s gathering dust inyour garage is probably fine.A hybrid or mountain bikemakes just as effective acommuter as a road bike.Any bike that hasn’t beenridden in a long time should bechecked out by a mechanic toverify its road-worthiness.A good bike shop can also recommend useful upgrades such as bags, racks, oreasy-rolling tires.Y
  • 5. Excuse #7: Riding Will Mess up MyClothes (or My Hair)you’re one of the few who’s jobstill requires conservativebusiness attire, youprobably ought to leave a change ofclothes at work, or carry them inpanniers on the bike. If you wearcasual clothes to work, especially thosemade of breathable synthetic fabrics,they should be able to endure a short(5-10 mile) commute without lookinglike a rumpled mess.Helmet hair is caused by the airvents. The best way to prevent thisunsightly hairdo is to don a head scarf (in the summer) or a balaclava (in thewinter); and keep a hairbrush at work.If
  • 6. Excuse #6: It’s Too participate in wintersports, you know how to staywarm on a bike ride: Dress inlayers, cover exposed skin,and block the wind.A lot of ski equipment (especiallycross-country) works perfectly wellfor bike riding. If you’re using clip-in pedals and bike shoes, you caninvest in shoe covers, or put on flatpedals and wear your winter boots.Word of advice: The challenge ofwinter riding is to avoid overheatingas much as to preventfreezing. Morning rides usually get warmer over time and evening rides getcolder. Plan accordingly.If
  • 7. Excuse #5: There’s No Safe Place to LeaveMy Bike.any employers will allow youto bring the bike inside andleave it in a storeroomduring the day.If you work in an office, or even acubicle, you might also be able toget permission to clamp a hook tothe wall and hang the bike in yourworkspace (or don’t ask permissionand just apologize later).If you must leave the bike outside ina sketchy neighborhood, cover itwith tape to make it look like abeater, remove the wheels and secure it with a heavy-duty chain and lock (thenleave the lock in place for the next day).M
  • 8. Excuse #4: I Won’t Ride in the Dark.ears ago, riding at night was aterrifying proposition, especially onrural roads. But modern technologycan make a bicyclist even more visible inthe dark than under the midday sun.For less than $50, your local shop can setyou up with powerful blinking lights (frontand back) and reflective stickers that willmake you and your bike impossible tomiss. Another $100 buys a powerful frontlight that can light up the road aseffectively as any car’s headlight.Y
  • 9. Excuse #3: It Might Rain.widespread precipitation were enough todiscourage bicycling, Seattle and Portlandwould not be among the most bike-friendlyAmerican cities. An inexpensive plastic raincape, along with a clip-on fender, can make theoccasional wet ride more bearable. But a rain suit(jacket and pants) and a full set of fenders on thebike will keep you dry through a monsoon.After riding in heavy rain, it’s a good idea to washthe bike, re-lube the chain, and pivot points(brakes and derailleurs).If
  • 10. Excuse #2: There’s No Shower at Work.iking to work doesn’t have to beas drenching as a spin class. Ifyou dress appropriately and rideslow and easy, you probably won’tbreak a sweat. But if you must find away to clean up before work, optionsinclude: Joining a nearby gym and usingtheir shower (some gyms havebeen known to make theirfacilities available to non-members who bike to work). Taking a sponge bath in the company washroom. Stocking your office with a case of Costco wet wipes and taking a “shower ina box” (wait a few minutes until you stop sweating before you clean up).B
  • 11. Excuse #1: My Butt Hurts.verybody’s butt hurts at first. Make sure yourseat height is correct (when your leg is fullyextended, your knee should be slightlybent). If the pain doesn’t go away after a few rides,you might need a different saddle. Many bikeshops will allow you to try a variety of loanersaddles before you settle on the style that fits best.The other key to comfort is to get a good pair ofbike shorts. These come in many styles these days(including liners that are worn under street clothes),so you don’t have to look like a racer if you don’twant to.So stop worrying about your fitness, your bike, yourclothes, your hair, or your aching backside, and rideto work. You won’t regret it.E