Trail Builders and Equipment Workshop


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Trail Builders and Equipment Workshop

  1. 1. Natural Surface Trail Builders Workshop
  2. 2. Alan Markert George Longoria Marty BurkeSTORM is a 200+ member local organization that:•  Promotes and represents mountain biking with bikers, shops, land owners and local governments•  Organizes rides and races•  Builds and maintains trails
  3. 3. Today, You Will LEARN How We …Ø  Augmented SAs greenways park plan with a separatenatural surface trail effort and why this is importantØ  Partnered with the city and other groupsØ  Structured the MOU and operational rulesØ  Designed natural surface trailsØ  Organized to construct & maintain trails
  4. 4. Today’s Schedule …1:00 – 2:30 Discuss Presentation2:30 – 3:00 Travel to Off-site Location3:00 – 4:30 Hike Paved and Natural Surface Trails & Observe co-existing trail examples
  5. 5. Goals for Natural Surface Trails•  “In city” biking opportunities•  Muliti-user public service•  Prevention of unauthorized trails•  Sustainable / IMBA standards•  Loops where land is available•  Challenging & easier options•  Connection to existing parks trails•  Minimized paved trail interaction•  Straightforward trail navigation
  6. 6. Salado Future (10+ mi.) Salado North (4 mi.) Salado North 2 (awaiting roadwork) McAlister Park (20+ mi.) Salado Central (limited) Tobin Park (3 mi.) John James Park (10 mi.) Salado South (no plans)Natural Surface Trails
  7. 7. Leon Future (?) Leon North (limited) Bamberger Park Birds of PreyOP Schnabel Park (20+ mi.) Leon Central (Planning) Leon South (Planning w/ Some informal trails) Natural Surface Trails
  8. 8. The Partnership TRAIL VOLUNTEERSCommunity /Neighborhoods
  9. 9. MOU Responsibilities – SA Parks & Rec.:Ø  Make SAPAR property available for hiking and bikingØ  Provide rules pertaining to use of natural-surface trailsØ  Provide resources for large trail maintenanceØ  Approve publication materials for distributionØ  Approve proposals for events held during non-park hoursØ  Approve Annual Plan of Operations prepared by the partiesØ  Provide city officials information regarding activitiesØ  Ensure communication / coordination between partiesØ  Work with STORM to implement “Trail Steward” and “Trail Patrol” programsØ  Keep up-to-date directory of contact information TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  10. 10. MOU Responsibilities – Friends of the Parks:Ø  Identify partnership opportunities with other community partnersØ  Respond to requests from citizens and community groups regarding natural-surface trailsØ  Work with STORM to facilitate training of Trail Stewards and Trail PatrolØ  Obtain SAPAR approval prior to publicationØ  Encourage members to work with SAPAR officials and STORMØ  Submit requests to SAPAR 4 weeks in advance for events that may disrupt public access TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  11. 11. MOU Responsibilities – STORM:Ø  Implement “Trail Steward” and “Trail Patrol” programsØ  Construct and maintain natural surface trailsØ  Submit an Annual Plan of Operations to SAPARØ  Obtain SAPAR approval prior to significant trail workØ  Provide technical assistance to land managers & communitiesØ  Provide “Rules of the Trail“ and “Leave No Trace” instructionØ  Coordinate placement of signage and trail markersØ  Submit requests to SAPAR 4 weeks in advance for eventsØ  Serve as ambassadors for the sport of mountain bikingØ  Encourage cooperation among all park usersØ  Utilize approved Release of Liability TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  12. 12. Partnership / MOU ImplementationNegotiations:Ø  Initial draft by STORM using examplesØ  Working meetings with all partiesØ  Finalized by city attorneysCommunications to the Public:Ø  1 page press release format document by STORMØ  Approved by all parties including Advisory Board rep.Ø  Distributed through mountain biking internet sites TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  13. 13. Other Important Negotiated DocumentsTrail Steward DutiesQualifications:Ø  Experience managing volunteers and familiar with areaØ  High judgment, interpersonal and environmental awarenessØ  Able to devote 20 hrs / month, 21+ years oldResponsibilites:Ø  Organize trail workdays & minor trail workØ  Communicate to SAPAR workday schedule & objectivesØ  Recommend solutions for erosion or trail damage problemsØ  Report on stewardship effectiveness & make suggestionsTraining:Ø  IMBA training TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  14. 14. Other Important Negotiated DocumentsTrail Maintenance RulesØ  Approvals and Supervision RequirementsØ  Trail RoutingØ  Branch TrimmingØ  Tree CuttingØ  Removal of Deadfall, Movement of RocksØ  Safety EquipmentØ  Manual & Power Equipment Permitted / ProhibitedØ  Release of Liability for Workday Participants TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  15. 15. Advisory Board (mthly) 9 District SAPAR Chairman Reps Director (2) Natural Surface Trails Subcommittee (as needed) (3) (1)Salado Lead Leon Lead 3 Trail 3 Trail Park Police Stewards Stewards
  16. 16. MissesØ  Lack of Trail Patrol progress after good initial startØ  Trail signage not implementedØ  Difficulty getting Trail Steward section ownership commitmentsØ  Waiting too long to provide formal IMBA trail trainingØ  Not permitted to use power equipment – low SAPAR priorityØ  Slow progress with large Leon Creek sectionØ  Too few organized workdays for trail maintenance TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  17. 17. HitsØ  Trusting partnership between SAPAR, Friends and STORMØ  STORM recognition at Advisory Board levelØ  Organized workdays well attended by community volunteersØ  Good working relationships with Park PoliceØ  North Salado as early “on the map” demonstration projectØ  STORM members willing to work home sections on their ownØ  Some success stopping rogue trail buildingØ  Better, widespread understanding of mountain bikingØ  Use of S&S Trail Services out of Austin for trail building training TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  18. 18. Keys To SuccessØ  Visibility to Natural Surface Trail Importance and AccomplishmentsØ  Liaisons with mature leadership / partnering skillsØ  Organized to share the workload – there is too much to doØ  Clear, written understanding of responsibilitiesØ  Clear, written understanding of the operational rulesØ  Inclusive planning – government and other user groupsØ  Frequent communications – emails, subcommittee meetings, etc.Ø  Strong, respectful relationship between SAPAR and STORMleaders at a personal level TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods
  19. 19. Site VisitPhil Hardberger Park auxiliary parking area3:00 pmDirections:North on 281 for approx. 9 mi. to Bitters Road ExitExit Bitters Road. Turn left on Bitters (west bound)Travel approx. 2.5 mi. on Bitters Road to Blanco RoadTurn left on BlancoTravel approx 1 mi. on Blanco to Longfield Drive (stop light)Turn right on Longfield Drive go one block to stop signTurn left at stop signShort distance to dead end with park entrance on rightTravel approx .5 mi. to parking area TRAIL VOLUNTEERS Community / Neighborhoods