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Hydromedia_porous concrete_product details
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Hydromedia_porous concrete_product details


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Hydromedia is a pervious concrete from Lafarge, used for water harvesting and other purposes.

Hydromedia is a pervious concrete from Lafarge, used for water harvesting and other purposes.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. CONCRETE SMM – Technical and Marketing Demonstration March 22 & 24, 2011
  • 2. • Introduction • Launch Kit • Business Drivers (Selling Points) • Market Segments • Understanding Market Pricing & Customer Demand • How to Sell • CommunicationsCONCRETE 13/06/2011 2CONCRETE
  • 4. WHAT IS HYDROMEDIA? • Also known as “no-fines” concrete or “porous” concrete. • Hydromedia is a unique and effective means to address important environmental issues and support green, sustainable growth. • By capturing stormwater and allowing it to seep into the ground, Hydromedia is instrumental in recharging groundwater and reducing stormwater runoff. • This pavement technology creates more efficient land use by eliminating the need for retention ponds, swales, and other stormwater management devices. • In doing so, Hydromedia has the ability to lower overall project costs on a first-cost basis. BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 4CONCRETE
  • 5. HOW DOES IT WORK? • In Hydromedia, carefully controlled amounts of water and cementitious materials are used to create a paste that forms a thick coating around aggregate particles. • Using sufficient paste to coat and bind the aggregate particles together creates a system of highly permeable, interconnected voids that drains quickly. • Fluid in application, but highly robust and resilient after placement and curing. BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 5CONCRETE
  • 6. HYDROMEDIA MAIN BENEFITS • Manages stormwater efficiently and reduces demand on infrastructure, rapid water removal and safe dry surfaces. • Can reduce the quantity of first flush runoff in urban areas. • Sustainable Urban Drainage, minimizes urban impact on natural water cycle. • Filters particulate including pollutants (metals and hydrocarbons) from stormwater. • Reduced stormwater management costs and infrastructure • In North America Pervious concrete offers the highest LEED points for concrete • Ease of placement and use (fluid, spreads easily, less compactible) • Higher permeability, more consistent performance, cleaner finish MCONCRETE 13/06/2011 6CONCRETE
  • 7. HYDROMEDIA SYSTEM • Hydromedia • 20 to 35% porosity, 20 mm/s permeabiliity • Thickness, based on load and subgrade • Compressive Stength 10 to 20 MPa • Flexural Strength 1.5 to 3 MPa • Aggregate sub-base • 30% to 40% porosity, 6mm material • Design thickness depends upon 20%+ • Water storage required • Design storm event • Permeability of natural subgrade • Balance of water inputs and outputs • Concrete should not be saturated • Optional geotextile prevents blocking • Subgrade • Permeability & load capacity to be tested • Fundamental to pavement design Design Components • Slab thickness – Structural (to address load requirements, based on geotechnical properties) • AASHTO software (US) • Slab permeability* – Hydraulic (range of permeability to address drainage requirements) • Sub-base – Hydraulic / structural (water storage capacity and load requirements) • Subgrade – Hydraulic and geotechnical knowledge (testing) – used to design pavement B 13/06/2011 7CONCRETECONCRETE * Future research
  • 8. PERVIOUS CONCRETE - USE & APPLICATION Large scope of application:  Low-volume pavements (residential roads) & parking lots.  Sidewalks, bike & pedestrian pathways.  Patios.  Sport courts (tennis, basketball)  Swimming pool decks.  Alleyways.  Driveways.  Pavement edge drains and gutters. MCONCRETE 13/06/2011 8CONCRETE
  • 10. LAUNCH KIT – WHAT IS INCLUDED 1) Technical Transfer 2) Market Assessment & Launch Guide BCONCRETE 3) Sales Force Training 13/06/2011 11CONCRETE
  • 12. HYDROMEDIA – BUSINESS DRIVERS • Sustainable Urban Drainage • Strength and durability • Safety during wet weather conditions • Reduced stormwater management cost • Reduced stormwater impact fee • Low life cycle cost • Less maintenance • Low lighting cost • Aesthetic textured surface • Custom appearance BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 13CONCRETE
  • 13. HYDROMEDIA BUSINESS DRIVERS Sustainable Urban Drainage • Returns stormwater locally (urban groundwater recharge). • Pervious concrete functions like a stormwater retention basin and allows the stormwater to infiltrate the soil over a large area, thus facilitating recharge of precious groundwater supplies locally • Satisfies many local government regulations for stormwater management.  Reduce stormwater runoff and its associated problems.  Automobile pollutant reduction in stormwater (sediment, metals and hydrocarbon filtering). • Major contributor to LEED 2009 Sustainable Sites Credits SS 6.1, 6.2, & WE C1.1  When used in rural areas, it can reduce the impact of parking lots on the natural habitat (i.e. parking lots for trails, parks, etc)  When used in urban areas, it can reduce the impact of a site on the city sewer systems (loading) • Previous concrete allows water and oxygen to reach tree roots helps trees and grass grow and contributes to air quality maintenance as well as aesthetics. • Paved space can be maximized without sacrificing the benefits provided by trees. BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 14CONCRETE
  • 14. HYDROMEDIA BUSINESS DRIVERS Strength and Durability • Pervious concrete is a strong and highly durable material. • Parking areas properly designed and constructed will last 20-40 years with little or no maintenance. • Surface raveling is common only in the first few weeks after the concrete is laid, and it can be reduced with proper compaction and curing techniques. • A much smaller amount of drying shrinkage occurs in the placement of pervious concrete than dense, and it develops sooner, as well. • Many pervious pavements can be constructed without crack-preventing control joints. • Random cracks that do form are not abundant and they have no significant impact on the structural integrity of the pavement. They also generally do not detract aesthetically from the concretes appearance. • Concrete strength can also be maximized by installing subgrade and sub base levels of course and/or fine aggregates beneath the pavement. BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 15CONCRETE
  • 15. HYDROMEDIA BUSINESS DRIVERS Reduced Stormwater Management Costs • Parking areas paved with pervious concrete reduce the need for large detention ponds, because the pavement itself acts as a detention area. • Parking lot owners that use pervious will reduce theirs expenses on: • Labor, construction, and maintenance of detention ponds, skimmers, pumps, drainage pipes • Stormwater management systems. • Irrigation systems that can be downsized or eliminated • Pervious concrete allows property owners to develop a larger area of available property at a lower cost. MCONCRETE 13/06/2011 17CONCRETE
  • 17. PROJECT SEGMENTS UK / East Canada • Residential - (driveways and parking lots) • Light Commercial - (retail sector up to 7.5 ton axle weights) • Light load and use roads (pathways residential, light load / use roads) • Schools and Recreation • Hospitals France • Tramways Others • Road base (Sub base) BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 24CONCRETE
  • 18. HYDROMEDIA BENEFITS PER CUSTOMER TYPE Hydromedia Benefits Home Owners Property Developers Municipal Engineers Architects Applicators High-Medium-Low High-Medium-Low High-Medium-Low High-Medium-Low High-Medium-Low Reduced long term service & maintenance costs (Strong High High High Medium Low intact robust surface, lack of ravelling) Enhanced drainage capacity (best in class permeability) High Medium High High Low A Smoother cleaner look High High Medium High Medium Safer parking lots, roads (no ponding water, no ice and High High High Medium Low hydroplaning risk) Controlled land utilization, no need for ponds & swales Low High High High Low (reduced footprint) Wide range of aesthetic finishes (colour) Medium Medium Low High Medium High degree of recyclability (crush & reuse, minimal Low Medium Medium High Low cement) Can be used in acoustic & thermal applications (to be Medium Medium High Medium Low confirmed) Minimize risk of flash floods Medium Medium High High Low Recharges groundwater locally Low Medium High High Low Major contributor to LEED NC+MR 2009 Sustainable Sites Low High High High Low Credits 6.1, 6.2 & 7.1 In rural areas, it can reduce the impact of parking lots on Low High High High Low the natural habitat (i.e.parking lots for retails, parks, etc.) In urban areas it can reduce the impact of a site on the Low High High High Low city sewer systems Pollutant reduction in stormwater (sediment, metals & Low Medium High Medium Low hydrocarbon filtering) Reduced costs for stormwater management (parking lots, urban development-removes the need for infrastructure- Medium High High Medium Low catch basins, pipes, etc.) Flexibility in applications (multiple use stormwater controls) Low High High High Low Ease of Placement Low Low Medium Medium High Site Interruptions Low High High Medium High BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 25CONCRETE
  • 20. DIBS SlidesCONCRETE 13/06/2011 27CONCRETE
  • 21. PROJECT SEGMENT VOLUMES (UK Example) MARKET SECTOR RETROFIT NEW BUILD Fixed over 40 years 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 M2 (M) M2 (M) M2 (M) M2 (M) M2 (M) M2 (M) RESIDENTIAL 1000 16.5 16.5 16.7 17 17.2 COMMERCIAL 850 6 6 6.01 6.02 6.03 SCHOOLS & LEISURE 12 3.5 3.5 2.5 2.5 2.7 HOSPITALS 12.2 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 HARD STANDINGS 2000 30 30 30 30 30 M/BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 28CONCRETE
  • 22. SETTING THE PRICE Based upon the following: • Results of the price positioning survey and willingness to pay • Competitive products in the market, installed cost • Cost savings over competitive materials • Other factors? Target IMOMD (Hydromedia): • Emerging Markets – 7 to 12 €/m3 • Advanced Markets – 10 to 15 €/m3 • Or higher (per initial results Eastern Canada) • System design and install (tbd) BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 29CONCRETE
  • 24. HYDROMEDIA SALES PROCESS Scenario 1: Introduction Work directly with placers (m3) Market and Targets Offer Scenario 2: Pricing Sales The engineer / subcontractor (m2) Communication Appendix Scenario 3 (Prescriptive Selling): Work directly with architects, engineers or influencers - specify Hydromedia (m2). Scenario 3b (Prescriptive Selling – Pavement and Sub Base Design): Work with a 3rd party engineer (or in house) – sell complete package (m2) Design entire pavement profile and drainage capacity (Hydromedia plus sub-base) Scenario 4: Services – Placing and Finishing (Could be a variation of any of the above) B CONCRETE 13/06/2011 31 CONCRETE
  • 25. MARKET SEGMENTS – target key influencer Housing Municipality PrivateIndividual Residential Condominium Public Owners Transportation Parks Building School/Hospital/Sport court School/Hospital/Sport Court Gouvernment building Retail center/Offices …Project Project Project Project Project Project ProjectOwners Owners Owners Owners Owners Owners Owners Property Property Project Project Project Project developers developers Managers Managers Managers Managers Architects Architects Architects Architects Architects ArchitectsArchitects Designers Designers Designers Designers Designers Designers Structural Structural Structural Structural Structural Structural engineers engineers engineers engineers engineers engineers Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical engineers engineers engineers engineers engineers engineers Economists Economists Economists Economists Economists EconomistsApplicator Applicator Applicator Applicator Applicator Applicator Applicator B 6/13/2011 32
  • 26. PROJECT PROCESS – Understand Timing Sales start Sales start here here Introduction Market and Targets Offer Price Pricing Project Project Design Development Definition Identification Definition Sales Book of Call for Sales Schematic Communication specifications Tender Process Design Appendix Pre Tender Stage Maintenance Installation Material Award Supply Material and Placement Offer Sales start here Solution Offer B CONCRETE 13/06/2011 33 CONCRETE
  • 28. CHARACTERISTICS EXTERNAL PROMOTION• New mix design offering a best-in-class drainage to rapidly • English Launch Brochure (6direct storm water off streets, parking surfaces, driveways pages)and walkways• A no-fines concrete particularly fluid in application buthighly robust and resilient after placement and curing BENEFITS• Efficient stormwater management• Environmental management• Reduced costs• Ease of placement• Aesthetic appeal • English Data sheet POSITIONING• A new fast draining concrete for drier, safer surfaces• A sustainable solution for stormwater management thatcombines the durability of concrete with advanced drainagetechnology GRAPHICAL IDENTITY• Expresses the water benefit (Hydro-) & water management •(-media) •English Video : in process• Colors illustrating the water B• The logo symbolizes the water regulation
  • 29. Brochure BCONCRETE 13/06/2011 36CONCRETE