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  • 1. Bahrain By Bashar Al Ali History 9
  • 2. History
    • Before Bahrain was an Arab Muslim country, it was ruled and influenced by the Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks and Persians.
    • In 629AD (4 years before Prophet Muhammad’s death), Bahrain was brought into Islam.
    • In 1743, Persian king Afsharid seized Bahrain after a struggle with the Portugese.
    • The al-Khalifa family conquered Bahrain from the Persians in the late eighteenth century.
  • 3. History
    • In 1932, the British discovered oil in Bahrain while they were inspecting the island.
    • The British retreated from Bahrain in 1971, which made it an independent country.
    • Women were given the right to vote and all political leaders were released from prison after Hamad Ibn Isa Al-Khalifah succeeded his father in 1999.
    • Became a Kingdom or a state/emirate in 2002
  • 4. Geography
    • Bahrain is a small island positioned in the Persian Gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
    • The normal climate and temperature is sunny, warm, and humid.
    • The area of the country is 676 square km.
  • 5. Demographics
    • The population is around 604,000 people.
    • 80% of the population is Muslim, 10% Christian, and 10% other. (2001)
    • Approximately 70% Shia and 30% Sunni.
  • 6. Culture
    • Football, falconry, horse riding, gazelle or hair hunting, and racing are practiced by Bahrainis for entertainment.
    • Pottery and weaving are still used, and come from old traditional influences outside Bahrain.
    • Bahrainis enjoy ceremonial dances, poetry, music (Oud, flat drums), or story telling.
  • 7. Culture
    • Many Bahrainis are experienced at fishing, pearl diving, or at jewel crafting.
    • The major traditional food in Bahrain is served with meat, fish, rice, or dates.
    • Bahrainis celebrate holidays such as the Arabian New Year (since the day of the Hijra), Eid-al-fitr (end of Ramadan)/ eid-al-adha.
  • 8. Other
    • Currency is in Dinars, and 1 Dinar equals about 10 Dhs.
    • The name “Bahrain” means 2 Seas in Arabic, it was named the 2 Seas because there was a salty source of water, and another source that was a clear spring water.