Evaluation Question 1


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Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1. • My film ‘When Everything Changed’ hasn’t challenged real media products. Because the typical conventions you would see in a teenage drama, I have included into my film. The conventions include: introducing characters, information about the genre, the title of the film, signature music, an indication of place, questions that the viewer finds interesting, patterns and types of editing that will be echoed throughout the film, mise en scene and cinematography that will be echoed throughout the film and details of the cast and crew.• I took inspiration from the film Flightplan for the unexplained disappearance of Susan in the alleyway.
  2. 2. • The title comes at the end of the opening sequence with a sound effect of thunder, (which also sounds like a shot being fired) because I think it makes the effect of the opening more powerful and makes the audience question what has happened to Katie and Susan.• I decided on the title ‘When Everything Changed’, because it makes the audience question what has happened because they will be left wondering what has happened that has changed everything. I did consider calling the film The Unknown, but I decided against it because it sounds to similar to already existing thriller films, such as The Uninvited.
  3. 3. • The main settings I used in the film was an alleyway, Katie’s living room and Katie’s hallway.• The reason why I used the alleyway is because of it’s lack of space and it empathises why Katie is scared of the man in the alleyway, it’s because she has no where to run.• The living room was used because it allows the audience to feel some connection with Katie because we have been allowed to see her relax in her home environment.• The hallway was used because like the alleyway it didn’t allow Katie any space to get away from the man, but it adds to the terror Katie would be feeling because she is trapped in her own home.
  4. 4. • Susan and Katie are both wearing typical teenage clothing. (e.g. jeans, jacket and fashionable modern day coat) This portrays the girls in a realistic way so the audience can relate to the characters because they are believable.• When we see Katie using her mobile phone this again gives the audience something to relate to the characters with as it is known that teenagers always have their mobiles with them and keep in contact with their friends via phoning, texting and social networking (which can be done via mobile phones).
  5. 5.  The opening mostly consists of over the shoulder shots and mid shots. I did this because I felt it showed the action from different character’s perspective and also to show the action surrounding the characters. It also showed the reactions the characters had towards each other.
  6. 6.  The beginning of the opening is like a naturalistic opening, the shots include close ups, two shots and mid shots. This is to make the audience believe that this is really happening. However, when Katie wakes up from the dream a sense of mystery is introduced because Katie spots Susan’s shoe in her house and the man appears in her hallway. The opening ends with a blackout after the man has hit Katie (this is done in a POV shot) this is to get the audience to wonder what has happened to Katie.
  7. 7.  The font is clear and easy to read and it is a standard font used in iMovie. In the short time the title appears having the title clear makes it easier for the audience to read it. Having the title appear on its own with a black background makes it stand out against the other subtitles which appear throughout the opening.
  8. 8.  The opening begins with a photo of Katie and Susan showing that they are friends, as the camera fades out from the photo a voiceover spoken by Katie gets the audience to wonder what has happened to the girls as Katie talks in the past tense. Seeing some shots from Katie’s point of view gets the audience to experience the action as if they were Katie. For example when the man is walking towards her, in her hallway, this gets the audience to sympathise with Katie when she is scared in the situations.
  9. 9.  The genre of ‘When Everything Changed’ is a supernatural thriller. This is shown by the darkness of the light in the shots and the mystery surrounding Susan’s disappearance and how Katie thought what happened was a dream and then to find Susan’s shoe in her house and then to turn around and see the man from earlier walking towards her. Also by how the opening ends with the blackout.
  10. 10. Susan and Katie The man The typical characters in a supernatural thriller include the innocent victims (Katie and Susan) and the mysterious person who seems to be the cause (the man).
  11. 11.  Unlikesome supernatural thriller films, I had decided I wasn’t going to use any special effects because I wanted the opening to have a naturalistic look to it. So the audience would believe it is all happening and not a dream, this was to entice the audience to continue to watch the film.