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  • Out of 8463 Vasudha Kendras (Common Service Centres) planned, 7952 (94 percent) have already been established. SECLAN is Secretariat Wide Area Network
  • Plan Outlay for Road Development is 381,363.00 Lakh (2012-13) []Table 4.8 : Number of Completed Bridges Year No. of Bridge Expenditure (Rs. In crore) 2007-08 60 45.34 2008-09 157 183.78 2009-10 235 684.13 2010-11 195 797.70 2011-12, 154 (upto May, 2011 ) 407.80 Total 801 2118.75
  • Railways – EC Railway having five divisions Danapur, MughalSarai, Dhanbad, Sonepur and Samastipurhas its headquarter at Hajipur. More than 5400 Km of Rail length in Bihar. More than 3000 passenger coach holding capacity.
  • Waterways-It can be used for transportation of Coal to Power plants located on the river banks.It can be used as a market for International Trade from Haldia and Kolkata Ports.
  • Table 4.23 : Power Supply Position in Bihar Year Peak Demand Peak Availability Deficit Deficit (MW) (MW) (MW) (percentage) 2007-08 1800 1244 556 30.88 2008-09 1900 1348 552 29.05 2009-10 2500 1508 992 39.68 2010-11 3000 1664 1336 44.53
  • Teledensity refers to the number of telephone per 100 population.
  • Software Technology Park -The 45th Software Technology Park (STP) in India is coming up on the campus of the New Government Polytechnic Complex in Patliputra Colony in Patna. The project involves grants-in-aid of $200,000 and provision of three acres of land.The STP would have 5,000 sq ft of built-up space.Inland Container Depot - Inland Container Depot, Sitalpur, is one of the mega infrastructure projects sanctioned and financed by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, at a projected cost of $5.1 million. It is being set up to facilitate export of fruits, vegetables, horticulture products and other exportable items produced in the state. Land acquisition is in process.
  • Out of School Children2005- 23 lakh2011- 7 lakhLiteracyDuring 2001-11, Overall literacy rose by 17% whereas Female literacy jumped by 20%Highest rate of lietracy growth in India. Won award from President.Student teacher ratio 72:1 (2005) to 52:12,48,500 new teachers appointedMore appointments on the anvil; TET conducted with 2.7 million candidates School BuildingsVidyalayaShikshaSamitisauthorised to undertake constructionIncentives for Girl studentsBicycle for girls entering class IXSchool dress for all girl students from class I to XIICash Incentive (Protsahan) of Rs 10,000 to each girl student passing class X in 1st DivNew Institutions of National StandardChandragupta Institute of ManagementChanakya Law UniversityAryabhat Knowledge UniversityIITNIFT
  • IMR in Bihar is 48 per thousand live birth in 2010, nearly equal to national average of 47 per thousand live birth Crude Death Rate (CDR) was 6.8 (2010), compared to a national average of 7.2.Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, IGIMS, AIIMS are some National level institutes. Some Pvt. Multispeciality & Super Speciality Hospitals are coming.IMR & MMRIMR has improved from 61 in 2005 to 48 in 2010 (National average: 47)MMR has come down from 312 (2005) to 261 in 2010 (National average: 212)OPD Patient LoadAverage attendance of patients at PHCs has increased from 39 per month in Jan 2006 to 4,500-5,500 in 2010Full ImmunisationDPT,BCG,TOPV FOR POLIO, MEASLES WITHIN 2 YEARS OF AGEImproved from 18.6% in 2005 to 68% in 2011Insitutional Deliveries1.12.lakh in 2005-06 vs 13.85 lakh in 2010-11 (12 fold increase)JBSY under implementationCash incentive to both the mother (Rural Rs 1400, urban-Rs1000) and the motivational worker Rs 600 (ASHA/ ANM/ Nutrition centre Assistant)Polio EradicationPulse polio campaign run successfullyPolio free from September 2010Free Supply of DrugsEssential Drugs are provided free to both in-patients and out-patients. Rate contract has been made for 282 drugs.Generic drug stores are being established in every hospital and PHC in PPP mode.Diagnostic & Ambulance ServicesPHC & above- xrays, pathology – 8 tests free108 – 50 ambulance102 - privateRecruitment1,757 Doctors; 10,618 nurses; 477 Health Managers; 82,000 ASHAs appointedASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) is a voluntary worker acts as the link between rural population and healthcare facilities. Main activities include motivating pregnant women for institutional delivery; monitoring children’s immunisation; providing first aid; family planning extension; birth and death registration; etc
  • Manthan South Asia Award for e-governence to Bihar Education Project (BEP) in 2010. Best Heritage Tourism in India Award, 2012 was given to Bihar Tourism in Bangluru.
  • Bihar Beckons

    2. 2.  Bihar is cradle of Hinduism, Parameters Bihar Incubator of Sufism, Birthplace of Capital Patna Land & People Buddhism, Jainism and tenth Guru of Geographical area (Sq km) 94,163 Sikhs. Administrative Units (Division) 9  Bihar is located in the Eastern Administrative Units (Blocks) 534 part of India. The state is surrounded Atmosphere by Nepal in the North, West Bengal Administrative Units (districts) 38 in the East, Uttar Pradesh in the Total population (million) 103 West and Jharkhand in the South. Male population (million) 54  The state has various rivers Female population (million) 49 and the most important of which is Population Density (persons per sq 1,102 Governance the Ganga. km)  Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Hajipur, Darbhanga are Sex Ratio (females per 1,000 males) 916 some important cities of Bihar.  Being in the fertile crescent of Literacy Rate (%) 63.82 Infrastructure Indo-Gangetic belt supported by four agro-climatic seasons, Bihar offers cultivation of wide range of crops.  Bihar has remained centre of Acts & Policies learning and excellence.  People of Bihar are industrious and known for their intellect.1,,
    3. 3.  Setting up of Speedy Trial Mechanism and Special Land & People Auxiliary Police (SAP) Force  Mega project of ` 106 Crore for construction of Police barracks, Residences , Outposts and Police lines approved Atmosphere  Mobile numbers of all Police Stations & Senior Officers displayed on Public domain and links on the website of GoB.  Establishment of three Counter Insurgency & Anti Governance terrorism (CIAT) schools at Dumraon (Buxar), Bodh Gaya (Gaya) and Dehri – on – Sone (Rohtas)  Safety and security ensured through establishment of new Infrastructure Police Stations and Recruitment  Dip in overall crime graph  Women police stations set up in all 38 districts Acts & Policies  Flourishing Public life2,,
    4. 4.  “Right to Public Service Act” implemented from 15th Aug. Land & People 2011.  ‘Bihar Prashashnik Sudhar Mission Society’ has been established with the help of DFID for administrative reforms Atmosphere and improving the model of Governance.  ‘Jankari’ call centre for Right to Information.  Zero Tolerance Policy against corruption. Governance  New Lokayukt Act  Industrial Investment & Advisory Council established.  ‘Good Governance Society’ established. Infrastructure Acts & Policies3,,
    5. 5.  Extensive Road and Rail Network Land & People  Better Bridges  One International and One Domestic Airport  Major part of ‘National Waterway No. – 1’ falls in Bihar. Atmosphere  Improved Electricity  Improved Tele density and Internet Connectivity Governance  Improved Postage and Courier Service  Improved Urban Infrastructure  Improved Financial Services and Banking Services Infrastructure  Improved Social Amenities and Health Facilities Acts & Policies4,,
    6. 6. Industrial Incentive Policy 2011 Land & People Information & Communication Technology Policy 2011 Atmosphere Food Processing Policy Governance Tourism Policy Infrastructure New and Renewable Energy Sources Policy 2011 Single Window Clearance Act 2006 Acts & Policies Infrastructure Development Enabling Act5,,
    7. 7.  Strategic Location – Land & People  Well connected to Major cities of India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangluru, Chennai, Surat, Ahmedabad  Connected to the Port of Kolkata, Haldia. Atmosphere  Connected to the states having Mineral Resources (Jharkhand, M.P. Orissa & Chattisgarh.)  State provides direct access to the 46% of country’s Governance population (FICCI)  Population – 103.8 Millions –  3rd Most Populated State of India Infrastructure  8.5% of India’s Population  State with Highest Population Density (1102) Acts & Policies  31.5% Growth in Urban Population during 2001-11.6,,
    8. 8.  Safety and Curbing Crime - Land & People  Special Auxiliary Police (SAP) was raised by appointing freshly retired army personnel. 10,500 personnel appointed. SAP plays vital Role in curbing crime. Atmosphere  2170 SI & 18170 Constables have been appointed  Modernisation and upgradation of 370 PS have been taken out of which work of 70 PS have been completed. Governance  No. of Conviction have increased to 68339 in 2011 from 6839 in 2006.  90 New Police Stations have been established Infrastructure  Policemen are now equipped with Modern vehicles, Arms and Ammunitions. Life Steeped in Peace - Acts & Policies  Feeling of security has grown in common people & Investors.7,,
    9. 9. Direct Contact with the Public through different yatras by Land & People Hon’ble CM and through the program ‘Mukhyamantri Janta ke Darbar me’.  Other Ministers and Officers have also been in direct Atmosphere touch with the public through their ‘Janta Darbar’  CM directly connects with the people of Bihar and outside world through his Blog ( Governance and through Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.  Dy. CM also connects directly through Facebook & Twitter.  Every Dept. in Secretariat is connected through SECLAN. Infrastructure  Out of 8463 Vasudha Kendras (Common Service Centres) planned, 7952 (94 percent) have already been established  e-tendering process introduced. Acts & Policies8,,
    10. 10. Land & People Physical Infrastructure Atmosphere Urban Infrastructure Governance Industrial Infrastructure Infrastructure Social Infrastructure Acts & Policies Financial Infrastructure9,,
    11. 11.  The East-West, four-lane, high-speed corridor and the Infrastructure golden quadrilateral road passes through Bihar.  Total 1,12,733.58 Km of Road Length in Bihar (20% increase from 2010)Physical Infrastructure  Average Road length per 100 Sq. Km in Bihar is 111.17. (Average for India is 129)  Plan Outlay for Road Development is 381,363.00 Lakh Roads & Bridges (2012-13)  801 bridges have been completed during 2007-2011 (2118.75 Cr.) Type of Road Length (Km)  VISION – Travel time (Sep, 2011) National Highways (NH) 3734.38 from any district of Bihar to Patna in Six hours. State Highways (SH) 4857.00 Major District Roads 8508.20 Other District Roads 15508.00 Rural Roads 80129.00 Total Road Length 112733.5810,,
    12. 12.  EC Railway having five divisions Danapur, Mughal Sarai, Infrastructure Dhanbad, Sonepur and Samastipur has its headquarter at Hajipur.  More than 5400 Km of Rail length in Bihar.Physical Infrastructure  More than 3000 passenger coach holding capacity.  Coach Maintenance Workshop at Harnaut in Nalanda - (2nd in Country after TN). Railways  Wheel factory at Belapur in Chhapra (Rs. 1417.23 crore )  Five Multi Functional Complexes (MFCs) are proposed to be built at Gaya, Hajipur, Sasaram, Islampur and Bhagalpur. Each MFCs will have shopping centres, food stalls, restaurants, book-stalls, telephone booths, medicine shops, budget hotels and underground parking for vehicles.11,,
    13. 13. Airways Infrastructure  One International Airport at Gaya and One Domestic Airport at Patna.  Patna airport ranked 1st in terms of growth of domesticPhysical Infrastructure passengers as well as domestic aircraft movement for last two consecutive years.  On an average 15 Domestic flights everyday to the majorAirways & Waterways destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Ranchi etc.  Increase in No. of Passenger from 176234 in 2004-05 to 838509 in 2010-11. (5 fold increase) Waterways  National Waterway No. 1 from Allahabad to Haldia  Rs. 115 lakh for preparation of DPR have been approved.  National Inland Navigation Institute at Patna.  A permanent cargo handling terminal is being planned at Patna12,,
    14. 14.  Installed Capacity increased to 2932.80 MW (2009-10) from Infrastructure 1424.10 MW in 2005-06 .  3x660 MW TPS in Joint Venture with NTPC at Nabinagar.  Kanti & Barauni units- R&M + Extension through MoU with NTPC & BHEL.Physical Infrastructure  Modernisation of Transmission systems and Arrangements for consumer metering & replacement of transformers  Long term Power Purchase Agreements–1,010 MW from 2014  Payment of Electricity bill through debit cards and Common Power Services Centres started  Peak availability of Power increased to 1664 MW (2010-11) from 1348 (2008-09).  30 Grid Sub-stations constructed; 12 under construction  2100 MVA transmission capacity added at 132/33 KV and 220/132 KV levels  15 Power projects of capacity 11000 MW (approx.) worth Rs. 49555 Cr. are under various stages of construction (SIPB Active List)13,,
    15. 15. Telecom Infrastructure  44.7 million connection (2010-11) from 4.2 million (2005- 06) [> ten fold increase]  Urban Tele density of Bihar is 182.33 (5th in India)Physical Infrastructure  Major private players are Vodafone, Bharati, Idea, Aircel, Reliance, Tata, etc.  Broadband & 3G Services by all players.Telecom, Postal, Couri Postal & Courier er  9025 Post offices, 6 Night post offices (March, 2011)  1523 Panchayat Sanchar Seva Kendra  Micro Credit Facility to SHG in collaboration with NABARD.  All major Courier companies have set up in Bihar. 14,,
    16. 16.  31.5% Growth in Urban Population during 2001-11. Infrastructure  Under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), eight projects costing US$155 million have been sanctioned for the urban centres such as PatnaUrban Infrastructure and Bodh Gaya.  139 Urban Institutions — Corporations (10), Municipal Councils (43) and Municipal Panchayats (86)  Bihar Town and Country Planning Act is in the process of development by the Centre for Environment Planning and Technology (CEPT) , Ahmedabad.  Major areas of development are Water Supply, Sewage and Solid Waste Management.15,,
    17. 17. Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) at Hajipur spread across 92 Infrastructure acres campus. Multiproduct export processing zone. ($ 2.6 Million) Two Food Parks has been sanctioned at Hajipur and Begusarai. Industrial Infrastructure Jute Park is proposed at Purnia. (42 Cr., 1st in Country) 3rd Largest Producer of An Agri-Export Zone (AEZ) is being developed for promoting litchi exports fromVegetables the districts of Muzzafarpur, Samstipur, Hajipur, Vaishali, East and West 6th Largest Producer of Fruits Champaran, Bhagalpur, Begusarai, Khagaria, Sitamarhii, Saran and Gopalganj. 8th Largest Producer of FoodGrains Software Technology Park is being planned at Patliputra colony, Largest Producer of Okra, Patna.Litchi, Makhana 3rd Largest Producer of Potato, Air Cargo Complex is proposed near JPN Airport, Patna. PromotedOnion, Bringle, Pineapple, by BIADA & AAI.Cauliflower 4th Largest Producer of Mango Inland Container Depot is proposed at Sitalpur. ($ 5.1 million)16,,
    18. 18.  Literacy increased from 47.0 percent in 2001 to 63.8 Infrastructure percent in 2011. (16.8% increase)  Reduced Gender Disparity from 26.7% in 2001 to 20.1% in 2011. Social Infrastructure  Total enrolment in elementary classes increased at an annual rate of 8.6% and in Upper Primary classes by 19.1 %  Out-of school children brought down from 12.5% (2005) Education to 3%.Institutions No.  15,000 new school buildings; 1,40,000 new class-roomsUniversities 13 added.Open Universities 2  Total Expenditure on Education has increased to 11063.03Govt. Colleges 451 Cr. in 2011-12 from 3367.97 Cr. in 2004-05. (>3.5 times)Colleges/Institutes 815  Institutes of National Standard like IIT, National Institute ofLocal Body College 97Research Institutes 15 Fashion Technology (NIFT), Chankya National Law InstituteTeacher Training Institute 33 (CNLU), Chandragupt Institute of Management (CIMP),Engineering Colleges/Technical 10 Aryabhat Knowledge University have been set up.Medical Colleges/Institutes 11  Two central Universities are proposed at Gaya & Motihari. 17,,
    19. 19.  Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) has been reduced to 48 (2010) Infrastructure from 61 in 2004. (National average - 47).  Crude Death Rate (CDR) has been reduced to 6.8 (2010) from 8.1 in 2004. (National average -7.2).  Decrease in Maternal Mortality Rate to 261 in 2007-09 from 312 in 2004-06. Social Infrastructure  Average attendance of patients at PHCs has increased from 39 per month in Jan 2006 to 4,500-5,500 in 2010  Immunization improved from 18.6% in 2005 to 68% in 2011  Institutional Deliveries have increase from 1.12.lakh in 2005- Health 06 to 13.85 lakh in 2010-11 (12 fold increase)  108 & 102 Ambulance Service  Mobile Medical Unit ‘Dhanvantrai Rath’ in all 38 districts. Approved Budget on Health  1,757 Doctors; 10,618 nurses; 477 Health Managers; 82,000Expenditure increased to ASHAs appointed1040.7 Cr. in 2009-10 from  Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, IGIMS, AIIMS are some National level institutes. Some Pvt. Multispeciality & Super Speciality398.2 Cr. in 2005-06. Hospitals are coming. Country’s first nursing skill  The first two Nursing Colleges approved for Bihar andlaboratory set up at the Guru established at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences and the Kurji Holy family Hospital.Gobind Singh Hospital, Patna18,,
    20. 20.  Revival of Bihar State Finance Corporation (BSFC) and Infrastructure Bihar Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (BICICO)  BSFC has formulated joint financing policy with SIDBI Financial & Banking (Minimum loan 1.50 Cr.) Infrastructure  Other Financial Institutions – ADB, SIDBI, NABARD, JEEVIKA (Micro Finance) and other commercial banks.  Financial Services and Banking Scenario –  4348 Commercial Bank branches (10th in India)  1537 Regional Rural Banks. Deposit increased from 13735 Cr in 2011 from 7210 Cr. In 2007.  Current Deposits 2549 Cr. (2nd in India)  Savings Deposit 16298 Cr. (2nd in India)19,,
    21. 21.  No. of Registered Vehicle increased to 3.87 lakh in 2010- Signs of Prosperity 11 from 80,000 in 2005-06.  Mall & Multiplexes are on rise.  Real estate market of near 15000 Cr. Growth Scenario  Significant rise in no. of TV set, Mobile Set, Internet connection etc.  1st Revolving Restaurant of North & East India. Accolades  Floating Restaurant on Ganga. Advantage Bihar20,,
    22. 22.  The revenue surplus of Bihar Government increased from Signs of Prosperity Rs. 2498 crore in 2006-07 to Rs. 6272 crore in 2011-12.  The capital outlay has increased systematically from Rs. 5211 crore in 2006-07 to Rs. 11,448 crore in 2011-12.  The developmental expenditure on social and economic Growth Scenario services increased from Rs. 17.1 thousand crore in 2006-07 to Rs. 42.9 thousand crore in 2011-12 while non- developmental expenditure increased from Rs. 10.0 Accolades thousand crore in 2006-07 to Rs. 22.5 thousand crore in 2011-12.  The total GSDP of Bihar at 2004-05 prices in 2010-11 is Rs. 1,44,472.0 crore (14.8% growth from 2009-10) Advantage Bihar  Per Capita Income Rs. 14,865  During the period 2004-05 to 2010-11, the sectors Fastest Growing State with reporting a growth rate of more than 15 percent are —13.1% GSDP Growth Rate registered manufacturing (23.30 percent), construction(2011-12) (19.61 percent), communications (27.23 percent) and trade, 7th Largest Economy of India hotels and restaurant (20.22 percent).21,,
    23. 23. E-Governance Award Signs of Prosperity Decadal Literacy & Women Literacy Award Best CM Award Growth Scenario ET Business Reformer of the Year Award Polio Eradication Championship Award Accolades Forbes India Person of the Year 2010 Gates Vaccine Innovation Award Manthan South Asia Award, 2010 Advantage Bihar Best Heritage Tourism in India Award22,,
    24. 24. Strategic Location Signs of Prosperity Easy Access to Raw Material & Market Better Infrastructure & Supporting Services Growth Scenario Growing Economy Investor Friendly Policies Accolades Opportunity for Everyone Pro-Active Government Good Governance & Safe Atmosphere Advantage Bihar Untapped Investment Potential Cheap & Abundant Work Force Access to Large Market Maximum Profitability23,,
    25. 25. S. ITEMS BIHAR MAHARASTRA GUJRAT ANDHRA N. PRADESH Acts & Policies 1. Stamp Duty and 100% 50-100% 50% 100% Registration Fee 2. Project Report Incentive 50% a maximum of Rs. 2 Lacs and In case ofComparative Analysis of Carbon Credit a Industrial Policies 3. maximum of Rs. 15 Lacs Incentive on Land/Shed In case of MSME 50% Ind. Promotion Subsidy (ceiling Rs. 15 Subsidy will be lacs). In case of Mega equal to 25% of Pre & Post Production Units, 25% (ceiling of any relevant tax Facilities 4. Rs. 30 lacs) Financial Assistance for 30% (maximum Rs. 15 paid to GoM. 10% 50% (Maximum technical know how lacs) 25 lacs) 5. Incentive/Subsidy for 50% and 60% in case of Upto 25% Captive power set Non-Conventional (maximum 2.5 sources. lacs) 6. Exemption from MMC For five years 7. Capital Subsidy 20% (maximum 75 lacs) 5% subsidy on 15% for Micro (for MSME Units) capital and Small 20% (maximum 500 equipment. (SME Enterprise lacs) (for Large Units) Unit) upto 20 lacs. 8. Incentive on Quality 75% 50% subsidy 50% with 50% subsidy Certification (ISO etc) (Max. Rs. 1 lac) ceiling of 6 lacs upto 2 lacs. in five years.24,,
    26. 26. S. ITEMS BIHAR MAHARASTRA GUJRAT ANDHRA Acts & Policies N. PRADESH 1. Reimbursement of 80% for new Octroi based 50% - 100% VAT and Entry Tax industry incentive. VAT 25% for Refund afterComparative Analysis of Brewery and commercial Industrial Policies Distillery production. 2. Luxury Tax 100%Tax Related & Other 3. Electricity Duty 100% 100% Incentives reimbursement Exemption for for 7 years 15 years 4. Land Conversion 100% 25% upto Rs. Charges exemption 10 lacs 5. Central Sales Tax 1% CST 6. Subsidy on Incentive Equal 75% Employment to the EPF reimbursement amount paid (if of expenditure Generation minimum 100 on account of persons get contribution employment) towards ESI and EPF for a period of 5 years.25,,
    27. 27. Starting a Business in Project Approval Land Allotment Process Process Bihar Application to SIPB Application to BIADA Mechanism Project Consideration Project Consideration Approvals Required Cabinet consideration Cost of Business Approval by PCC for Project over 100 Cr. Approval by SIPB or CM/ Land Allotment Contact Points Cabinet26,,
    28. 28. Approvals and Departments to be Consulted Estimated Time inStarting a Business in Clearances Required Incorporation of Company Registrar of Companies Days Not Applicable Bihar Registration, Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum Nodal Agency (Department of Industries) Not Applicable (IEM), Industrial Licenses Allotment of Land Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority Seven to 21 days (up to 90 Mechanism (BIADA) days for Acquisition of Non- Industrial Land) Permission for Land Use Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, 30 Days (45 Days for Government of Bihar conversion of Non- Industrial Land for use)Approvals & Clearances Registration under Factories Act and Boilers Act Offices of Inspector of Factories, Inspector of Boilers Up to 120 Days Required Site Environmental Approval, No Objection Certificate and Bihar State Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of 60 Days Consent under Water and Bihar Pollution Control Acts Cost of Business Approval of Construction Activity and Building Plan Urban Development and Housing Department, GoB Seven Days Sanction of Power Bihar State Electricity Board Up to 30 Days Sanction of Water Water Resources Department, Government of Up to 30 Days Bihar Contact Points Fire Service Clearance State Fire Service Headquarters, GoB Up to 15 Days Registration under State’s Sales Tax Department, Central and State Excise Seven Days Sales Tax Act, and Central Departments and State Excise Act27,,
    29. 29. Starting a Business in Cost Parameter Cost Estimate Source Industrial Land (per acre) 2.15 Cr. in Patliputra, 1.5 Bihar Industrial Area Bihar Cr. In Hajipur, 0.4 Cr. in Development Authority Muzaffarpur (BIADA) Labour (minimum wages Rs. 139 - 226 Dept. of Labour per day) Resources, Government Mechanism of Bihar Office Space Rent Rs. 25-50 Industry Sources (per sq ft per month)Approvals & Clearances Residential Rent Rs. 6000 - 15000 Industry Sources (1500 sq ft per month) Required Hotel Rooms (per night) Rs. 3500 - 22000 Leading Hotels in the State Commercial and Industrial Rs. 5.10 - 5.35 Bihar State Electricity Electricity (per kWh) Board Cost of Business Contact Points28,,
    30. 30. Starting a Business in District Industry Centre (DIC) Bihar • Projects < Rs. 1 Cr. can be submitted to DIC and are approved by DM. Mechanism State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB)Approvals & Clearances • Projects > Rs. 1 Cr. shall be submitted to the SIPB and Required approved by SIPB. • SIPB is headed by Development Commissioner, Bihar. Cost of Business Cabinet Approval • Projects > Rs. 100 Cr. is submitted to the SIPB but Contact Points approved by the Cabinet.29,,
    31. 31. Key Players Working Work in Progress30,,
    32. 32. Infrastructure  Greenfield Airports  Riverine Ports on National Waterway No-1 Development  Modernisation of Bus Terminus  Public Transport vehicles Industries  Metro, Mono Rail  Private Industrial Area and Complexes  Engineering Colleges and ITI  Community Colleges Food Processing  Creation of a Knowledge City/Science City  Multi Specialty & Super Specialty Hospital Information  Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy Colleges/Institutes  Research Institutes & Testing Labs Technology  Power Plants [Thermal, Solar & Nuclear]  Banking, Finance & Insurance Services – Tourism  Core Banking Solutions  In bound and Out bound customer services  Loan Processing etc.  Planned Township  Solid Waste Management, Drinking Water Treatment plant,  Ganga Expressway31,,
    33. 33. Infrastructure  Cycle Manufacturing Plant Development  Tractor Manufacturing Plant  Car Manufacturing Plant Industries  Vaccines, Therapeutics plant  Medical Equipments plant Food Processing  Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry  Garments/Apparel Manufacturing Plant Information  Diamond Cutting & Polishing Plant Technology  Steel Plants  Paper Mills Tourism  Jute Mills  Mobile & Televisions Manufacturing plants  Transformer Manufacturing/Assembling plant  Computer Manufacturing/Assembling Plant32,,
    34. 34. Infrastructure  Development Industries Food Processing Information Technology Tourism33,,
    35. 35. Infrastructure  Development Industries Food Processing Information Technology Tourism34,,
    36. 36.  At all India average growth rate of about 7% the size of Food Processing Food Market in Bihar is projected to reach 83,074 Cr. By 2015 Food Grains  Rice Mills and Rice Bran Oil Mills  Maize Processing PlantFruits & Vegetables  Greenfield Sugar Mills  Soya bean Plants  Jam, Jelly, Pickles, Sauce etc manufacturing plant Sugarcane  Pulse Mills  Edible Oil PlantOil Seeds & Pulses Makhana35,,
    37. 37. Infrastructure  Software Technology Park Development  Development Centres  BPO Industries  Satellite based education  e-Governance initiatives Food Processing  IT education in Schools and Colleges  Satellite based/VoIP based communication Information Technology Tourism36,,
    38. 38. Infrastructure  Three to five Star Hotels Development  Amusement Parks  Film City, Film Studio Industries  Sound & Light Show, Laser Show  Restaurants/Food Joints Food Processing  Water Parks and Water Sports facilities  Digitalisation of Tourist places Information  Maritime Institutes Technology  Digital Gaming Zones Tourism37,,
    39. 39. 1,,