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BIHAR                  SCIENCE                         CONFERENCE                                  2009
BIHAR            SCIENCE                CONFERENCE                      2009

           Advisory Board                   ...
BIHAR           S C I E N CE           CONFERENCE                     2009

           Other members                      ...
BIHAR            SCIENCE   CONFERENCE                   2009

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Bsc 2009 Brochure first announcement


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Brochure of Bihar Science Conference 2009: first circular

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Bsc 2009 Brochure first announcement

  1. 1. Announcement 2nd B I H A R SCIENCE CONFERENCE January 30- PG Center College of Commerce February 1, 2009 Patna Organized by BBrains Development Society Hosted by Magadh University Bodh Gaya For ongoing activities please visit
  2. 2. BIHAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2009 Invitation Patna is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar, Dr. S. P. Singh, Principal, College of Commerce, and one of the oldest continuously inhabited Patna, India. Shri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Global Chairman, BBrains places in the world. The modern city of Patna Development Society. The second Bihar Science Conference will be lies on the southern bank of the Ganges. A held at PG Center Magadh University (College of Chairman bustling city of 1,800,000 people, the city is Commerce, Patna), India, from Jabuary 30 to Prof Jainendra Kumar, Head, Department of Botany approximately 25 km long and 10 km wide. The and Biotechnology, College of Commerce, Patna 1,February,2009. The conference is being city, being the administrative centre of the state organized under the auspices of BBrains has retained its historic importance, It has also Vice –Chairpersons Development Society, Patna. This conference will Dr. Kumar Virendra Sinha, Head, Department of remained an important educational centre. over be an excellent opportunity to report your Physics, B. S. College, Danapur the centuries. Dr. Kalpana Shahi, Department of Chemistry, J. D. research outcome in the frontline areas of Magadh University is one of largest universities Womens College, Patna science and technology. National and of Bihar (India) having center for international international scientists from government, Convener studies and Buddhists learning. The university Dr. Santosh Kumar, B. S. College, Danapur academia and research institutes are welcome to was established in the year 1967. It has several present and discuss the research work. colleges and institutions, imparting education in Member The conference will be jointly hosted by diverse fields, including Law, Teachers’ Prof. N. K. Mishra, Former Professor of Zoology, Patna University, Patna. BiharBrains Scholastic Center (Under global core Training, Science and Arts, Commerce, Medical Prof. A. P. Verma, Head, Department of Botany, A. Scientific Council), and Magadh University. and Engineering. N. College, Patna. College of Commerce at Patna is one of the Prof. Ajit Kumar Singh, Professor of Botany, Gaya Looking Forward to see you in Patna. On behalf College, Gaya. oldest constituent colleges of Magadh university Dr. D. C. Roy, Head, Department of Botany, R.K.D. of Organizing Committee: having ample infrastructure facility. College, Patna. Prof. Jainendra Kumar Dr. R. K. Mehra, Head, Department of Chemistry, College of Commerce, Patna. Chairman, Bihar Science Conference, 2009 Dr. Arun Kumar Singh, Department of Chemistry, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. Dr. D. K. Singh, Head, Department of Chemistry, J. D. Womens’ College, Patna. Dr. B. K. Mishra, Department of Botany, B.S. College, Organizer and Venue Danapur. Dr. Jai Mangal Deo, Department of Psychology, College of Commerce, Patna. Dr. Bindu Singh, Department of Zoology, College of BBrains Development Society, commonly known Commerce, Patna. as ‘BIHAR BRAINS’, is a non profit organization Dr. Amarendra Narayan, PG Department of Physics, registered under Society Act with special focus on Patna University, Patna Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Department of Physics, awareness building on education and creating Organizing Committee Patna Womens College, Patna. environment for research and development in Dr. K. K. Singh, Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Bihar. The society came in existence in 2004 and Nalanda Medical College, Patna has established its office in Patna. It is being run Patrons Dr. B. P. Roy, Bihar Govt Health Service Prof. B. N. Pandey, Vice Chancellor, Magadh Dr. S. B. Prasad, Bihar Govt Health Service by Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and educated University, Bodh Gaya, India. people of Bihar. Dr. S. E. Hasnain, Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India.
  3. 3. BIHAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2009 Advisory Board Dr. Sita Ram Singh, Principal, A. N. College , Prof A. K. Ghosh, Department of Botany, Patna AN College, Patna (Member: Life Dr. Asha Singh, J. D. Womens College , Patna . Sciences) Prof. A. Yadav, Former Vice Chancellor, B.R. Prof Ashok Kumar Singh, Head, Dept of Prof Santosh Kumar, ex Head CWRS, NIT Ambedkar University , Muzaffarpur. Zoology, J.P. University , Chapra. Patna Prof. A.A. Khan, Vice Chancellor, Ranchi Prof. M. Nehal, Department of Zoology, L.N. (Member: Earth Science) University , Ranchi . Mithila University , Darbhanga. Dr. B. K. Sharma, HOD Electronics, NIT Prof. M.L. Thakur, Vice Chancellor, L.N. Mithila Dr. Rajay Narain, University Hospital, Stoke On Patna University , Darbhanga. Trent, UK (Member: Electronic Sciences) Prof S.P. Verma, Former Head,Dept of Physics, Dr. Prabhat purvey. Univ of Pune Patna Science College,Patna & President , Dr. Ravi shankar, Scientist,IIAR, Ahmedabad Scientific Council (Abroad) Science For Society,Patna Mr. Tathagat Awatar Tulsi, IISC Bangalore Mr. Nandan Kumar, Univ of Leeds , UK Prof. B.N. Roy, Former Professor of Physics, Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh, IIT Mumbai Dr. Manis Kumar Jha, Invited Scientist, B.R. A. University , Muzaffarpur. Prof A. K. Roy. Head, Dept of Botany, T.M. KIGAM , South Korea (Member-Chemical Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur . Science) Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, Scientist, Pittsburgh, Prof. Bhola Ishwar, Former Head, Dept of Scientific Council (India) USA (Member-Chemical Science) Mathematics, B.R.A. University, Muzaffarpur. Prof. Brajendra Mishra, Director, Colorado Prof. M.O. Siddiqui, Head, Department of School of Mines, USA Botany, Patna University , Patna . Dr. J. Thakur, ex-VC, PU, Patron, Scientific Council Dr. I. Ahsan, Pro VC, PU, Patron, Scientific Council USA (Member-Chemical Science) Dr. Raj Kumar Mishra, Technical Architect, A1 Prof Rajmani Pd. Sinha, Ex-VC, Mithila University & Dr. M. Abul Farah, Research Professor, Technologies USA Prof at Dept of Physics, Patna Univ, Patna, Chosun University, South Korea Prof. Nandjee Kumar, Prof.-in-Charge, Chairman, Scientific Council (Member: Biotechnology/Life Sciences) Department of Botany, Magadh University , Dr. Dolly Sinha, Dept of Physics, M. M. College, Dr. Dinesh kumar Singh, Green Center for Bodh Gaya. Patna Univ, Patna, Convener, Scientific Council System Biology, Texas, USA Prof. Ram Lakhan Prasad, Head, Dept of Dr. Santosh Kumar, Dept of Physics, BS College, (Member: Biotechnology/Life Sciences) Mathematics, M.U., Bodh Gaya. Danapur, Co-convener, Scientific Council Dr. Bhaskar Choubey, Univ of Oxford, UK Prof Vijay Singh, TIFR, Mumbai (Member-Physical (Member: Electronic Sciences) Prof. M. H. R. Khan, Head, Department of Science) Prof Animesh Jha, Univ of Leeds, UK Psychology, M.U., Bodh Gaya. Prof Raman Jha, HOD, Dept of Physics, SMU, Sikkim (Member: Physical Sciences) Prof. J. P. Verma, Department of Physics, Prof. Upendra N. Mishra College of Commerce , Patna (Member: Physical Sciences) Dr. K. V. Sriniwasan,Ex-HOD, Dept of Chemistry, Chief Technologist, Systems Engineering Prof. Ashok Ghosh, Head, Department of Water Patna Science College, Patna (Member: Chemical Directorate, NASA, USA Management, A.N. College , Patna . Sciences) (Member: Physical Sciences) Prof. B. N. Pandey. Head, Department of Prof M. K. Mishra, HOD, Chemistry, IIT Mumbai Dr. Ajay Kumar Jha, Colorado state Univ, Zoology, Magadh University , Bodh Gaya. (Member: Chemical Sciences) USA (Member: Earth Sciences) Prof. Harendra Singh, Head, Department of Prof Jainendra Kumar, HOD, Biotechnology, College Dr.(Prof) Hari Shankar Sharma, Uppsala Physics, M.U., Bodh Gaya. of Commerce, Patna Univ, Sweden, (Member: Medical (Member: Biotechnology/Life Sciences) Sciences) Prof. T. K. Singh. Head, Dept of Chemistry, Mr. Ashish Kumar, Univ of Oxford, UK M.U., Bodh Gaya. Dr. R. K. Sinha, Dept of Zoology, Patna University, Patna (Member: Life Sciences) (Member: Medical Sciences) Dr. Madan Murari, Principal, A. N. College , Patna .
  4. 4. BIHAR S C I E N CE CONFERENCE 2009 Other members Call for Papers/ Abstracts Theme of the Conference Dr. Kartik Sahay, CEO, Aci Pharn Inc, USA Papers/Abstracts are invited for oral and The main theme of the conference is ‘Scientific Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, New Delhi poster presentation. Abstract should not have Innovations and Enterprise creation’. Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, New Delhi been submitted for presentation to another Mr. Ajit Chouhan, Bangalore conference. Abstract will be prepared in Mr. Chandan Singh, Patna MsWord in not more than 300 words and must Registration Mr. Vikash Kumar Kashyap, Manager contain a title, author/s name, affiliation, Program (BBSC) keywords and complete contact address with email. Abstract will be submitted preferably by Indian Foreigner Mr. Vijay Sharan, PRO & Treasurer, BBSC email or it can be sent to the address below. Delegates Rs. 350 $100 The last date for abstract submission is Students Rs. 200 $50 Scope of the Conference January 15, 2009. Spot Registration Rs. 100 Extra The registration fee will include the scientific program, tea/coffee and proceedings of the The objective of the conference is to bring Topics conference. The accommodation for together experts from various fields to evaluate international and national delegates will be the existing information, to interpret the The conference will mainly focus on the arranged in hotels, University guest houses presented data, to discuss the suitable research areas in the following disciplines : and dormitory, which will be within 3 km measures for clear and useful results and Physical Sciences distance from the conference venue. Tariffs for finally to explore if the collective efforts are Chemical Sciences the accommodation will be soon announced promising to achieve favorable working Biological Sciences and updated on the website. environment for research and development in Mathematical Science the state. Medical Sciences Clinical Psychology Contact Earth Sciences, Conference Website Electronics and Information Technology Water Resource Management BiharBrains Scholastic Center The official web site is (under BBrains Development Society) ( 201, OmVihar Apartment, Opposite Hotel Apsara Events You will be informed as soon as it is upgraded. Kadam Kuan, Patna 800003 This will contain preliminary registration Web :, information, conference logo, details of Plenary & Invited Lectures, Tel: +91-612-3258716/ 2670455, sponsoring agencies, workshop, information Oral & Poster presentations, Mobile: +91-9835279360 for early registration and instructions for Scientists meeting and discussion, Young Email :- submission of abstracts, important dates etc. Scientist Award Excursion Tour of Patna, High tea and Dinner etc
  5. 5. BIHAR SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2009 Registration Form Full Name (In Capital Letters): Abstract Submission Guidelines and Registration Abstract will be submitted online on Designation/ Academic title: OR by email on Affiliation: Alternatively, abstract can be sent by post to the BiharBrains Scholastic Center or Patna University address: BiharBrains Scholastic Center Indicate, if you are presenting a paper: (Under BBrains Development Society) Title of Presentation: 201, OmVihar Apartment, Opposite Hotel Apsara Kadam Kuan, Patna- 800004, India Tel: +91-612-3258716,/ 2670455 Mobile: +91-9835279360 OR Author/s names: Prepare your abstract on a separate page in MsWord in not more that 300 words containing title, Authors name, address with email. Send your abstract with completed registration Form and Poster or Oral presentation: registration fee (Please see the brochure) Registration fee can be paid by DD/ cash deposit in favour of Subject Area: BBrains Development Society, Patna at ICICI Bank (A/C Presenting Author: No: 625901139038. Cash will be accepted for on spot registration. Corresponding Author: Whether you need paid accommodation- Yes/No All participants must be registered in advance or on spot. Address for Communication: Registration fee does not include accommodation charges. List of accepted abstract will be updated on the conference website and corresponding author will be notified through email/ post. Some of the selected presentation will be published in Manthan – An International E-Magazine Email: Last date for Abstract Submission: Dec 31, 2009 Last Date for Advanced Registration: Jan 15, 2008 Tel no: Date & Place: Signature